Injured Worker Threatens Freed Injured Worker with Legal Action for Inviting Other Injured Workers to tell their story? Whaaaaat?!! Makes Sense?

Some stupid troll just threatened me with legal action for inviting you to share your WorkComp story. Really? No kidding. It was backed up by one of the ‘team members’…
PS These are injured workers, not industry people, unless…. :/
Remember the 25 Rules of Disinformation and the 8 Traits of Disinformationists. Google it if you forgot. THEY OFTEN WORK IN TEAMS.
25 rules of disinformation
Can’t fix stupid so don’t waste your time trying.
Here’s the link again…. share or do not share, it’s your call.

What’s YOUR WorkComp Story?

 google search what's your work comp story 5 22 2016 909 am 8 020 000

If you prefer sharing with professionals that are funded and staffed, see below for link to ProPublica ongoing Workers Compensation investigative reporting.  Tell Michael and friends that “WorkCompLinda sent me!  You cool?”

[Draw your own conclusions and keep copies of everything you share and if you don’t have your own blog yet, let’s get right to it.]

Watch out for those pretending to give a hoot about you and your story…. if they can offer no suggestions for actions, that should be a red flag to you. If they discourage you at every step you take, that should be a red flag to you.
Even in some injured worker group I have seen people try to discourage people from taking action, complaining that nothing has worked for them over the years. Perhaps it’s a content and strategy issue?
If they destroy every opportunity to incite communications and change, THAT SHOULD BE BELLS AND WHISTLES AND A RED FLAG TO YOU.
Beware of people ‘out there’ and ‘in here’ who will attempt to discourage you from saving your own life and finding way to get out of the system.
If it talks like a troll, acts like a’s probably A TROLL.
Some are so full of themselves, that they knowingly destroy open communications with, for example, the Investigative Journalists of ProPublica and NPR, as well as TV investigative journalists.
Sadly, I included a such few people in some private LinkedIn threads with such reporters in hopes of forging links of further communications.
Study this, and discuss the entire series in your groups and at your places of worship:

Insult To Injury:  The Demolition of Workers Compensation  –

ProPublica is still accepting stories…  here’s the link again…  Share YOUR STORY ON YOUR BLOG, TOO!

Those certain initially referenced  individuals destroyed the opportunity for meaningful interaction with those professionals AGAIN with insane rants, totally off topic, and concluded with saying they were going to seek legal action against me for inviting people to share their workcomp story with me without having provided a complete business plan on how I would be able to sort the stories, get them rendered anonymous, edited, published and shared around the globe.
occupy virtually 99 percent
Not all stories submitted would make the cut, but as previously stated, all stories are being prayerfully and conscientiously considered while I seek experts to help put a book together. .
In light of these current threats — the eBook goes on the back burner till I feel like dealing with it again. WorkComp strugles are for the long haul… if you have shared your story with WorkCompLinda, be assured, it is safe. If you haven’t and want to, take a break and answer the questions.
The questions are to guide the story and like one of the ProPublica Reporters said on a podcast… it’s a real drag to do injured workers stories because they go on and on and on and make little sense. Part of that is surely consequences of being a POW and some Stockholm Syndrome.
Only a troll would make such threats and use a professional thread to disparage me, in my humble opinion, and send private messages about how cool it is when industry bloggers demean and disparage injured workers…yet they speak the truth on some other things.
[Refer back to the 25 Rules of Disinformation and the 8 Traits of Disinformationists.]
crayons and puppets
Only a troll member would back it up, and make all injured workers look like drug addicted incoherent idiots. Can’t fix stupid, truly you cannot.
The funniest part is, their submitted stories made as little sense as their destructive off-topic rants on the threads.
So, my story is already out there,and because of that, in part, the parties in my case “reached resolution subject to a confidentiality agreement”
Anybody interested in Freedom and actions to take toward a similar outcome, I will help if I can help.
Let me know when you set up your blog, and we’ll go from there. I can show you how to tell your own story on your own blog, and you don’t have to ask anybody for permission to do this or that.
following orders and atrocities
It’s a loss for all of us, and I take full responsibility for having not have the good sense to leave them out of the conversations.
I truly believed they had Injured Worker’s interests at heart, and some people, sadly, are just too damaged by the system, or they are simply paid trolls. It doesn’t really matter which they are—their results are the same.
I was mistaken about DePaolo and CompLaude Awards, too.
PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION.  #BoycottCompLaude 2016!
The situations are self-correcting now.
On the brighter side, the parties involved in the thread attack must have forgotten the audience of the threads, so now they are widely known by a small group of investigative reports as another ‘crazed attacker’ of yours truly. Funny how karma works, huh? Give ’em enough rope and they….
The internet is full of trolls. Some are smart, some are not so smart. They all have one objective and that is to destroy constructive threads, discourage real change, and to WASTE YOUR TIME.
So, stay alert… and DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS…
bill casey quote
Here’s an old blog I did after some persistent attacks from some Pro-Nuker Trolls… you may find it of interest…or not.
It has been brought to my attention that many of you do not know about troll activities on social media. It’s real. Remember where you are when you are on FB…. Mark is not your pal, either.
Remember Remember…

WorkComp – MORE TROUBLES! National Discussion Communications Breakdown

Bye Bye!  #TTFN!

welcome to nobody cares - population 6 billion

Public and Private discussions between the #WorkComp Communities and Injured Workers are failing miserably. Let’s see what the ‘May Secret National Discussions’ produce in the area of problem identifications and proposed solutions.   

Refer to Insult to Injury:  The Demolition of Workers Compensation for already identified national problems.  See also the letter from Congress of October 2015 offering to send in law enforcement to protected injured workers and taxpayers from the problems and people already exposed.

Despite multiple blogs, LinkedIn posts, Tweets and Facebook posts sharing about  the Sedgwick Institute Linked Group by one Injured Worker, it seems they are unable or unwilling to grow the group, or that the Industry greatly fears the Sedgwick ‘giants’ and are afraid to join and speak up.  Too bad how sad, and what a surprise.  It seems to be a well funded Institute, and they seem stuck on thinking Opioid Training and Dope Distribution channels are the only WorkComp topic worthy of discussion.  Yikes, huh?

Several national discussion topics were bullet pointed and submitted for group and individual discussion….. all pooo-poooed as ‘injured worker drivel’ and ‘complaints’ without merit.  My My……… Draw your own conclusions….. see the initial post submitted to the group, and the only response was some pretty mean and shocking and disappointing email attacks, along with basic shunning.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Good. Then remember remember that:

“An Injured worker without a blog is UNARMED AND UNPROTECTED IN THE AMERICAN WAR ON WORKERS”….#Wow!

See more at &  See also the Resources and Video pages, and much much more… Yes, problem identifications and proposed solutions for consideration by critical thinkers everywhere.


nobody cares

See what the industry ‘Best Bloggers of 2016’ have to say on the Communications Breakdown, and what PROBLEMS THEY IDENTIFY, AND WHAT SOLUTIONS THEY OFFER?

Follow these blogs…. comment freely…. Let’s hope they know that problems must identified before they can be resolved….  Anything less appears to be legal chicanery and how do they label it…. yeah, “B*LLSH*T”


From an Injured Worker’s Perspective – Deploy Mediation and Structured Settlement Teams to reach resolutions

Thank you for creating this group, [Sedgwick Institute – LinkedIn Group]  and for being open to participation by Injured Workers who have dodged some bullets in the system, and got out alive.

I blog, and my ‘rebranding’ blog is and my ‘screaming to the high heavens’ blog is

It can be used as a study piece that this community of thought leaders may find some new perspectives and identification of issues requiring solutions and resolutions.

Professional friends, upon learning of my workplace injuries, advised ‘get out of work comp by any means necessary, it will kill you!’ Later, some of the same people, and new professionals, said they had never seen anyone fight so hard for life and exit from the system. Believe it or not, a warm and somewhat fuzzy best wishes letter even arrived from the defense.

I am currently collecting stories from other Injured Workers in hopes to present issues for the “National Discussions” that appear to be in progress.

Many of us are extremely grateful for the stellar reporting of the investigative reporters that provided America with the information in The Demolition of Workers Compensation, that may serve to save more lives. Many of us hope for an encore. I personally hope that investigative reporters will be invited into this group, and encouraged to participate and demolish the existing systems, and replace them with ones that reflect values of life, liberty, and justice for all.

I seem to ‘scare’ some people with some of my out-of-the-box ideas, but over the course of my career, prior to the workplace injury, I had also supported some very powerful captains of industry. Thinking small is not second nature to me.

I will watch and read, and practice some restraint in this group, seeing it as a huge opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of not only Injured Workers, but in the lives of providers & workers on the ‘short-end-of-the-work-comp-stick.’

Show less

welcome to nobody cares

Here, read about Nuclear War Crimes in Progress, and a call for War Crime Trials.

Your Radiation This Week No 55

You can see the entire series at so that you can be informed, not just opinionated.

Perhaps the WorkCompsters must be included in such a call for trials for other crimes against humanity.

“An Injured Worker without a blog is UNARMED AND UNPROTECTED IN AMERICA’S WAR ON WORKERS. #Wow”  DO SOMETHING TODAY!  #OccupyVirtually!  JUST KEEP MOVING….Virtually… because WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.

i blog therefore i am a work comp survivor  watch for e course





Thank you for taking the time to send your thoughts, posts and/or blogs about my efforts, disappointing as your input is.
Excerpt:    “You may as well just dig a hole and hide because no one is going to pay attention. [to you]”



“…why not study the system, study the law, the regulations, and PROPOSE solutions that a politician or regulator can endorse and work with?”
 Why not rely on the Constitution of the United States of America to protect Injured Workers being violently abused, maimed, tortured and killed by the crisis of WorkComp hyper-corruption??
The answer to that is quite simple.  THERE ARE TOO MANY UNCLEAN HANDS ON THAT BATTLE FIELD, and they don’t follow the rules of war.
We’ll leave the legal battles to those equipped to fight those fights for indictments for crimes against humanity, and complicity of same.
I’m deeply disappointed by your attacks because I know you know the truth.  I doubt that you would send such a communication if I was not a woman, an older, disabled woman at that! I remember men talking to women like that in the 70’s.  We had a revolution, remember?
To attack and demean me is what it is.   I tell injured workers all the time that NOBODY WILL RISK THEIR INCOME FOR OUR LIVES, and that the sooner they get that, the greater chance they have for survival.
I have painstakingly attempted to ‘rebrand’ and to put action ideas around every item I have identified — to know avail.  
  • I submitted 22 ideas for the fake National Work Comp Discussions,
  • I laboriously promoted the Sedgwick Institute – LinkedIn group all over social media,
  • I invited my ‘a-list’ contacts directly, I communicated politely and directly with the Sedgwick people.  
  • I was probably one of the most active ‘fans’ for CompLaude  2014 and 2015 and
  • I racked my brain to come up with numerous nominees.  
  • I diligently and respectfully promoted nominations be made for the industry “Best Blogs of 2016” contest via blogs, posts, and other social media, and emails.  
  • I created a page for Injured Workers and Industry Workers Resource Page, freely sharing contact information about a wealth of resources, inviting others to add to it, and have repeatedly and continuously encouraged Injured Workers to blog to save their own lives.  
  • I compiled a page of some of the more Injured Worker Vlogs — videos of WorkComp stories to inform and inspire to further action.  
  • I have created social media groups and pages, and I have posted in multiple groups and pages on behalf of Injured Workers. 
I have suggested outcome studies of same body part injuries to Injured Workers and Personal Injury patients….suggesting it will absolutely expose the wrong doings and disabilities caused by WorkComp. The costs are then shifted to Social Security and Medicare after lengthy fights, relieving your industry of any risks or responsibilities whatsoever, passing everything through to taxpayers and the injured workers, with profits fronted by the duped employers who purchase policies for protection that are hardly worth the paper they are written on, when it comes to fiduciary responsibilities.
The injured worker questionnaire I have circulated has brought in some chilling horror stories.   Here, take a look again.
Watch for it.  You’ll be reading about them soon enough.  The majority of Injured Workers are so terrified of the mobster-type activities that permeate your industry, they have shared on an anonymous basis.  I have found an editor who will help me ensure they are protected in the anonymous tellings.  In such a manner, these “complaints” or “problem identifications” can then be discussed in the national community. Perhaps mediations will result for these specific cases, leading the way for others.  The offending carriers and employers will likely be identified in the telling, but not attached to the specific stories, in order to provide a degree of protection.   I hope the Department of Justice will find the efforts worth reading, since the industry considers such stories ‘drivel.’
Here’s the questionnaire again, if you never looked.  What’s Your WorkComp Story?  The editor I hope to retain has promised to help develop and refine further questions.   As you know, I have a brain injury, so some cognitive challenges are beyond my post-injury capacity.  I do the best I can with the abilities I have left.  They didn’t label me ‘permanently disabled’ just for fun, in case you have forgotten.   “I’m injured, not stupid.”
When I am chided for being non-supportive of a program that ‘gives food to poor injured workers’ –WORKERS destroyed by workers compensation corruption, I must wonder about the money behind bringing such a program to the USA and wonder further at the audacity to accept the need for such handouts in America when there are laws in place to protect injured workers, scoffed at by your industry and the politicians it leases/owns.
When a set of industry blog contest-judges cannot find one word to say about any of the nominated Injured Worker blogs by Americans — something sounds pretty suspicious, doesn’t it, and quite unpatriotic. That they were shunned because they criticize the industry realllly sounds suspicious, doesn’t it?   It took a troll attack on an Injured Worker to get that ‘committee chair’ to even comment on Injured Worker nominations, albeit insultingly so?
We still have a Bill of Rights, don’t we?
I think it’s far more patriotic to deal the CAUSE, knowing EFFECTS will take care of themselves.  
RESOLVE THE PROBLEM and INDICT THOSE COMMITTING THE CRIMES CAUSING INJURED WORKERS TO BECOME JOBLESS, HOMELESS, AND FOODLESS, IN BAD HEALTH.   To refuse to deal with the core issues is, in my humble opinion, getting to the heart of the issues of your industry.  The DA’s can’t bust the crime rings with the millions of dollars allocated?  Fine.  Send in the National Guard to take over their duties.  When, for example, Evaluating Doctor crowds have direct lines to the offices of the District Attorneys to provide to complaining injured workers, WE MAY HAVE A PROBLEM, HOUSTON!
 at what age did you lose your compassion
The nuclear industry has a similar style of propaganda and disinformation, deployed by their disinformationists.  It’s fascinating and very easy to discern.
So when you suggest my efforts are useless and that  “You may as well just dig a hole and hide because no one is going to pay attention.” I can respectfully remind you of the ol’ civil rights saying, ‘NO LIE CAN LIVE FOREVER!’  How long?  YOU SHALL REAP WHAT YOU SOW! [31 second reminder]
I agree with you on one point.  “A complaint without a solution is bullsh*t.”   
What other complaints do you have about my methods of increasing awareness of the crisis of hyper– corruption in the WorkComp communities?
mlk  he who accepts evil
Every doctor, lawyer, judge and provider knows full well that EVERY WORK COMP STORY IS THE SAME —-  Just different names, body parts and case numbers.  
Outcomes are usually dismally the same.  Denied medical care, compounded injuries, denied benefits, lost health, lost jobs, lost homes, lost lives.  
Nobody goes to jail for fraud, corruption, attempted murder, obstructions of justice or collusion.  
The Angels of Death doctors owned/leased by the industry are well paid, and decent doctors are cheated of agreed on fees.  
How many lives have been destroyed by Workers Compensation to date?  
How many more lives will be destroyed before your industry is stopped and held accountable for so many crimes??  
Mediators and Structured Settlement teams, for Injured Workers, armed and trained in blogging and social media maximum impact and investigative reporting is a first step for Virtual Combat and Survival.  
I have written at length on many possible strategic solutions.  Encouraging Committees of Bloggers and breaking the silence on the dirty OPEN SECRETS OF WORK COMP has always been one of my aims.  I am happy to report many calls and emails of thanks from injured workers who find hope and strength in my writings.
As long as your industry feels above the law and protected, it’s an uphill battle.   
ProPublica and NPR shined some light on the issues, but only the tip of the iceberg. It is obvious that the industry is attempting damage control from the fallout of the Insult to Injury Demolition of Workers Compensation investigative reports and the Congressional response, which, you may recall, offered to send in law enforcement help, if needed.  When I say, “Yes, please, SEND IN THE NATIONAL GUARD” it is not said without foundation.
For you and your peers to take pot shots at the very few Injured Workers willing to stand up and say, “Yo! Guys! WTF do you think you are doing and WTF do you think you are maiming and killing people in the USA for profits could be easily classified as truly reprehensible?!! NOT IN THIS COUNTRY, M*F*s!!”  
If believing in the Constitution of the United States of America makes me a ‘militant’ in your opinion, well, all I can suggest is that you might take a look at Constitutional law one of these days. 
The position of your industry of for-profit aggressive maiming, torture and killing of unarmed and disabled populations, young and old, primarily female,  in a systematic program of extermination seems to be the more extreme stand.  Just saying.  It takes most injured workers approximately 2 years to grasp the harsh realities; some never get it and cling to the results of Stockholm Syndrome and their necessary opiates, due to failed surgeries and denied corrective surgeries…FOR YEARS.
I am working on creating an eCourse:  WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills to help injured workers and people of goodwill in the workcomp industry to fight the good fight to save lives, free the prisoners.
Many hope and pray for indictments of the most heinous of the serial killers in your industry, without wasting a minute on fighting windmills. That is unlikely to happen in my lifetime or yours, but working together, lives could be saved….. just like some people were spared the horrors of Auschwitz and other death chambers.  It will take longer without your help, but be assured, that the War Your Industry has declared and continues to wage on Injured Workers will not go unfought.
 herd cliff
Your industry has made it’s position clear.  Injured Workers suspected that May would bring a huge propaganda blitz, more than a year in the makings, to attempt damage control and profit saving due to the truths exposed in Insult to Injury:  THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION.    
Do you consider the award winning work of Grabell, Berkes et al as “mere complaining” or as some like to say, “drivel” when the industry issues are elevated?  Not comparing my exposes to the power behind ProPublica and NPR….  I just have my little disability checks to fund my efforts with, not huge corporate benefactors. like y’all do.
I even suggested to the Sedgwick fellas about a National Telesummit series, to get issues on the virtual table for discussion by not only professionals, but by those across the nation, most egregiously harmed by the patterns and practices of Workers Compensation.  
Alrighty.  Your position is clear.  I hope mine is, too.  
As always, many thanks for all your kindness over the years.  I wish you could find a way to multiply those efforts and help more injured workers escape and survive the horrors of Workers Extermination Programs.
Maybe instead of the “Blame Game” for national discussions, the “Thought Leaders” may lead a round of the “Glad Game.”‘
While the final suggestion was that I re-read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”…. in a spirit of reciprocity, I would suggest that you start a study group of the book, THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu, to address the CRISES OF HYPER-CORRUPTION DESTROYING THE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS.   As you all know and boast about, what goes on in WorkComp is NOT A SECRET.   Ask any doctor or super lawyer, huh?  Or any injured worker.
See you around the internet.


Linda Ayres and Friends
organize do not panic
PS  As always, feel free to share anything I have written with anyone you deem appropriate to serve the Common Good.

Also, ask about Your Radiation This Week.

Like WorkComp, tell your friends and tell your neighbors.  Your governments already know.


#OccupyWorkComp #OccupyVirtually #DodgeTheRads

Sedgwick Institute – Linked In Group — Are YOU In? LinkedIn or Facebook — WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? Let’s see!


Will other WorkComp Thought Leaders Follow with More Groups embracing Injured Workers and Taxpayers?

Linda Ayres commented on this  

[on LinkedIn, for those of you unfamiliar with the platform…it’s much like Facebook and Twitter]

Linda Ayres

Hey! Did you read this yet? Did you join the “Sedgwick Institute” on linked in yet? C’mon, let’s go! The May WorkComp National Discussions are about ready to begin. Here’s my take on it:

What’s YOURS? I will check with Jonathan Mast to see if they will be having a Facebook “Sedgwick Institute” group, I think perhaps a “SI – VENTING ROOM” could prep more Injured Workers to join a mixed group. #TTFN

[In the meantime, we can use a FB public – group place holder at Occupy WorkComp to start organizing and blogging support]

  1. Linda Ayres

    There are only 20 people in the group so far. C’mon. You have something to say? There’s your open door! Carpe Diem! #Blog4Freedom, Life, Liberty and Justice for All! It’s time to restore Civil Rights and Human Rights to Injured Workers NOW.  show less

  2. Linda Ayres says “…If you’re an Injured Worker without a blog, you are Unarmed in the War Against Workers. You may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and have to add that diagnosis to your list….”  show less

  3. Fonzseau Darren

    I put my request in. Will see.

  4. Linda Ayres

    Yaaaaay Fonzseau Darren! The “Sedgwick Institute” LI Group was 13 members when I joined, and it’s up to 33 now. I don’t imagine that Jonathan Mast or their team of administrators watch it like Hawkes, so let’s hope tomorrow it will reach at least 100 and keep growing.

    We’ll see if Jonathan and team are planning on a FB “Sedgwick Institute – FB Group” of similar guidelines and intention. We can help them build it!

    If so, Injured Workers might be able to create a complimentary group called something like “Si – Injured Workers Venting Room” so Injured Workers can do an unbridled brain dump, to facilitate more facts. ONWARD! We Are The Media Now!

  5. Linda Ayres

    We, who are outside of the system now, could then collectively help re-write the issues without the emotions that go with being a WorkComp Victim, and the related PTSD and [OPIATE] druggings – so that more SIMPLE FACTS can be presented in the SEDGWICK INSTITUTE GROUPS, to be elevated to their actual “Institute” of “INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADERS”

    We might find some social workers, paralegals and nurses and doctors and lawyers to help us review and re frame the stories so that the “Thought Leaders” can grasp the content. I’m looking for some now. Keep your eyes open, too!

  6. Linda Ayres

    I know Bob Wilson ‘s May ‘National WorkComp Discussions’ does not (yet) embrace Injured Workers input, but maybe he will be inspired by the direction of the Sedgwick Institute Open forums and LinkedIn group.

    Maybe David David DePaolo‘s WorkComp Central will also create a FB group for Injured Workers to help, and then maybe Bob will see the value in Injured Worker Input.

    Maybe Joseph Paduda, Barry Thompson,  Richard FinePeter Rousmaniere, Art Wilcox, Roberto CenicerosThomas F. Martin, Alan Gurvey and others will lend some energy to getting more items on the discussion tables.

  7. Linda Ayres

    Hey! Here’s a thought! Maybe a joint invitation letter from the WC Industry Thought Leaders TO Injured Workers & Taxpayers could open those doors to further discussions, sort of like the letter from Congress to the DOL Secretary.


    Of course, investigative reporters would be naturals in such a discussion group, if the intent is to get the truth on the table and identify real problems and create real transformations and resolutions. I still think teams of Mediators and Structured Settlement peeps is a good next step, for any case over 4 years old, particularly if it’s a back or brain injury… w/limits on how long cases can drag on and on.  show less

  8. Linda Ayres

    PS For any LinkedIn peeps also on alternative social media, Facebook, I’m regularly censored from posting in groups, even my own, but I do have access to my pages and events.

    fb censored blocked again from groups 4 27 2016 1143 am   CENSORED FB 4 27 2016 1129 AM

    Let’s connect over there…..We will do what we can to get some serious thinkers to join the Sedgwick Institute linked in group, and any new groups thought leaders open up to embrace injured workers. After all, the though leaders have businesses to ‘lead’ ALL BECAUSE SOMEBODY GOT HURT AT WORK. Let’s all get along and work on solutions now. Thanks

  9. Linda Ayres

    How to find me on FB, and yes, it’s another long story… for another time. The page is “shared” with Lucy Occupy, because she has no papers to show to the FB thought police. so after lock outs, the compromise was to share profile space with LucyOccupy — she has her own page though…. and is known and loved in the real anti-nuclear communities — since 2011. show less

  10. Linda Ayres

    PS…. Back on point to the original blog: From an Injured Worker’s Perspective – Deploy Mediation and Structured Settlement Teams to reach resolutions xoxxoox

  11. READ ON:

    Insult to Injury

  12. ‘All of This Because Somebody Got Hurt at Work’

    “…Hummer limos, go-go dancers, a live alligator and glowing aliens in spandex at the national workers’ comp and disability expo. Journey into the little-known workers’ comp industrial complex….”

rise up OCCUPY VIRTUALLY rads in the air

Si sedgwick insitute opportunity to open dialogues

Who else is blogging about work comp

WATCH FOR eCourse – COMING SOON     “WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills”