If you are a worker, and get hurt at work…. GOT BRAINS? GOT POEMS? GOT WILL-TO-SURVIVE? READ ON

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COULD INJURED WORKERS BE SUFFERING FURTHER FROM STOCKHOLM SYNDROME? OH CANADA! OH AMERICA! OH AUSTRALIA! OH CHINA! OH JAPAN! OH UK! OH SH*T! To quote one American psychopathic #WorkComp doctor, ‘If they have human rights complaints, tell them to TAKE IT TO THE HAGUE.’   READ ON AND JOIN IN…

WorkComp BRAIN INJURY Self-Procured Care, Hotel Vouchers, Mediation, Status and Updates

Subject: LINDA AYRES VS. WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE ; Re: Hotel Vouchers, Mediation, Status and Updates “…Timeshare….a fantastic industry to work in…..FACT!”  UNLESS………….. Hi Tina, Thanks very much.  The vouchers are a  huge relief for me.  I can make some tentative plans now, pending your further response. Friends in the industry have suggested that I do what […]