Work Comp: The Game is Rigged! CEO Makes $10.6 Million!

Back Injury at Work?  What should David DePaolo Do Now? Hey David, don’t worry about it.  You’re not alone! There’s very little risk of prosecution for fraud, work comp defense attorneys get away with it all the time. The District Attorneys look the other way, and Employers believe their insurance carriers have full impunity, and […]


#WyndhamWorldwide, #CNA, #Grancell…. ENEMIES OF #AMERICAN WORKERS…. DEFYING STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS, WITH IMPUNITY. “TEMPEST IN A TEA POT” Hmph. That’s one perspective. “Thanks, Mr. Reubens. I’m not surprised. NOTHING CHANGES WHEN NOTHING CHANGES. Yeah, sure thing, I’ll wait to hear back from you. Yeah, for sure, I’ll hold my breath about it, too. Um hmmmmmm. Yeah, you have a […]