Who is Lucy Occupy and What’s Up With WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW #OccupyVirtually #WorkComp #Nuclear and ?

Recently, someone said, “someone told me that linda died. who are you?” L: That sounds like some serious troll work. If your source is the same one that says I don’t have a brain injury, there you have it. That’s actually pretty damn funny…. Thanks…. I’m fighting the good fight, and I will expose those fake […]

#LaborDay? By the Numbers – “Profits Before Lives”

Ask About #WorkCompsters and National #WorkComp Corruption and #DodgeTheRads ….it’s dangerous out there! Journalists, Judges and Lawyers OhhhMyyy How LinkedIn are YOU? Look! Journalists in Legal Services, Law Practices, Hospitality and Insurance; Lawyer/Judges; Salespeople; Business Owners viewing what one #InjuredWorker has to say about #WorkComp? Thank you! Be Sure to READ ‘N SHARE “THE FIRST […]


#MicCheck: STOP THE #EXTERMINATIONS IN AMERICA OF INJURED WORKERS NOW!!! #WorkComp Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Crimes! Yo~ Hey, here’s a Twitter link for those of you who prefer pictures to words https://twitter.com/LindaAyres311/media Yo! Remember Remember WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. EXPECT US. JOIN US. “We do not….forget.” #InjuredWorkersUnited SILENT NO MORE INVISIBLE NO MORE ASK ABOUT […]