MEMORY CRISIS? What’s the Excuse at #WorkComp for LOEF?

“At best, all I can say is that I think there’s a huge impending issue that we’re not ready to address.”

Well, all I can say is, “People Get Ready, there’s a train a comin….” ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS NOW???

Great blog, David, as usual!

David DePaolo  The Memory Crisis  REMEMBER REMEMBER


Read entire article here:

David Depaolo on Memory  1 30 2015

Read entire article here:

Then read on to see what LUCY OCCUPY SAID….and found….


Here’s the deal on #WorkComp and “Memory” and “Dementia” and “Brain Injury” ETC. It’s sheer corruption! It’s too brutal to be simply stupidity. IE:

Diagnosis: 854 Closed head injury, 784 Headaches, 310.2 Post concussive syndrome, 850.1 Concussion with brief loss of consciousness, 850.9 Head Concussion, 309.81 PTSD, 310.2 Post concussive syndrome, 780.93 Closed Head Injury with amnesia, 921.00 Contusion (left orbit), 750.90 Concussion, 959.01 Head Trauma, 959.01 Cognitive Changes following head trauma, 850.0 Concussion, 959.00 Head Trauma (Contusion x 2) with Impaired Memory, Speech, Balance and Vision, 850-854, 959.01 Somatic/cognitive dysfunction and emotional dysfunction, 310, 310.8, 438 Mild cognitive dysfunction, memory processing,, 850 Mild TBI positive lapse of consciousness, 310.20 Post Concussive syndrome, 309.28 Mood Disorder secondary to Post Concussive Syndrome, 959.01 Head injury, Lobe Disorders: frontal, parietal, cerebellar dysfunction, motor dysfunction, segmental dysfunctions, Closed Head Injury with Ongoing Sequelae, Psychological sequelae, possibly secondary to industrial injury, 959.01 Closed head injury with cognitive dysfunction and speech dysfunction, 784.00 post traumatic headaches, brain based vision impairments, brain-based vestibular and balance disorders + secondary to head trauma, NECK, BACK, Shoulder PAIN and related ICD-9 codes (first 2 years)


If there really is an unwritten rule, as attested to in the InjuredWorker communities, that Carriers immediately terminate all benefits and launch guerrilla type financial terrorism upon diagnosis of brain injury, that can easily lead to ‘legal opinions’ by defense counsel that because WorkComp systems appear too complex for an injured worker, Court Appointed Conservatorship may be in order (to complete the kill?)

Immediate medical care is required for traumatic brain injury, closed head injury, concussion. MTUS recommends interdisciplinary teamwork, as does ACOEM and NIH. Ask any 7th grade kid about the brain and neuro-science!

Not #WorkComp!

Their doctors get the big bucks to recommend things like over the counter analgesics, not more than 17 chiropractic sessions first year, not more than 6 physical therapy second year, then, with Court order, a little acupuncture, rest and wait and wait and wait.

Wanna talk about increased risk exposure for dementia and premature death and epilepsy and the deal football players are getting diagnosed with?


Throw in WorkComp doctors who are paid to change dates of injury to use earlier diagnostic reports to substantiate ‘pre-existing’ conditions (i.e. move date of injury to 2013, use 2012 records to substantiate head injury by multiple doctors)….. and…have doctors to say things like “if there was a concussion, of course medical treatment would be necessary, but there was no concussion, no brain injury, and it was probably epilepsy” would be funny if it was not so darned criminally insane, huh? Or at least ‘fraudulently felonious”.


When teams of doctors with QME/AME designations consort in such a manner at the promptings/leadings of defense counsel, there’s a breakdown, huh?

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#InjuredWorkersUniting      #SilentNoMore

“….If you can’t work, then blog!”

In fact, maybe it’s time for Committees of InjuredWorker Bloggers  to organize panels to speak at the numerous WorkComp Conferences around the nation.  

Brain Injury AdvocatesJohn C Byler  YOU LOOK GREAT

Those folks sure know how to conference in style, don’t they!  Here’s a Speaker Proposal Deadline Looming…

WorkComp Conference  2015

See the entire conference article here:

Conference speaker proposals are due by February 5th, 2015.

The event will be held November 11-13 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Speaker proposal forms are available at

Roberto Ceniceros, conference chairman 208 286-1425


Tell Roberto and Friends  that Lucy Occupy and Friends sent you!   Thanks!  ;D



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#WorkCompFraud? 888 Days….. #TBI Injured Worker Still on the ‘Rest and Wait’ Program…. #ADJ8181903

Hello California!   Got a Job?  Got Injured on the Job?  Look Out…… the issues are rampant in the USA!

What’s happening at the VA is happening in the Civilian Camps also….. follow the money trails to see where they lead??!!!

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WorkComp seems to be another  billion dollar hoax of the insurance industry — you know the folks who stole the homes of so many Americans?  It’s been quiet, but those heists are still in progress, too.    It’s said that ‘Mortgage servicers are currently holding in excess of $57 billion in seriously delinquent FHA loans…..

real estate collapse 2

Do a simple Google search for:  ADJ8181903 for starters…..

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Meanwhile, back to work-place injuries, and specifically, TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY…… Here’s are some links about one Sales Executive’s experience with seeking basic reasonable and appropriate medical care for a conk on the head of  888 days ago……. To date, the only ‘authorized’ medical care has been:


2012 – a few chiropractic and a few clinical psychology sessions

2013 – 8 physical therapy sessions (that revealed a torn rotator cuff, and was then deemed ‘not an industrial injury’ after surgery was recommended by the primary treating orthopedic surgeon) Orthopedic Surgeon is the specialty doctor required by WCAB-Riverside to coordinate a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and treatments, and the URs are also handled by Orthopedic Surgeons — for BRAIN INJURIES….. with full disregard for ACOEM guidelines, NIH guidelines, and even specialist recommendations.

2014 – 6 Acupuncture and 6 Chiropractic sessions, requested by PTP in August 2013 were authorized, by Court Order, in February 2014.

 doctor strike

Self-Procured Medical Care, in line with the California law that allows an injured worker to obtain medical care when the insurance provider fails to authorize over a reasonable period of time.  Anybody else think 888 days is long enough to wait for medical care and medical miles and treatment reimbursements?

At one point in Court, the Injured Worker, totally dismayed, looked at the Judge and said, “So, Your Honor, what you are saying is that there is NO LAW IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA THAT REQUIRES AN EMPLOYER TO PROVIDE IMMEDIATE REASONABLE AND APPROPRIATE MEDICAL CARE???”   The Judge’s comments are ‘off the record’.

In a current bad-faith action, another Orthopedic “Evaluation” is being requested by the DEFENSE


WCGT  GOOGLE 1  6 12 2014

Here are some links….. more follow.  The INJURED WORKER has been unsuccessful in retaining COMPETENT LEGAL REPRESENTATION, so is on her own, in pro-per, with a brain injury.  The course has involved several attempts to be heard by the Courts, to no avail… yet.


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Taking it to the Virtual Streets…….


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