Why are there so few Wrongful Termination and FEHA Complaints in CALIFORNIA?

Why don’t so many injured workers ever return to work?

What is #WorkComp, really?!?

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In the USA, it is not uncommon for rest and wait and wait “programs” to last for years and years, while attorneys churn files and industry leased/owned doctors do numerous expensive evaluations  (15-45 minute average, most performed by non medical staff) to guarantee denials of medical care, often causing permanent and total disabilities due to failure to provide care.

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To add to the horrors,  they will often terminate disability benefits that can cause homelessness and burdens to taxpayers and further the profits to the insurance industries.


Employers wrongfully allege they can do nothing about the callous and illegal conduct of their agents and vendors.

It’s quite a human shame…..similar to an open air Auschwitz extermination program while others look the other way.  How many injured workers have had to listen to ‘bleeding heart liberals’ or paid provocateurs condescendingly say, “Oh, those doctors and lawyers and judges are just doing their jobs.  It’s awful and everybody knows.  What can be done?  Be grateful you are still alive.”  Is that the 21st Spin on “Just Following Orders”?

Just following orders?

Doctors Trial

Master Sgt. Woods
Master Sgt. Woods

Can and will the Office of the Attorney General investigate? Or are Citizens Tribunals required?   Friends and neighbors in Canada, Australia, UK and beyond have similar issues with these organized crimes against Injured and Disabled Workers…..destroying lives everywhere. #InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore

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#WorkComp is indeed a #WarOnWorkers #WOW

Think locally
Act globally
Occupy Virtually

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Form #CommitteesOfBloggers and Blog On!


After all…..



Not A Shot Was Fired by the #WorkCompsters

 — A Prisoner of America’s WorkComp Kamps Speaks Out:


The People of America, and the World, deserve to know what is happening inside of America to our Working Class.  I have spoken with many “Super Lawyers” and “Doctors” and other “Professionals” and few have the courage to speak openly.
Recent communications, thanks also to LinkedIn processes, would lend tremendous credibility, recognizing also that Anonymous Precedes Unanimous, and are being compiled for further sharing.
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It looks like what will have to be done, by a number of bloggers in 2015, is to “interview” some of the leading ‘experts’ and report back to The People.
It would be helpful to have a sympathetic/empathetic law firm or firms to participate….from a public relations standpoint, and a Civil Rights class action perspective.
One call from Chicago asking “…when ARE you going to die…” was more than sufficient to grasp the tactics of the insurance industries.   If the DOJ was functional, perhaps InjuredWorkers would not have to fight organized crime alone.  The drugged InjuredWorkers hardly have a fighting chance.  “Opiate Wars”
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InjuredWorkers do not believe the system is “broken” by any stretch of the imagination.  WorkComp is a lethal mega-billion dollar industry, and injured workers are the cash cows.  The only losers are the injured workers, and the corporations paying the premiums for insurance coverage that is not provided.  It’s more of sidewalk “shell-game” run by psychopaths and their ilk.
In the past 3 years, much has been learned about the crookedness of WorkComp.   Indictments and convictions, certainly in my case, for felony fraud, might fill a cell-block in a privatized prison!  Many professionals have opined that my case is not usual,  at all. Perhaps the 21st Century will soon have another Doctors’ Trial, of greater scope than before.
mlk hitler germany
…till Nuremberg
In my case, on the date of injury, January 9, 2012,  I was told to “see any doctor that accepts workers comp insurance” and I was sent on my way, down an icy mountain road, after word, with a head injury, to “find a doctor.”  Then, days later,  work sent a defunct list of 4 doctors to see instead of the local doctor I had found.  It was not until a year later that I received a ‘link’ to an alleged MPN list.  
A local neurologist, referred by the clinical psychologist that the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) referred to that first week post injury, refused to treat because of work comp.  It was later discovered that said neurologist was on the alleged MPN list, and his office perjured by stating that injured worker failed to appear, rather than doctor refused to treat because of industrial injury claim.
As soon as brain injury was diagnosed, benefits were terminated, costs shifted to the State in April 2012, and in 2014, the State of California awarded CNA insurance approximately $16,000 in bonus money for refusing to pay TTD in 2012 and 2013.  
LI  #Cashcows #Moooooooove!
Rather than 104 weeks TTD and followed by 52 weeks State Disability, I was cheated out of that, along with denials of medical care all along.  The appeal to the Judge about the bonus paid to Chicago based CNA was found in favor of the insurance company.  Surprise.  The State Controller’s office had also been repeatedly apprised of the developing situation.  No response. Surprise.
The Judge said it wasn’t the injured worker’s money.  The injured worker concluded it was YOUR money, as a taxpayer, given to yet another insurance company in collusion with the State to extend extermination efforts of the disabled, aging and female populations, along with others.  How sad.
Everything was “legal” in Nazi Germany till Nuremberg. The time has come to see WorkComp #DomesticTortureReports and Doctors Trials, and Complicit Attorney Trials.

Perhaps you and some of your colleagues have similar interests in Justice and Human Rights?

mlk  he who accepts evil
WorkersCompensation and the Nuclear industries have extreme similarities in playbooks and results, with ‘plausible deniability’  Perhaps you can incite some round-table discussions with your peers about the truly harsh and horrible realities of WorkComp in America??
It’s worse than most decent attorneys and doctors and other providers can allow themselves to think.  Let injured workers be your mouth-pieces; we have nothing left to lose.
Send your commentary to WorkCompLinda@gmail.com and/or WorkCompLucy@gmail.com and we’ll take it from there, or if you are really brave, leave it as a comment below.
Read more of the Top 25 WorkComp Blogs, and comment directly on their blogs, and make direct contact with the bloggers and journalists.  BE BRAVE.  DO THE RIGHT THING TODAY.
“Nuclearism, genocidal mentality and psychic numbing   The other way of avoiding accountability is to remove it from individuals and vest it in institutions and aggregates. As if institutions by themselves could run a death machine without the intervention of individuals!”
“After a while, even terms like the military-industrial complex, fascism, imperialism, Stalinism, ruling class, or American hegemony become ways of freeing the actual, real-life persons from their culpability for recommending, ordering, or committing mass murders.
In a society where genocidal mentality spreads, intellectuals also find such impersonal analyses soothing; they contribute to the creation of a business-as-usual ambience in which institutions are ritually blamed and the psychopathic scientists, bureaucrats and politicians who work towards genocides move around scotfree.”   http://old.himalmag.com/himal-feed/53/2495-Nuclearism,-genocidal-mentality-and-psychic-numbing.html


As our society reads less and watches/listens to audio/visual more, this is an excellent piece on psychopaths, which must be understood by all victims and survivors of WorkComp, and those who attempt to assist them and help them out of the extermination kamps of WorkKAMPH.

Defense Against the Psychopaths 

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Thank you again. It is a privilege to meet the few courageous people in the world of #workcomp.
Let’s find the others, and strengthen their hands.   WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW
Kind regards,
Linda Ayres, In Pro Per
TBI & WorkComp Survivor
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