A Swath of Injured Workers on Facebook Are Seeking Help — Peeps on LinkedIn were asked: CAN YOU HELP?

Dealing with the maze of charades, obfuscation, and dilatory tactics, Workers Compensation can be “puzzling, baffling, bewildering, mysterious and perplexing” even without an injury.

With an Injury, many injured workers are left defenseless, with no where to turn for help, medical care, disability benefits or protection of any kind. Many perceive these as violations of civil rights and human rights, but our legislators have aparently legislated away those rights once “in the system.”

Most professionals who have ‘opted out’ of providing services in the nation’s WorkComp “MPN” systems strongly recommend that any worker, “GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM TO SAVE YOUR LIFE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.”   Many tell tales of Injured Workers who fought for years and years for medical care, in the end, ‘settle for peanuts’ then often just drop dead once it’s over.

Wow, and the industry perps call it “The Grand Bargain,” don’t they!

Recent review of several posts of desperate pleas for help by Injured Workers on Facebook prompted the following response to the LinkedIn and Twitter communities.  It contains a rough CONTACT/QUESTIONNAIRE –  What’s YOUR WorkComp Story?  to facilitate sharing stories further.

Injured Workers must #Blog4TheCure and remember that WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW!

If you don’t like forms, and you care to respond, simply send an email to WorkCompLinda@gmail.com or Linda@MyWorkCompCoach.com and let’s get these discussions moving.   Look for more stories at the WorkComp Couch!

See also a recent blog:

More Talking Points for a GLOBAL SUMMIT on WorkComp Resolutions! WHAT ELSE?


As the experts know, most people don’t think about WorkComp,  unless:

a) they are well compensated and heavily invested in the mega-billion dollar industry;

b) they have had an accident at work and become a victim of WorkComp;

c) they have survived the system and take seriously the words of Einstein:

einstein bicycle


duty to act



See it, and other posts, on LinkedIn:


A Swath of Injured Workers on Facebook Are Seeking Help — CAN YOU HELP?

#WorkComp #InjuredWorkers #MicCheck #Civil Rights #HumanRights

There are several Facebook groups, pages and members desperately fighting for their lives in the workcomp systems of the USA and elsewhere.

I tell them that LinkedIn is where the decision makers are, and that with the haphazard thought police and censorship in play at Facebook, a blog is their best weapon of self-defense.

Many of them think the law may protect them, despite years of waiting and waiting and waiting for medical care and benefits.  I think psychologists call that “learned helplessness.”

What sort of questions would you need answered in order to help Injured Workers in your town, State or Nation?  Let’s get some of these questions on the table.

The Sedgwick injured worker crowd seems to be the most vocal, but they are by no means the only ones raising holy hell!

This is a request for your opinion if you’re an injured worker trying to reach resolution on your case, whether it’s Sedgwick or any carrier.  If you’re in the industry or a person of goodwill, your opinion is also to be valued.  What do you think?


Draft link to a set of questions for a blog post: http://myworkcompcoach.com?p=256&shareadraft=56d3d55dd3c43&post_type=page
Our hope is to assemble a set of stories that can be shared widely in light of the fact that the WorkCompsters in the USA are apparently organizing a dubious secret tribunal posing as a “national discussion” on work comp. It is supposed to be taking place in May?  That’s around the corner.   Feels more like ‘tanks rolling and boots on the ground’ from an Injured Worker perspective, doesn’t it?


Many injured workers have already submitted their stories to ProPublica’s people, without response yet.  They must have received quite a few, and we are all looking forward to further articles in their brilliant series and many of us look forward to The Demolition of Workers Compensation and full restitution to the American people by the mega billion dollar insurance industries, and an immediate cease and desist of further harm to the working classes.

If a way can found for the insurance industries to be profitable without maiming and killing injured workers, so be it.  Do it now.  If not, demolish it without fear or caution, freeze assets and start the trials.
Sedgwick has apparently created a “Sedgwick Institute” to study the ‘problems’ of workers’ compensation.  Jury still out on that effort. Apparently they are putting a lot of money into it, and into public relations efforts to preserve and protect [profits.] (??)

Injured Workers respectfully and optimistically hope that the Sedgwick Institute and any national and global discussions on WorkComp and Injured Workers will cover all the issues also brought forth in “Workers Comp & Bad Faith: Unacceptable Oversights The Insurer’s Duty and The Romano Case. 


The best remedy to all that seems to be to aim higher to a GLOBAL SUMMIT FOR WORK COMP RESOLUTIONS, including a strong united voice of injured workers around the globe.


A solid set of consistent questions could help, particularly if focused on WHAT IT WOULD TAKE TO RESTORE THE HEALTH OF INJURED WORKERS SO THEY CAN GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM TO MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES.


As mentioned in the thread on the Sedgwick-Injured-Workers page on FB, I said I would ‘try to set up a contact form with these questions to make it easy for all of us to move forward in a united wave of action.’


Here’s draft one. Any input? http://myworkcompcoach.com?p=256&shareadraft=56d3d55dd3c43&post_type=page

Let me know. If I can help, I will help.

If you have a better idea, let’s do it!


You can see my blogs at: Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains

New blog in the works:  myworkcompcoach.com
PS If you have a BLOG,  we reallly want assemble a comprehensive Directory of Resources, including Injured Worker blogs….. if you don’t have a blog, you’re unarmed in this War On Workers!


#OccupyVirtually #Blog4TheCure!

Linda and Friends

All LinkedIn Connections Welcome — LindaAyres311   email: WynLinda@gmail.com

L.I.O.N. in training!  LinkedIn Open Networker!



PS I’m regularly restricted from joining and posting in Facebook groups, due to non-PC postings on radiation, nuclear and the Fukushima global nightmare and blogging is another alternative to the thought police. Just sayin….

#DodgeTheRads and ask about YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK NO 45

Know how radiation poisoning compromises immune systems.


See the NETC.com 24-Hour Map animation of radiation alerts on the free site–worth checking daily.  Their paid-membership site has substantially more information, for those interested in knowing more.  Consider this screen shot ‘just the book cover’…. the content for members is for those with a grasp of physics and knowledge of the 1,946 known lethal isotopes…. and more!

‪#‎MicCheck‬! ‪#‎WestCoastAlerts‬!  #‎CarbonMonoxide‬!   Here, read this….SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY
Carbon Monoxide Spikes to 27,000+ Where “Usual” is only around 150 on West Coast – May Signal Coming MASSIVE Earthquake
Then go read YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK again… here’s the link to the series. Learn something new today, huh? http://www.veteranstoday.com/author/bobnichols/

Imagine an iceberg as you look at the above screen shot, then #OccupyVirtually while you #DodgeTheRads!  It’s dangerous out there!

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#DodgeRadsNow  #ThinkLocally *ActGlobally #OccupyVirtually!  YOU KNOW WHY!

Tell your friends and neighbors; your governments already know.

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Google and share:  Your Radiation This Week and tell your friends and neighbors, too!


See the entire series of Your Radiation This Week!

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#WOW  The War On Workers Seems to Be Escalating!   BE PREPARED!    A ‘Secret’ National WorkComp Tribunal is in the makings??!!     See an abbreviated version of the currently circulating CAAA Poll below…

May?!!  What a dangerous propaganda effort!! Read on!  THINK THINK THINK

why do we have wars

What’s a Psychopath?  Let’s watch this documentary again, Defense Against The Psychopath.  “Understanding them is the first to defending against them.”

There are just a handful of industry bloggers shaping public opinions, and a good 25 or so bloggers considered to be #ITK, in the know.

How many injured workers are blogging now?  How many have written books?   How many have a huge social media presence?   How many attorneys and providers are blogging?

Did you read Steve Gursten’s blog about IME issues? (LINKS BELOW)  Wow! That firestorm should incite 21st Century Doctor’s Trials! Watch the deposition video! You’ll shake and spit, for sure, if you’re human! Follow THAT money trail.

Dr. Rosalind was paid how much for doing what, saving which insurance carriers how many millions to deny medical care?? Yikes! Typical,huh?  Ask any injured worker, any where.

Most attorneys know, but they are not as courageous as Attorney Gursten…. who facilitated a WIN FOR THE 1ST AMENDMENT and for We, The People!!    Go Steve!  TEACH TEACH TEACH!

Below is a response to an email from the group, Crimes Against Injured Workers, et al!

mon war is not healthy

How many know Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes and Michael Stack and David DePaolo and Bob Wilson and Dr Robert Weinmann?  Here is the LexisNexis list “Top Blogs For Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Issues – 2014”… Is 2015 done?  Follow them all! Comment regularly!  Screen shot your comments and share the links on your network, in case they don’t find your comments “PC.”   ;D

The number of injured workers still not blogging is a serious detriment to any forward movement.  It is said that there are 54 million plus Injured and Disabled Workers in America?
To aim for a #CommitteeOfBloggers and #Vloggers of at least 50 Injured Workers and Friends of Injured Workers is an attainable 2016 goal.  We can, if we think we can.  JUST DO IT!
 WorkComp Blog4TheCure Occupy Virtually


Expand your reach!  #Blog4TheCure and encourage all injured workers to set up a new email address with WorkComp[Name]@gmail.com and or InjuredWorker[Name] @gmail.com or any email carrier…. make every email count!  Build your email lists NoW!  #OccupyVirtually!

Set up a blog today, too!  Follow the industry blogs, and comment succinctly and regularly. CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG(S) WITHOUT COST ON WORDPRESS.COM.   Screen shot your comments and post on your FB pages…in case they refuse to ‘approve’ your contrary thoughts. Invite WorkCompsters to join your discussion groups, and be polite.  There will be a day in Court, one day!

See GoDaddy.com for a special on email campaigns for >5000, and MailChimp for free services “Up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.”  #DodgeRadsNow!  IMAGINE THE REACH!

Got questions?   ASK ‘WORKCOMP COACH LINDA” here or directly at Linda@MyWorkCompCoach.com or WorkCompLinda@gmail.com

rise up OCCUPY VIRTUALLY rads in the air

 #DodgeTheRads!  Radiation exposure will add to compromised immune systems!  Just do it!  

WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW!  Set up a Facebook PAGE, #OccupyWorkComp, to share your stories and invite friends to share theirs.  Create Facebook groups to facilitate discussions, and create LinkedIn groups to facilitate discussions!   What other resources can YOU suggest?



To: Cecilia Watt, Injured Worker for
Crimes Against Injured Workers et al

From:  Linda Ayres and Friends

RE:  Your Email of 2/12/16: National Conference of Insurance “Legislators”. List of Legislators that were specifically on workers comp

Thanks for your email and thanks for asking.
Yes, You may copy me publicly on your email efforts to increase awareness of the need for immediate intervention and change in the National Workers Compensation.  If I can help, I will help.
Those of us working for transformation and saving lives must absolutely be aware of respective efforts, and help where we can.  We “Work Like Antz!”
Remember that industry trolls would divide us, to maintain the silence and oppression and violations of civil and human rights.  They are everywhere.
Feel free to share this blog with your group, and they can take it or leave it.  #Blog4TheWorkCompCure!  
ants and power
Further thoughts for your pondering are below.
The Link to the NCOIL – National Conference of Insurance Legislators … for the states is a interesting site!  It also has links to “related Web Sites” Thank you for sharing it!  Those who have any faith left in the legal systems may be served by writing to each of the named representatives, and to the October 2015 Congressional representatives!
The #WorkCompsters are apparently aiming for a national discussion on work comp matters — closed door and excluding injured workers?
Recent news indicates it will be a secret meeting of a handful of industry influencers, undisclosed location and participants, and may include two ‘injured workers’ and results only will be provided with the public at large.  It seems to be taking place someplace ‘in the Heartland’ (Let’s hope they check Your Radiation This Week for updates on the radiation levels in their city of choice, and that HEPA filters are provided in the meeting room, at the very least! It’s a litigious crowd, they might create a class action for the dangers they are being invited to participate in!)
More on that in coming blogs….those Secret Tribunals have always been questionable throughout history!
political language (2)
Do the 21st Century Sonderkommando ‘come in limousines, not tanks!?’  Will they do a preliminary national poll to include all parties involved and knowlegeable about the horrors of American WorkComp practices, or will they ‘shuck and jive’ amongst themselves, just like they do at those expensive high-end conferences at the best joints in America?  Total cost per attendee is factored in to somebody’s bottom line?   Rooms at what, $300/nite plus per diems?  All they can eat and drink?  With a few panels and chats that could reach more ONLINE?
INJURED WORKERS ARE PROHIBITED ALWAYS FROM ALL INDUSTRY EVENTS?   Can’t learn/Can’t teach.  Hmmmmmm.  Talk about segregation and discrimination?   One work comp industry organization actually openly and disdainfully prohibits injured workers of any kind at their events, and allows attendees to bring a guest ONLY if the guest is a SPOUSE?  WOW!  Ain’t that nothing!   Do they do marriage certificate and bed checks, too?
Why is that?   Years ago I worked for an attorney who always said, “PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THE WRONGS THEY HAVE DONE TO YOU!”

The doctor’s story is common.  The attorney story is HEROIC!   Steve Gursten, Esq.  is an American Hero, and facilitated a win for the First Amendment, and for his truck driving brain injured client. California attorneys could learn a great deal from Steve, and how to truly protect a client, instead of serving them to the insurance industries for a ‘few pieces of silver.’    Maybe Steve should be invited to the Secret Tribunal…. he’s a Michigan PI attorney, obviously not leased/owned by any insurance companies.  The ol’ WorkComp crowd will likely be heavily invested in CYA studies. See more details on IME issues here:

The First Amendment wins in dropped ethics probe over lawyer’s hatchet job tactics blog post! #Blog4TheCure

Will the National Discussion Secret Meeting simply be a polite get-together to suggest that Michael Grabell, Howard Berkes and the teams at NPR and ProPublica were — WRONG?   I’ve read every article in the Demolition of WorkComp series and I have yet to see them seriously straight up address the FRAUD AND CORRUPTION.   Insinuation, yes, but nothing to take to the District Attorneys, yet.  Maybe soon!

Sedgwick pays $1.13 million to settle California comp violations

Will they be discussing the “Lessons Learned By Sedgwick”?   Romano Trust was not enough?   It’s become Romano-Syndrome, hasn’t it?    #Blog4TheCure!  We’ll talk more soon on the Sedgwick Institute and the grants being handed out to long time WorkComp people to keep the merry go round turning?

Maybe a hotline for dying Injured Workers on the rest and wait and wait and opiate program, handled by a third party could be discussed at the Secret Tribunal?

No injured worker under the Sedgwick plan I have been in touch with has any faith whatsoever for any hope for any good faith actions after years and years and years of abuse.  Most have retained more than one attorney, none of whom were able to get reasonable medical care sufficient for return to work, or any other protections.  WHO WILL PROTECT INJURED WORKERS IN AMERICA?!

What do you tell an injured worker who says, “My attorney said he makes so little money on my case, he told me that it doesn’t matter if he returns my calls or not.  When it’s over, he’ll still get the same little bit of money, so he has lots of files and can’t give my case any attention.”  HOW IS THAT ETHICAL OR EVEN HUMANE?  It certainly does not pass any ‘competency’ tests!

mlk hitler germany

When will the attorney groups begin to monitor the horrors they facilitate by such behaviors, and worse?   How about the attorney who says, “Fraud? I haven’t heard that word since law school.  I wouldn’t have a clue how to proceed in exposing that!”   Or the attorney who says, ‘Romano Trust vs. Sedgwick gave the industry the green light to withhold medical care from all injured workers, across America, and risk merely a fine of a maximum of $100,000.  It’s cheaper than medical care in most cases.’


How about the Super Lawyers who know about “the issues” that permeate the WorkComp system and shrug and call say “The System Is Broken” ……    Talk about Dodging The Facts!  Sounds complicit to most injured workers!  

How about the attorneys who bank only on ‘high profile cases’?  If that’s the case, it is incumbent on every Injured Worker to CREATE A HIGH PROFILE, BY ANY AND EVERY MEANS NECESSARY.    As Michael Grabell of ProPublica was recently quoted, he said words to the effect that most people don’t give a hoot about WorkComp till they are in the system, and fighting for their life to escape the horrors.  I’ll find the article and post it when I do.

Anybody in the business more than 10 years is surely considered part of the problem? Anybody in the business more than 5 years is surely considered part of the problem.  Heck, ANYBODY IN THE BUSINESS IS SURELY CONSIDERED PART OF THE PROBLEM OF MAIMING AND DISABLING AND YES, KILLING INJURED WORKERS ACROSS AMERICA, FOR PROFITS.   Those who have remained silent, or just left the industry are quite as culpable, wouldn’t you agree?

Will they discuss real issues like fraud, collusion, malpractice?  Will they look at how fake-doctor reports are factored in to the ‘rising medical costs’ in long drawn out WorkComp Cases?  Will they address how paying off an on-the-take doctor to use a bit of slight of hand and deceptions with a touch of plausible deniability to ensure denial of medical care for the $7,000 range, verses necessary immediate medical treatments in the tens of thousands, and life medical in the millions, per case?
FOLLOW THE MONEY. Will they look at the butchery by the “Angels of Death” — Josef Megele-like ‘surgeons’ leased/owned by the WorkComp industries and complications caused by left over foreign objects?


Will they discuss the torturous practices of leaving foreign objects behind in a surgery, then cutting off pain meds without corrective surgeries?  Will they look at failures to treat complications after botched surgeries? Will they look at cost-shifting to Welfare and Social Security Disability, and the the trickery of the Long Term Disability Providers and apparent collusion there, also?
trust no one


Committees Of Bloggers, Injured Workers and Friends of Injured Workers,  sharing the harsh realities of WorkComp is required.
Please let me know if any of your friends have blogs and vlogs (videos) to be included in a directory currently being compiled.  Send an email to WorkCompLinda@gmail.com and put INJURED WORKER BLOG in the subject line, please and thanks.   If you have an industry blog, please send an email to WorkCompLinda@gmail.com and put WORKCOMP INDUSTRY BLOG.   Several are already listed in the AAWCGT blog under Injured Worker Resources….add to it!  We Are The Media Now.
TARGET:  AT LEAST 50 Blogs/Vlogs by Injured Workers and Friends of Injured Workers this year; the sooner the better.
herd cliff .
There’s a new website called MyWorkCompCoach.com.  It even (bravely) includes a video, being as authentic as possible. Here’s the link in case you haven’t seen it yet.. MyWorkCompCoach.com – Take 1  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE_fH40NQNY
It will share WorkComp Survival and Combat Skills.  It will also be a series of e-courses, for the use and benefit of Injured Workers and to empower the few in industry who to not consciously intend to maim and kill injured workers. SIGN UP TO GET NOTIFIED BY EMAIL.
Many WorkComp workers are at high risk of joining the ranks of Injured Workers over their lifetimes, and many don’t even have a Twitter account or Facebook page, let alone the all powerful BLOG!  The new site will incorporate lessons learned, in a general way, in the blog, AskAboutWorkersCompGravyTrains.com/list-of-posts/   All are invited to follow both blogs, and provide open or private comments and suggestions as we go forward.
Due to my work injury, I’m slower cognitively than I used to be, but I keep moving forward, one step and one post and one blog at a time.  It is something we can all do.  Implement “Compensatory Strategies.”
Several Injured Workers have written books!  Good for them. Now comes the ‘marketing’ and putting your book in front of influencers and influenced, and other injured workers! Once published, YOUR WORK HAS JUST BEGUN!     Let’s create a group for you authors to support one another in marketing efforts!   You’re not alone; quit acting like you are!  If you don’t have a blog yet, do it today! Start a study group of what you’re already written! Build your email list.
IF YOU HAVEN’T WRITTEN A BOOK ABOUT YOUR STORY YET, LET GET RIGHT TO IT! Others who have gone before us can light the way.   Send me an email of your interest and we’ll organize some pow-wows.  BE PRO-ACTIVE!
Building on the list of the 10 Congressional representatives, apparently incited by the ProPublica/NPR piece, The Demolition of Workers Compensation,  who signed the October 2015 letter addressed to the Department of Labor —  is a very good move.  BRAVA!
The list of legislators you have shared might be enlisted to join with the others, and issue an updated later with all the signatures of those public representatives charged with overseeing Workers Compensation atrocities and ensuring that corrective adjustments are made immediately, imho.  Sharing this article, US Lawmakers Call for More Oversight of Workers’ Comp COULD serve to incite support, letting them know it’s time to act.  Be sure to include the link to the actual October 20, 2015 letter from Congress to the Department of Labor.  Here’s that link.
#Blog4TheCure   Time to Restore CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS TO INJURED WORKERS NOW   #WeAreTheMediaNow  #DodgeRadsNow
Bear in mind that the parties in my case “reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement” and the only reason I continue to bother on a national and international level on WorkComp matters can be summed up in the words of Einstein, ‘Those who have the privilege to know have the DUTY to act.”
Thanks again for sharing, Cecilia Watt, Injured Worker for  Crimes Against Injured Workers  Spreading awareness to the public of the crimes, fraud and tactics used against injured workers as they navigate a corrupt workers compensation system.
Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  
Expand your reach!  Blog4TheCure and encourage all injured workers to set up a new email address with WorkComp[Name]@gmail.com and or InjuredWorker[Name] @gmail.com (or any email carrier…. make every email count!)
#Blog4TheWorkCompCure  #Vlog4TheWorkCompCure  #Post4TheWorkCompCure #Tweet4TheWorkCompCure  —- #OccupyVirtually!  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW
The words of Sophie Scholl of The White Rose Society, who did not survive Nazi Germany for speaking out,  are as appropriate today as they were back then.
white roses
Kind regards,
CARRY ON!  #DodgeTheRads and remember remember
Linda Ayres & Friends

PS  Be aware of the dangerous of radiation exposure to all of us…. and the impact on national health. Compromised immune systems impact your bottom lines, too!

See more here:   Bob Nichols Said WHAT About Your Radiation This Week!?!

red dot fukushima falloutchange direction lao tzu


The First Amendment wins in dropped ethics probe over lawyer’s hatchet job tactics blog post! #Blog4TheCure



remember randomly


Read the entire ABA article here!  Then use those SHARE buttons like there’s no tomorrow!  ;D 



Steven Gursten!  BIG KUDOS ON THE WINS!



You’re truly an American Hero, Steven Gursten!

BRAVO! BE RELENTLESS. DO SHARE WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES how they, too, can protect their injured clients.

ABA conclusion:


Sadly, in California, most attorneys seem to roll over and quietly serve their clients to the insurance industries on a tarnished platter for a few ‘pieces of silver!’ Perjured reports are greeted with a shrug and ‘that’s just how work comp is’….. if questioned, they shrug again and say, ‘The System is broken!” HOGWASH!

Best regards!
WorkComp Linda and Friends



Anybody can be injured at work. Even you! Anybody can get a brain injury, EVEN YOU!

Have you been following the Steven Gursten Esq. situation about IMR’s in a Brain Injury Case?

While it’s not WorkComp, this PI attorney could certainly teach @CAAA and other State’s legal and insurance crowds a thing or two about how to protect an Injured Worker and how to protect the Constitution of the United States of America! It’s a heart warming story!

IMR/QME/AME perjury and other fraud issues are a huge dilemma in California, and seems to be a ‘protected’ action…. Ask any Injured Worker for details!  Will the well-connected doctor in the blog face legal consequences? How is patient?  Will he get medical care now?

Without swaths of similar reports, the rest of the WorkComp process might actually begin to include actual reasonable and appropriate medical care, and legit providers might even have better luck at getting paid to provide care, injured workers might get improvements, might be able to return to work, and save taxpayers “swaths” of monies being shifted from carriers to governmental agencies, etc.

I think I blogged about it… Yes, I did too…. #Blog4TheCures!

Sticks and stones and…attorney disbarment? Did Dr. Rosalind Griffin commit perjury?

Gotta update that blog shouting that the 1st Amendment Prevails! On to the 14th! xooxox

READ http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/the_first_amendment_wins_in_dropped_ethics_probe_over_lawyers_hatchet_job_t/



IT MAKES THE DOCTOR’S $7K+ IMR REPORTING PROCESS QUITE LUCRATIVE, HUH?  Don’t the experts say that lifetime medical for a traumatic brain injuries can average around $1.3 million?  IMRs can save insurance companies gazillions, huh?   THINK THINK THINK!

Be sure also to see today, Bob Nichols Said WHAT About Your Radiation This Week!?!, and follow that blog!  Or go directly direct to Your Radiation This Week No 44


See also what Lucy Occupy had to say in the blog:


Your Radiation This Week No 44 — YOUR Radiation??? Ours?! Naw, the trolls have smart phones that read: ‘There’s No Immediate Danger’

Radiation What Radiation


#DodgeTheRads  #Blog4TheCure  #OccupyVirtually


Way to Go WorkComp!

My WorkComp CoachLinda Lu

Please allow me to introduce myself!  Here’s a pre-video announcing a new e-course, coming soon to you and yours!

My #WorkComp Coach is a channel dedicated to the Survival of Injured Workers by sharing compensatory strategies, experience, strength, hope & virtual Combat Skills that can be implemented to win the War On Workers. A degree of humor may be deployed from time to time.

Posts will be migrating to MyWorkCompCoach.com and to SurvivingWorkComp.com.

AAWCGT will become an archive, as the parties in the earlier referenced matters ‘have reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement.’  You will be invited to subscribe to the new sites, just as soon as they are ready!

#Vlog4TheCure #Blog4TheCure #OccupyVirtually!

Surviving WorkComp – Combat Skills!

#WOW!  #WarOnWorkers!
Can’t we just GIVE PEACE A CHANCE?

WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….  #Blog4TheCure #Vlog4TheCure #Dodgeradsnow


Be ITK about Your Radiation This Week and more….

#OccupyWorkComp  #OccupyVirtually!  You know why!

WorkComp Blog4TheCure Occupy Virtually

See the opt-in, sign up page at AskAboutWorkersCompGravyTrains.com or send a note to WorkCompLinda@gmail.com & LindaLu@MyWorkCompCoach.com and put….


….in the subject line.  Include your blog and vlog address; we’re creating a directory too!   Be in it!

Details will follow soon!  SUBSCRIBE!  BE #ITK!  OR SOL!


We’ll be strategizing about Workers Compensation, Concussions, TBI, Radiation, and Nuclear matters.  A ‘Free-For-Now’ e-course is in the works….you’ll want to see it and take notes!

PS:  Ask about YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK !  Each One Warn One Thousand!  Or at least repost on your social media sites with the smartest people!   #Dodgeradsnow

Fukushima Radioactive Inventory Numbers VT 2012
Fukushima’s Melted Reactors 500 Days On http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/07/29/fukushimas-melted-reactors-500-days-on/



what else bob nichols said WHAT about your radiation this week

This channel addresses the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business models of the WorkComp industries as well as the Nuclear Industries and will serve as a further resource for those seeking positive, life-extending solutions.

Verbal Self Defense against Corporate Psychopaths

There is zero tolerance for psychopaths and comments may be edited by The Coach without warning or discussion. All positive input is more than welcome and may be included in future blogs, vlogs and addresses.

If you have friends who serve or served in the military, ask them for instructions on how POWs are to conduct themselves when captured by enemy forces. The rules seem clear enough for those with eyes to see.

We’ll introduce the WorkCompCoach e-course curriculum along with Creative Coach Amy in the next videos, complete with “Opt-In” buttons.  First things first and one thing at a time!  

In addition to sharing her gifts about creation of online courses and more, Amy has a special gift for you, and other Friends of Lucy Occupy’s, too! Watch for it!   

It’s time to RESTORE CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS TO INJURED WORKERS NOW!  Everybody must do his/her share!

your radiation this week fight censorship share

Let’s Meet Up over at MyWorkCompCoach.com

Let’s connect at LindaLu@MyWorkCompCoach.com




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