MEMORY CRISIS? What’s the Excuse at #WorkComp for LOEF?

“At best, all I can say is that I think there’s a huge impending issue that we’re not ready to address.” Well, all I can say is, “People Get Ready, there’s a train a comin….” ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS NOW??? Great blog, David, as usual! [*LOEF = LOSS OF EXECUTIVE FUNCTION ] Read […]

#WorkComp Audits? Outraged yet?

YOU ARE ON A ROLL!!! Write on!! ūüėÄ See the entire article here: ¬† ¬†WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW “DO NOT WALK QUIETLY IN THIS OPEN AIR AUSCHWITZ” “Enforcement by the state is a joke.” Does that AG know? (Is that commonly called ‘collusion’? But wait, there’s more! The State of CA paid one insurance […]

Who else is blogging about #WorkComp in America and Elsewhere?

¬†“WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW” They Are Not Working Hard Enough? (UPDATED) Reuters: #Fukushima Worker Exploitation “60 Dollars a Day, Nowhere Else to Go” via @exskf via @exskf TEPCO Apologizes to #Fukushima I NPP Subcontractors and Explains, “Additional Risk Benefit of 10,000 Yen (US$96) a Day Doesn’t Mean Additional Risk Benefit of 10,000 […]

Job Injury? Welcome to #WorkCompHell

Thank you for your invitation to connect on LinkedIn. ¬† What a surprise! Please let me know if I have information that can help you make a positive impact on the lives of InjuredWorkers in America and elsewhere. ¬† . I bring a perspective to the table that few are willing to consider. ¬† ¬† […]


“I think you have met many people in the Workers Compensation community in the last couple of years and perhaps have met some people who you feel could give you advice that you can trust.” – ¬†Anonymous Defense Attorney See suggestion below made by defense counsel to injured worker with untreated TBI and a completely […]

#WorkComp in America: “Homo homini lupus est”

#InjuredWorkersUniting! #WorkCompCentral #CompLaude Gala Awards #InjuredWorker category Nominee and Finalist with TBI…. Oh My! Huh?! WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. ¬†SHARE YOUR STORY HERE TOO. (OR not!) This blog, ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS, is an example of what can happen when a corporation has a policy of … . Don’t call 9-11, don’t […]


My Fellow Americans and Fellow Injured Workers… I NEED YOUR HELP TO FIGHT #WORKCOMP CRIMES I’m tired of fighting these organized criminals. ¬†I have a brain injury and I have a war room of evidence against these monsters. I have just been accepted into an Orange County—COASTLINE COMMUNITY Cognitive Rehabilitation Program, that starts next week. […]

WorkComp RTW Woes?! Just a “Circle Jerk”?! D’oh

*Return To Work! #RTW! ¬†InjuredWorkers are just a profit center to the insurance industry. ¬†No wonder the Defense tries so hard to prevent return to work, with creative failures to provide medical treatment in breach of fiduciary responsibilities and sheer bad faith and nasty evil doings.   Not only can it be a huge challenge […]

#WorkComp Crime Pays INSURANCE COMPANIES big time in California?!?

…. Crime Pays Insurance Companies big time in California … #WorkComp arena… ¬†awww, don’t worry about it. ¬†No prosecutions likely. ¬†It’s a pattern of practice….. steal from work injury disabled and the nouveaux¬†poor and give it to the big insurance companies. ¬†Yes, California, from the California coffers…. negotiating away civil rights of California workers. ¬†Ought […]

Work Comp: The Game is Rigged! CEO Makes $10.6 Million!

Back Injury at Work? ¬†What should David DePaolo Do Now? Hey David, don’t worry about it. ¬†You’re not alone! There’s very little risk of prosecution for fraud, work comp defense attorneys get away with it all the time. The District Attorneys look the other way, and Employers believe their insurance carriers have full impunity, and […]