Doctor Shopping, Patterns of Continous Harm and Fraud? “I OBJECT!”

Dear Paul, Legal Secretary to Stewart Reubens, Partner Shareholder at Grancell Stander Reubens et al: cc:,,,,,,,,,,,, and other Stakeholders I OBJECT TO THE COVER LETTER, THE MEDICAL INDEX, AND ALL SCHEDULED EVALUATIONS you sent. I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE in further evaluations PRIOR TO […]

WorkComp Credibility Quests – How Many Injured Workers Maimed, Abused and Permanently Disabled by Workcompsters?

“Rarely does anyone ask about getting the right medical care or what they can do to insure they are fully restored.” ¬† REALLY?! NOT!!!! #MicCheck #WorkCompsters ¬†#IWcredibilty ¬†#WCnazis #IRE15 #WorkCompChat #WorkComp #TakeItToTheHague¬†#HagueNow- pick a hash tag; add your own….. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW Find out more about these Investigative Reporters and Editors [IRE] on […]