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Keep Mum About Your Job Injuries?  Die Quietly and Save Insurance Companies Some Money?  If you’re nuked on the job–double Mum?

Comment to yesterday’s post worth further discussion, wouldn’t you agree?

“Find work through places like the California Department of Rehabilitation

It’s a nice page on fb, check it out!  Share it with your friends and neighbors.
It’s about “Employment, Independence & Equality” and is a Government Organization Social Services

 Baffled Attorneys fiddle while injured worrkers seek cure

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See here for links to the blog with the Bad Faith and Unacceptable

Oversights Report and more.

#Blog4TheCure – #RomanoSyndrome #WorkComp #WOW

Who else is blogging about work comp


Thank you.  For minor injuries, CA Dept of Rehab could and probably does help a few injured workers.

So many California injured workers are denied medical care so long that injuries are exacerbated, causing permanent disabilities and work becomes an impossibility. The Salvation Army is also kind when benefits are illegally interrupted and Injured Workers are left destitute. They can provide temporary assistance with utilities and directions to food banks. Legal Aid can also help unrepresented injured workers to a small degree, with State issues.

CA Dept of Rehab will not help those impacted by #Romano-Syndrome.  Nothing seems to be able to help those impacted by #RomanoSyndrome.

Did you also read about the LA Chemical and Nuclear event in progress in YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK included in the blog? Do you also wonder how many people really grasp THOSE HEALTH DANGERS!
Note excerpt:


Excerpt YRTW No 39 LA and Snowflakes
Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there! Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2016. Reproduce and distribute, give full attribution to Bob Nichols and Veterans Today.    Read the entire article here.


 radiation and human health
Talk about an IRRADIATED STATE! CA has VERY serious nuclear problems, with it’s nuclear workers and the dangerous to the unsuspecting public. Have you seen this McClathcyDC report?
The people in those videos won’t be returning to work!
Many WorkComp survivors can’t get out of bed, and few leave their homes, unless lost by foreclosure! Apparently Congress is looking into matters further. It’s about time, huh? The Congressional head count is nearing 20 now! Hooray!

Back to the Dept of Rehab thoughts:

IF Charles Romano had had, perhaps, stronger legal representation, he might still be alive and returned to his job at Ralph’s.
I know more cases on the verge of similar consequences, NATIONALLY.
We must #Blog4TheCure, imho.
NAIDW 54 million plus

It is understood that a legal association attempted to hold the adjuster and the insurance carrier in the Romano case accountable for the death of Charles Romano, unsuccessfully.

One attorney, who asked not to be named, told me that the post-death failed legal effort gave the ‘green light’ to the industry to deny medical care to all injured workers. Quite the win for the industry because the risk of a $100,000 fine for a death consequence is more cost effective, in many cases, than providing care and treatment. Quite the loss for the working class and for humanity itself.

Such atrocities are history repeating itself. Boxcars full of people were exterminated in WW2 and few raised their voices or hands to help. Church folks were said to sing louder as the boxcars of wailing prisoners rolled by enroute to the death kamps. Injured Workers often feel like such POW’s, with no place to turn for help.

So, if one Super Lawyer said that about the Romano case, how many others know or believe it to be true? More importantly, how many insurance industry carrier believe it, and profit grandly by it? The results in CA speak for themselves, although DIR paints a much prettier picture of it’s veneer of successes.


We anticipate full on Congressional Investigations into California’s WorkComp systems—top to bottom—- and some are fond of saying, in response to their October 2015 note to the Department Labor asking if more enforcement help is required, ‘YEAH! SEND IN THE NATIONAL GUARD TO PROTECT CALIFORNIA WORKERS! Casualties are rising!”


We need Injured Disabled Workers Associations, not unlike labor unions, but of The People, By The People, and For The People, in every state but with a focus to help Injured Workers maneuver and survive workers compensation as practiced today.

Many injured workers retain and dismiss 4 or 5 or even more attorneys, and end up self-representing in order to reach resolutions in order to ESCAPE WORKERS COMPENSATION. Many doctors and lawyers who left the work field will quietly tell any injured worker friend, ‘GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY TO SAVE YOUR LIFE!”.  


How many cases roll on for years and years…. Even the attorney crowd must grow weary of the small ‘commissions’ made on their old cases, where nobody but the insurance company is left whole.

Many injured workers are directed to “Social Services” welfare, because insurance carriers refuse to pay TTD benefits and SSA can take years.

Most injured workers, so it seems, would return to work within weeks or months IF THERE WAS some process to get immediate reasonable and necessary medical care. Till we have a system like that, the WarOnWorkers will continue to cost lives of Americans across the nation, while the industry reaps grand profits.

Organizing injured workers into teams of bloggers, maximizing the use of the internet to let the truth be told, seems to be an important action item.

Forging links of communications and goodwill between WorkComp Industry players and Injured Workers, could serve to bridge some communication gaps, and Social Media Groups can fill that need…. sort of like Pen-Pals that keep Convicts connected to the world, e-pals could facilitate constructive change through sharing of information with influencers.

#InjuredWorkers must unite.

#InjuredWorkers must not remain silent.

…. and the internet levels the playing field and increases odds of surviving a work place injury.  #Blog4TheCure!   #DODGERADSNOW


CALIFORNIA WORKERS TORPEDOED AGAIN.  Bummer! What has the Governor Done?! Concussion Alerts!

This news seems to be a purely malicious and well planned act of really bad practice by all complicit parties?  #WorkCompStinks!  Secret Tribunals, Fatalities and extreme abuse of the WorkingClass for the profits of the few.  “WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.  EXPECT US. JOIN US.”   READ AND SHARE THIS BLOG.  START YOUR OWN.  
This is actually heinous news–utterly odious and wicked!  The money trail might suspiciously lead from NFL related enterprises?….to …. where?  Nawwww, that couldn’t happen, could it?
Can the President please send in the National Guard to protect California Workers now, or must more be tortured, maimed, and have their lives destroyed and shortened by WorkCompsters for the profits of the few?


“No Reporters Allowed…”


Why does California demand that Orthopedic Surgeons be the primary treating doctors for BRAIN INJURED WORKERS?  Nobody in Sacramento has ever head of ACOEM and MTUS and NIH for guidelines on treatment?  Doesn’t California WorkComp have any PHYSIATRISTS either to refer brain injured workers to?  
The WCAB and defense teams seem to act like that’s a made up word when such is requested as a PTP!  WorkComp neurologists are essentially clueless about brains, not even knowing that vision and hearing are functions of the brain!  D’oh!  7th Grade Kids seem to know more about brains than California QME/QME “Neurologists” and CorVel/Maximus “doctors.”
Looks like the GOV may have had a lapse of memory on his Oath of Office in his attempts at chivalry and Ms Baker?  “Our Goal Is Back To Work”??  
PS:   “Mischief” is not the same as COLLUSION AND CORRUPTION, JUST SO WE ARE CLEAR!

(We wonder who pays for the Private–no journàlists allowed — DIR holiday party THIS YEAR? Last year, Youtube has some pretty …interesting….footage of ‘this is a private party’)  

No Reporters Allowed By CA DIR Director Baker At “Private Event” On Cal-Osha & Workers Comp

I don’t think the Gov’s “Oath of Office” promotes Chivalry to Ms. Baker, DIR, WCAB, Insurance Industries before the Common Good, does it? I could be wrong…. WorkComp does seems to have it’s own rules, courts and subsidies, huh, operating outside the Constitution of The United States of America on multiple issues, doesn’t it?  Outside the California Constitution on multiple issues, as well.  
Is there a Civil Rights lawyer in the house?  Has the BIA – Brain Injury Association of America been consulted?  Have any Injured Workers been consulted? Was CAAA consulted?   How about the leading mouth-pieces for the industry?  
Does ProPublica know about this?  Sounds like a PS to THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION!
We, the People, want the names, ranks and salaries of the parties to this action, please and thank you.
Let’s watch the unfolding drama. Investigations and Indictments seem to be in order. Will DOJ and FBI investigate these suspicious acts? We can continue to wait and wait and wait and hope. 
California needs Federal Overseers of WorkComp practices to protect the Working Class, and we need it NOW!
I am not too alarmed, however.  WorkComp doesn’t  seem to have any neuropsychologists to refer Injured Worker’s to anyway, for at least the past ten years, based on input from Injured Workers in Southern California.
Orthopedic Surgeons seem to be the norm to be designated as treating doctors, and they joyfully report they have no knowledge of brain injuries.  
(This seems to be a very weak link in their practices, since accidents with broken bones often can include head injuries…. their Society might take a closer look, or, like NFL, involve the cardiologists? D’oh!  )
CAAA practices don’t seem to be much better or stronger when it comes to brain injuries; some of their members do as much harm as those paid to harm injured workers, through willful ignorance or ‘not enough money in it’ syndromes)
Last year, one case, defense tried to send the TBI survivor to a neuropsychologist for yet another evaluation–one who admitted hadn’t treated brain injury patients for over seven years…  Just apparently real busy and profitable doing evaluations for Work Compsters.  [
The three neuropsychologists who evaluated this injured worker (two in 2012, one in 2014) were all approved/authorized outside of the alleged MPN.  
The adjuster apparently had no clue as to what type of doctor to send the Injured Worker to, and the EAP program (that IW was originally referred to a Clinical Psychologist) was a bit of good luck, as that CP doctor had tremendous brain injury knowledge, as his own son was recovering from a devastating brain injury, with the help of an interdisciplinary team of doctors and specialists.  
That clinical psychologist helped walked the rookie adjuster through the process, clearly describing the dangers and the needs for immediate and appropriate medical care.  The Injured Worker had to pay for the MRI’s recommended in both 2012 and again in 2014.  
WorkComp peeps seem to dispute the location of the brain, and attempt to pretend it is not a body part.
WorkComp seems to approve primarily Orthopedic Surgeons and Chiropractors for brain injury, with a little PT and 40 or so face to face evaluations, and countless re-evalulations by CorVel doctors—who also seem to know little to nothing about brains.  
It took nearly 3 years for the mentioned Injured Worker to get to a speech therapist and occupational therapist (3-6 months treatment were required, 16 days were authorized, then extended another 8).  
One of the WorkComp leased/owned neurologists suggested that since care had been denied for two years (at that time) and since the injured worker was female and over the age of 35, no treatment was deemed necessary, contrary to all medical evidence.
The primary treating doctor since Feb 2013 has been an orthopedic surgeon, and the bulk of the denying Corvell doctors have been orthopedic surgeons. WorkComp neurologists and CorvVel and Maximus doctors seem to be simply clueless about head injuries…..or are they paid to just look the other way and write false reports to ensure denial of medical care.  
Responses from DIR over the course will be located and  forwarded  to appropriate authorities.  Seems this situation may call for intervention, finally, by DOJ/FBI.  

What Happens When Americans Are Hurt on the Job? Help ProPublica Investigate

FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS STAY IGNORANT.  This article could have the effect of being a call to all Americans to see the movie, CONCUSSION, in December, and search google for the facts they are hiding.  DARPA is spending gazillions on brain research….. Doesn’t Sacramento stay in touch with the DARPA peeps either?  D’oh! 
flag distress signal

PS:  Experiential Adjusting

Leading At The Top

white roses




CompLaude 2015 – Nominee – Jon Arbay – NAIDW Volunteer Executive Director – NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INJURED AND DISABLED WORKERS

Today is Tuesday, September 15, 2015 –


Thank you for taking the time to nominate someone for a Comp Laude™ Award!

Please review the information you have provided:

Nominee type: person
First name: Jon
Last name: Arbay
Title: Volunteer Executive Director
Employer: NAIDW – National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers
Phone: 8887886243
Category: Injured Worker Comp Laude

Years known: 1-3 years

Accomplishment 1:

Serving as the Volunteer Executive Director of NAIDW – National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers since October 2011, a Leader and an Injured Worker

Accomplishment 2:

Totally revamped the website, making it more user friendly, providing a safe place for Injured Workers to convene, research, support and otherwise help one another to maneuver the mazes of surviving workers compensation.

Accomplishment 3:

In a time of increasing hostilities toward police forces, NAIDW seems to have created a save haven for Injured Law Enforcement personnel as well, many of whom interact in mainstream NAIDW groups, encouraging non-law enforcement causalities of WorkComp how to fight the good fight within the parameters of current legislations.

Accomplishment 4:

As member of NAIDW for quite a while, it has been a source of courage strength and hope, whether that support comes directly or indirectly… is so helpful for InjuredWorkers to know we are not alone— has provided that safe haven for injured workers, and service providers, who can advertise on the site.

Accomplishment 5:

Accomplishment #5: provides grants and “GoFundMe” resources to Injured Workers, providing hope and help to Injured Workers across America. Bravo Jon!

Why this nominee deserves a Comp Laude™ Award:

Jon Arbay is quite deserving of a CompLaude Award in the Individual/InjuredWorker and Leadership categories as he has successfully assembled a virtual community with valuable resources and life saving stratgegies for the Injured Worker populations, while at the same time, allowing the industry to offer services and resources within the community. Seems to fit the profile of a very legitimate Non-Profit organization, for the CommonGood. Kudos, Jon Arbay! Best wishes for continued healing and growth and expanding reach of NAIDW.


Injured Workers Essays Too?!

#InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore

“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!”


Comp Laude Nominee – Darren Raye Fonzseau – WorkComp Survivor, Musician

Today is Tuesday, September 15, 2015 –


Thank you for taking the time to nominate someone for a Comp Laude™ Award!

Please review the information you have provided:

Nominee type: person
First name: Darren
Last name: Fonzseau
Title: WorkComp Survivor, Musician
Employer: Volunteer – Human/Civil/Patient/Consumer and Workers Rights
Category: Injured Worker Comp Laude

Years known: 1-3 years

Accomplishment 1:

WorkComp Survivor – State of Washington and advocate for Injured Workers via social media and music, along with direct contact with State Officials.

Accomplishment 2:

WorkComp Survivor – Provides encouragement to other Injured Workers, and food for thought to WorkCompsters, via very creative ways and means.

Accomplishment 3:

Frequent commentator to DePaolo’s WorkComp World, with always respectful always thought provoking thoughts, and always with expressed appreciation for the work of David Paolo and the WorkCompCentral crews.

Why this nominee deserves a Comp Laude™ Award:

Darren is a tireless WorkComp Survivor and advocate of what is good and true. While his LinkedIn profile states his education as, “UNEDUCATED The School Of Hard Nocks, Human/civil/patient/consumer/and workers rights volunteer advocate” Darren is smart and sharp and skilled at maneuvering through alligator swamp type environments of Workers Compensation. His music clearly gives his Soul solace, and gives encouragement and pleasure to the Injured Worker communities and others — and gives cause to pause for thought to the WorkCompsters. At times, when I am feeling quite discouraged and fed up with the criminality of WorkCompsters and the WarOnWorkers, I see Darren’s posts or songs on Social Media, I pause and read or listen, and then find myself renewed to fight the good fight another day. Nobody should have to fight WorkCompsters for decent medical care and benefits —- and it is the job of the Department of Justice to fight the fraud, corruption and outright crimes against Injured Workers in America. You can help, too. Help Injured Workers fight the good fight. Acknowledge the persistent and courageous efforts of injured workers everywhere. Acknowledge Darren Fonzeau. Listen up…..REVERBNATION…


Injured Workers Essays Too?!

#InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore

“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!”


Comp Laude Nominee – Michelle Ranae Wild – Making Cognitive Connections – Professional Training and Coaching in the ABI Communities, Nationally

Today is Tuesday, September 15, 2015 –


Thank you for taking the time to nominate someone for a Comp Laude™ Award!

Please review the information you have provided:

Nominee type: person
First name: Michelle Ranae
Last name: Wild
Title: Professional Training and Coaching
Employer: Making Cognitive Connections
Phone: 9493103202
Category: Leadership Comp Laude

Years known: 1 year or less

Accomplishment 1:

Michelle Ranae Wild is a stellar advocate for the Acquired Brain Injury Communities, nationally, and locally at Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program in Newport Beach, California, a part of the California Community College System. Many of her students are Injured Workers; some have been provided medical care, others have been provided quite little care. Michelle teaches “compensatory strategies” to facilitate return to life for many Brain Injury Survivors. Michelle has been contributing to the health and well being of ABI survivors for many years via cutting edge cognitive rehabilition, cognitive retraining, authoring books and webinars, and PDA/Smart Phone Trainings.

Accomplishment 2:

This is a summary of Michelle’s accomplishments, as stated on LinkedIn: She is a blessing to all in her ever expanding sphere of influence: “I have worked in Coastline Community College’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Program for over 25 years. The ABI Program has been a leader in community-based cognitive retraining for over 30 years. In addition, I create online training materials to help individuals with cognitive challenges learn to effectively use iOS and Android devices and apps.” I’m very excited about several ongoing projects: * Books — “Organize Your Life Using iOS 8 on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch: Making Cognitive Connections at Home, School, and Work.” The book covers all aspects of iOS devices and integrates cognitive rehabilitation therapy techniques via the Making Cognitive Connection activities. ( * Online training materials: * Apps step-by-step — you’ll find a multiple-page series done on specific apps, such as Appigo Todo and Week Calendar * Apps feature close-up — short trainings typically focus on a single app feature or some basic function on your device or computer. * Monthly AppWebinar series. The App Webinars explore top-rated apps from the AppReviews section of the Web site and demonstrate how the Making Cognitive Connections approach applies to the various apps. * The launch of a web-based app in early 2015 called ManageMyFatigue to help individuals maximize their energy by having them plan their day, track how they feel, and adjust the tasks they do based on their energy levels — optimizing success and wellness. Specialties: Cognitive Rehabilitation, Use of Cognitive Prosthetics, Memory Compensation, Technology & Disabilities, Cognitive Strategy Development

Accomplishment 3:

“ManageMyFatigue” app, released at Apple App store this year. Michelle created an app for use on the iPhone, incorporating the expertise of her years and years and years of working with the Acquired Brain Injury populations. In July 2015, the Android version of the app was released. This gift from Michelle to the world, will prove beneficial to Injured Workers, Military Personnel and Football players in dealing with the harsh and often debilitating consequences of “cognitive fatigue” experienced by most all Acquired Brain Injury Survivors.

Accomplishment 4:

“ID 4 the Web bases its training materials on the Making Cognitive Connections approach – a specific approach of teaching the use of smart devices for individuals living with brain injuries.” Author, Instructional Designer, Trainer July 1999 – Present (16 years 3 months)

Accomplishment 5:

Michelle reaches and enjoys the love and respect of her students for her life-giving teachings and boundless patience, kindness, compassion and will-to-good always expressed to her students, encouraging them to stretch more and more each, in the rebuilding of life after brain injury.

Why this nominee deserves a Comp Laude™ Award:

Michelle Wild, along with her colleagues at Coastline ABI Program and ID4theWeb, provide great hope to individuals living with brain injuries and to their caregivers and loved ones. Michelle’s works can pick up the pieces of a a mostly destroyed life after a failed Workers’ Comp system, providing life changing challenges and opportunities and strategies to those failed by the WorkComp insurance systems, as well as the failures of the VA toward military personnel with brain injuries. Michelle is a life giver and extender, in stark contrast to the life destroying strategies of WC and VA providers. Even individuals who were lucky enough to received immediate, reasonable and appropriate medical care post acquired brain injury can benefit tremendously with Michelle’s life-extending strategies and resources. While she is not a direct “WorkComp Provider/Caregiver”….she picks up the pieces of damaged humanity that WC fails egregiously. California’s WorkComp community would be wise to become familiar with this woman and her works, knowing she speaks to small and large groups, around the nation. Invite her to one of your events, and learn what more you can do. After the movie, Concussion, is released in December, you’ll be glad you know Michelle and the wealth of information and resources she represents. Check out her apps and books and trainings, and connect on LinkedIn. Tell your friends and neighbors; the government already knows what a tremendous asset she is. Thanks Michelle! You’re Awesome!


Injured Workers Essays Too?!

#InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore

“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!”


CompLaude 2015 Gala Meet Up? We met last year and …..


Remember We Met at CompLaude Awards Gala 2014?  Have YOU made your 2015 Nominations?

Here’s the WorCompCentral link, for your convenience:

Will you be there on Saturday, December 5, 2015?  Did you see David’s videos asking about YOUR nominations?

Nomination Deadline Extended to NOMINATE A PERSON
Individual * Leadership * Medical * Legal * Injured Worker

Nominate A Company
Employer * Service

You Haven’t Nominated Yet?  (See what David DePaolo has to say about THAT in THIS video!)

I’m working on my nominations today!  We have a few more days….Deadline pressures!  C’mon, David and his team can’t find all the good peeps by themselves. Submit at least one—perhaps in every category.

As an Injured Worker (one of last year’s 4 finalists!), I am very grateful for the energy and work David and his team have put into the CompLaude Awards, and the open discussion about the challenges facing Americans everywhere.   I am very grateful to have attended a few industry events, and thereby discover there are some good people in this life-destroying system.

In my case, TBI injury was 1/9/12 and in May 2015, I was finally Awarded Social Security Disability benefits [cost shifting complete, huh?]

WorkComp carrier did provide a few more chiropractic sessions since we last met, and now, with Medicare, now I get to see legitimate doctors, with legitimate evaluations and LEGITIMATE TREATMENTS. I have some hope now.  The movie, CONCUSSION, may serve to shake up the WorkComp industry soon.

Would you believe I have been evaluated by 39 doctors, most all recommendations for treatment denied or severely modified since date of injury, and the CorVel denials include reams of paperwork since 2013, and a team of 20…. their names are all listed in the blog AAIWN blog:



David DePaolo is collecting the Nice list, the teams at ProPublica are collecting the ‘naughty’ list… and I’m contributing to BOTH! ;p

Every movement needs a Flower, and every movement needs it’s ‘screamers and whistlers’….  The Work of ProPublica, in particular, Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes and their teams seems to be of extreme importance as the national investigations commence.  Here’s David’s take on the effort…GET INVOLVED; SAVE SOME LIVES.

“I urge you, as a workers’ compensation professional, to be part of this reporting. We have a story to tell just as much as any injured worker.” – David DePaolo

 Beacon on Disparity – DePaolo’s World  – Thoughts and impressions on workers’ compensation and life

Here are stats for my blog, ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS, “since Summer 2013″….

#InjuredWorkersUniting   #SilentNoMore


A new website is under construction that will also enhance the Resources page… particularly if you have services available to unrepresented Injured Workers, send me an email so we can tell the others.  As you may know, of the approximately “15%” of unrepresented workers, it’s a last resort, not a first, and a good many have had unsuccessful representation by 3-5 CAAA attorneys.  Follow the blog, if you will.

We’re looking to find a Team of Paralegals and related services that can fill that gap and perhaps save some lives that are ‘economically irrelevant’ to the legal communities due to multiple attorneys being ‘lien holders’ for failures to perform and worse
“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!”

Remember Remember…. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…. CompLaude 2015 Gala coming up….get YOUR nominations in by next Tuesday.

See you there?

PS… Below is the email I sent last year….. and have been meaning to stay in touch, but my case has been…. what it is!

Sent on Tue, Dec 30, 2014 11:00 pm

Great to Meet You at the WorkCompCentral #CompLaude event

One of my favorite sayings is: WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW!  This is a touch base note to wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

As an #InjuredWorker, it was great to meet you at the 3rd Annual #WorkCompCentral WorkCompLaude Awards!

As 2014 wraps up, I know we are all very busy, so let’s be in touch again in the new year. We may have mutually beneficial opportunities ahead.  Did you see all the tweets at #WCCgala and #complaude? What a great educational day it was!

At first glance of all the marketing materials collected, I didn’t see too many social media resources?  Are you LinkedIn?  Do you Tweet?  Blog? Facebook? Pin? Email?  Injured Workers are Uniting and it may be mutually beneficial to share about YOUR services, observations, and expertise.   (I am seizing this opportunity to try MAIL CHIMP…an expert recommended it!)

As I told David DePaolo before leaving, “It was great to meet so many wonderful people and to see that not EVERYBODY in work comp wants to kill us injured workers for profits!”  He smiled and had a charming reply!
As one of the CompLaude four #InjuredWorker finalists, a fresh perspective may be useful to your communities as well.  Future blogs will include more information on several of the people and groups discovered at the event, along withe some “Expert Opinions” with an aim toward saving lives of injured workers while keeping things profitable for y’all.
All the best to you and yours!  Let’s MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN 2015!
Linda Ayres, In Pro Per
#TBI & #WorkCompSurvivor
Some industry experts suggested reading this blog ‘at your own risk’ as it can create incidents of Cognitive Dissonance…

#InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore

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*|PO Box 835 Yucca Valley CA 92286|*
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Is there a limit to the number of felony counts per #WorkComp case in California? Is there a limit to the number of indictments for Unclean Hands?

 “…You know, I would not be in this mess if it was not for Wyndham’s  Workers Compensation schtick.  Without it…”

Opinings by Injured Worker on how different the Outcome of the workplace injury may have been without WorkCompster interference.  Legitimate medical care, swift and expert, could have made the difference between return to work in 2012, and permanent disabilities and looking at Assisted Living and Memory Care for the near future.  WTF Wyndham, what’s wrong with you people?!

Swearing WTF

How many evaluations are required for how many years before an Injured Worker gets medical care for a Brain Injury and release for return to work? 4? 5? 10? 20? That sure is starting to sound like “never, we hope you die” plan, doesn’t it?   47 face to face evaluations, and approximately 20 CorVel employees and “Physician Advisors” on reams of regurgitation reports, written by what seems to be rapid-fire-copy-and-paste and make stuff up if not known, due to lost or omitted medical records.


Most all the doctors who have touched this case to date are listed, with the SSA exceptions.  Their “clinical psychologist” suggest that although neuro-optometrists reported severe vision processing issues, that I could consider a new career as a “crossing guard” (Goodness, would you want your kids helped across busy streets by a disabled person with auditory and vision processing issues, untreated issues?! Kid hater, huh?)   It’s shocking.  The list will be sorted soon by CompLaude nominees and ProPublic investigations nominees, for what it’s worth.


How important is an ENT evaluation when neurologists, neuro-optometrists, physiatrists, orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors and neuropsychologists have have all made very extensive reports with very comprehensive treatment recommendations for nearly 4 years?  File c-h-u-r-n-i-n-g…..?  It is a felony?


How about when it includes deceptions and false statements and omission of medical records with intent to deny medical care?  Golly, it’s too much, and recent correspondence from defense seems to suggest they have “Judges in their Pockets”…. Bummer.

we the people dec

Hi Tina,  [Wyndham Worldwide representative] Thanks.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you early next week.

share thoughts

My patience is real thin these days, as so much more harm has been caused to me in the continuous pattern and practice of delay/deny/deceive in hopes that I die.  3D is what NFL families call such treatment.  I’m not sure what CNA calls it, “Business as Usual” or just  “Profits Before Lives By Any Means Necessary”?

charlie brown and lucy

Stewart and Fred don’t respond either.

Linkedin rankings 9 5 2015 135 pm

I was recapping my story to someone today and said out loud, “You know, I would not be in this mess if it was not for Wyndham’s  Workers Compensation schtick.  Without it, I would have been able to see legitimate doctors, get legitimate evaluations, legitimate AND IMMEDIATE MEDICAL CARE, and the probability that I could have returned to work in 2012 was high.  One doctor, Ponton, as you may recall, tried to release me to work in October 2012, despite his failure to secure medical care and expert evaluations.

I remember the first neuro-pscyhologist said that with speech therapy with cognitive remediation, I’d probably return to work in a few months.   That was February 2012.

Instead of legitimate care, I have had to fight for my life, spend a small fortune on getting basic medical care for survival, and find the most vile legal chicanery I’ve never seen before in my life.

Now I get to think about “assisted living” and “future medical” and “dementia” and “epilepsy”  since I didn’t get anything close to what legal guidelines for medical care for a clearly diagnosed head injury merits, and I’ve been bullied and badgered and threatened and abused by the “defense” and their leased/owned doctors who seem to lie on demand for the big bucks,  and zero help from the insurance carrier.  Even the CNA mis-statements of benefits to multiple agencies continues to cause me harm.

I spoke to Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program  today, as today was the “drop out deadline”…. I cried a lot because I told them how excited I was that Sunday, 8/23/15, to be returning, then I got your email pretending like you never got the message that since I hadn’t heard from anyone, August RTW was out, and we were back on 12/14/15 schedule.  Then, because of more chicanery, and now the ENT evaluation court gig is pushed to October….. and ….. well, as you can see, if I had legitimate insurance coverage, I would have even had legitimate EEGs, MRIs, speech and occupational therapy, vision therapy and more… all in 2012, and back at work.  Wyndham employees –as you well know, have terrific benefits.


Coastline assured me I am welcome back any time, and we set a tentative goal of October 19th, so that I will have only missed a few weeks.  By then, the CNA/SSA/EDD skewed mess of who paid what may be sorted and I can resume what little hopeful strategies are next.  Since another two weeks have gone by that you couldn’t repond, and it looks like anther week or more for anything tangible to be addressed….I’ll aim again for return to Coastline 10/19 and return to work 12/14/15.   I am not sure if your communication response times meets guidelines of reasonable, but I see there is nothing I can do about that either.

My life has been destroyed because I tried to help my co-workers get in to the office when we were locked out during a snow storm?   Nearly 4 years of my life gone…. and the future looking quite grim.

I hope, Tina, you have learned something from the harm that has been caused to me.  The FBI agent asked, out loud, how can they sleep at night. as I told some of the horrors I have experienced at the hands of the Wyndham Worldwide mockery of a work comp program.  I just told the agent, “Well, psychopaths have no trouble sleeping.  No compassion, no empathy, and they simply pretend to be human.”

Another holiday weekend coming up for all complicit in harming me….. and I have yet another empty weekend in limbo, wondering what’s next.

I am doing all I can to encourage other Injured Workers in America to share their stories with the good peeps at ProPublica… you might have seen that new blog….. maybe you’ll find time to read it this holiday weekend:


Thanks for your response.  Talk soon.  I don’t know why you can’t just tell me when the next sales training classes are, so at least I could have a bit of hope about something.


Linda Ayres, In Pro Per



Will someone from some Law Enforcement Agencies kindly review this complaint, and send it to the DIR et al for further investigation?  DOJ probably needs a copy for ongoing RICO violations?  Don’t be scared of the insurance industry thugs…. they seem to be mostly cowards and psychopaths, who take delight in harming injured workers.  They would never last in a penitentiary.

 What kind of Department would demand that someone with a Brain Injury represent self after failures to retain competent legal counsel that understand that there IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BROKEN FINGER AND A TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY?  What kind of society would allow such of abuse, for the profits of the few.   

Here is a quote we thought you might find interesting.  “Every worker in California is protected by state laws governing the right to be paid correctly, be safe at work and receive benefits if they are injured on the job,” – Christine Baker

4 out of 5 voice say GO FOR IT

Super Lawyers in California say this case is not unusual, AT ALL.  MY MY MY.  Hardly seems legitimate, does it?  Be sure to read the letter to Human Resources below, that explains how if there was WORKERS COMPENSATION maze and hoops to jump through, legitimate medical care may have resulted in return to work within months, not the ongoing charade of file churing that has been continuous for nearly 4 years.  With legitimate health insurance, the process would have been simplied to:  1) see a doctor 2) see specialists as recommended 3) get treatment 4) return to work.

Current status is yet another delay, with ADA violations and Civil rights violations for a Court Hearing on a Petition for an Order to Compel yet another evaluation, this time by an ENT doctor.  Note, Injured Worker objects to yet another evaluation, with more than 200 pages of medical records omitted with apparent intent to continue to deny medical care, inaccurate placement of medical records create a false impression of an EEG with clearly diagnosed brain injury as of “2010” and…..misleading statements by defense firm to continue the misleading statements and false allegations perpetrated by the Defense and supported by certain AME/QME doctors and the Information and Assistance Officer.

I found this on Facebook...seems true. Is there Civil Code to go with it?
I found this on Facebook…seems true. Is there Civil Code to go with it?

False/incorrect statements of disability benefits have apparently provided by the carrier to agencies such as EDD and SSA. EDD rewarded the carrier with a bonus of nearly $20,000 for cost shifting and for refusing to pay TTD and for refusing repeatedly to provide medical care.  Penalties for failures to pay in accordance with the law have not been received, and the WCAB – Audit unit has a swath of complaints against all parties, as Injured Worker has had to pay more than $43,000 for medical miles, medical evaluation (including MRI and EEG) and medical TREATMENT.

Take a look at the list of doctors.  Can you tell which have been naughty, and which have been nice, and which will likely rely heavily on the 5th Amendment of the Constitution of these United States of America.  The “officials list” of possibly complicit parties is also available to ‘proper authorities’.

tbi and ice

ADJ8181903 – Witnessed slip and fall backwards on ice in Big Bear California, January 9, 2012 – Brain Injury

WorkComp Authorized Treatments, with Primary Treating Physician with a Specialty in Orthopedic Surgery: 

By 3/2015, the good doctor’s office said, ‘Obviously, it has to be very clear to you that they are not going provide you with any medical care whatsoever.  You have seen how they have refused to authorize any specialists, specialty care or evaluations.  We had to change the right shoulder injury, well documented in 2012 and MRI confirmed in 2013, to non-industrial or they have threatened to remove our offices from their referral lists.  It’s not personal, it’s just business, and we have to release you now…. go find a brain doctor, we can’t help you. That’s work comp.’

Is THAT form letter from CNA, or is this an industry standard?
Is THAT form letter from CNA, or is this an industry standard?

2012 – chiropractic, some clinical psychology sessions

2013 – physical therapy, acupuncture

2014 – neuro-psychology support,  and 24 x speech therapy, occupational therapy, more physical therapy, more chiropractic

2015 – still waiting


See more details here:  MEDICAL INDEX OF DOCTORS SEEN IN PERSON….using how many ICD-9 Codes?  Use the blog search key for more.


  1. Dr. Jaime Whitlock – DC
  2. Dr. Jay SanVictores – MD, GP – Urgent Care
  3. Dr. Daniel DeGoede – Clinical Psychologist
  4. Dr. Esmail Sebti – Neurologist
  5. Dr. Gurvinder Sunny Uppal – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  6. Dr. John Lambros – MD, ER
  7. Dr. Christopher Hancock – MD, Radiology
  8. Dr. Eileen Kang – NeuroPsychologist
  9. Dr. Stephen Waldman, MD, Neurologist
  10. Dr. Lynda Wells – PhD, EEG NeuroFeedback Practitioner
  11. Diana Wallace, Acupuncturist
  12. Dr. Marcel Ponton – Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist
  13. Dr. Gunn, Neuropsychologist
  14. Dr. Khalid Ahmed – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  15. Dr. Hoang – Optometrist
  16. Dr. Nguyen – Optometrist
  17. Dr. David Patterson – MD, Physiatrist
  18. Dr. Tyson Chung – Clinical Psychologist
  19. Dr. Gilbert Jaudy, DC – FACFN, FABVR, CCST, Functional Neurology
  20. Dr. Jacob Rabinovich, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon
  21. Dr. Bijan Zardouz, MD – Neurologist – QME
  22. Dr. James O’Brien, MD – Forensic Psychiatrist, AME
  23. Julie Simmons- MA, PSY.D
  24. Dr. Darren Bergey – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  25. James Lanier, PA
  26. Crystal Crites, PT, MPT
  27. Jennifer Diemart, MA, CCC-LSLP
  28. Dr. Eric Ikeda – Neuro Optometrist
  29. Debra Outlette, MS, OTR/L
  30. Don Risser, Acupuncturist
  31. Dr. Ronald Kent – MD, Neurologist, QME
  32. Dr. Lynn Lowell, OD, FAAO, FCOVD
  33. Dr. Seymour M. Young, MD – Neurologist
  34. Dr. Hilda Chalgujian, Neuropsychologist
  35. Dr. Michael Lobatz – MD, Neurologist
  36. Jessica Martinez, OTR/L, HTC, PAM
  37. Kelly Owen, MA, CCC-SLP
  38. Margaret Fuller, MA, OTR/L
  39. Rebecca Askew, MPT
  40. Suzanne Carr, DPT
  41. Catherine Fabian, AuD
  42. Julie O. Johns, AuD, CCC-A
  43. Dr. Jeffrey Holmes – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  44. Dr. James Pasino – Neuropsychologist
  45. Dr. Jay Jurkowitz – MD, Neurologist
  46. Hoag Memorial – ER
  47. Dr. Christian Reichart, DC

doctor strike

CORVEL TEAM SINCE 2013, 3D Practices — They even harm Cops, right Mayor Betsy?  Did the Unions get to the bottom of the bad behavior by Corvel out in Ft. Worth yet?  You should see how Injured Cops and Firefighters are treated in California. Shameful, indeed!  Reams of Denials via CorVel for ADJ8181903! (Chronoloical Order, 2013 to present….notice a pattern of expertise of denying parties?)  CorVel reports tend to be convoluted regurgitations of disorganized and incomplete medical records, violations of HIPPA rights, and inappropriate reviewers for types of injuries.  Readers may opine that the submitting RNs wrote the reports, poorly and incoherently, for the most part.   (Regurgitated and Obfuscated Reports are an apparent pattern and practice of CorVel teams)

  1. Grace Napoles, RN – Utilization Management Department
  2. Keith Louwenaar, MD – American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, CorVel “Physician Advisor”
  3. Kevin Patterson
  4. Cathy Arnett
  5. Joanne Palladino, RN, MSN, CNS – Utilization Management Department
  6. Lailannie B. Matthews, RN, BSN – Utilization Management Department
  7. H. Leon Brooks, MD, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
  8. Angie Garber
  9. Sloane R. Blair, MD – American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
  10. Linda Grant
  11. Melinda Rubel, RN – Utilization Management Department
  12. Maureen E. Mackey, MD – American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  13. Lexi-Welanetz-Bursin, Psy.D., CA – Clinical Psychologist
  14. Jean Caldwell, RN BS CCSM JC
  15. Kenneth L. Nudleman, MD – American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  16. Harish Porecha, MD
  17. Jennifer Tayag-Castillo, RN, BSN – Utilization Management Department
  18. Elena Vega, Supervisor, Utilization Management Department
  19. Jeannie Romero, RN – Utilization Management Department
  20. Lorne S. Label, MD – American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology



Dr. Paul Manchester, MD, MPH – Medical Director, Specialty, Neurological Surgery




Who will be added to the WorkCompCentral CompLaude Awards nominations list?

Who will be added to the ProPublica/NPR/Beacon investigations list?


Sent: Fri, Sep 4, 2015 3:20 pm     Subject: Recent communication

Hi Linda,


I am in receipt of your emails and am reviewing the information.  I will get back to you as soon as I can next week. Thank you for your patience, we will talk soon.



Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Regional HR Director – Southern California




In the observed slip and fall backwards on ice by Wyndham Worldwide Vacation Ownership Sales Executive Linda Ayres on 1/9/12, the following people have been involved in the case, evaluations and determinations of care for a well diagnosed concussion/traumatic brain injury/closed head injury/ptsd and more.  Summary statements in this blog:  Surviving Work Comp — Just Do It!

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!” – Bob Nichols, VT