WorkCompsters Rising? Send in the National Guard to Protect America’s Working Class!

  1. Will The FBI and the District Attorney’s Offices become involved in the Workers Compensation probes and conduct more Corruption Task Force Raids in California? Will it include WorkCompsters Soon?   Palm Springs Corruption Task Force in-progress stories below, too.  Is your city next?   [The Federal Agents at the Palm Springs FBI office are very nice; DA Riverside peeps? Not so much, from an Injured Worker’s perspective

    To Whom It May Concern: Just so you know, my outrage is not because I have a brain injury, my outrage is because so many people of the WorkCompsters ilk have profitted by FRAUD causing egregious harm to me, & other injured workers like me, from doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians and agencies of the US government–by their total disregard for Civil Rights and all things American. The “Naughty & Nice Lists” are being collected by WorkCompCentral ProPublica  NPR and me and my fellow Injured Workers. Expect Us. Join Us. #WATMN

    1. Linda Ayres

      ASK AND TELL ABOUT WORK COMP FRAUD, CORRUPTION AND GRAVY TRAINS…..Let’s count all those who have profited by denials of medical care and disability benefits to me ….for nearly 4 years…..let’s see whose job it was to have helped, who got paid for lying and obfuscating, and which agencies failed to investigate and prosecute ‘armed and dangerous enemies of the working class’…..

    2. Linda Ayres


      #MicCheck: Do YOU want outcomes like this for your #WorkPlace Injuries??!! Read and share, thanks. Also, are YOU blogging yet? Send the link to

      New website building, since, after all, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. BE GEEKY! #WATMN

      Look around, you probably know them….you might even be doing business with them….. we’ll start with the naughty list, and see what investigations can be incited. DIR is watching my profile now, so, hooray, let’s expose this s**t once and for all. GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND INVESTIGATE AND INDICT THE ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC….. there seem to be swaths of them in that industry known as WORKERS COMPENSATION…..that has metastasized to harm every American citizen, in some small or large way. TIME FOR CHANGE. LET’S ROLL because after all is said and done, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW

    3. Linda Ayres

      See and Share since summer 2013 after experiencing the sham, scams and drudgery of the WyndhamWorldwide failed “workers compensation program” and total disregard for an injured worker and the laws that exist to protect injured workers from these very things. Many Americans know about the horrors or Workers Compensation, but like the sonderkommando of yesteryear, as long as they feel safe, they look the other way. Some even profit by the horrors, just like yesterday. O SAY CAN YOU SEE #WATMN


  2. Teddy Snyder

    How Politics Drives Up the Cost of Your MSA

    How Politics Drives Up the Cost of Your MSA

    Teddy Snyder on LinkedInFor President George W. Bush and Congress to get Medicare Part D drug coverage passed in 2003, they had to make significant concessions to big business…


Indeed, “…now would seem to be the time for their lobbyists to twist some arms to modify the noninterference provision for the benefit of all Americans.” on more levels than one! Thanks Teddy! “The increased use and rising cost of pharmaceuticals has torpedoed many a proposed workers compensation buy-out.”….

* * * ” “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

The dots all connect, don’t they?

Do all the “Medicare Part D” providers ask the same question before quoting a policy price? When I called AARP a few months ago, apparently for United Health Care, the first question asked me to confirm that I don’t have “renal failure” –I have a brain injury.

I said something like, ‘Ok,, so no, no renal failure, I’m pissed off about Workcompsters and how they are profiting by making so many people permanently disabled and prematurely dead, but thank you, my kidneys are working just fine today, How much is the Part D deal?’…. (It was a “today” purchase, with penalties if I didn’t decide on drugs right away.)

HOWEVER, that caused me to wonder what are the popular drugs peddled by the Big Pharma groups that CAUSE renal failure; I have lost a few friends who were on the ‘drug and kill ’em’ plans…


xmas naughty or nice


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What do you think radiation poisoning does to kidneys and other internal organs?

Whats next Mom


“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!” – Bob Nichols, VT

WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW… by any and means necessary…

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“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

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Are #CorVel UR Non-Recommendations Simply Hogwash?

WorkComp Demolition?  “PULL!”
Has anybody else experienced a pattern of practice by CorVel reports, allegedly written by various doctors but that appear to written by ‘less educated’ RNs, with skewed facts and gross mis-statements (some are pretty hysterical, if they were not so life-threatening!)
mlk hitler germany
The CorVel patterns of practice with allegations of attempts to reach requesting doctor for more information, with ‘no contact’ made because requesting doctor failed to jump through hoops and respond within minutes? Or how about the copies received by mail demanding response with 72 hours, postmarked 2 days or more past date of alleged request?  Or when they allege they left a message at a certain number, that is to rehabilitation unit recreation room, at which the requesting doctor has never been, let alone receive messages?   How about the guys call and say they are the doctor, but they are not the doctor, or at least a different doctor signs the report?  How about when the reports allege there was no contact, and the injured was present during the communications? Does that ever happen out there???
One legal pal suggested that CorVel piece alone paves the way for CLASS ACTION for some smart class action/civil rights firm.  There was a recent article somewhere by someone complaining about CorVel, in addition to Mayor Betsy and Forth Worth Police Associations, too.   Maybe their Union could do a little…investigations into CorVel and nation maiming and terrorizing of injured workers?
Does that just happen on Brain Injury cases?  Hmmmmmm  Anyhow…. Below is another little missive to CNA….. I got a little distracted trying to do some paper work today, and I just see red when I think of these people.
Someone recently said, “Now, Linda, those lawyers are just doing their jobs.  Work Comp is broken; Nobody gets rich off WorkComp.”
😕   I nearly spit and said, “Not true.  It’s a mega billion dollar industry, and the only losers are the Injured Workers.  Not only have they failed to pay me disability benefits, they cooked the books and got approximately $18K in award money for refusing to pay TTD in 2012/2013 [State paid $49k 2012-2013, CNA reimbursed $31K in May 2014; injured worker screwed again] AND FOR FAILING TO PROVIDE MEDICALLY NECESSARY TREATMENTS ALL ALONG.
#GrandWorkCompFraud on the American People and Corporations
Not only does CNA fail to comply with basic labor code to provide immediate reasonable and necessary medical treatment, THEIR COUNSEL HAS THREATENED ALL SELF-PROCURED PROVIDERS, INTERRUPTING SELF-PROCURED CARE, AND USING FINANCIAL TERRORISM TO ENSURE MEDICAL CARE IS NOT PROCURED.
Then, they use fancy legal chicanery to continue to obfuscate the facts that they have, in a pattern of continuous harm, FAILED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL CARE IN ACCORDANCE WITH ACOEM, MTUS, OR EVEN 7TH GRADER COMMON SENSE! Where do they find these clowns to write reports on behalf of the defense firms.  I will NEVER forget the forensic psychiatrist who said that ‘if the finder of facts found that there was indeed a slip and fall and concussion, medical treatment would be necessary; there was not, and is no head injury, and she probably just has epilepsy.”
D’OH!  MY MANAGER HELPED ME UP FROM THE ICE, AND MY COLLEAGUES HAD A GOOD LAUGH AT THE SNOW ALL OVER ME, AND MY DAZED AND CONFUSED APPEARANCE…….   The Admin Manager told me to “See any doctor that takes work comp insurance” and gave me an incomplete DWC-1 form (no insurance info on it at all, just his signature)..D’oh!  Defense firms says that was “proper service” of their alleged “MPN”….. I was required to complete my shift, and find my way down an icy mountain road (20 miles) and then down a desert highway (40 more miles).  How did I do it and survive?  But for the Grace of God!….


Demolition of WorkComp  March 2015
NOTE:  Upon verification of Brain Injury is when TTD stopped (April 2012) and terrorism began.  In November 2012, they attempted to coerce early settlement that required forfeiting job, social security, medical, and more….for $100,000, less attorney fees.  That attorney no longer represents me.  He said it was a small community, work comp, and nobody would believe I have a brain injury.  D’oh.  Those idiots don’t even know what a physiatrist is, let alone brain lobes, cognitive and executive functions, etc.   We’ll talk more about attorneys soon…. Must get back to tasks at hand.
WORKCOMP SURVIVOR WRITES:  Please provide me with another PD Advance by the end of the month.
I will need another advance of estimated Permanent Disability in the amount of $20,000 in order to move forward with return to work planning and obtaining medically necessary treatments, devices and software that have been properly requested since date of injury, by multiple doctors, and now, with more Grancell file churning, are moving into the IMR process.   I would like to receive the advance no later than March 30, 2015.
—–Original Message—– From: Linda Ayres To: fred.sachs <> Cc: wvoleavesupportcenter <>; tina.jordan <>; michael.dougherty <>; mary.falvey <>; shane.riedman <>; scott.mixon <>; SReubens <>; lindaayres <>; wynlinda <>; workcomplinda <>; hchalgujia <> Sent: Fri, Mar 13, 2015 10:54 am Subject: ADA, RTW, and ESTIMATED PD – ADVANCE: Linda Ayres vs. Wyndham Worldwide et al CNA e3269102 WE and RETURN TO WORK ACCOMMODATIONS
Dear Fred:
Please provide me with another PD Advance by the end of the month.
I will need another advance of estimated Permanent Disability in the amount of $20,000 in order to move forward with return to work planning and obtaining medically necessary treatments, devices and software that have been properly requested since date of injury, by multiple doctors, and now, with more Grancell file churning, are moving into the IMR process.   I would like to receive the advance no later than March 30, 2015.
ADA ACCOMMODATIONS:  I am still awaiting word from Wyndham on extended leave of absence through December 2015, then return to work at Palm Springs, which is important to my planning at Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program, a State institution, supported also by the Department of Rehabilitation.  The program is very intenstive, and  primarily for people who have received and exhausted all medically necessary treatments; not too many of us have been denied medical care for years; unless they are also injured workers, like me.
I am hoping I will be able to return to work without any accommodations, upon completion of Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program in December.  The counselors suggest I may need a second year at Coastline to maximize my cognitive functionality, but that will be determined later in the year.  Transition planning (back to the community) is a big part of the program.
Please also consider the PD advance request as part of the ADA accommodations request, as CNA has refused to provide medical care and TTD the first two years, leaving me in a very precarious situation, and financial stress is counter-productive to brain injury recovery.
I understand that it may be just the defense firm “just doing his/her job” and “just following orders” but mis-statements with intent to deny medical care are frowned upon, as are omission of medical records to procure same result.
Suggesting that the February 2015 Corvel modified recommendations will not be honored for some made up reasons by Defense, is unconscionable, as usual.  I did not hear back from you this week, so I must assume you concur with the defense bad faith and ill will?
Ignoring all prior medical records with hopes that yet another neuro-psych eval will be from an industry leased doctor, is not quite right, is it?  I will copy you on my request to the Judge.
If you will please review the evaluations and recommendations for treatment since 2012 from Dr’s DeGoede, Kang, Ponton, Chung, Patterson, Ikeda, Llowell, O’Brien, Kent, Zardouz et al….. you will see the gross mis-management of this case and my ability to recover and return to work, mostly at the hands of Grancell.  I understand that Daniel Elliott, former adjuster may have been inexperienced and therefore subject to intimidation by the Grancell crowd.  I talked with his boss once, very polite, and also did not sound intimidatable.  Ms. Mall’s incorrect statements to multiple doctors were leading, misleading and resulted in what appear to be extremely fraudulent conclusions by 3 doctors, and the whole CorVel people. Sad. Makes CNA appear complict, doesn’t it?
With your experience, I highly doubt you can be intimated by them.  I trust that you will continue to help me distance from the abuse,harassment, intimdiation, bullying and the implied threats of the defense crowd.
Please advise how soon I may expect the advance on estimated PD.
Thank you.
Linda Ayres, In Pro Per
cc:  Linda Ayres, Injured Worker
Dr. Hilda Chalgujian, Primary Treating Doctor since Orthopedic Surgeon made it very clear he doesn’t deal with brains….. a fact known when Grancell and WCAB insisted that my PTP be an Orthopedic Surgeon, not a physiatrist, neuro-psychologist, neurologist, psychologist, chiropractor, or accupuncturist.  Looks like it’s on you, me, Dr. Hilda and Stewart to move things along…with Tina and Mike.   What say you now?  I hope the ProPublic / NPR Surveys and articles are helpful; I submitted my stories to them and to OSHA.
cc:  Distribution
PS:  An updated medical miles request is still forthcoming.  With TBI, sense of time is surreal, at best.   I have also learned, something your Training Department may be interested in, with TBI, when treatment is immediate and swift (interdisciplinary, including speech, occupational, physical therapies, and vision and auditory therapies as required, along with orthopedic issues with chiropractors and accupuncture, return to work further facilitates best outcomes.
Unfortunately, I also learned that when an injured worker is prevented from return to work for more than 2-3 years, best outcomes are highly improbable.  Thanks.  Don’t let it happen again; I will work with Wyndham to ensure that it doesn’t happen to another Wyndham Employee, and with the injured worker community at large.  It would be nice to tell global audiences that CNA saw their egregious errors and have used this case to correct the wrongs; I realize that is highly improbable, so another route will be created, just like I must work on creating ‘new neuropathways’ to do things that used to be easy, that are now very very challenging.
I am hoping Wyndham will create a position for me so that I can help clean up the Human Resources issues that have allowed your companies to harm me so, at great cost to me, and cost to shareholders and Wyndham, as well.
Stephen Hawking
A Thug is a Thug is a Thug, Hold the #WorkCompsters Accountable!
If you can’t work, then blog!
"Do no harm, but take no sh#t"
“Do no harm, but take no sh#t”
Isn’t it odd that my first job, long ago, in the city was working for CNA?  Does that make me complicit in the atrocities committed against injured workers by this company and their sonderkommando?
May they all have INTERESTING LIVES.