Sedgwick Institute – Linked In Group — Are YOU In? LinkedIn or Facebook — WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? Let’s see!


Will other WorkComp Thought Leaders Follow with More Groups embracing Injured Workers and Taxpayers?

Linda Ayres commented on this  

[on LinkedIn, for those of you unfamiliar with the platform…it’s much like Facebook and Twitter]

Linda Ayres

Hey! Did you read this yet? Did you join the “Sedgwick Institute” on linked in yet? C’mon, let’s go! The May WorkComp National Discussions are about ready to begin. Here’s my take on it:

What’s YOURS? I will check with Jonathan Mast to see if they will be having a Facebook “Sedgwick Institute” group, I think perhaps a “SI – VENTING ROOM” could prep more Injured Workers to join a mixed group. #TTFN

[In the meantime, we can use a FB public – group place holder at Occupy WorkComp to start organizing and blogging support]

  1. Linda Ayres

    There are only 20 people in the group so far. C’mon. You have something to say? There’s your open door! Carpe Diem! #Blog4Freedom, Life, Liberty and Justice for All! It’s time to restore Civil Rights and Human Rights to Injured Workers NOW.  show less

  2. Linda Ayres says “…If you’re an Injured Worker without a blog, you are Unarmed in the War Against Workers. You may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and have to add that diagnosis to your list….”  show less

  3. Fonzseau Darren

    I put my request in. Will see.

  4. Linda Ayres

    Yaaaaay Fonzseau Darren! The “Sedgwick Institute” LI Group was 13 members when I joined, and it’s up to 33 now. I don’t imagine that Jonathan Mast or their team of administrators watch it like Hawkes, so let’s hope tomorrow it will reach at least 100 and keep growing.

    We’ll see if Jonathan and team are planning on a FB “Sedgwick Institute – FB Group” of similar guidelines and intention. We can help them build it!

    If so, Injured Workers might be able to create a complimentary group called something like “Si – Injured Workers Venting Room” so Injured Workers can do an unbridled brain dump, to facilitate more facts. ONWARD! We Are The Media Now!

  5. Linda Ayres

    We, who are outside of the system now, could then collectively help re-write the issues without the emotions that go with being a WorkComp Victim, and the related PTSD and [OPIATE] druggings – so that more SIMPLE FACTS can be presented in the SEDGWICK INSTITUTE GROUPS, to be elevated to their actual “Institute” of “INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADERS”

    We might find some social workers, paralegals and nurses and doctors and lawyers to help us review and re frame the stories so that the “Thought Leaders” can grasp the content. I’m looking for some now. Keep your eyes open, too!

  6. Linda Ayres

    I know Bob Wilson ‘s May ‘National WorkComp Discussions’ does not (yet) embrace Injured Workers input, but maybe he will be inspired by the direction of the Sedgwick Institute Open forums and LinkedIn group.

    Maybe David David DePaolo‘s WorkComp Central will also create a FB group for Injured Workers to help, and then maybe Bob will see the value in Injured Worker Input.

    Maybe Joseph Paduda, Barry Thompson,  Richard FinePeter Rousmaniere, Art Wilcox, Roberto CenicerosThomas F. Martin, Alan Gurvey and others will lend some energy to getting more items on the discussion tables.

  7. Linda Ayres

    Hey! Here’s a thought! Maybe a joint invitation letter from the WC Industry Thought Leaders TO Injured Workers & Taxpayers could open those doors to further discussions, sort of like the letter from Congress to the DOL Secretary.


    Of course, investigative reporters would be naturals in such a discussion group, if the intent is to get the truth on the table and identify real problems and create real transformations and resolutions. I still think teams of Mediators and Structured Settlement peeps is a good next step, for any case over 4 years old, particularly if it’s a back or brain injury… w/limits on how long cases can drag on and on.  show less

  8. Linda Ayres

    PS For any LinkedIn peeps also on alternative social media, Facebook, I’m regularly censored from posting in groups, even my own, but I do have access to my pages and events.

    fb censored blocked again from groups 4 27 2016 1143 am   CENSORED FB 4 27 2016 1129 AM

    Let’s connect over there…..We will do what we can to get some serious thinkers to join the Sedgwick Institute linked in group, and any new groups thought leaders open up to embrace injured workers. After all, the though leaders have businesses to ‘lead’ ALL BECAUSE SOMEBODY GOT HURT AT WORK. Let’s all get along and work on solutions now. Thanks

  9. Linda Ayres

    How to find me on FB, and yes, it’s another long story… for another time. The page is “shared” with Lucy Occupy, because she has no papers to show to the FB thought police. so after lock outs, the compromise was to share profile space with LucyOccupy — she has her own page though…. and is known and loved in the real anti-nuclear communities — since 2011. show less

  10. Linda Ayres

    PS…. Back on point to the original blog: From an Injured Worker’s Perspective – Deploy Mediation and Structured Settlement Teams to reach resolutions xoxxoox

  11. READ ON:

    Insult to Injury

  12. ‘All of This Because Somebody Got Hurt at Work’

    “…Hummer limos, go-go dancers, a live alligator and glowing aliens in spandex at the national workers’ comp and disability expo. Journey into the little-known workers’ comp industrial complex….”

rise up OCCUPY VIRTUALLY rads in the air

Si sedgwick insitute opportunity to open dialogues

Who else is blogging about work comp

WATCH FOR eCourse – COMING SOON     “WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills”         



The Workers’ Comp Industrial Complex! Stop! Hey! What’s That Sound?

ProPublica sets another charge in the Demolition of Workers Compensation site – Zap Boom Pow!  Write On!

Another job well done by the ProPublica Team.  Thank you!  Do it again!  Let’s get more people talking about the real issues.


ProPublica all this because somebody got hurt at work

Read the Entire Article Here…..  AND LEAVE A COMMENT DIRECTLY ON THE ARTICLE SITE!   Sign up to receive their top stories!  2016 holds promise of being lots of fireworks!

“If I was an injured worker at home wondering how I would pay my bills, I would be sick to see this,” said one insurance company manager who asked not to be named…”

“A top manager for a major insurance company recalled standing amid the hoopla a few years back when a company CEO turned to her and marveled: “All of this because somebody got hurt at work.”

“This year, there were conferences in 104 cities in 41 states — more places than in the country song, “I’ve Been Everywhere.” One hotel, the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, hosted three workers’ comp conferences in 2015…”

“Highlighting the bounty, there are now more than 150 workers’ comp conferences a year. There’s one for the American Society of Workers Comp Professionals, one for the Association of Workers’ Compensation Professionals and one for the Association of Workers’ Compensation Claims Professionals. At least 26 have golf tournaments.”

At the national workers’ comp and disability expo, vendors gave away Apple watches, bottles of bourbon, and a Vespa scooter. There were free massages and shoeshines, a superhero caricature artist, more than one mentalist, and a live alligator named Spike.

“But over the past two decades, a cottage industry of middlemen has emerged, which some have dubbed the “workers’ comp industrial complex.”


Start with First Things First:  The Demolition of Workers Compensation


Pro Publica Investigations INSULT TO INJURY


If you are an Injured Worker, tell your story to ProPublica, and blog on!  Tell your friends and neighbors, too…. and make friends and transport useful information if you are in a WorkComp doctor/lawyer mill.  Transcend learned helplessness!  You are not alone!  #InjuredWorkersUniting!  #SilentNoMore!  NO MORE!

Study the Rules of Verbal Self Defense against Corporate Psychopaths.  STUDY IT.  SHARE IT. USE IT.


ProPublica help em investigate

at what age did you lose your compassion

ON THE OTHER HAND…..CAAA Winter 2016 Convention will have a panel on The Demolition of Workers Compensation out in Rancho Mirage at the Westin Mission Hills Resort.


1:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.


  • The “demolition” of workers’ compensation
  • The research behind the investigative reports
  • Inequities in the system

Panel: Tom Martin, Esq., (Moderator); Keith More, Esq.; David DePaolo, President, WorkCompCentral
Credit: 1.0 MCLE, 1.0 Legal Specialization


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Post SB 863 PDRS Rebuttle: Return to Simplicity

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Evidence Based by Michael Gavin: Michael Gavin, President of PRIUM, focuses on healthcare issues facing risk managers in the workers’ compensation space and beyond. He places particular emphasis on the over-utilization of prescription drugs in the treatment of injured workers.

WorkersCompZONE by Julius Young

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[ pssssst, Hey, how about… Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains dot com?  ;D    It’s a real piece of work ….. ]

mlk hitler germany


Some people can work 45-50 years without knowing a thing about WorkComp….Count me amongst the ‘madder than hell’ members of the Working Class, disabled by WC!  Do you see what injured workers see?!!!

IE: One icy slip and fall backwards on ice and boom….there went another life. Did you see “Concussion”?  Football players are yes, Injured Workers!  How about the soldiers returning from Central Asia with brain injuries, radiation poisoning and missing limbs?  Do we have your attention yet, Americans?

Labor Secretaray Tom Perez Civil Rights

Let’s open the doors of all the fancy conferences to the Injured Worker Community…. perhaps a part of the admission…. BRING AN INJURED WORKER to listen to the panels, and walk the exhibit halls and collect data and meet real people,  and yes, break bread with the folks profiting  ‘Because someone got hurt at work.’

Include panels of Injured Workers at every event…you’ll realize then that we are not numbers…we are human beings, being destroyed for the profits of the few.  You could be next.

OccupyVirtuall! 99%
OccupyVirtually! 99%

#OccupyVirtually…. save the expense and use it for medical care to actually treat injured workers, vs evaluations upon evaluations to deny medical care.

Heck, invite local politicians, or members of their field staffs to see first hand what’s really happening in WorkComp industries to their constituents.

Critical in California, and everywhere else!  Be sure to include reps from EDD and SSA… Involve the LTD carriers, too.  Bring all those who profit ‘because somebody got injured at work.’

Invite the Salvation Army to share how they help Injured Workers when the WC system is an Epic Fail.  Who else helps injured workers survive the system?  Legal Aid?  Houses of Worship?

C’mon America!  Lives are being destroyed.  We do not have the right to remain silent. ‘Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”….  Simple and Easy:  1. Demolition  2. Trials and Consequences 3. Rebuilt on legit foundations …. nice and legal and American-like.  Ditch the secret tribunal type practices immediately.

Demolition of Workers' Comp

If there’s no solution, demand complete and immediate DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION and necessary trials.  Remember, there are now 11 Congressional representatives on record as being concerned and alarmed about WorkComp in America…. and one is even expressly concerned about Injured Nuclear Workers!  Pssssst, #DodgeTheRads!  It’s dangerous out there, America!  (That’s a matter for more Congressional Investigations, wouldn’t you agree?)

Draw the line at involving IW’s in the post-daily-event drink-a-thons. Opiates and alcohol are not a good combo, and most IW’s are seriously drugged as part of ‘treatment’ to keep noise levels down?

[Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup of The Soul fame says 2016 will be all about ‘SOBER IS SEXY’ and has apparently written a book to show you how to be it in 30 days! ”

In 2016, Sober will be the New Successful

Jack (Canfield, not Daniels!) says: “What’s more, those generalized “aches and pains” start lessening, as does that sense of feeling lousy. “Brain fog” significantly decreases, helping you make better, more forward-thinking decisions. “- See more at:

ONE DAY AT A TIME, PEEPS…. God, grants us the Serenity to Accept the Things We Cannot Change, The Courage to Change Those Things We Can, and the WISDOM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.  Remember remember: “God gave you a brain to use.”   THINK THINK THINK ]

All others, check out  or look for “Friends of Bill W” sessions at your conferences…..  surely there are some sober people attending! Find them!

Invite panels of Injured Workers to speak on the true atrocities of this highly profitable industry, which destroys the lives of all but the least injured workers.  Remember remember… today’s able bodied worker is at risk of becoming tomorrow’s injured worker….and another casualty of the system.



keep posting

What we need are greater numbers of InjuredWorker bloggers, so you, too, can know the truth.  Let’s aim to see “Injured Workers Associations”  in EVERY STATE IN THE UNION…. FOR STARTERS…   We’ll rate the providers as we help one another survive a system that aims to do only harm to injured workers.



flag distress signal


373904_108997595883860_100003208595731_54447_1057147537_n organized crime


A call to your congressman or congresswoman may get you an earlier hearing date.

Congressional Investigation for Injured Nuclear Workers  

30,600,000 google search results 12 29 2015  520 pm pst

Congressional Investigations Injured Nuclear Workers

Nuclear Meltdown Workers and WorkComp - Globally

Read more about it here:


By the Way, remember remember:  ALL NUCLEAR REACTORS LEAK ALL OF THE TIME so ask about:





CNN how close is your home to a nuclear weapon site

white roses

 #DodgeTheRads  #OccupyVirtually! #MakeWaves!