Is #WorkComp Really a War on Workers — #WOW! Domestic Terrorism?

Linda Ayres  vs Wyndham Worldwide et al  ADJ8181903 #WorkComp War On Workers?!  Who else knows?! WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW Published (37) Followers (1,409)   IF you were injured on the job, would you EXPECT… April 19, 2015 “Your Radiation This Week” with “A WORD ABOUT… April 19, 2015 “America is […]

#WorkComp Surveys…. Pros or Cons?

QUESTION: What’s up with the WorkComp “surveys”…Looks like “Big Money” is behind them. What do you think?  Maybe it’s a ‘good thing’?  Do your own research; Draw Your Own Conclusions!  Here’s more to get started… # # # “Share Your Workers’ Comp Story” “As part of our ongoing investigation, we invite you to tell us about […]


Rule #1:  “…. so, ignore all protests that appear widely in Social Media and Industry outlets…..” Got #TBI?  Lawyer Up? Patterns of Practice in the #WorkComp Industries in America? The pattern of practice in the WorkComp industries in America for treatment of traumatic brain injury appears to be: . 1. Immediately terminate disability benefits upon […]

Job Injury? Welcome to #WorkCompHell

Thank you for your invitation to connect on LinkedIn.   What a surprise! Please let me know if I have information that can help you make a positive impact on the lives of InjuredWorkers in America and elsewhere.   . I bring a perspective to the table that few are willing to consider.     […]

#Wyndham #WorkComp #PEN PAL PROGRAM

Well, goodness! Anybody think that the #WyndhamWorldwide lawyer’s insinuation and guess that I would rather have him as a pen pal than get medical care for TBI or a settlement hit a little nerve today?? D’oh! I told him I thought he was a bad guesser, and yep, I still do. SEE AND SHARE THIS […]

Workers’ Compensation Fraud is a CRIME…. CORPORATE WORK COMP FRAUD IS A CRIME….

“Well, I ain’t no criminal, so, the Judge says I gotta go, so off I went….”   Got a #Brain? Got injured on the Job? #InjuredWorkersUnited…SILENT NO MORE #WorkComp #QME #Wyndham #CNA #GRANCELL … Yesterday I had to attend another WorkComp Orthopedic Evaluation, for the Traumatic Brain Injury #TBI of 1/9/12….. still waiting for medical […]

Hooray! #Wyndham #RTW Return To Work Prospects for #TBI Survivor

a few seconds ago TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Looks like I might get released to return to work soon!  Hoooray! Persistence Pays off!  #WyndhamWorldwide #TBI #WorkComp#InjuredWorkers #ADAcompliance Ramble with me! xoxooxox . Hey, Imagine this! It’s summer time, people are thinking about vacations to escape from their lives and you own a timeshare, any time share. Nawww, for this […]


OPEN LETTER TO LUCY’S Virtual and NON-VIRTUAL FRIENDS, TBI Status Update July 29, 2013 at 1:45pm OPEN LETTER TO LUCY’S Virtual and NON-VIRTUAL FRIENDS…I hope all is happy, healthy and well with you all. ~ As most of you know, on January 9, 2012, I slipped on ice at work and fell and conked my […]

Sure loooooks like FRAUD, doesn’t it?? Where’s the DA Task Force??!! WCAB ADJ8181903

TREATMENTS AUTHORIZED BY WORK COMP INSURER for TBI SINCE INJURY OF JANUARY 9, 2012 plus ADA Violations?? January 9, 2012- April 2, 2012 – CHIROPRACTIC – 14 TREATMENTS, interrupted, non-consistent care.   6 additional treatments authorized in June 2013, however, a provider has not been found willing to accept workers comp insured injured worker. January 14, 2012 […]

SOS from Lucy Occupy….. Allegations of #WyndhamWorldwide #WorkersComp Fraud and Racketeering?? D’oh! SOSOOSOSOSOS

Yo!  #SOS!!  Anybody know a fearless CALIFORNIA #WorkersComp attorney or law firm with #TBI brain injury expertise, unafraid to take on an international racketeering crowd?? “The Truth is like a Lion.  You don’t have to defend it.  Let it loose. TRUTH WILL DEFEND ITSELF.” See more:  ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS via @LucyOccupy    […]