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Industry propaganda statistics were just released by the Berkeley Research Group.  How much did they get paid for this report?

Their “findings”  “prepared for the Division of Worker’s Compensation” of October 16, 2015, as discussed in the blog, LEARNING THE LESSONS  by David DePaolo indicate:
  1. 85% of workers injured in 2013 reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with access to treating physicians and the treatment they received.


Learning the Lesons LI and comments

mainstream media based on facts


WAIT WAIT WAIT!   Let’s ask the question again?


Here’s my blog on WorkComp.  Views just hit over 25,000!  


We’re looking to create a directory of more blogs:
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I’ve been screaming about matters since Summer ’13.   I was injured 1/9/12….still on the rest and wait and wait and wait and wait program.  :/
LinkedIn has primarily”industry” WorkComp groups, but some of us hope to change that.
There are resources in the “About” section.
The list of posts will give an overview of all the topics…WorkComp is brutal, and anybody in the system better be prepared for the fight for their life.
There is a group called National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers  http://naidw.org It’s volunteers and the biggest support is the community forums. Their slogan is “No Injured Worker Left Behind.”
There are also support groups on Facebook…. search “injured workers” and “work comp” and “workers compensation”
LinkedIn might be a great place for you to start a group…. ‘thinking about ______?’….   (I know a great deal about social media….if you’re not on LinkedIn yet, let me know and I’ll tell you why and how to change that!)
#CommitteesOfBloggers of Injured Workers are needed…..imho.  
There are too few; Too many injured workers are in FIGHT OR FLIGHT sheer survival mode, or slip in to deep depressions fighting these…..”Enemies of Humanity”…
Here’s the video on DEFENSE AGAINST THE PSYCHOPATH….  as mentioned, I have zero tolerance for their ilk.  
Along similar lines, “Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?”  

The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER… 

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Please pass this on to your friend with an invitation to contact me directly (and file it, and share it anytime you are so moved; #WorkComp touches everybody, eventually). Injured Workers share with one another; it’s how we survive these atrocities.
Many thanks!  Keep me on your mailing list… and we’ll talk again soon….
Kind regards,
Linda Ayres
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PS  I also blog about Nuclear Matters, and we are having some extremely serious nuclear issues in … the Heartland.  See more here:  ALL NUCLEAR REACTORS LEAK ALL OF THE TIME… and St. Louis is not a good place to be either…. 

Who is Lucy Occupy and What’s Up With WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW #OccupyVirtually #WorkComp #Nuclear and ?

Recently, someone said, “someone told me that linda died. who are you?”

L: That sounds like some serious troll work. If your source is the same one that says I don’t have a brain injury, there you have it. That’s actually pretty damn funny…. Thanks…. I’m fighting the good fight, and I will expose those fake injured workers, in due time…. They harm too many of us… they prey on the weak and the needy…. and probably have a nice retirement account at Langley? Tell me more, if you feel like it. In any event, thanks for the alert.

x: “Well I was wondering about this too cuz I thought you were for real but they’re telling me that you died and your son has taken your place doing your writing. Since I’ve never spoken to you or seeing you I’m hoping you’re alive because that would be awful if you weren’t. I figure out who it was that said that you clue you in.”

AAWCGT  Trolls or Opiate Wars

to be continued

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    • We’re also working on some ideas for “How to Whistleblow About WorkersComp corruption and Survive”…. Got some domestic AND international experts interested in helping us!  Might even create a Webinar for the freelance “Investigative Journalists” working on the national ‘Demolition of Workers Compensation’ stories!
    • If they dig too deep, they may end up in deep trouble.  We don’t want that.  Law enforcement gets trained and paid to do that sort of work.  Let’s keep Journalists and Whistleblowers safe, alive, investigating and reporting!
  • Do you know “Barrie” ? Sounds like a fictitious name, huh? There’s a spooky story that goes with this, to be told later. Let’s just say that upon extending an ‘invitation to connect’ to that profile, it closed up as fast as a sea urchin. What other “tools” must Injured Workers be on the lookout about?

    HAVE YOU SEEN OTHER ‘SPOOKY’ PROFILES AROUND SOCIAL MEDIA?   The “Maykill” family?  Is that a real name?  Of what origin?  Yikes…. Leave YOUR comments below.

    I have recently learned the term “Magic Math” — an apparent insurance industry practice of obfuscation of facts in order to facilitate a ‘money grab’ from IWs… Yikes! By the time an Injured Worker learns the term and need for “forensic accountants’ … 😕 show less


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1 of 3 WorkComp MAGIC Money Math or FOLLOW THE MONEY on the WorkComp Gravy Train

Date of Injury:  1/9/2012  — Brain Injury Survivor still on the rest and wait and wait and wait for benefits and medical care program.  WorkComp Carrier has successfully shifted risks and burdens to the State and SSA,  IS THERE A FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT READING THIS? OR DO YOU KNOW ONE TO SEND IT TO?



‘C N A  Reimbursed $31,400 to EDD on 4/29/14  for paying IW $49,422 from 2012-2013 because C N A refused to despite Court demands and Injured Worker Objections”  

WC WorkCompFraud and Money

” Not counting the extreme hardships caused by months of non-payments by anybody, the total TTD benefits that were due between 1/9/12 and 1/9/15 seem to be around about $117,510.64    Injured Worker was actually paid 49,393.52 from CNA and $49,422, for a total of $98,815.52 for the 3 years (approximately $33K, that came in sporadic payments, causing extreme stress and hardship).  


This appears to be a shortage of $18,695.12 (yikes, how close is that to the reward CNA received from EDD for refusing to pay TTD and for refusing to provide medical care?  Is that a mere coincidence?   These numbers alll jumble all over my brain.  


Social Security Disability was awarded in May 2015, with retroactive pay back to date of injury, 1/9/12, with the 6 month waiting period to 7/2012.  This is where it gets real real fuzzy…. that will be documented, with PDFs of all of this in 3 of 3 – WorkComp MAGIC Money Math…  This seems to happen all the time…..nobody seems to know how the sad tales end.  


You’ll know how this one ends, count on it!  Maybe you will even read about it in a ProPublica Report!  ;D “

questions and answers complicated and simple

How many unclean hands do how many such ‘negotiated discounts’ pass through for the ultimate profit and bottom line of insurance carriers across America doing nothing but maiming and permanently disabling injured workers, cheating remaining legitimate WorkComp providers out of their fees, while supporting operations of sonderkommando type doctors willing to write fraudulent reports on behalf of their benefactors?


There is no mechanism in America’s workers comp system for Injured Workers to report Doctor, Attorney, Provider and Employer Fraud.  DA only goes after groups like “Hell’s Angels” …..for what, cutting into the WorkCompster Drug Trafficking?


D’oh!  At least the HAs are honest about their motives and practices of PROFITS BEFORE LIVES.   Very few peeps in WorkComp can claim such honesty.


Why would a doctor prescribe a stomach drug for a brain injury survivor and why would a doctor prescribe an expensive creme for brain injury survivor, or why would a doctor prescribe (and mail without knowledge) a hand held ultra-sound device, without instructions for which brain lobe to use it on?  That’s WorkersCompensation.

My Fellow Americans.  Boomers!  Heads up!  The younger people do not have a chance in hell to survive American’s WorkComp rackets!   Mamas!  Don’t let your babies be doctors and lawyers and thugs!  #SOS!  #CommitteesOfBloggers needed ASAP!  #WATMN

wc doc can you see the problem


Why would a doctor prescribe an ‘epilepsy medication with mood elevators as a precaution for a few years’ for a slip and fall head injury, after a 5 minute meet and greet?


The more conservative, well-paid industry leased/owned WorkCompsters will prescribe ‘over the counter analgesics’ for brain injury, and some that, in the 60’s would have been categorized as “MCPs,” shrug and indicate that a woman over the age of 35 is not entitled to medical care for a brain injury, particularly after medical has been denied by the carrier for more than 2 years.


WHAT A #GrandBargain WorkComp is, huh?

go save yourself from the zombies



to be continued