Hey, I promised a few people I would start an Injured Worker video channel…

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Take Our Poll QUESTIONS OF THE DAY!  See the poll then ponder, Is it ok for them to shrug and say, “Dunno.  Not my area of expertise.’ WHAT DO YOU THINK? We’ll seek out some expert opinions and report back in early 2019. Hey, I promised a few people…

Mail Chimps Helps Injured Worker Reach Out and Touch People in the WorkComp Industries

  Share Tweet Share Forward           ’till Nuremburg…..Nuremburg was not enough. TIME FOR CHANGE. LET’S MOVE SOME POSITIVE RUMORS ABOUT WORKERS COMPENSATION TRANSFORAMTIONS, SHALL WE? Remember We Met at CompLaude Awards Gala 2014?    Thank you for being part of my “WorkComp MailChimp Test Group” in 2015!   (And/or Social Media […]

#WorkCompCrimes “In the end, we will remember…”

LIST OF POSTS – ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS HAVE YOU READ THEM ALL YET? [ last edited on June 27, 2014 at 1:12 pm   (Found in drafts…. about 90 of them….here they come!) ]   Did you FOLLOW? Did you SHARE? Do you have a Workers Comp / TBI story to share? Do you have a Guest […]