Stop the Workers’ Compensation SOBs and WOE


Can you also be a little hard to “get” if their politics lean either side of center, if they are a basic “Difficult Person,” a mysoginyst, a basic WorkCompster, or even just a common psychopath?

Professional friends said, early on, “Get out of WorkComp by any means necessary, it will kill you.”

They had no clues about how.  Professional friends now still say, “Keep screaming, Linda, somebody’s got to do it!”

The latest blog at Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains might be of interest:

Workers’ Compensation SOBs and Global WOE from Australia Canada and USA

‘Cognitive dissonance’ often requires people to make victims of crimes wrong or a villain or a villain-ette, or to quote the late David DePaolo, of WorkComp Central from  Assume Responsibility, a “Vociferous Militant.”

American Injured Workers were unable to organize to fight the series of national attacks, diatribes and propaganda launch attempting to make Injured Workers the wrong-doers.  The industry alerted all in February to expect the propaganda launch in May.  Some joined it.  How sad.

In 2014, in Work Comp and Baseball DePaolo said:

There are, however, claims that are difficult from the very outset. Sometimes we hear about them but most of the time we don’t.

The ones that we do hear about get dismissed from our conscience too easily because the melodrama in their vocalization of what’s wrong gets drowned by our own jaded pessimism.

These cases, though, are real. There are real people behind these cases. People get hurt. People get toyed with. People don’t get what is needed, what is promised in the Grand Bargain, and set aside as disturbed and having unrealistic expectations.

Some contact me because of this blog, seeking answers, help and remedies.

I have met some – like Linda Ayers. I won’t get into Linda’s case here – that’s not the point.

Linda is vocal, like a few other injured workers. She has a blog, she is active in social media, she posts comments to this blog.

And she probably drives the defense crazy as she is prolifically passionate about making sure the system works for her and for other injured workers.

It’s easy to dismiss Linda’s activities as the rantings of an unstable person, but she is not an unstable person. She is a person who’s case spiraled out of control from the beginning, and we know that the early stages of a claim are the most critical.

It hard for most Americans to realize the atrocities that happen under the banner of Workers’ Compensation.  David mentioned me in a few more of his blogs, and we exchanged more than a few emails over the course of my case.

When I told him I was “attending mediation with an open mind, open heart, and empty briefcase” he was aghast, and insisted I needed a lawyer but that I was so angry, nobody would help me.  We had a few philosophical exchanges on those topics.   I am grateful to David for those exchanges and media coverage.

I was also, in 2014, one of the four finalists for CompLaude Awards, and in 2014, 2015 and up until May 2016, I was a strong advocate for the CompLaude Awards, and you can see the blogs to prove it!  Plenty of private emails were sent on behalf of the effort, also, and my nominations were significant, with at least one award winner — in the doctor category.

Since the “open mind, open heart, empty briefcase” strategy was successful, for all intents and purposes, I have been attempting to ‘rebrand’ from being a ‘screamer and thought provoker,’ despite the “Difficult Persons” deeply entrenched in the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business models that most Americans don’t know about, and don’t want to know about.

Social Security Administration ‘mis-behavior’ and other improprieties apparently require renewed efforts to address further government malfunctions.  My carefully organized evidence arrived in Washington DC mail rooms last week, including letters to The Ten Congressional Representatives who have gone on record as being concerned about American Workers and Taxpayers and Workers Compensation.

Wait till they see the SSA package of loose marbles and loose screws, fabrications, falsehoods, and general malfeasance, with indicators of many unclean hands involved in the financial terrorism against me, and others like me. Might be interesting.  It’s another one of those ‘oh so sad, common stories’ that happen all the time, but you don’t hear much about those DIRTY OPEN SECRETS EITHER.

I retained a writer/editor to help dig through my wins to help with rebranding.  It was a costly event, with a typical cognitive dissonant reaction.  I shared my business resume and said it’s not really valid anymore, since cognitive impairments are what they are.  I thought I made it clear that I am injured, NOT STUPID.  I think that point may have been overlooked.

Early on, after a lengthy conversation, the editor said that my ‘story’ must be told but that it must be told in a way that people will want to hear more, and not simply want to kill me for telling the truth.  I said, “Yeah, exactly what I want your help with.”  That was months ago.

I make it clear that while I believe WorkComp arrests could fill a few cell blocks or privatized penitentiaries, my intention is not to bust the crooks, but to FREE THE HOSTAGES.  BIG DIFFERENCE.  ONE IS BASED IN HARSH REALITY, AND THE OTHER IS DELUSIONAL.   (Hint: Rico rules)

From the volume of notes I shared, draft 1 painted me as a total loser, victim, physically and mentally incapable of doing sh*t, and would have subjected me to litigation on top of that. That first draft was more along lines of ‘publish that, and they’ll surely kill you.’  😕

There was absolute inability by the party to see the dots being connected between the exterminations by Workers Compensation and by the Nuclear Industry.

Arguing about my volunteer efforts that have had a significant global reach since 2011 Triple Nuclear Meltdowns at Fukushima – WAS NOT AND IS NOT A DISCUSSION ITEM ON THE TABLE.

It was suggested that I choose one, and check with my pals on which to choose. The results were in….  Injured Worker Advocates suggested dropping the Radiation Warnings to #DodgeTheRads and why, as totally irrelevant; Anti-Nuclear Advocates suggested dropping Injured Worker Advocacy as they are good as dead anyway, if they have serious injuries.    “EXTERMINATIONS” would be all inclusive!

WorkComp has been known to work ok in first-aid situations for minor injuries. Horrific with serious injuries, and exacerbates injuries that, with immediate medical care, could result in return to work scenarios and partial recoveries.

One pal said, ‘Each camp, of course, wants that loudest mouth, and you’re a BIG LOUD MOUTH.’   😀

I would love to know that WorkComp is moving in a clean, life-saving direction for the millions involved, so I could just drop that topic…. but it seems that the propagandists are digging in to protect their profits by any means necessary — including your life or mine.

If there are more than 54 million injured and disabled workers in America, and approximately 8.9 million are on Social Security Disability, are the rest homeless and destitute?  SSA pays ‘nazi war criminals’ with greater ease than it pays Americans with Disabilities….yikes!   CLEAN UP TIME!  LET’S GO!

I guess that was lost money….I sent a note to that editor last week suggesting if it’s too hard, I understand, but darn, I paid A BUNCH OF MONEY FOR THAT.  I hope a refund follows, since draft 2 never arrived.   😕

A couple of my pals are compiling books about stories of people with brain injuries, and my story doesn’t fit their audiences.  Injured Workers have a particular extra set of survival battles, as anybody ever touched by that industry knows.

Even other TBI survivors cannot fathom the extent of malice and corruption too many Injured Workers are subjected to, that actually prevent recovery and often cause death because it is more profitable for the industry to ‘risk a $100,000 wrongful death suit’ than to pay for medical care in hundreds of thousands of dollars because care was neither immediate, prompt, or appropriate in so many cases.

How many of you have seen the Hillary videos [Google search hillary seizures – today the count is 547,000 results] showing what appears to be seizures after the DNC conventions, from either her Concussion of 2012, or her extreme radiation poisoning in Spring 2011 at the beginning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Meltdowns.

The Secretary had been sent to Tokyo to mitigate damage to commerce and establish censorship guidelines, apparently.   “Your Radiation This Week” describes the ongoing radiation poisoning across America.

So, if Hillary can run for president with a brain injury and convulsions/seizures, maybe SSA initial conclusions in 2012-2015 that brains are not needed to work as a sales executive were closer to accurate than believed.  The videos haven’t been scrubbed from the Internet, and there’s plenty of Good Kop/Bad Kop going on with the corporate media, as you have no doubt noticed.

American selection process, quite the circus this time, isn’t it.

“What difference does it make?”  — Check your local radiation readings and how many cities have been over 1,000 CPM, for how long. “Normal background is 5-20 CPM.”   See Your Radiation This Week – the series began April 2015.  Catch up. #DodgeTheRads

Home-efforts at rehabilitation have included studying online courses like a mad-woman, so maybe I do get to return to the WorkForce, one day soon.   Watch for the eCourse….it will be free … sort of a self-procured apprentice-ship.

I think it’s time for Congress to establish a Civil Rights and Human Rights Commission to further investigate what happens to Injured American Workers.

The Courts apparently ‘routinely rule in favor of the insurance carriers’ and some business owners call it ‘legislated fraud.’  You may be hearing more about it as the industry attacks on Injured Law Enforcement and Firefighters seems to be escalating.  Hopefully, their Unions will step up and speak out.

Heck, Fukushima-Gate investigations might be appropriate about now, too, huh?!  America, America!  What happened!


Here’s my best shot at REBRANDING, so far, shared over on Facebook in an online biz group, and in a few Injured Worker groups.

Linda Ayres‎ Occupy WorkComp  ·  LEARNING NEVER ENDS…

There are 67 of us here in Occupy WorkComp. Do YOU want to introduce yourself, and maybe say a little about your situation and how we might support you? Remember, it’s a PUBLIC GROUP — ain’t no secrets here! ;D

Here’s what I’m learning:

From another group, where I am learning more about how to get an eCourse together to perhaps help more of you save your own lives…

The instructor runs a great group, and invites everybody to introduce themselves, and there are group calls…it’s a course I paid to join, but they have a public group, too… I’ve told you about it before, and I’ll share more as things come together.

Here’s how I introduced myself to them, for what it’s worth…


Hi Everybody! Participation seems to be a key here at PPE! 😀

My abilities to be short and concise are a little impaired, so here’s my best shot…..The images below are the shortest version. 😀

“Please take a moment and introduce yourself! We officially kick off on August 1 but the party can start before then!” – Instructor

I would have joined in a bit sooner, but I was having a little FB thought-police detention issues… it happens to some politically-socially active members of our little communities. FB ‘ads’ seem to deter the harassment, to a degree.

I am in the process of getting to know ‘the new me’ and rebranding that new me and I look forward to getting to know more of you, and the services you are providing to help uplift humanity in these challenging times.

Like so many of you, I have also signed up for a gazillion courses, free and paid and have completed quite few of them, and I love Colleen’s style of teaching… she breaks everything down to do-able steps, in her royal style! The 7-day challenge was one I actually finished! Hoooray! I even blogged about the process over at LinkedIn.

I’ve been ‘working on’ creating an eCourse for over a year, and there have been too many ‘moving pieces’ for me. I am also working on a few different eBooks.

I am very hopeful of discovering strategies and methods and structures and support here so that the eCourse will be completed and this piece of social media will become like child’s play.

I am a Workers’ Compensation Survivor in the USA and a #TBI (#BrainInjury #Concussion) survivor as a result. Friends in Canada, UK and Australia face similar life-threatening challenges from workplace injuries The internet brings us all together to explore solutions.

If you have friends or loved ones fighting the good fight, don’t let them fight alone. Lend a hand, and some blog space!
My intentions are to help Injured Workers escape the system(s) with their lives — Workers’ Compensation is NOT an employee benefit.

My professional friends told me, ‘Get out of work comp by any means necessary – it will kill you.’ They didn’t have a clue about the how. It took me several years to find that ‘magic formula’ that may also work for others who have a grasp of the power of social media.

My blogs about workers’ compensation and nuclear matters include reminders to #DodgeTheRads#OccupyVirtually and to remember remember…

Learning never ends. See you over at Kajabi-Land and Teachable!


WorkComp is not a legal problem – it’s a business problem –

Injured Workers Uniting – Silent No More

As to “ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY” ….  consider the sources.  Follow that money trail.  Just a bunch of industry paid spokes peeps.  Not friends of humanity.  Killers of joy, life, liberty, goodness and anything to do with humanity. Pfffft.

In my own case, it was a challenging road for all concerned, but without benefit of legal representation, ‘the parties reached resolution, subject to a confidentiality agreement’ in less than 4 years.  How many WorkComp cases churn for 5, 10, 15, 20 – 30 life destroying years or more?

“Something is terribly wrong with workers’ compensation, isn’t it.”


I returned to the battle field to help free the hostages of workcomp.  I used to respect that blogger who wrote ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY.  I only pity him now.  Karma will be his teacher.  May he have a very interesting life.

The CompLaude program, with some outside support from even yours truly since 2014 was building momentum.

The biggest loss of the recent disparaging attacks is the loss of all credibility to that event — and it fully made the point of Injured Workers everywhere of what a sham it is.  I shared about it extensively, as most of you know.

Today, I join in the call to BOYCOTT #COMPLAUDE 2016 until such time the organization makes amends to the American Workers, including creation of a virtual platform to hear the real complaints of Injured Workers and professional doctors, lawyers and other providers who have left the system BECAUSE OF THE HYPER CORRUPTION.   EXTEND AND PRETEND NO LONGER FLIES. THE SECRETS ARE OUT… SEARCH LIGHTS SHINING ON THE REAL ISSUES.

You might think, ‘She didn’t have to return to the WorkComp battlefield.’

The problem with that line of thought is this: ‘THOSE WHO HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO KNOW HAVE THE DUTY TO ACT.”

Furthermore, as a Notary Public, I have taken an Oath to protect the Constitution of California and of the United States of America from enemies – foreign AND DOMESTIC.

The terrorism of the working class by this industry sure seems quite like any other form of terrorism plaguing the planet.  I do what I can.  I hope you do, too.

WHEN Injured Workers escape the system and do not return to build bridges and expose problems and incite discussions on solutions, the dirty lethal open secrets continue.

It’s not disparaging to say they — the industry on the whole – operate like a clumsy SS system, with a few Colonel Klinks at the helm.  Before Injured Workers learned the value of the internet – few people in the public knew about WorkComp.

I worked over 45 years before I had an encounter.  My friends said, ‘Get out of the workcomp comp system by any means necessary, it will kill you.’  I pass that advice on to the people who reach out to me, and I do my best to help them strategize escape and resolutions.

work comp guidelines diagram

Over the course, I have learned some pretty awful truths of the business of work comp.  It is as vile, and more painfully evident, that the creatures of the nuclear industry. Most alll, sadly, can be lumped into one category: 21st Century Sonderkommando.

WorkComp is not a legal issue any more than it is an employee benefit.  

The majority of lawyers apparently sold out the American people years ago.  It’s not personal, neither are the disparaging attacks.  It’s business.

Someone apparently gave an order to silence me.  I’m nobody, with a a brain injury and a blog in the middle of nowhere in rural Southern California.  We’ll explore some other ‘new developments’ that may be linked to these attacks. I am waiting to hear back from some …. people ITK.

Why else would national spokes dudes target me in their blogs?  Well, maybe they just wanted to help increase the readership of my blogs by their use of several of my blog links in theirs?  Maybe, not likely, but maybe, in a Maxwell Smart sort of way.

If I end up dead, I do hope DOJ knows where to start looking for suspects…RICO style investigations.  Follow that money trail.

No, WorkComp is not a legal issue.  It’s strictly business.  “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES”

I support total demolition of WorkComp and immediate mediations and structured settlement teams to SETTLE UP — IF THE INJURED WORKERS DID NOT GET SUFFICIENT MEDICAL CARE AND BENEFITS — FOR WHATEVER REASONS, WITHIN THE FIRST 2 YEARS, SETTLE UP AND FREE THE WORKCOMP HOSTAGES.   Start to clear out back log of churned files…

THE OPIOID ‘NATIONAL DISCUSSIONS’ totally fit the profile of disinformations and distractions, don’t they?

Do any of their mouth pieces ever touch upon the failed surgeries that create the need for pain medications in the first place?  Is it a distraction and a turf war by drug traffickers?  Whatever, FREE THE WORK COMP HOSTAGES  and let the WorkCompsters build something less lethal.


How about an insurance company representative who arrogantly invites ligitation, saying, ‘THE COURTS ROUTINELY RULE IN OUR FAVOR.”  Is that insurance-speak for “WE OWN THE JUDGES, Too! !!! ????


This month’s TOP reads so far? Thank you! xoxoox

In my own struggle, I am currently being disparaged, on a national basis, as a scapegoat for some pretty formidable enemies of humanity that are mouth pieces for the insurance industries and for the hyper corruption they represent.  These are people who purport to be unbiased spokespeople for an industry that alleges to provide medical care and benefits to Injured Workers.  THEY SELDOM DO.

Good thing my short term memory etc is seriously impaired….I could stay mighty angry if I could bring to mind every vile false attack and innuendo of recent weeks.

Brain Injury Advocates

I often feel like I am living a sequel to Concussion, the non NFL version. I returned to the “Playing Field” to help free the WorkComp hostages. Oh Brother!


Due to a revealing expose series by ProPublica and NPR, on the corruption of the industry, INSULT TO INJURY – THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION, the ‪#‎WorkCompsters‬ attack ME now, and a few of my vocal and also disabled friends, in attempts to distract and deceive the unsuspecting public about Worker’s Compensation in America?  Really?

Let’s get real.  Do you really think that Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains is more powerful than Insult to Injury – The Demolition of Workers Compensation?  Really?  Awww, thanks, but that means you have read neither series.  The attacks are on me, as an easy target – a disabled woman with a brain injury and a computer and a blog.

Those bad boys of WorkComp are not going to shout too loud at the powers that be behind ProPublica and NPR, and survive it, ya think.

I know it’s not personal. They are just attempting to protect their business model of “profits before lives, by any means necessary.

Read this article and more on LinkedIn …

I AM INJURED – NOT STUPID – FELLAS …Sticks and Stones and WorkCompsters…Oh My!


Because I am a TBI Survivor, they may have mistaken me as an easy target.As I have often said to them and their ilk, “I am injured, not stupid. “


white roses

#DodgeTheRads #OccupyVirtually #OccupyWorkComp

#DodgeTheRads — One blessing of being disabled by WorkComp is that Injured Workers are better equipped than most to #ShelterInPlace.  Ask about Your Radiation This Week, and how it is impacting your health.



Workers Compensation Crisis of Hyper-Corruption! Just like NFL Playbook? Concussion!

My Fellow Americans, you are being called upon to intervene in the national disaster masked as “Workers Compensation” in which the working class is being tortured, maimed and murdered for the profits of the few.

Some industry ‘leaders’ think renaming it will do some good.  Injured Workers suggest renaming it to call it what it is:  WORKERS’ EXTERMINATION – USA

Everyone knows that bad sh*t happens in work comp and that there are profiteers off of the injured. That’s no secret.  David DePaolo CEO WorkCompCentral

WorkComp Congressional Letter and YOU

–  Can We Talk?

Injured Workers to Update Congress on Workers’ Compensation Crisis of Hyper Corruption.  What do you think Congress needs to do first?  Join in creating a LinkedIn group to discuss and craft a letter back to the ten, plus the few more concerned about Nuclear Workers poisoned by radiation over the years.

The award winning expose by ProPublica and NPR, shared by ‘swaths’ of bloggers, brought you an excellent and in depth investigative report on the ongoing horrors and atrocities.  Insult to Injury  THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION.  It is just the tip of the iceberg, and we hope that the investigative teams, and others, will dig deeper and expose more. ENCORE!



The response from the Secretary of Labor essentially said the department’s hands are tied, too bad, how sad, deal with it.  That response needs a re-do and needs to include a request to send in protection for Injured Workers and Other Taxpayers across America. There is essentially no law enforcement and there appears to be substantial collusion and many unclean hands in high places.

I, personally, have been personally disparaged in diatribes – publicly and nationally – by  senior members of the Workers Compensation communities in what can only appear to be an attempt to SILENCE me and others by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.  These attacks have been by professionals, carefully crafted with clear intent to harm and silence – by ‘leading experts’ in the field.

HOW RUDE IS THAT!  As a member of a further protected class, thanks to “WorkComp,” I do what I can to help Injured Workers ESCAPE the system with their lives and what is left of their destroyed health.   Einstein reminds that ‘Those who have the privilege to know have the DUTY to act.”  I KNOW. I ACT.

As many of you may know, even a ‘hurt shoulder’ can result in an excruciating long drawn out death for an Injured Worker in America and beyond. 

I am an older American woman with Disabilities, a TBI and I AM a WorkComp Survivor.  I BLOG, THEREFORE I AM A WORKCOMP SURVIVOR.  I ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO BLOG, TOO!  BLOG TO REGAIN CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS and to protect the Constitution of these United States of America. 

Workers Compensation torture and travesties are happening in your state, too.

They are happening in Canada, the UK and Australia.

It is time to THINK LOCALLY – ACT GLOBALLY – OCCUPY VIRTUALLY AND DEMAND INVESTIGATIONS AND TRIALS FOR THESE CRIMES, CORRUPTION AND COLLUSION that serve only the WorkCompsters, and harm all others, including other great American systems.

Below is the 2016 ‘top’ bloggers, picked by their own industry…. See what they are writing about the state of workers compensation.  If they are truth telling or sugar coating to preserve profits, let the facts be widely known.

Which are purveyors of propaganda and deceptions and omissions, with intent to deceive the unsuspecting public, while maiming, impoverishing and killing Injured and Disabled people, along with bulling, threats, intimidation and worse, ABA Codes of Ethics may also have been violated.


“Without a blog and a database, Injured workers are UNARMED AND UNPROTECTED in the Global #WarOnWorkers. #WoW!”

Here are some of  mine:

Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains   MyWorkCompCoachWhat’s Your WorkComp Story  All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time  Ask About Fukushima Now [ask about Plutonium sent FROM the USA prior to the explosions, too – Fukushima-Gate Investigation time, too?]  Lucy Occupy Says …

Below also is a list of WorkComp’s own “top 50 influencers” who, as apparent leaders in the industry, must have clear and full knowledge of the crimes being committed.


There is no remorse when WorkCompsters indicate that the wrong doings are “not a secret.”  At least ‘Super Lawyers’ say the same thing with a tone of saddness.  What does tell you?

Are these torturers, maimers, and killers really above the law in America? In Canada? In Great Britain? In Australia? Around the World?  HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON?   I am so sorry; I just found out in 2012.

Did you already know?

Read this again:  A broken system and a challenge for legal scholars  US trial lawyer Reuben Guttman casts a critical eye on the American legal system.   – By a real human lawyer

Put all of this to good use further reflection and discussion in your groups.

(The WorkCompsters are having a ‘Workers Compensation National Discussion’ and seemed to need a gentle reminder that a ‘circle jerk’ is NOT A NATIONAL SUMMIT.   Attacking injured workers for invoking First Amendment rights in efforts to silence may send WorkCompsters straight to the 5th Amendment, wouldn’t you imagine?  It will certainly not serve identifying real problems and coming up with real solutions, will it. In fact, the attacks appear to be based in mysognism and psychopathy.  (Read the attacks and draw your own conclusions.)

The perpetrators’ credibility has been totally destroyed by their own failures. Those poorly executed attacks include appearances of failures to fact check, omissions with intent to deceive to protect illicit profits, ‘masked bandits’ media images, clandestine meetings ‘in Dick Cheney’s garage’ and  ‘smoke and mirrors’ attacks on the population impoverished and harmed by the WorkComp industries, giving the few ‘the good life’ — WHILE DESTROYING THE WORKING CLASS.

One Percenter Suggests Occupy Everything?! #OccupyVirtually and #DodgeTheRads – READ ON – then #OccupyWorkComp!

“”What sets me apart, I think, is a tolerance for risk and an intuition about what will happen in the future. Seeing where things are headed is the essence of entrepreneurship. And what do I see in our future now?…”

Ultra-rich man’s letter: “To My Fellow Filthy Rich Americans: The Pitchforks Are Coming”

The perpetrators of crimes against Injured Workers and Taxpayers truly epitomize the 21st Century Sonderkommando, wouldn’t you agree?

See the movie, Concussion, for the playbook strategy of holding a fake conference to make a false point, as NFL did. See how it took a CORONER to bring a little justice, and that fight is still raging in the WorkComp dark and smoky back rooms, isn’t  it?)

Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world – YouTube    Got 3.5 minutes to Think?

If you are part of a Civil Rights and Human Rights organization, let’s connect.

To borrow a quote from Josepth Ranseth of Canada, ‘don’t create a new business plan, START A MOVEMENT’ or words to that effect!  Check it out here and read Joseph’s blogs, too.  Download his ‘PURPOSE DRIVEN MARKETING MANIFESTO” and do some good where are you, and do it today.

I am receiving more stories from Injured Workers around the world, and ProPublica clearly has a back-log of stories.  LET’S DO SOMETHING GOOD ON THE PLANET, WHILE WE STILL CAN.  TIME FOR TRIALS AND TIME FOR CHANGE.

Our global legal systems may be in a state of collapse, but We, The People, are the media now.  WHAT SAY YOU?

#DodgeTheRads -#Occupy Virtually!  It’s dangerous out there!  

Bob Nichols Said WHAT About Your Radiation This Week and What Else about WAR CRIMES USA?

Linda Ayres  Workers’ Compensation – Spokeswoman for Injured Workers and other SURVIVORS of Human Rights and Civil Rights atrocities.


Way to Go WorkComp!

My WorkComp CoachLinda Lu

Please allow me to introduce myself!  Here’s a pre-video announcing a new e-course, coming soon to you and yours!

My #WorkComp Coach is a channel dedicated to the Survival of Injured Workers by sharing compensatory strategies, experience, strength, hope & virtual Combat Skills that can be implemented to win the War On Workers. A degree of humor may be deployed from time to time.

Posts will be migrating to and to

AAWCGT will become an archive, as the parties in the earlier referenced matters ‘have reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement.’  You will be invited to subscribe to the new sites, just as soon as they are ready!

#Vlog4TheCure #Blog4TheCure #OccupyVirtually!

Surviving WorkComp – Combat Skills!

#WOW!  #WarOnWorkers!
Can’t we just GIVE PEACE A CHANCE?

WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….  #Blog4TheCure #Vlog4TheCure #Dodgeradsnow

Be ITK about Your Radiation This Week and more….

#OccupyWorkComp  #OccupyVirtually!  You know why!

WorkComp Blog4TheCure Occupy Virtually

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Details will follow soon!  SUBSCRIBE!  BE #ITK!  OR SOL!


We’ll be strategizing about Workers Compensation, Concussions, TBI, Radiation, and Nuclear matters.  A ‘Free-For-Now’ e-course is in the works….you’ll want to see it and take notes!

PS:  Ask about YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK !  Each One Warn One Thousand!  Or at least repost on your social media sites with the smartest people!   #Dodgeradsnow

Fukushima Radioactive Inventory Numbers VT 2012
Fukushima’s Melted Reactors 500 Days On



what else bob nichols said WHAT about your radiation this week

This channel addresses the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business models of the WorkComp industries as well as the Nuclear Industries and will serve as a further resource for those seeking positive, life-extending solutions.

Verbal Self Defense against Corporate Psychopaths

There is zero tolerance for psychopaths and comments may be edited by The Coach without warning or discussion. All positive input is more than welcome and may be included in future blogs, vlogs and addresses.

If you have friends who serve or served in the military, ask them for instructions on how POWs are to conduct themselves when captured by enemy forces. The rules seem clear enough for those with eyes to see.

We’ll introduce the WorkCompCoach e-course curriculum along with Creative Coach Amy in the next videos, complete with “Opt-In” buttons.  First things first and one thing at a time!  

In addition to sharing her gifts about creation of online courses and more, Amy has a special gift for you, and other Friends of Lucy Occupy’s, too! Watch for it!   

It’s time to RESTORE CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS TO INJURED WORKERS NOW!  Everybody must do his/her share!

your radiation this week fight censorship share

Let’s Meet Up over at

Let’s connect at




WorkComp Survival and Combat Skills – 4 YEARS LATER! Would YOU Buy This Book for Brain Survival?

“WorkComp Survival and Combat Skills” is in the works!

It might become a free e-book.  Would YOU read it?

Scroll down to learn more about DU and Brains and Injured Military Personnel!  Read and View more about YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK and:

“GI’s Brains Fried by Military Dispensed Nose Candy”

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BACK TO INJURED WORKERS AND WORK COMP MATTERS (Military Personnel Are Injured Workers, too.  Remember that as we go forward!)

The E-BOOK/COURSE title was going to be SURVIVING WORK COMP…..but that hardly sounds strong enough, does it?
Who else is blogging about work comp
#WorkCompChat: Brain Injury comes to some with a very surreal sense of time, space and sequence!
So, Hey, 4 years ago today I got the conk on the head at work…no dramatic story at point of impact, slipped on ice, fell backwards, conked my head real real hard…..
 Brain Injury Advocates
Now I are a not-employed disabled Writer/Blogger/Boomer, #WorkComp and #TBI #Concussion Survivor and Advocate for Injured Workers across America and beyond,  a Southern California Rad-Survivor and still a friend of Lucy Occupy & Friends, and still an advocate that we #OccupyVirtually and #DodgeTheRads!
(WorkComp made it easier to #ShelterInPlace since the principle treatment was ‘rest and wait and wait and wait and wait and evaluate’ etc., and for that, I AM GRATEFUL.)
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Revising my resume is on that darn list of things to do that gets bigger, not smaller, every day in every way!
#OccupyVirtually! It’s dangerous out there! #DodgeWorkCompsters!
Anybody ever hurt on the job knows the rest of the 4-year drama of WorkComp.
“The parties reached resolution subject to confidentiality agreement”
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Many thanks to all of you who shared and discussed the blog, over the course….we reached approximately 30,000 peeps, more on the drawing tables for 2016.
Many thanks to other TBI and WorkComp Survivors who lighted the path and provided signposts to maneuver to safety on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and yes, even in person!
Many thanks to all of your who shared direct and indirect encouragement. You are much appreciated. WE DO NOT…FORGET.
WorkComp Congressional Letter and YOU FB Group
Let’s interview some of the INFLUENCERS and tell more stories about Injured Workers in America and beyond on our blogs…
Let’s see how we can save more lives of injured workers while we RESTORE CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS TO INJURED WORKERS NOW.
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When I slipped and fell  backwards at work, one of the guys, at the sales meeting afterwards, with little-to-no appreciation for my Fukushima postings and bloggings said, ‘ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, she has Fukushima radiation all over her!’…..
(I was covered in snow, head to toe, dazed, dizzy and confused…)
rise up OCCUPY VIRTUALLY rads in the airThe Many have been irradiated by the few We are th
Dodge Rads Now
 Brain cognitive interruption
I used to tell the evaluating doctors, “Look, I’m injured not stupid!”
Fortunately for me, ‘the parties reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement’ late last year, with a few loose ends, so now I begin to rebuild my broken life.
end evil step out of line
So, people, life goes on. If you’re injured at work, prepare to FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE. FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS FIGHT ALONE. If I can help, I will help.  (site building)
Yeah, I’m now privileged to know all about WorkComp in America. Um hmmmmm.  Alrighty then.
Lucy Occupy blogs called malicious not quiet plotting doh
We might even get some smart lawyers with compassion and some corporations to participate….
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I may see some of you at the upcoming Rancho Mirage #CAAA Winter Conference…. we’ll break bread and discuss the Art of War?


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IN THE MEANTIME, #DodgeTheRads! It’s Dangerous Out There and Remember remember….


 Dodge Rads Now

Google and Share with your smart friends:


“(San Francisco) January 9, 2016 – Good Day, this is “Your Radiation This Week.” These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this week around the United States. You should compare the Rad numbers directly with the Rad numbers in with my articles listed on the VT Author’s Page here:  or below. It is also linked to my name at the top on every article.” – Bob Nichols

 YRTW No 38 RadSnow DodgeRadsNow
Here’s YRTW No 38
Chhhhh Chhhhhh Chhhhhhhh CHANGES!
Chhhhh Chhhhhh Chhhhhhhh CHANGES!


I got to blog for 4 years straight, sometimes 24/7 when I couldn’t sleep, and other days/weeks all I could do was sleep…and #ShelterInPlace because of the workcomp system and practices, and for that, I am grateful.  Editing can be an extreme challenge with brain injury….
Since ‘resolution’ of my case, I have secured more medical assistance and on-going wholistic care, and I am experiencing measurable improvements. “Fight or Flight” plays havoc with body systems, and the BRAIN controls all body systems.
I asked one doctor recently if I might be ‘fooling myself’ to think I may be able to return to some sort of gainful employment one day. (One doctor last year said I need to make plans for Assisted living in the not distant future! Yikes!) The new doctor gently suggested that I just keep doing what I’m doing, and see how health matters unfold this year. I told him I’m studying Social Media strategies and he smiled and said, ‘That’s nice. Don’t spend too much on learning such complicated things.’ 😀 (Without some executive functions, the nuances of social media can sometimes fly right over my head!)
If you get a brain injury, BE A SMART PATIENT. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and ask friends to help you. It’s dangerous out there!
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News Alert — Jeff Rense’s show airs here! Go to Bob Nichols’ article.  “Nichols on the Jeff Rense Show – GI’s Brains

See more at:
ALL THE BEST TO FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS.  #DodgeTheRads and Take All Necessary Precautions!  #DodgeRadsNow  #RadSnow



CALIFORNIA WORKERS TORPEDOED AGAIN.  Bummer! What has the Governor Done?! Concussion Alerts!

This news seems to be a purely malicious and well planned act of really bad practice by all complicit parties?  #WorkCompStinks!  Secret Tribunals, Fatalities and extreme abuse of the WorkingClass for the profits of the few.  “WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.  EXPECT US. JOIN US.”   READ AND SHARE THIS BLOG.  START YOUR OWN.  
This is actually heinous news–utterly odious and wicked!  The money trail might suspiciously lead from NFL related enterprises?….to …. where?  Nawwww, that couldn’t happen, could it?
Can the President please send in the National Guard to protect California Workers now, or must more be tortured, maimed, and have their lives destroyed and shortened by WorkCompsters for the profits of the few?


“No Reporters Allowed…”


Why does California demand that Orthopedic Surgeons be the primary treating doctors for BRAIN INJURED WORKERS?  Nobody in Sacramento has ever head of ACOEM and MTUS and NIH for guidelines on treatment?  Doesn’t California WorkComp have any PHYSIATRISTS either to refer brain injured workers to?  
The WCAB and defense teams seem to act like that’s a made up word when such is requested as a PTP!  WorkComp neurologists are essentially clueless about brains, not even knowing that vision and hearing are functions of the brain!  D’oh!  7th Grade Kids seem to know more about brains than California QME/QME “Neurologists” and CorVel/Maximus “doctors.”
Looks like the GOV may have had a lapse of memory on his Oath of Office in his attempts at chivalry and Ms Baker?  “Our Goal Is Back To Work”??  
PS:   “Mischief” is not the same as COLLUSION AND CORRUPTION, JUST SO WE ARE CLEAR!

(We wonder who pays for the Private–no journàlists allowed — DIR holiday party THIS YEAR? Last year, Youtube has some pretty …interesting….footage of ‘this is a private party’)  

No Reporters Allowed By CA DIR Director Baker At “Private Event” On Cal-Osha & Workers Comp

I don’t think the Gov’s “Oath of Office” promotes Chivalry to Ms. Baker, DIR, WCAB, Insurance Industries before the Common Good, does it? I could be wrong…. WorkComp does seems to have it’s own rules, courts and subsidies, huh, operating outside the Constitution of The United States of America on multiple issues, doesn’t it?  Outside the California Constitution on multiple issues, as well.  
Is there a Civil Rights lawyer in the house?  Has the BIA – Brain Injury Association of America been consulted?  Have any Injured Workers been consulted? Was CAAA consulted?   How about the leading mouth-pieces for the industry?  
Does ProPublica know about this?  Sounds like a PS to THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION!
We, the People, want the names, ranks and salaries of the parties to this action, please and thank you.
Let’s watch the unfolding drama. Investigations and Indictments seem to be in order. Will DOJ and FBI investigate these suspicious acts? We can continue to wait and wait and wait and hope. 
California needs Federal Overseers of WorkComp practices to protect the Working Class, and we need it NOW!
I am not too alarmed, however.  WorkComp doesn’t  seem to have any neuropsychologists to refer Injured Worker’s to anyway, for at least the past ten years, based on input from Injured Workers in Southern California.
Orthopedic Surgeons seem to be the norm to be designated as treating doctors, and they joyfully report they have no knowledge of brain injuries.  
(This seems to be a very weak link in their practices, since accidents with broken bones often can include head injuries…. their Society might take a closer look, or, like NFL, involve the cardiologists? D’oh!  )
CAAA practices don’t seem to be much better or stronger when it comes to brain injuries; some of their members do as much harm as those paid to harm injured workers, through willful ignorance or ‘not enough money in it’ syndromes)
Last year, one case, defense tried to send the TBI survivor to a neuropsychologist for yet another evaluation–one who admitted hadn’t treated brain injury patients for over seven years…  Just apparently real busy and profitable doing evaluations for Work Compsters.  [
The three neuropsychologists who evaluated this injured worker (two in 2012, one in 2014) were all approved/authorized outside of the alleged MPN.  
The adjuster apparently had no clue as to what type of doctor to send the Injured Worker to, and the EAP program (that IW was originally referred to a Clinical Psychologist) was a bit of good luck, as that CP doctor had tremendous brain injury knowledge, as his own son was recovering from a devastating brain injury, with the help of an interdisciplinary team of doctors and specialists.  
That clinical psychologist helped walked the rookie adjuster through the process, clearly describing the dangers and the needs for immediate and appropriate medical care.  The Injured Worker had to pay for the MRI’s recommended in both 2012 and again in 2014.  
WorkComp peeps seem to dispute the location of the brain, and attempt to pretend it is not a body part.
WorkComp seems to approve primarily Orthopedic Surgeons and Chiropractors for brain injury, with a little PT and 40 or so face to face evaluations, and countless re-evalulations by CorVel doctors—who also seem to know little to nothing about brains.  
It took nearly 3 years for the mentioned Injured Worker to get to a speech therapist and occupational therapist (3-6 months treatment were required, 16 days were authorized, then extended another 8).  
One of the WorkComp leased/owned neurologists suggested that since care had been denied for two years (at that time) and since the injured worker was female and over the age of 35, no treatment was deemed necessary, contrary to all medical evidence.
The primary treating doctor since Feb 2013 has been an orthopedic surgeon, and the bulk of the denying Corvell doctors have been orthopedic surgeons. WorkComp neurologists and CorvVel and Maximus doctors seem to be simply clueless about head injuries…..or are they paid to just look the other way and write false reports to ensure denial of medical care.  
Responses from DIR over the course will be located and  forwarded  to appropriate authorities.  Seems this situation may call for intervention, finally, by DOJ/FBI.  

What Happens When Americans Are Hurt on the Job? Help ProPublica Investigate

FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS STAY IGNORANT.  This article could have the effect of being a call to all Americans to see the movie, CONCUSSION, in December, and search google for the facts they are hiding.  DARPA is spending gazillions on brain research….. Doesn’t Sacramento stay in touch with the DARPA peeps either?  D’oh! 
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PS:  Experiential Adjusting

Leading At The Top

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Surviving Work Comp – A Series WHAT DO YOU THINK? Draft One

POINT OF REFERENCE:    Top 10 Highest-paid CEOs at U.S> commercial insurance companies



Back in 2012, one doctor suggested that I write about my work comp experiences after a witnessed slip and fall backwards, big, hard, conk on the head, little-to-no medical care over the course, in order to help me process what was happening to me with the lack of medical care, legal chicanery, and fight for my life.



It took until the summer of 2013 to make it a blog…..the earlier writings were to WorkComp people — doctors, adjusters, lawyers, human resources. Initially, I suspected the poor treatment was simply that some of the people I was dealing with were simply stupid.   I discovered it is far worse than that.

"WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW" #OccupyVirtually
“WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW” #OccupyVirtually  – #DodgeTheRads  

Have you seen the movie, WOMAN IN GOLD?  Here’s the trailer.  I watched it this week.  I cringed and gasped repeatedly as I saw parallels between those atrocities, and the life destroying actions of the WorkCompsters around the nations.  It is time for more Doctor’s Trials, to include the complicit sonderkommando, wouldn’t you agree?




Watch it and see for yourself how the parallels can be drawn with the devastation and destruction by the Nazi’s in the 30’s and similar destruction of life in the 21st century—of disabled workers, older workers and other ‘economically undesirable’ or ‘unprofitable’ members of the working classes.  If you do watch it, pay particular attention to the cheering when the Nazi’s rolled in to Austria, and the terrors that followed and wonder about shareholders of the companies causing such atrocities. Today, they don’t roll in in tanks, it’s the sedans and stretch limos?  Yikes!


If you don’t know any Injured Workers and if you are like the ‘cheering crowds’ of the profitable workcomp industries, also take a look at “The First Leaflet” and the next time medical care is denied on your watch, ask about your own humanity and soul.


Injured Workers lose their sanity, their jobs, their homes and their lives in the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business model that provides windfalls of profits, faster upon death of injured workers, to insurance industries and ancillary venues.

Are you #LinkedIn?

It’s thrilling to see that the nation is finally discussing, out loud and virtually, some of the horrific atrocities of WorkComp. No more sugar-coating the atrocities. Enough of you know the real deal.



We, The People,  Are The Media Now.  “Let’s get right to it!”


Wouldn’t it be beneficial and life-extending if…..some of the biggies….. WorkCompCentral + ProPublica + National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers accelerate the discussion WITH AN EMPHASIS CHANGE TOWARD SOLUTIONS?  Enough already with the hand-wringing and rhetoric.


If you’re in the industry, Y’all already know what’s happening. DO SOMETHING TODAY.  MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT.  “ADOPT AN INJURED WORKER” AND HELP THEM ESCAPE FROM THE “assembly lines of death” and OPEN AIR DEATH CHAMBERS!

If not you, then who?  If not now, then when?

Go save yourself from the zombies


Let’s individually and collectively conduct interviews with doctors, lawyers and others who have “left the industry” so that real issues can be addressed, in a less threatening manner, with, perhaps, some amnesty provisions for early responders.


These WorkComp challenges and atrocities are Universal —- perhaps the USA, Canada, UK and Australia have similar organizations — like WorkCompCentral + ProPublica + National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers and everybody can join forces to save/extend lives.


We’ll probably need some educational events to address BEST PRACTICES for Whistle Blowing, in all quarters, wouldn’t you agree?

It has been somewhat comforting over the past year to see discussions about the many horrors of WorkComp, along with the high profits for the insurance carriers. Romano Trust Vs. Sedgwick seems to have paved the way for carriers to “wish and hope you die” if you are an injured worker —-it’s an cost effective strategy, in perfect alignment with PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business models, also used by the Nuclear Industries?


Here is a study by Everette Lee Herndon, Jr.  on Workers Comp & Bad Faith: Unacceptable Oversights The Insurer’s Duty and The Romano Case. Published on on July 15, 2013  that will prove insightful to any readers, industry or non-industry.  If you’re human, read it; you’ll get it.


A recent DePaolo World blog shared another story with the same trend….. Profit Before People rather than the carrier paying for transitional living facilities at approximately $40K a month, likely with the help of some nasty pharmaceutical, that injured worker’s ‘suicidal ideations’ and attempts could save that carrier a bundle…..  and have “Happy Shareholders”??  Yikes!  See also Guilty Without Charge


Well, recently a recommendation from another doctor/coach suggested I write about my WorkComp experiences.  I shyly reported, “Well, I have a little blog already, but I do want to write a book.”   Unimpressed (and previously unaware of my blogs) it was suggested that before our next meeting that I “write an Introduction and a Chapter Outline.”  😀   THIS IS THE INTRODUCTION!   HERE COMES THE OUTLINE!

Did I leave anything out?  Do you think a series of e-books would fly?  Would you read it if it was free?  Would you prefer to pay 99 cents for each e-booklet?  Would you watch a webinar about Whistle Blowing, Blogging, Administrative Tasks for Injured Workers and more?  Would you join groups on the site, LinkedIn, Facebook and elsewhere to further discussion and enhance your own blogs?   


Surviving Work Comp – Draft One

INTRODUCTION    (See above)


  1. Congratulations on Your Job!  But Wait — about The Benefits
  3. Lawyer Up or Self-Represent?
  4. How does it work?
  5. Who are the Key Players?
  6. How do you get medical care?  Hint: Cross your fingers and hope you don’t die first!
  7. What to Track:  Money In/Money Out/Money Stopped; Doctor appointments — arrival, names, notes, tests, directions, prescriptions, off work notices; Get and read copies of all medical reports and appeals, get business cards of all parties.
  8. What to do if treatment is denied (and it will be denied, FACT!  APPEAL, SQUEAL AND SQUEEK — JUST WHISTLE)
  9. Why Blog?  What to blog — What not to blog?
  10. Suspect Fraud?  Uh oh!  FIGHT BACK!
  11. Suspect Collusion?  Uh oh! FIGHT BACK!
  12. Did HR send a Get Well Card and Speedy Recovery Wishes?
  13. Are you disabled?  File for Social Security Disability immediately if you expect to be off work 1 year or more (Hint: If it’s work comp, count on it! File churning, obfuscation of facts, fradu and chicanery often caused delay, denial, deceptions and death.  FILE TODAY;  If you’re lucky enough to get legit medical care and return to work, welcome to that “1%” crowd!
  14. Follow THESE Blogs – Comment on Industry Blogs
  15. Join the #CommitteeOfBloggers – WE WORK LIKE ANTZ  – Use these memes and hashtags too!
  16. Lost your sanity, job, home and health?  Uh-oh!  Find an advocate to help you fight back – LEARN TO WHISTLE!  #JustWhistle, #Tweet, #Blog, #Post, #Pin etc.
  17. Tell YOUR story here and there and Tell your Friends and Neighbors and Elected Officials…. do your best to BE SUCCINCT….. “What it used to be like, what happened, and what it’s like now”  Figure you have 30 seconds to grab attention, and two minutes to hold it in a call to action.
  18. Go Fund Me?  If you don’t ask, you won’t get.  TRANSCEND LEARNED HELPLESSNESS; BE CREATIVE!   (Read also #TheFirstLeaflet)
  19. Join a Class Action in Your State or Nation
  20. Settlement Time?  Yeah, right.
  21. Then What…. HOW DO YOU MOVE ON POST-WORK COMP?   How to RISE LIKE THE PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES?occupy virtually 99 percent
  22. Ask:  About Your Radiation This Week

Remember Remember to ‘Pray for the Dead and Dying, Fight Like Hell for The Living, #DodgeTheRads and #OccupyVirtually

#InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore