WorkComp Credibility Quests – How Many Injured Workers Maimed, Abused and Permanently Disabled by Workcompsters?

“Rarely does anyone ask about getting the right medical care or what they can do to insure they are fully restored.”   REALLY?! NOT!!!!

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Yeah, most seem to be corporate media, so what?  Ask yourself, WHAT WOULD SUN TZU DO?

If you can’t figure that out, then ask yourself, WHAT WOULD LUCY TZU DO?  Just remember this:

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AFTERALL, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW… Help them get the stories and get the stories straight… xoxoox “by any means necessary”






Partial Comment thread below:

  1. Linda Ayres

    Hi Bob, as a work comp & brain injury survivor since 1/9/12, I have to let you know that you’re starting with a false premise, which blows your whole theory: Untrue: “Rarely does anyone ask about getting the right medical care or what they can do to insure they are fully restored.”


    Corrrect that assumption and your speech will probably be stellar. If you don’t, unfortunately, it will make you sound like… You believe the industry lethal-to-injured workers propaganda.


    I am in California. Do you happen to know if the Maximus crowd is also exempt from prosecution of felony fraud, with clear intent to deny medically necessary treatments? Apparently QME and AME doctors and defense teams are, so it stands to reason that the crookedness keeps on going. Let us know, we’re watching. Thank you. Safe travels. Dodge the Rads. show less

  2. Linda Ayres

    Ps. An alternative would be to remind injured workers to expect nothing upon reporting a work injury as medical treatment is not a component of the grand bargain. Full reliance on faith trust and pixie dust is encouraged as an alternative to civil and human rights compliance, which do not exist for the injured American worker, perhaps a violation of constitutional law… but a standard pattern of practice anyway. Remind them that the defense counsels seem to be the #NouveauSonderkommando of the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES Work Comp industries.


    Encourage all injured workers to be very careful and get their affairs in order… Too often even a simple workplace injury becomes a permanent disability after tens of thousands of dollars change hands for fraudulent evaluations. Yep… Faith trust and pixie dust… and a fast Internet connection till last gasps. xoxo show less

Bob Wilson

Linda, for over 15 years I’ve run one of the largest online discussion forums for workers’ comp – and it is owned by injured workers. Many, many, many times I have watched a newly injured worker come to the forum, describe their situation, and then ask a variant of the same question, “How much will I make?” I dont EVER recall a health/recovery oriented question from one of these posters. We have to change that. As I think you might agree, injured workers who take ownership in their recovery probably have a better chance at survival than those who “trust the process”. I am, through a mutual friend, familiar with your particular situation. I sympathize with you and what you’ve been through. However, I will say that there are over 13,000 new injuries every day in this nation, and the majority do not experience what you did. That statement is not intended to defend the cases that are poorly managed, improperly denied or fraudulently handled; it is merely to caution against painting with such a broad brush that credibility might be questioned.  show less

  1. Linda Ayres

     “… it is merely to caution against painting with such a broad brush that credibility might be questioned…”  Bob …… Oh Bob!  Read on….

    Linda Ayres

    Thanks Bob….I am not familiar with your online forum of injured workers. I would like to know more please, and I will gladly share the link on my networks.

    😊 I am very familiar with —the National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers, including many Veterans and law enforcement injured workers and the theme and plight there is much the same as mine, ‘OMG. I am injured! How on earth will I survive these monsters without medical care or benefits, and no way to return to work?!’

    😯 It was in those forums that I learned that I do not have the right to be silent because what is happening to me is happening to millions of Americans, in every State. The SS TYPE OF ACTIVITIES with unnamed doctors denying basic medical care, botched surgeries, dope dealing thugs and secret reports to protect purveyors of fraud to circumvent use of 5th Amendment by perps is escalating

    😢 Please remember also that in California Romano trust versus Sedgwick was essentially permission by the state to the insurance industries to continue to maim and kill without consequence, a hotshot attorney explained that to me, much to my further horror. He said today the max penalty for killing an injured workers $100,000… Cheaper than medical care. The look on my face changed the look on his face and I think he is kind of sorry he said that to me, not from empathy, but fear that I would quote him with his name

    😬 It was participating in those NAIDW forums where I met brave Americans who have fought the corruption and SS type practices of the industry for years and years and years. Many of the NAIDW forums have BRAVE Veterans and law-enforcement personnel. They suggested we need to start naming names of doctors and lawyers and other bad guys… That suggestion set me free.

    😇 I have only been in this WaronWorkers for a little over three years… There is no money in it, there is no healthcare in it, there is only torture, bullying, intimidation, corruption and impoverishment.

    😳 I might suggest that if your forums lean toward posters seeking profit rather than medical care, you may have been infiltrated by industry impostors. I have been attacked by a few fake injured workers myself, loudly and publicly. 😡 So please Bob, if you will, give me the link to your forum, and share an older or a new blog about it and let’s do a reality check. I will put my comments in a blog too —let’s take the credibility check to the streets… The virtual streets.

    🌍🌎🌏 Since you know people who know me, then you may also know that a swath of superlawyers have advised me that my case is not unusual at all. The only unusual part of it is I will not let them kill me quietly, while they all run to the bank, profiting on my devastation. If I had had medical care in the first year, some say I may have been able to return to work then. (Defense has even threatened self procured care providers.) I keep trying to RTE, but my employer refuses to engage in interactive process, and no legitimate Doctor will release me… Yet. Social security evaluator doesn’t think I will ever work again. For that I can thank the work comp criminals and by complicit employer.

    ⚡️ With Industry leased/owned doctors paid thousands of dollars for crooked fraudulent reports, when attorneys churn the files for more than three years, and now Maximus is in the con game, with others, It’s not just my bad luck.

    😔 Please share your Forum link and let’s crank this conversation up a few notches, shall we? After all…. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, aren’t we?





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    7,784 threads  90,130  posts  what do you think please…
    Today 03:19 AM  


    Hey Bob, I found your injured worker forum hiding in plain site on your website! Nice layout. Ahem, Bob, when’s the last time you looked at the site?    Did you see “what do you think please tell me”

    Right now there is an exchange going on with an injured worker who fell off a roof, a swamp cooler landed on top of him, sounds like he even has a brain injury and he is getting the EXCLUSIVE REMEDY RUNAROUND by Arizona WorkComp.

    The site adminstrator suggests DA can help since IW has been unsuccessful in finding competent legal help. Maybe in an ‘open carry’ state like Arizona, the District Attorney’s offices are more sensitive to complaints by injured workers, in California, not so much.

    My complaints are registered locally, Sacramento and Washington DC; most all are responded to with a polite, ‘not our job, try this department or that department’…. As David DePaolo mentioned in a recent blog, perhaps Loretta Lynch may help.

    OK, let’s do a national credibility check and reconvene by July 4, 2015? I’ll see if we can incite Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes and their #IRE15 pals to jump on board…you’ll invite our mutual friends? #IWcrediblity



    1. Watch the Video, more than once, to see the tactics of the formidable enemies injured workers face.
    2. If you have not filed for Social Security Disability, do it now, go to the office and let them help you.
    4. Go to your local Legal Aid office….. they usually have very smart and compassionate para-legals who can help.
    5. If you are on FB,  see the group, The TBI Tribe, and see how people who fall off roofs or just fall down can get brain injuries, and insurance companies realllly don’t like to pay for any medical care for brain injury survivors.  Estimated life-time medical, for a middle-aged worker is approximately $3.5 million—-it costs the insurance companies way less money if they drive you mad or kill you from the stress, chicanery, intimiation or lack of care.
    6. Keep in front of your local politicians — Assembly Representative and State Senator, and local DA, register your complaints but expect nothing from them.  I had one arrogant doctor give me the direct number to the DA in his district, and dared me to call, then he said, if I had complaints of human rights violations, TAKE IT TO THE HAGUE.   Some of us are working on just that thing… we have no idea how to hold these monsters accountable for their crimes against the American Working Class but if there is a way, we will find it, all together.  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.
    7. FollowWorkComp Industry blogs (see lists in my blogs) to see how they all make money off of injured workers, and say people like you and I are exceptions to theGrandWorkCompFraud, not the patterns of practice.   One Investigative Journalists, with whom I shared many pages of medical evidence, basically said I had bad luck and best I could hope for was SSI and an early death.  You might image my thoughts that continue to this day about him and his.  That said, I’m grateful for what he taught me about his ilk.  Merciless monsters without capacity for compassion or guts to take right action, even when it means writing a simply truthful story.
      1. Share YOUR Story at ProPublica and Keep on Sharing Everywhere; WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW
    8. Follow blogs and tweets and linked in and facebook posts of other injured workers, and keep telling your friends and neighbors your stories.  NEVER GIVE UP.  WE ARE NOT ALONE.  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW    Keep me posted on your progress:

wc workers-comp-fraud  if your company lies

And the thread keeps on keeping on….so, FURTHERMORE….

Webinar Ninja  Draft one  SURVIVING WORK COMP

Thanks Bob. I’m in the trenches, fighting for my life. I’m not alone. I’ve been sitting in WorkComp Clinics–medical and legal — and I listen to doctors and lawyers tell me to keep screaming, and others tell me they no longer treat within the WorkComp system because of the corruption and failures to pay the doctors, except the ones leased/owned by the industry, who get thousands for their fraudulent reports, and Maximus just provided evidence suggesting they are on THAT Gravy Train, right with the CorVels and others…

We’ll never agree to a watered down number of merely thousands of American citizens being harmed by this industry…That sounds too much like the pro-nuker propaganda that triple nuclear meltdowns or nuclear reactors that leak all of the time pose ‘no immediate danger to the unsuspecting public’….

WorkComp atrocities are a national problem, and the industry could not make billions by just disabling and killing just a few of us…. I worked more than 40 years, supporting some very powerful Captains of Industry, so business is not a new concept to me. I did not encounter work comp for all but the last 3.5 years, and they are destroyers, like the “locusts” … of biblical times. Today we call them psychopaths.

CEO Thomas Motamed makes $10.7 million earned income by harming people like me and others like me. The corruption is to the core, and yes, millions and millions are being injured. The counters must count injured workers converted to permanent disability the same way they cook the books on paying and not paying disability benefits and shifting cost burdens, like common streets thugs.

Here’s some info I just found on site… and yes, professionals would be well advised to view that site as well…. those stats are old, and probably much higher today.

Workplace Injury & Death Statistics:
The raw statistics are always startling, In 2009, according to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,340 workers were killed on the job—an average of 12 workers every day—and an estimated 50,000 died from occupational diseases.

More than 4.1 million work-related injuries and illnesses were reported, but this number understates the problem. The true toll of job injuries is two to three times greater—about 8 million to 12 million job injuries and illnesses each year.

And the cost in dollars alone?

The cost of job injuries and illnesses is enormous—estimated at $159 billion to $318 billion a year for direct and indirect costs of disabling injuries.

The conference of INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS AND EDITORS  – IRE–  just finished up in Philadelphia…. some of those journalists may be fired up to look into what THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS’ COMP and OSHA scratched the surface on….. I hope they do. I hope to provide them some encouragement… and we can get some tweeting going on with a hash tag #IWcredibility or…. for the less polite, #WCnazis can be the tag.

I gotta run. I have to get some things together and find my way to the office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations…….the District Attorney’s have been unresponsive. I’ve have been ‘thrown under the bus’ by all stakeholders; I’m grabbing ankles and taking them with me. The Maximus false report I just received over the weekend looks like the start of a set up to suggest my injury didn’t even happen at work at all….That fits the DIR criteria of FRAUD WITH INTENT TO DENY MEDICAL CARE…. I know, I know, fraud is not prosecuted in WorkComp, except for the token back-pain worker caught bowling or on a game show, from year to year. Bill Casey had words for that sort of propganda.

Have a good trip…..let’s reconvene and compare notes on or before July 4,2015…. and see if we can come up with better stats on just how many Americans your industry harms, and how many it kills, with how much plausible deniability.

I do like you, and I think you bring a thoughtful perspective to a vile industry. Go get ’em in Minneapolis, and Blog on! Meanwhile, I’ll break out my magic wand and try a little more “Faith Trust and Pixie Dust”…. and let you know how THAT works out… xoxoox

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