How do you get from here to there after WorkComp? Here’s an update on Passive Income Prep School…

Linda Ayres looking for The Magic!


Thanks, Colleen Arneil!!! Day 1 steps were simple and powerful!

Step 1 — 10 points – I showed up live at 11 to the Passive Income Lounge; calendar marked to be there tomorrow, too.

Step 2 – 10 points – My eCourse topic is WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills

The Select Your Topic action was clarifying and confirming/personally validating.

The “Validate My Idea” exercise was real powerful, and had me smiling.

On UDEMY WorkComp had matches, but I did discover two courses

1) Introduction to Workers Compensation Surveillance by a private investigator [ a horrible and harsh reality of the practices of WorkComp in America, Canada, UK and Australia….]

2)VA Fully Developed Disability Claims – ‘incapacitation’ is the military equivalent of WorkComp… and it looks like a soldier developed that 6 section curriculum, with a very left-brain military organizational structure. I may have to study that! 😀

2) Amazon had 2,654 books on WorkComp; it had 6,330 books for Injured Workers (mostly written by attorneys, but a few that touched on Survival, written by other Injured Workers — most were written a few years ago, and some were had introductions by attorneys… none of those were sugar-coated. Most of the books seemed to be ‘industry propaganda’ but I even found one by a former WorkComp commissioner … spilling the beans on the atrocities…and offering some solutions.

That was a totally cool exercise. I also found my log in to your eCourse that I purchased how long ago?

I even posted a couple related thoughts on LinkedIn (they know me in the WorkComp community there; I am one of just a couple of Injured Worker BLOGGERS in the USA… I also want to do an eCourse on BEGINNING TO BLOG….so that Human Rights and Civil Rights activists can better harness the power of social media.

“WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW” is a little slogan/meme I have used for years… it fits. 😀

And below are images of how far I got so far in creating a course… I would welcome feedback on which is more inviting, considering that most Injured Workers in America are being seriously abused by a system that intends only harm, and many feel (and are!) quite dis-empowered.. and hope is a long forgotten emotion for too many.

See you tomorrow! Thank you! xoxoxox

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Linda Ayres
Linda Ayres PS You can’t “ENROLL NOW” …. that’s as far as I got in eCourse creation since March. It’s a beginning! xoxoxo
Colleen Arneil
Colleen Arneil This is great Linda! Kudos on the hard work. It’s so empowering to show this specific demographic about what IS possible still.
Linda Ayres
Linda AyresThanks Colleen Arneil – there seem to be 8.9 million American injured workers on Social Security Disability, and another stat is 54 million Injured and Disabled Workers across America. Canada, Australia, UK all have the very same challenges. Yes, we’re quite a demographic….!! We serve as extreme profit centers for some pretty vile racketeers…. xoxoox
Linda Ayres

DAY 2 – “What Makes you YOU?


Thanks Colleen Arneil I love the structure here, too!

1) I am a Writer, Warrior, TBI WorkComp Survivor,
2) I am a Blogger– WorkComp and Nuclear Warnings
3) At times, sometimes surprising to me, I can swear in some of the most un-lady like manners….at some of the most influential people, if they happen to annoy.

Step 1 — 10 points – I showed up at FB live at 11 to the Passive Income Lounge; calendar marked to be there tomorrow, too.
Step 2 – 10 points – 3 Random nuggets about me… ‘owning who I am, flaunting it and sharing it…’

1. WorkComp is one of the ‘dirty little secrets’ that puts all of us risk. The#YouEconomy may changes that very soon! I slipped on ice at work and conked my head in 2012… and learned the meaning of “TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury.” I am a TBI Survivor and Warrior!
Neurologists all said, ‘EMBRACE THE NEW YOU” and this ‘new me’ was not as fast, smart and perky as the ol’ me. I said to one doctor, “Well, I don’t know who this new chick is, but if I am supposed to embrace her, I think they better plan to rehabilitate me — and train me to become a neuro-scientist!” He was not sure if I was kidding or not, so he invited me to an annual Brain Injury Conference that weekend, but warned me that it was primarily for military and medical professionals. THAT was the beginning of my real grasp of#Concussion.
[If you haven’t seen the movie, Concussion, get the dvd, and watch the back story and the documentary included, also. Dr. Omalu is quite the American Warrior — fought with the NFL — and survived, and changes are a ‘comin…PS If you have a friend or loved one with a #Concussion, try not to say mean stuff like, ‘you like fine, get over it!’ .]

2. I learned to remind attorneys and workers’ comp ‘doctors’ that I’m injured not stupid when I encountered some of their …. shenaningans and improprieties.
Without benefit of competent legal counsel, in less than 5 years, the ‘parties reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement.” and it is upon that ROCK I hope to empower other injured workers in America, Canada, UK and Australia, and beyond, how to fight a ‘rigged’ system and get out with your life. Some of my Injured and disabled friends have been fighting for their lives for more than 5, 10, 15, 20 and some even 30 years. It’s a horrible system of abuse and torture, and if one is not permanently and totally disabled going in, the risk is quite high for being so before ever escaping. One book, co-authored by an Injured Worker and an attorney, (discovered in yesterday’s PassiveIncomePrepSchool assignment had a more polite way to describe the improprieties that most all Injured Workers face. It said something like, “Trust your Mother, but cut the deck anyway.” Something relative to playing cards and protecting one’s self against cheaters.

Another is, “Without a blog and a growing database, Injured Workers are Unarmed and Unprotected in the Global War on Workers.”
[LinkedIn influencers have found my …. transparency… simultaneously refreshing, alarming and intimidating…Some have revised their guidebooks based on my input..]

Speech therapists and clinical psychs say “quit swearing” and that’s as helpful as saying “quit forgetting and stop being so damn confused and disorganized…” Expletives are not uncommon, for years, post brain injury. It is sometimes the least important of the impairments to address….. the brain does regulate Everything. POST-TBI …. my levels of decorum hardly exists! F**k!

Thanks again for all you do to make the world a better place, and make us laugh in the process!


See y’all tomorrow!

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Linda Ayres


#PassiveIncomePrepSchool Colleen Arneil

– Better late than not at all! 😀

Many of the books on Workers Compensation and or Injured Workers either had NO REVIEWS or happy-happy ones that appeared to be ‘solicited reviews’..

I will have to dig a little deeper… a theme for why people LOVED the books could be summed up with “SAVED MY LIFE.”

‘Crappy Reviews’ were more of a ‘surrender’ to the ‘snake pit’ of the ‘corruption….’

State-specific books confused some people, and others were annoyed that they purchased books not knowing they were State specific.

The exercise helps me see that my ‘niche’ is on target… I see no value in playing the ‘rigged legal game’ and my ebook and eCourse are aimed at helping injured workers (and their attorneys, if they have them) do whatever is necessary to ‘encourage’ all stakeholders coming together with impartial mediators and structured settlement teams.

DOJ can address the criminal activities and malfeasance… helping to FREE THE HOSTAGES seems to be a ‘higher calling.”

PS With all the talk in the lounge about buying courses, I just had to buy your CANAVA course today 😀 , and as I looked at the One on One Coaching I was very excited and then experienced some serious ‘sticker shock’ that moved into, “I can’t afford THAT. Kudos for Colleen! She’s worth that and much more! Hmmmmmmmmm….. I wonder if she ever does ‘small group’ coaching that could lead to more intense 1 on 1 coaching…” Then I saw the money course, and thought, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. and got my smile back. We’ll start with Canava and the Course Creation I already have… and we’ll see where this 7-day course leads… The clarity by Day 3 is pretty phenomenal, based on the course, lectures and group input! Wooo hooo!

You’re Awesome, and sooooo Smart, yes, we are lucky about your background!

Thanks! See you tomorrow at 11!

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Colleen Arneil
Colleen Arneil Love love love how you are going all in, amazing workLinda! And yes hang tight for what is to come next week because I do have a way to work with me either in group or with some one on one that is a smaller step than my big one on one program 🙂
Linda Ayres
Linda Ayres Woo hoo! Shaking my piggy bank!
Linda Ayres


#PassiveIncomePrepSchool Colleen Arneil

Thanks Colleen! Great questions, tiny steps, powerful insights! Saying it out loud (or posting it) brings it into ‘manifestation’… 😀


STEP ONE: 10 POINTS – ATTEND FACEBOOK LIVE AT 11 “chatting about the mindset it takes to makethe passive income flow’

STEP TWO: 10 POINTS – Post and share “YOUR BIGGEST desire is. What are you hoping to make happen with your business? Where do you want to be in 6 months?”


The topics of Workers Compensation Survival and Radiation Survival ‘light me up’ because the Rads are extinction level and the people need to know and because WorkComp is extermination level, and the people need to know — in order to take survival precautions….

I am hoping to create educational ‘products’ that can help me serve an ideal audience, and do so in a way that also helps me to create a revenue flow to serve fiercely, with top tech automation and beautiful, simple to follow and very organized personal development/self-help/Warrior programs…(sort of like how the Passive Income Queen conducts biz! ) 😀

Einstein reminds us that ‘Those who have the privilege to know have the DUTY to act.’ I know. I act.

By or before January 15, 2017, six months today, my “biggest desire’ is to to have a functional organization/business/program, consisting of, but not limited to:

1) One or more TEACHABLE eCourses in WorkComp Survival, and one or more eCourse in understanding & grasping the need to #DodgeTheRads, as it impacts health, & 3+ mainstream media article publications;
2) One or more eBooks on WorkComp Survival and #DodgeTheRads life extension practices with full on opt-in pages & all necessary tech pieces/systems for webinars, and growing database and global reach;
3) Continued blogging on related topics, such as Social Media, TBI and LOEF, helping others ‘connect the dots’ and take right action;
4) An affordable, brilliant, affordable team of experts working with me to produce the above referenced transformational materials/products and related ..and a database of more than 20,000 ‘interested’ parties and co-workers;
5) Social Media Movements of global proportions to provoke further conscious thought and positive transformations



#OccupyWorkComp#OccupyVirtually – WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills

#DodgeTheRads – Remember Remember – All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time –


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CAN YOU IMAGINE YOURSELF AS A PUBLISHER? With an e-magazine or three? Sort of like an electronic newspaper, and you build your own audience (database!) and you share things that you find important, share you opinion, and invite others to share further. It’s an empowering thought, isn’t it?
Do you think it could help LIFT INJURED WORKERS OUT OF VICTIM-HOOD? What could YOU do with a BLOG?
i blog therefore i am a work comp survivor - sharing google page one with berkshire hathaway - how interesting
Not convinced yet?
Check out what Wikipedia says:
create a word press blog
Ha! Have you ever heard about MABs? THAT may be what this group needs.
I know the concept…. if anybody is an expert on MABs, let’s chat! [Multi-author blogs]
It might be easier for newbie Injured Worker bloggers… and we could have a sub-group for writers… #OccupyWorkComp – Writers Community.. 😀

So what and why????

My work injury was January 2012 and I did not begin to blog about it until Summer 2013. Believe it or not, I was pretty timid and I sure as heck didn’t want people to know I was fighting with a brain injury. D’oh. “I’M INJURED, NOT STUPID!” Nor did I want my nuclear ‘whistle-blowing’ compromised.
The more I learned about WorkComp, the more I saw the similarities in the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES, CALCULATED KILLS of both industries. So, here we are. Connecting more dots.
Being in those ‘creeepy’ doctor mills that were more like morgues for doped zombie was nearly more than I could handle. I talked to people. I gave them my contact info. One office told me I could not talk about WorkComp in the lobby, and they even posted a warning sign. Not too many people spoke English. The sign was posted in Spanish, too.
The parties ‘reached resolution subject to confidentiality agreement’ Fall 2015. Do you think blogging helped? In efforts to rebrand, I started a second WorkComp blog this year, but due to attacks by WorkCompsters, the original blog stands on it’s own. There we can deal with more volatile issues.
What I want to do in this group is help those of you who want to ESCAPE work comp apply some of the principles of action and response that I found valuable. Doctors and lawyers have encouraged me to do what I can to help injured workers. The only way I know how to help you is to teach you about blogging.
There is a business solution that you can employ, with or without an attorney.   That involves MEDIATION and STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT TEAMS.  THE POINT IS TO GET YOUR FREEDOM AND CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS BACK, ‘BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.’
If you are represented and your attorney won’t help you, consider the value in ditching the attorney and representing yourself. Can you really do worse than what the attorneys have already done to you and for you?
If you’re interested, SET UP YOUR BLOG, AND LET’S GET MOVING. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW and it’s very late.
If your attorney says you better not blog, remind that it’s your constitutional right protected by the 1st amendment. You might use a pen name… I did until Facebook thought police locked me out of my account because “Lucy Occupy” had no papers to present to the Thought Police, so…. Lucy and I share a profile, but she has a page, I have a page, and we have some other pages and groups.
there is no box clouds
Energy follows thought and thoughts are things. JUST DO IT. YOU’RE NOT ALONE.
It was brought to my attention that not everybody knows what a BLOG is, and therefore, the power of the blog as a ‘weapon of self-defense’ is not clearly understood. OK! That makes sense.
Quick story, then some links. In 2011, facing extreme periods of Facebook censorship (weeks at a time in the ol’ days, and total lockout!) I had to find alternatives to the censorship being faced by most people screaming about Fukushima Global disaster and the triple nuclear meltdowns.
I asked a buddy at work, a former SEAL, how do I create a blog?? He said he normally charged several hundred dollars, but for me I think he said it would be a couple hundred, or he may have offered to do it for free, but I would have to wait. There was no time to waste, so I figured it out.
I went to, picked a theme and added a title, and I think the first one was AN OPEN LETTER TO THE EMPEROR OF JAPAN (on
WordPress.COM is easier, imho, than wordpress.ORG and it’s one-stop-shopping, and it’s free. You can spend a little to ensure your readers are not bothered with ads, but it can be 100% free.
You can type a post on FB, copy and paste to a new BLOG post, and voila…. you begin to collect your story so it’s documented and people can get up to speed as time goes by. I have received many calls and emails from people who just wanted to talk, because they thought they were ALONE in fighting for the life, or the life of their loved ones being tortured and abused in the American Workers Comp Systems.
Check it out and if one of the videos speaks to you, please share the link here and share your progress on creating a blog.
START WITH A SHORT TITLE (I learned that by experience! ) and you can even just build up a collection of posts, you can share with friends privately for feedback and proof-reading, and you can blast it all over FB, Twitter, Google + LinkedIn and beyond.
“Without a blog and a database, Injured Workers are UNARMED and UNPROTECTED in the Global #WarOnWorkers!  #WoW”
#DodgeTheRads  Be ITK about “Your Radiation This Week”  —
#OccupyVirtually #OccupyWorkComp because
social media transformations


More Insults to Injuries by the WorkComp communities? Pfffft readers and blogger are insulted, with plausible deniability, by industry mouthpieces as not informative or inspirational enough for WorkCompster’s reading time? Pfffft!


‘TicketMasters for the WorkComp industry galas’ charging that Injured Worker blogs fail to inform?  Yikes!  What a money trail!

Hmmmmmm….   They found the articles about The Constitutional Right to Blog and Worker’s Comp Fraud ‘improperly structured’?  LOL…..  funny guys!


Note that is suggesting that Injured Workers who blog follow this formula”
 “….As for the rest of the nominated injured worker blogs, I can best suggest that properly structured, concise and focused content that informs more than it criticizes will likely make a big difference in outcomes for future contests.”

Is it possible that a little ‘criticism’ of patterns of practice of fraud, corruption, collusion, deceptions and obstructions of justice caused the WorkComp Industry Blog judges — no injured workers involved — to overlook the few voices of Injured Workers in America in favor of an Australian who facilitates food provisions for the jobless, homeless victims of Australian WorkCompsters??   Hmmmmmmm…… that sounds SUSPICIOUS, doesn’t it?

flag distress signal

Here’s a post on the issue of why no Injured Workers were judges in the recent ‘CONtest,’ nor included in the ‘Best of” results….  “TIM” seems to be a poster-boy for the disdain, contempt, disrespect and victimization as the training-du-jour in the industry.  Read about Tim and his attitude toward injured workers and the workcomp industries….and draw your own conclusions:

Why are Injured Workers treated with such disdain and contempt by so many in the Industry? GO FIGURE, HUH?

Ditto for, despite industry views of more than 30,000 to date?

They further insult the American Workers, upon whom they prey, by suggesting that a non-American who apparently anticipates intervention by the United Nations to help save American victims of Worker’s Compensation…is the only injured worker in the world worth reading?



Bags of groceries for those who have become homeless and destitute and disabled because of Worker’s Compensation are valuable indeed. It deals with the effects of the atrocities of the global issues of the 21st-century Sonderkommando -type crimes against humanity by the insurance industries and their foot soldiers!

Si sedgwick insitute opportunity to open dialogues

In further efforts to INFORM AND INSPIRE, encourages American’s to read and subscribe to THIS BLOG—>, apparently akin to the USA’s National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers Organization — —– that also embraces injured military and law enforcement personnel.


The recent Best Blogs 2016 folks may want to be better informed and aware of international issues citing similar atrocities in America are also happening across Australia, in the UK and Canada.  Injured Workers will do a quick study of the 22 listed blogs and advise which ones ever report on fraud and corruption, and which do so truthfully, or hypocritically , appearing complicit in the patterns of practice that cause so much harm to Injured Workers, in the USA and elsewhere.  REMEMBER REMEMBER:  NO LIE LASTS FOREVER


‘Bags of Food’ to help mitigate the abuses, joblessness and homelessness caused by the WorkComp system are hardly enough—- and they do not serve to cover up“Thousands Failing to collect workers com”, as blogged abouut by the Working Life Team out of Australia, reporting on the “IWSN member-managed network.
Injured Workers Who speak out on the fraud, injustice, obstructions of justice, and the crisis of hyper corruption continue to be mocked by those who profit by sugarcoating the despicable collusion and corruption of the WorkComp Extermination programs?!
My my. What a shocking surprise! What do you think?


“An Injured Worker without a blog is unarmed and unprotected in the American #WarOnWorkers. #Wow”


#DodgeTheRads! #Blog4Justice
#OccupyWorkComp – Virtually because