Brain Injury Report: MMI – Neuropsychologist Final Report / WHAT’S NEXT WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE?

Dear Fred, Stewart, Tina, Michael and all: I have just received a copy of the concluding report of treating doctor,  Dr. Hilda Chalgujian, PhD, MBA, Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, as you both, Stewart Reubens and Fred Sachs, received directly from Dr. Chalgujian.   DR HILDA CHALGUJIAN MMI AUG 2015 . Dr. Hilda’s report says I am […]

#OccupyVirtually! MicCheck! Who Owns Director Christine Baker? Who else is leased/owned up there?

Linda Ayres Wyndham Worldwide – Disabled by WorkComp EPIC FAIL MicCheck! Who Owns Director Christine Baker? Share on LinkedIn Share on Facebook Share on Twitter California!  Here, read it yourself and draw your own conclusions.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another with that crowd, isn’t it?  “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES”   “Teach your children well, […]