Where O Where are the Brave and Smart WorkComp Injured Worker Attorneys?

“If you have an interest, I’m way open to your direction on how to move forward with RTW and accommodations requests.  They have cut my benefits off, so I’m back between a rock and hard place, and it snows a bit where I live, and I’m not willing to look for food banks or welfare […]

Injured Wyndham Worker Asks #POTUS for Help from WorkComp Dangers

Is WorkComp Simply Domestic Terrorism?  ASK THE POTUS!    Lawyer Up! Yo!  Mr. Prez, it’s me again.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another!  Fukushima, Ebola, WorkComp, Central Asia! I can’t get no satisfaction, and can’t get no medically necessary treatment from that big company, CNA (their CEO, Tom Motamed makes $10.7 million a year […]


#MicCheck: STOP THE #EXTERMINATIONS IN AMERICA OF INJURED WORKERS NOW!!! #WorkComp Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Crimes! Yo~ Hey, here’s a Twitter link for those of you who prefer pictures to words https://twitter.com/LindaAyres311/media Yo! Remember Remember WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. EXPECT US. JOIN US. “We do not….forget.” #InjuredWorkersUnited SILENT NO MORE INVISIBLE NO MORE ASK ABOUT […]

#WorkComp Tweets 1 to 12 …. July 2013… See More Now!

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS WITHIN YOU. HONOR IT. Remember Remember WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. SO BE IT. http://twitter.com/LindaAyres311/status/490677146436644864/photo/1pic.twitter.com/mi94WHqAeB  #InjuredWorkersUnited SILENT NO MORE Results for wyndham workers comp Tweets Top / All / People you follow Lucy Occupy ‏@LucyOccupy8 Jul ASK ABOUT #WORKERS #COMP GRAVY TRAINS NOW. ask about #wyndham worldwide vacation ownership company and their… http://fb.me/6nDPr28zX  Expand Lucy Occupy ‏@LucyOccupy5 […]

#WorkComp: The “compensation bargain” has been BREACHED. Where is the DA and ABA???

Blog drafted 7/27/2013: Injured worker DWC-1 Statement of Injury: 6. Describe injury and body part affected.  Describa la lesion y parte del cuerpo afectada.  fell/slipped on ice – landed on back and hit back of left side of head very hard. [Haven’t been ‘right since.  0.0 ] “Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement […]

#Wyndham #WorkComp #PEN PAL PROGRAM

Well, goodness! Anybody think that the #WyndhamWorldwide lawyer’s insinuation and guess that I would rather have him as a pen pal than get medical care for TBI or a settlement hit a little nerve today?? D’oh! I told him I thought he was a bad guesser, and yep, I still do. SEE AND SHARE THIS […]

Workers’ Compensation Fraud is a CRIME…. CORPORATE WORK COMP FRAUD IS A CRIME….

“Well, I ain’t no criminal, so, the Judge says I gotta go, so off I went….”   Got a #Brain? Got injured on the Job? #InjuredWorkersUnited…SILENT NO MORE #WorkComp #QME #Wyndham #CNA #GRANCELL … Yesterday I had to attend another WorkComp Orthopedic Evaluation, for the Traumatic Brain Injury #TBI of 1/9/12….. still waiting for medical […]


MY FELLOW AMERICANS…….> ASK ABOUT INJURED WORKERS NOW   “IF YOUR COMPANY LIES ABOUT …YOUR ACCIDENT OCCURRING AT WORK, YOUR COMPANY HAS COMMITTED FRAUD” Does that mean if doctors lie about the accident occurring at work, they, too, have committed fraud? How about the Insurance Adjusters and Defense Attorneys? DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO REACH […]

#WorkComp: It’s The Greed. It’s The Fraud. Is it 2014 or 1939? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

Americans maiming and killing Americans for Profit.   Is it 2014 or 1939??!   My jaw dropped while reading  the David DePaolo polite blog, “It’s The Greed” on WorkComp issues in America, as he perceives them. Is that a typo in the title? Did he mean “It’s the Fraud!” His defense background shows through loud and clear. It’s 2014! WorkComp is […]

Dear 1%, We Fell Asleep for a while. REBOOTING. #WorkCompCrimes Under Investigation.

What do YOU know about #WorkCompCrimes by Americans against Americans??! Did you know…. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. EXPECT US.   #MicCheck: Take it to the VIRTUAL STREETS! #WorkCompCrimes! $99 for the 99% WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. DEFENSE AGAINST THE PSYCHOPATHS GIVE A F**K, thank you.  #StayOuttaTheStreets #MicCheck #FukushimaELEalerts#OccupyVirtually Well, the ASK ABOUT WORKERS […]