Concussion is Controversial – WorkComp and NFL use 3D PlayBook? “Delay-Deny-Die”


Who will be added to the WorkCompCentral CompLaude Awards nominations list?

Who will be added to the ProPublica/NPR/Beacon investigations list?

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Is YOUR name on THIS list and in these blogs?  Maybe, huh?’





If YOU make it to the “NAUGHTY LIST”  all thanks go to CNA and defense firm, Grancell Stander et al, and of course, to Wyndham Worldwide for corporate irresponsibility and callous disregard for the life of an injured worker, in a serious breach of human right and ethics, extreme discrimination of injured workers with disabilities, not excluding age and gender discrimination issues.   They could have made a difference. They chose not to.  Bummer.

Will someone let DIR Director Christine Baker know what happens where there are only illegitimate practices and legal chicanery in brain injury cases? Everybody planning to watch #Concussion?

Find Physiatrists and Neuropsychologists and their inter-disciplinary teams for helping Injured Workers with brain injuries, and stop relying on Orthopedic Surgeons who admittedly know little to nothing about brain injuries, although along with chiropractors who are the first doctors often seen after a slip and fall or foot ball injury or car crash.  Most experts will not play the killing games of Workers Compensation, as they took an OATH TO DO NO HARM.  Did you?

Also, encourage investigations into who writes these regurgitations called reports, without benefit of legitimate medical evaluations, and how much money is wasted. Investigate why/how defense firms can have the pattern and practice omission of hundreds of pages of medical records with intent to deny medical care.

Governor Brown, could you kindly have the Attorney General Investigations of corruption at the highest levels of Workers Compensation, and encourage Governors across the USA to do like-wise, and dispatch the National Guard to protect injured workers from these WorkCompsters? The FBI stands ready to help and maybe even the District Attorneys.   Thanks a bunch!


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  1. Dr. Jaime Whitlock – DC
  2. Dr. Jay SanVictores – MD, GP – Urgent Care
  3. Dr. Daniel DeGoede – Clinical Psychologist
  4. Dr. Esmail Sebti – Neurologist
  5. Dr. Gurvinder Sunny Uppal – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  6. Dr. John Lambros – MD, ER
  7. Dr. Christopher Hancock – MD, Radiology
  8. Dr. Eileen Kang – NeuroPsychologist
  9. Dr. Stephen Waldman, MD, Neurologist
  10. Dr. Lynda Wells – PhD, EEG NeuroFeedback Practitioner
  11. Diana Wallace, Acupuncturist
  12. Dr. Marcel Ponton – Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist
  13. Dr. Gunn, Neuropsychologist
  14. Dr. Khalid Ahmed – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  15. Dr. Hoang – Optometrist
  16. Dr. Nguyen – Optometrist
  17. Dr. David Patterson – MD, Physiatrist
  18. Dr. Tyson Chung – Clinical Psychologist
  19. Dr. Gilbert Jaudy, DC – FACFN, FABVR, CCST, Functional Neurology
  20. Dr. Jacob Rabinovich, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon
  21. Dr. Bijan Zardouz, MD – Neurologist – QME
  22. Dr. James O’Brien, MD – Forensic Psychiatrist, AME
  23. Julie Simmons- MA, PSY.D
  24. Dr. Darren Bergey – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  25. James Lanier, PA
  26. Crystal Crites, PT, MPT
  27. Jennifer Diemart, MA, CCC-LSLP
  28. Dr. Eric Ikeda – Neuro Optometrist
  29. Debra Outlette, MS, OTR/L
  30. Don Risser, Acupuncturist
  31. Dr. Ronald Kent – MD, Neurologist, QME
  32. Dr. Lynn Lowell, OD, FAAO, FCOVD
  33. Dr. Seymour M. Young, MD – Neurologist
  34. Dr. Hilda Chalgujian, Neuropsychologist
  35. Dr. Michael Lobatz – MD, Neurologist
  36. Jessica Martinez, OTR/L, HTC, PAM
  37. Kelly Owen, MA, CCC-SLP
  38. Margaret Fuller, MA, OTR/L
  39. Rebecca Askew, MPT
  40. Suzanne Carr, DPT
  41. Catherine Fabian, AuD
  42. Julie O. Johns, AuD, CCC-A
  43. Dr. Jeffrey Holmes – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  44. Dr. James Pasino – Neuropsychologist
  45. Dr. Jay Jurkowitz – MD, Neurologist
  46. Hoag Memorial – ER
  47. Dr. Christian Reichart, DC

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CORVEL TEAM SINCE 2013, 3D Practices — They even harm Cops, right Mayor Betsy?  Did the Unions get to the bottom of the bad behavior by Corvel out in Ft. Worth yet?  You should see how Injured Cops and Firefighters are treated in California. Shameful, indeed!  Reams of Denials via CorVel for ADJ8181903! (Chronoloical Order, 2013 to present….notice a pattern of expertise of denying parties?)  CorVel reports tend to be convoluted regurgitations of disorganized and incomplete medical records, violations of HIPPA rights, and inappropriate reviewers for types of injuries.  Readers may opine that the submitting RNs wrote the reports, poorly and incoherently, for the most part.

  1. Grace Napoles, RN – Utilization Management Department
  2. Keith Louwenaar, MD – American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, CorVel “Physician Advisor”
  3. Kevin Patterson
  4. Cathy Arnett
  5. Joanne Palladino, RN, MSN, CNS – Utilization Management Department
  6. Lailannie B. Matthews, RN, BSN – Utilization Management Department
  7. H. Leon Brooks, MD, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
  8. Angie Garber
  9. Sloane R. Blair, MD – American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
  10. Linda Grant
  11. Melinda Rubel, RN – Utilization Management Department
  12. Maureen E. Mackey, MD – American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  13. Lexi-Welanetz-Bursin, Psy.D., CA – Clinical Psychologist
  14. Jean Caldwell, RN BS CCSM JC
  15. Kenneth L. Nudleman, MD – American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  16. Harish Porecha, MD
  17. Jennifer Tayag-Castillo, RN, BSN – Utilization Management Department
  18. Elena Vega, Supervisor, Utilization Management Department
  19. Jeannie Romero, RN – Utilization Management Department
  20. Lorne S. Label, MD – American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology



Dr. Paul Manchester, MD, MPH – Medical Director, Specialty, Neurological Surgery


In the observed slip and fall backwards on ice by Wyndham Worldwide Vacation Ownership Sales Executive Linda Ayres on 1/9/12, the following people have been involved in the case, evaluations and determinations of care for a well diagnosed concussion/traumatic brain injury/closed head injury/ptsd and more.  Summary statements in this blog:  Surviving Work Comp — Just Do It!

brain concussion tbi

See this blog since Summer 2013 index for mention of ICD-9 Codes. Use the Search Key, too.

Orders are face to face medical exams for the first set of chronological providers, separated by year by an underline….starting in 2012. (Blatant disregard of ACOEM/MTUS guidelines, but that’s for another blog.) Second set are CorVel and Maximus regurgitation reports, apparently written by RNs or others and signed by a variety of doctors, citing guidelines for necessary treatment, and somehow denying it anyway.  Plenty of expensive bla bla bla.  DO THE MATH. FOLLOW THE MONEY. ASK MORE QUESTIONS?

brain concussions football

For now, let’s just make the list.  Is your name on it?    “Let’s get started.”  Remember, all of these people have made money for seeing/knowing the Injured Worker.  Did they all provide “care” or “medical treatment”?

In contrast, Injured Worker was denied benefits, denied medical care, forced to file for welfare with Social Services and rely on the charity of friends and the Salvation Army—-proving that with Wyndham Timeshare, there are “No Free Gifts” and there is blatant and callous disregard for lives of injured workers and customers.  A friend shared this link with more news on how Wyndham Worldwide behaves in the global marketplace.

While WCAB seems to deem “evaluation after evaluation after evaluation” as evidence of InjuredWorkers receiving medical care, the Information and Assistance Officer, last resort for help for unrepresented Injured Workers, is not a doctor, nor a lawyer, and practice without those licenses is questionable indeed.

Concussion GOOGLED 9 3 2015 828 am pdt
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The dubiousness appears compounded when good doctors properly make legitimate and conservative recommendations for immediate and necessary care, only to have the recommendations denied by attorneys and adjusters in 2012, then, aided and abetted by Team CorVel.  Advising an Injured Worker to “have better control” of counsel when represented is a joke—if CAAA can’t police their own members, how can a Worker with a Brain Injury be expected to know when representation proves to be totally incompetent, dangerous, and worse?

CAB Commissioners and DIR seem complicit in the Gravy Train, at least in this case, which so many Super Lawyers indicate is ‘just how it is’ — happens to everyone — very common case, or maybe they just don’t know.  More on attorneys in another blog.

Follow this blog for more details that everybody knows but has kept the dirty secrets behind closed doors, while American workers and taxpayers pay and pay and pay—-with life, liberty and justice for none attacked by the Workers Compensation maiming killing brigades.

By the time you finish reading this blog, you will have a better idea of why Workers Compensation Survivors call it a GRAVY TRAIN WRECK.  (Some of these doctors were paid by CNA, some were paid by CIGNA, some were paid by the Injured Worker (unreimbursed medical expenses and miles to date exceed $43,300 – failures to receive adequate treatment have caused permanent and irreparable damage to IW.

Without WorkersCompensation, legitimate insurance would have facilitated care that would have been immediate, expert, reasonable, beneficial and IW may have returned to work within months, back in 2012. Without care, Injured Worker has been advised to make plans for Assisted Living in light of risk of dementia, with a need for personal assistance now.  Thanks WorkCompsters!

See the rest of the Wyndham Worldwide Workers Compensation Gravy Train Wreck here, ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP CORRUPTION AND GRAVY TRAINS NOW



  • Ask about “Your Radiation This Week” and “…remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!”

#WorkComp Crime Pays INSURANCE COMPANIES big time in California?!?

…. Crime Pays Insurance Companies big time in California

… #WorkComp arena…  awww, don’t worry about it.  No prosecutions likely.  It’s a pattern of practice….. steal from work injury disabled and the nouveaux poor and give it to the big insurance companies.  Yes, California, from the California coffers…. negotiating away civil rights of California workers.  Ought to be some law enforcement, huh?

#WorkComp Crime Pays INSURANCE COMPANIES BIG TIME in CA?! Would you believe CA EDD paid approximately $20K bonus to CNA for REFUSING TO PAY TTD to an Injured employee of #WyndhamWorldwide?? Medically necessary treatments for witnessed slip and fall Traumatic Brain Injury of 1/9/12 still being evaluated for necessity of treatment.  “Rest and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait.”

Polite psychopaths refer to the transaction as negotiations for reimbursements… D’oh.  If the action shifts the burdens to the State, well, that seems to be then considered a complaint with the State rather than a complaint with Department of Insurance for condoning shady actions?  So complicated, isn’t it?

Don’t be tricked by insurance company loopholes!

go save yourself from the zombies

Bottom line:  Failures to provide medically necessary treatment to injured worker (witnessed slip and fall backwards and consequent head trauma of January 9, 2012) and continuous malicious interruptions of self-procured medical treatment, combined with…. refusals to reimburse medical expense incurred due to refusal of Wyndham to provide medically necessary requested treatment, denied first year by Adjuster and Defense Counsel, denied second and third year in complicity with Corvel UR departments and repeated omission of medical records with intent to deny medical treatment….just ain’t right.

The denial of the “brain” being a body part in the head is illustrative of the chicanery employed by Grancell Gang.  #TBI  Traumatic Brain Injury

They have also certainly wasted a great deal of time at WCAB – Riverside, in the Courtroom of Honorable Judge Victor Jimenez.  Complaints of Fraud are not heard in that Courtroom, so a well fought for right to be heard by the Judge took over two years to get a date (ATTEMPTS TO SEE JUDGES OBFUSCATED BY INFORMATION AND ASSISTANCE OFFICER REPEATEDLY), only to be aborted by failures to provide continued ADA accommodations.  It was postponed in July 2014 in order for Injured Worker to properly report fraud with the proper agencies.  STILL LOOKING…..PLOTS THICKENING….AND SICKENING……

wc crime pays in CA

Meanwhile, WyndhamWorldwide Human Resources says it’s not their job to help an employee obtain medical care or even tell them what doctor to go to at the time of injury.  #Wyndham takes the “timeshare salute” to extremes when kicking an InjuredWorker to the Curb.  D’oh!

the game is rigged

Legit doctor reports ignored by Defense, as well as physician requests for treatment since date of injury. Carrier also refuses to pay medical expenses incurred by injured worker …. alleging that the BRAIN IS NOT AN ACCEPTED BODY PART OF THE HEAD REGION. D’OH.

California Republic one star yikes

Yeah. Insurance Carrier, CNA CEO Thomas Motamed, rakes in more than $10.7 million a year personal income, maiming and killing injured workers across American? #8 Insurer. D’oh.

work comp guidelines

Grancell Stander Reubens et al, defense firm, pleads and whines that they are not responsible to help insured get medically necessary treatments, nor are their clients obliged to honor any Labor Codes, nor participate in FEHA interactive process to facilitate return to work.

Grancell also insists that the brain is not a body part located in the head region. D’oh!


“No Worker Left Behind”



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WC ADJ8181903 … WorkComp Riverside supports non-payment of TTD to Injured Workers in their Jurisdiction and also repeatedly disregards ADA accommodation requests, and has been known to confiscate smart phone of injured worker to ensure no recording of ‘informal hearings’….

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#WorkCompKills…… big time….nationally……it’s a racket.

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