What’s Up LA? Baffled Attorneys fiddle while Injured Workers seek cure for Romano-Syndrome Sweeping the Nation’s Working Classes?

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Baffled Attorneys fiddle while Injured Workers seek cure for #Romano-Syndrome sweeping the nation’s Working Classes?

Romano-Syndrome?  Here, read this.  Workers Comp & Bad Faith: Unacceptable Oversights The Insurer’s Duty and The Romano Case. 

Sidebar:  “May I approach the bench?”  Do all those California “Valley” attorneys know about the health consequences of the Los Angeles Chemical and Nuclear Disaster? Details in Your Radiation This Week No 39.  Google and Share it with your smart friends and lawyers.


Can Congressional WorkComp Investigations lead to appropriate trials and Rx?
Can 54+ million Injured Disabled Workers “Blog for the Cure”successfully ?

NAIDW 54 million plus

Failures of attorney associations across America to protect Injured Workers for 50+ years leaves Congress, Department of Labor, Social Security Administration, the Unsuspecting Public and Injured Workers ‘puzzled, baffled, bewildered, confused, and perplexed!’

Are more “studies” the answer? What ACTIONS are required? Nuclear workers appear to experience brutal strains of Romano-Syndrome? Increasing numbers of Congressional representatives ‘circling the wagons?’  Will Los Angeles evacuate or just continue to extend and pretend there is no immediate danger?

Current treatments and work comp plans save dollars not lives! Furthermore , 20-30+ years of incapacitation seems to violate Geneva Convention guidelines for treatment of POW’s?!?  What about Injured and Disabled Veterans?

It is Time for Domestic Torture Reports on Prisoners of the Corporate Wars on the Working Class!

One WorkCompster evaluating doctor suggests that Injured Workers take any Human Rights complaints directly to The Hague?!? Is that the best and only Remedy?  Is he really saying WorkComp is an EPIC FAIL and a successful depopulation event?  Well educated and highly credentialed doctor, so who’s to argue with such opinions and advice?

Did you read and share these BLOG POSTS yet Thanks

List YOUR Injured Worker Blog here:AskAboutWorkCompGravyTrains.com

IMAGINE 54+ Million Injured Workers Blogging Truths to the Unsuspecting Public

social media transformations

God bless America!

See more here:

Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains Now

IMAGINE INJURED DISABLED WORKERS ASSOCIATIONS across America. Let’s start social media groups.  Request to join. Even Defense Firm peeps may be tolerated, if well behaved.  Let’s all get along and create resolutions.

Injured Worker attorneys may find support and tips to creative resolutions that may save lives and increase their apparent pay from $10/hr to perhaps $15. Those 10 to 20+ year cases suck, don’t they?  Remember your oath and stop throwing disabled people “under the bus” please and thank you.  Wake up or get lost.

IDWA-USA Injured Disabled Workers Associations – USA

Finding the hands of those working for change, and strengthening those hands. THINK THINK THINK

As long as Injured Workers remain silent, and fail to reach out to the ususpecting public, the maimings and deaths will mount.

Learned helplessness and Professional Victim-hood gotta go.


This link, Free Training Series: How to Create a 1000 Watt Presence,  could be widely shared with Injured Workers to help them find their voice. What do YOU suggest?

What can we do collectively to STAMP OUT ROMANO-SYNDROME and other fatal consequences of WorkComp practices?  #BlogForTheCure

In a recent discussion with a War Veteran, discussing the War On Workers, I asked, “What are the instructions to military personnel receive if captured and a soldier becomes PRISONER OF WAR?” He referred me to “USMJ” “POW” section… I’ll blog on it soon…

Till then, HELP INJURED WORKERS FIND AN EFFECTIVE VOICE… Start here and keep moving…. #MicCheck Think locally * Act Globally #OccupyVirtually #DodgeRadsNow ONWARD!

Do your own research, Draw Your Own Conclusions.

The Demolition of Workers’ Comp – From Insult to Injury – A series of 19+ ongoing investigative reporting articles, from sea to shining sea

Congressional 2015 letter to Department of Labor

Who else is blogging about work comp

Congress faces rising pressure to help rejected nuclear workers

“Tens of thousands of sick employees have been denied help  “….

“The U.S. government has compensated over 52,000 nuclear workers illnesses related to radiation exposure, but the process is complicated. Deaths resulting from exposure while working at the plants and the compensation process for survivors begs the question: How much is a life worth?”

Here is a study by Everette Lee Herndon, Jr.  on Workers Comp & Bad Faith: Unacceptable Oversights The Insurer’s Duty and The Romano Case. Published on http://www.propertycasualty360.com on July 15, 2013  that will prove insightful to any readers, industry or non-industry.  If you’re human, read it; you’ll get it.

A recent DePaolo World blog shared another story with the same trend…..Profit Before People rather than the carrier paying for transitional living facilities at approximately $40K a month, likely with the help of some nasty pharmaceutical, that injured worker’s ‘suicidal ideations’ and attempts could save that carrier a bundle…..  and have “Happy Shareholders”??  Yikes!  See also Guilty Without Charge


And then there are the matters of:

“…This is just awful, folks. What it all means is it is time for people in LA and the San Fernando Valley to get out of town….” – Bob Nichols


YRTW No 39 partial readings see article for all

YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK ….. an on-going series…check your proximity to the Highest Recorded Radioactive Cities in America this week, and see special section in YRTW No 39 on “Snowflakes and Radiation” and the ongoing “Los Angeles Chemical and Nuclear Disaster”   



What would Sun Tzu or Master Sgt.Woods do in these times that try men’s souls?


#OccupyVirtually!  It’s Dangerous Out There!


rise up OCCUPY VIRTUALLY rads in the air

Best regards,

Linda Ayres, Writer, Injured Worker Advocate,

WorkComp & TBI Survivor since 1/9/12



Twitter:  WorkCompLinda   & LindaAyres311 

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindaayres311

Dodge Rads Now


Surviving Work Comp – A Series WHAT DO YOU THINK? Draft One

POINT OF REFERENCE:    Top 10 Highest-paid CEOs at U.S> commercial insurance companies



Back in 2012, one doctor suggested that I write about my work comp experiences after a witnessed slip and fall backwards, big, hard, conk on the head, little-to-no medical care over the course, in order to help me process what was happening to me with the lack of medical care, legal chicanery, and fight for my life.



It took until the summer of 2013 to make it a blog…..the earlier writings were to WorkComp people — doctors, adjusters, lawyers, human resources. Initially, I suspected the poor treatment was simply that some of the people I was dealing with were simply stupid.   I discovered it is far worse than that.

"WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW" #OccupyVirtually
“WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW” #OccupyVirtually  – #DodgeTheRads  

Have you seen the movie, WOMAN IN GOLD?  Here’s the trailer.  I watched it this week.  I cringed and gasped repeatedly as I saw parallels between those atrocities, and the life destroying actions of the WorkCompsters around the nations.  It is time for more Doctor’s Trials, to include the complicit sonderkommando, wouldn’t you agree?




Watch it and see for yourself how the parallels can be drawn with the devastation and destruction by the Nazi’s in the 30’s and similar destruction of life in the 21st century—of disabled workers, older workers and other ‘economically undesirable’ or ‘unprofitable’ members of the working classes.  If you do watch it, pay particular attention to the cheering when the Nazi’s rolled in to Austria, and the terrors that followed and wonder about shareholders of the companies causing such atrocities. Today, they don’t roll in in tanks, it’s the sedans and stretch limos?  Yikes!


If you don’t know any Injured Workers and if you are like the ‘cheering crowds’ of the profitable workcomp industries, also take a look at “The First Leaflet” and the next time medical care is denied on your watch, ask about your own humanity and soul.


Injured Workers lose their sanity, their jobs, their homes and their lives in the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business model that provides windfalls of profits, faster upon death of injured workers, to insurance industries and ancillary venues.

Are you #LinkedIn?

It’s thrilling to see that the nation is finally discussing, out loud and virtually, some of the horrific atrocities of WorkComp. No more sugar-coating the atrocities. Enough of you know the real deal.



We, The People,  Are The Media Now.  “Let’s get right to it!”


Wouldn’t it be beneficial and life-extending if…..some of the biggies….. WorkCompCentral + ProPublica + National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers accelerate the discussion WITH AN EMPHASIS CHANGE TOWARD SOLUTIONS?  Enough already with the hand-wringing and rhetoric.


If you’re in the industry, Y’all already know what’s happening. DO SOMETHING TODAY.  MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT.  “ADOPT AN INJURED WORKER” AND HELP THEM ESCAPE FROM THE “assembly lines of death” and OPEN AIR DEATH CHAMBERS!

If not you, then who?  If not now, then when?

Go save yourself from the zombies


Let’s individually and collectively conduct interviews with doctors, lawyers and others who have “left the industry” so that real issues can be addressed, in a less threatening manner, with, perhaps, some amnesty provisions for early responders.


These WorkComp challenges and atrocities are Universal —- perhaps the USA, Canada, UK and Australia have similar organizations — like WorkCompCentral + ProPublica + National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers and everybody can join forces to save/extend lives.


We’ll probably need some educational events to address BEST PRACTICES for Whistle Blowing, in all quarters, wouldn’t you agree?

It has been somewhat comforting over the past year to see discussions about the many horrors of WorkComp, along with the high profits for the insurance carriers. Romano Trust Vs. Sedgwick seems to have paved the way for carriers to “wish and hope you die” if you are an injured worker —-it’s an cost effective strategy, in perfect alignment with PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business models, also used by the Nuclear Industries?


Here is a study by Everette Lee Herndon, Jr.  on Workers Comp & Bad Faith: Unacceptable Oversights The Insurer’s Duty and The Romano Case. Published on http://www.propertycasualty360.com on July 15, 2013  that will prove insightful to any readers, industry or non-industry.  If you’re human, read it; you’ll get it.


A recent DePaolo World blog shared another story with the same trend….. Profit Before People rather than the carrier paying for transitional living facilities at approximately $40K a month, likely with the help of some nasty pharmaceutical, that injured worker’s ‘suicidal ideations’ and attempts could save that carrier a bundle…..  and have “Happy Shareholders”??  Yikes!  See also Guilty Without Charge


Well, recently a recommendation from another doctor/coach suggested I write about my WorkComp experiences.  I shyly reported, “Well, I have a little blog already, but I do want to write a book.”   Unimpressed (and previously unaware of my blogs) it was suggested that before our next meeting that I “write an Introduction and a Chapter Outline.”  😀   THIS IS THE INTRODUCTION!   HERE COMES THE OUTLINE!

Did I leave anything out?  Do you think a series of e-books would fly?  Would you read it if it was free?  Would you prefer to pay 99 cents for each e-booklet?  Would you watch a webinar about Whistle Blowing, Blogging, Administrative Tasks for Injured Workers and more?  Would you join groups on the NADIW.org site, LinkedIn, Facebook and elsewhere to further discussion and enhance your own blogs?   


Surviving Work Comp – Draft One

INTRODUCTION    (See above)


  1. Congratulations on Your Job!  But Wait — about The Benefits
  3. Lawyer Up or Self-Represent?
  4. How does it work?
  5. Who are the Key Players?
  6. How do you get medical care?  Hint: Cross your fingers and hope you don’t die first!
  7. What to Track:  Money In/Money Out/Money Stopped; Doctor appointments — arrival, names, notes, tests, directions, prescriptions, off work notices; Get and read copies of all medical reports and appeals, get business cards of all parties.
  8. What to do if treatment is denied (and it will be denied, FACT!  APPEAL, SQUEAL AND SQUEEK — JUST WHISTLE)
  9. Why Blog?  What to blog — What not to blog?
  10. Suspect Fraud?  Uh oh!  FIGHT BACK!
  11. Suspect Collusion?  Uh oh! FIGHT BACK!
  12. Did HR send a Get Well Card and Speedy Recovery Wishes?
  13. Are you disabled?  File for Social Security Disability immediately if you expect to be off work 1 year or more (Hint: If it’s work comp, count on it! File churning, obfuscation of facts, fradu and chicanery often caused delay, denial, deceptions and death.  FILE TODAY;  If you’re lucky enough to get legit medical care and return to work, welcome to that “1%” crowd!
  14. Follow THESE Blogs – Comment on Industry Blogs
  15. Join the #CommitteeOfBloggers – WE WORK LIKE ANTZ  – Use these memes and hashtags too!
  16. Lost your sanity, job, home and health?  Uh-oh!  Find an advocate to help you fight back – LEARN TO WHISTLE!  #JustWhistle, #Tweet, #Blog, #Post, #Pin etc.
  17. Tell YOUR story here and there and Tell your Friends and Neighbors and Elected Officials…. do your best to BE SUCCINCT….. “What it used to be like, what happened, and what it’s like now”  Figure you have 30 seconds to grab attention, and two minutes to hold it in a call to action.
  18. Go Fund Me?  If you don’t ask, you won’t get.  TRANSCEND LEARNED HELPLESSNESS; BE CREATIVE!   (Read also #TheFirstLeaflet)
  19. Join a Class Action in Your State or Nation
  20. Settlement Time?  Yeah, right.
  21. Then What…. HOW DO YOU MOVE ON POST-WORK COMP?   How to RISE LIKE THE PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES?occupy virtually 99 percent
  22. Ask:  About Your Radiation This Week

Remember Remember to ‘Pray for the Dead and Dying, Fight Like Hell for The Living, #DodgeTheRads and #OccupyVirtually

#InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore


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