#WorkCompsters say, ‘Let’s Rumble’….. Injured Worker says, ‘Well, ok Dude, if that’s what you want…’

“It’s easier to Sell something when you Show it?” – From Wyndham Hotels LinkedIn group… From Wyndham’s WorkComp defense firm: I am not carbon copying anybody other than Mr. Zachs. I will object to any request for postponement or additional delays on your part. Please remember to copy me on any document or correspondences you […]


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#AMERICANS MAIMING AND KILLING INJURED AMERICANS, #Sonderkommando Style!  WTF AMERICA!!!  Here, watch this: Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMqcLUqYqrs&feature=kp Then read this: #WorkComp  #Talk about an Insurance Racket!!! #WyndhamWorldwide…. not only have their representatives refused to provide reasonable and appropriate medical…

Wyndham Worldwide, Is there a WIDGET ASSEMBLY department??!

COGNITIVE DISORDER NOS, SECONDARY TO TBI. Wyndham Worldwide, do you have a management job for someone with this skill set after RTW is approved?? Is there a WIDGET ASSEMBLY DEPARTMENT??! [ TBI – TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY.  INTELLIGENCE LEVELS USED TO BE ….MENSA STANDARDS…. NOT NO MORE….. ] APRIL 2012 – Judgment and Insight:  The patient’s […]