Where do we go from here WorkComp, Wyndham, CNA, Grancell, Corvel and My Fellow Americans



[If YOU have ideas on how to resolve this, and matters like it, without a WorkComp death penalty for getting injured on the job, please advise!]

Dear Tina:

Thank you for your kind letter.

“I will share your request with the Leave Support Center and ask them to review your request and provide you a written response with the outcome.”

Please do also send the information on how to redeem the $54.73 “Three year Service Award”….  It will help with the costs of food and lodging while attending the Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program.  I will ask my accountant to revise my 2014 return.

How nice.  That’s the first I am hearing of a monetary award for years of service!  Did I miss one for 2013? I got a card from Tommy with a Pin for the first year back.  I still have it.  Timeshare did change my life…for the best when I bought my first one, then for the better when I became a salesperson, then….. for my near total destruction upon being injured at work.

Please consider THIS  letter a further addendum to request for continued leave of absence, through December 1, 2015, such leave being part of the accommodation request.  If I can get back sooner, I will.  Dr. Hilda will reevaluate periodically, as will staff at Coastline.  

Please see the attached letter from Matrix Absence Management, a member of the Tokio Marine Group, as administrators for Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, and the Long Term Disability Provider of the self-purchased Wyndham LTD policy.  I can tell you that Matrix/Reliance has been consistently kind, professional, and helpful, even through the financial chicanery of CNA that complicated payment of the LTD policy, more than once.  The experience between the two insurance companies is as different as night and day, good and evil, honorable and unlawful, kind and vicious…..


Attached is the IME, Independent Medical Exam by one of the Reliance ‘independent’ neurologists. Stewart Reubens, of Grancell, also requested a copy of this report and it is therefore being sent to all stakeholders. I am under no legal obligation to share this information; it is relevant to the possibly criminal matters at hand, that absolutely require Wyndham Intervention at the highest levels now. Let’s avoid a #FEHA lawsuit, although it seems Grancell has other aims. I have not been authorized to return to work because medically necessary treatments have not been authorized for over three years.



Ain’t that a crime?!!  If it wasn’t WorkComp, it would likely be attempted murder!   ” First- degree murder  is any intentional  murder  that is willful and premeditated with malice aforethought.”  Complicity in such acts likely has serious consequences as well.

Please note the Reliance letter clearly states:

“Based on the medical information contained in your file, you are considered totally disabled from performing any occupation for which you are qualified, by reason of training, education, or experience.  As a result, benefits will continue to April 8, 2017, or until you no longer meet the provision of your policy, whichever occurs first.”

How is it, do you think, that both of Wyndham’s insurance companies can have such diverse opinions on my ability to return to work?  Grancell has done everything possible to ensure I am not able to return to work, while they churn the files.  Yesterday, I received another big set of papers from CorVel corporation, pure chicanery and deceptions, but it is their standard of practice.  I have about 3 reams of their bogus expensive reports.

Please see the attached links on how one Mayor has requested a complete audit of CorVel.


See more comments at Bob’s Cluttered Desk

Confusion Reigns Supreme – CorVel Hospital Experience is a Lesson for All of Workers’ Comp


Forth Worth Mayor and CorVel

If the Mayor can call for an Audit of CorVel’s WorkComp practices, Wyndham Worldwide can certainly call for an audit of at least my case, and ideally, an audit of all claims over the past 5 years that resulted in absences of longer than 90 days, or forced resignations as a requirement to facilitate medically necessary care. Certainly such an audit will identify a pattern of practice clearly showing the Wyndham is paying premium for insurance coverage that does not provide medical care to injured workers, and in fact, failures to provide medical care by said provider, cause egregious harm to both injured worker and employing corporation, with callous disregard for life and corporate profits and shareholder interests.  (Good for defense law firm shareholders apparently, good for nobody else.)


I know how that cop’s family must feel. My dad was a firefighter. I know how that ‘Brotherhood’ can mobilize and organize to help it’s own when under attack by the likes of CorVel, and what is to come for the family, also, during recovery.  I have seen the industry attacks on Cops in LA, alleging they are off work for long periods of time, blaming the cops, not the deniers of medically necessary treatments.   Yeah, industry propaganda.   Anybody with a job anywhere in the USA could be next.


LI  Self Procured Medical Care

I have stories about those first weeks when a “Case Manager, Nurse Lorraine” terrorized me, and   my doctor’s!!!    Did she work for Corvel?  I don’t know.  I think she worked for CNA.  I do know that for more than 2 years, since 2/21013,  CorVel has been complicit in denials of medical care based on some pretty fictitious and outrageous misrepresentations of medical records, and omitted/ignored medical records, in full disregard of ACOEM, MTUS and NIH guidelines for treatment of closed head injury/concussion, tbi, traumatic brain injury and related consequences. CorVel staff make it very clear that they work for the insurance company, and that would seem to be a severe conflict of interest.

See YOUR letter below for more insights to what I have experienced at the hands of these premium sucking/injured worker harming vendors!

The consequences and validity of the course of treatment that have contributed to my leave of absence being more than 3 years, and great bodily to me because of the breach of fiduciary responsiblity by CNA and it’s defense counsel, Grancell-Corona and Grancell-Novato,  is simply stated as follows:

CNA INSURANCE has authorized this medical care since date of injury:

2012 – Chiropractic, Clinical Psychologist (less than 20 sessions each)

2013- Physical Therapy-6 sessions

2014 – Chiropractic, Acupuncture, 24 sessions of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and

Physical Therapy  (Obtaining a Court order was required for Grancell to authorize scheduling of authorized chiro and acupuncture)…..

2015 – NO MEDICAL CARE, NO RETURN TO WORK, NO DISABILITY BENEFITS paid by CNA SINCE MAY 2014, after refusing to pay, despite Court agreement, in 2012/2013.  Funky accounting let them off the hook with a $16K profit for ‘negotiated’ reimbursement to the State of California for monies the State paid out of my account in 2012/2013.  (Small Permanent Disability advance received yesterday, that will serve to facilitate Coastline ABI program attendance. According to the law, PD estimated payments were due 14 days after last TTD payment… which was May 8, 2014.  See another problem here? Let’s work together for a solution; CNA has a fiduciary responsiblity to Wyndham, and TO ME, as an insured injured worker; that has been breached repeatedly; let’s change that for me, and for all injured workers who follow this path.)

Clearly, the above meets no thinking person’s idea of legitimate, reasonable nor appropriate medical care for a well documented traumatic brain injury.  It does not comply with WorkComp guidelines, ACOEM, MTUS, NIH or any thinking person’s notion of how to deal with brain injury. 

brain concussions football

Self procured (I PAID FOR IT MYSELF VS. QUIETLY LOSING MY LIFE) medical care has included physician requested but adjuster/attorney denied treatment:

2012- Functional Neurology with TBI Expertise, MRI Brain, chiropractic

2013 – Vision Therapy & Prism Lenses, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Speech therapy

2014 – Vision Therapy & Prism Lenses, Chiropractic, MRI – TBI Protocol, Acupuncture, Neuro-Psychology sessions

How many thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars have been spent on reports that requested medical care since 2012, that were simply ignored until February 2013, then they were denied in UR evaluations that would not pass a legitimacy test? More than $50,000 was spent at SCRIPPS in 2014, for merely 24 days out of the recommended 3-6 months.   What a waste of money was that!  Whose money was it? Furthermore, such a program is more beneficial for NEW Injuries, not 2.5 year old untreated head injuries.  Helpful, yes, but if CNA had only agreed to Coastline ABI program when it was first presented in May 2014, I could be almost back to work now for a fraction of the cost, and more compensatory skills.


CNA was required by law to be proactive in finding and securing help for me.  The only brain injury treatments received were all based on my own diligence and research, at the guidance of various reporting doctors, who’s recommendations were consistently ignored.  Romano Trust vs. Sedgwick rulings apparently gives companies like CNA the right to kill injured workers.  Is that the type of company that represents Wyndham Corporate Culture and Values?  WILL WYNDHAM STEP UP NOW?

Out of all the evaluating doctors seen, only 3 supported denial of medical care….. known industry leased/owned doctors….Zardouz, Kent and O’Brien.    Any district attorney investigation should likely start there, then move through the list of complicit CorVel doctors, and, of course, to the handling of the mis-information by Ms. Mall of Grancell, and supported by Mr. Reubens of Grancell, while the CNA adjusters seemed to be ‘just following orders’.   Most likely, WE, THE PEOPLE, NEED THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE TO INTERVENE IN WORK COMP CRIMES, NATIONALLY, WITH A SPECIAL COMMISSION.  In seeking Class Action potential, it seems too many attorneys are too afraid of the big corporations, or have no working knowledge of fighting for civil rights.  Others simply seem to be in cahoots with the dubious doctors, law firms, scams and other providers.

Brain  viral mashable more

As an injured Wyndham Worker, and as a Wyndham shareholder, I am hereby formally requesting that an immediate claim audit of my case be conducted…. top include th CNA handling, the Grancell obfuscation of all facts and file churning, and the CorVel deceptions.  As I see from the article, an Employer does indeed have the authority to question the handling of claims, and a responsiblity to do so when the harm caused by the employer’s vendors has been so egregious.   PLEASE WORK WITH MIKE DOUGHERTY TO GET THIS CLAIM INVESTIGATED, WHILE I GET AS MUCH COMPENSATORY STRATEGIES AS POSSIBLE WHILE AT COASTLINE ABI PROGRAM.   Here is that link as well. http://www.coastline.edu/students/students-with-disabilities/acquired-brain-injury/    

I will never be whole, but without treatment, I will forever be 100% disabled.   That’s not ok.

Thank you also for the vouchers for discounts at the Wyndham property in Newport Beach, near Coastline Community College Acquired Brain Injury Program. The staff at Ramada Inn – Newport Beach is always so kind, patient and gracious. When I first arrived there, in October 2014, I didn’t know it was a Wyndham property (I forgot how big Wyndham is!)  I told my “WorkComp Story” at check in, as I tell anybody who will listen, and the Front Desk Manager listened patiently and said, ‘Well, let’s get your experience with Wyndham back on a positive track.  Allow me to upgrade your visit.”   Kindness goes a long way.

With the tiny advance on Permanent Disability funds just received (thanks, Fred!), I hope to be able to complete the one year ABI program, which is officially concluded December 10, 2015, and I will jump through all the hoops to get there, stay there,and excel there, getting the compensatory strategies that are offered when people with brain injuries have exhausted all restorative treatments, or didn’t get any, like I didn’t.   Maybe I can organize a Student Union activity on behalf of InjuredWorkers in California, or an educational launch to reach ignorant doctors, lawyers and adjusters, and work with DA’s to deal with the rest of them.  That would be a big goal, but as a Salesperson, I know the value of goals, written goals, and Vision Boards.  More than one of my doctor’s has indicated that I’m so smart, that’s the only reason I have survived this atrocity to the degree that I have.  I want to help Wyndham get a better insurance company and a better, more-pro-active work comp program to avoid fiascos like this in the future.

NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THESE HORRORS.   Plus side, I’ve learned to blog, and from the comfort of my War Room, I can type like there’s no tomorrow.  That part of my brain stayed in tact…… I wrote you, Tina, a letter, that morning of the 2nd impact on 2/4/12, when I told you if I die because of failures to provide medical care, that I hoped my family would sue Wyndham to kingdom come.  Well, I didn’t die yet, no thanks to Wyndham or it’s vendor.  My quality of life has severely diminished, and my life span has been dramatically shortened, and future health risks from untreated TBI are numerous.

Let’s make a positive impact now, while I can still fight the good fight!

cognitive dissonance turbulence

The first year was the most important for care. CNA knew that. So did Grancell.  It’s in the reports they chose to ignore. Remember, they attempted to coerce me to accept $100,000 in November 2012 in lieu of a deposition, treatment, and it required that I forfeit all civil rights, including my right to return to work.  I’m stuck with permanent brain damage because of all of this, and of course, I am not happy about it all.   Remember also, that the first neuro-pscyhologist, Dr. Eileen Kang, recommended “speech therapy with cognitive remediation” and indicated after that I would return to work.  Speech therapy was never authorized till I got to Scripps – Encinitas, in the Summer of 2014.  The damage was already done.

I will plan to return to work on or before December 1, 2015, hopefully, with few other accommodations to be requested/required.   Dr. Hilda Chalgujian is following my case, and Dr James Pasino at Coastline Acquired Brain Injury program is the neuro-psychologist in charge of the program, which is nationally renknowned and a model for other State program, and is supported by the Department of Rehabilitation.  I have requested and been authorized to participate early in the ‘career planning strategies’ for ABI survivors, which starts next week, in addition to the regular curriculum.  It is normally recommended that the program be 50% completed, but since I don’t know if I will be able to afford to stay through June 2015, I want to get as much good from the program as possible, and perhaps I can be one of the first virtual participants in the suMmer/fall program.  That’s just a hope of mine.  The drive is very hard on me, but I have to do it if I ever expect to have a life again.  LINK FOR MORE INFO:  http://www.coastline.edu/students/students-with-disabilities/acquired-brain-injury/

So, I await confirmation of the continued leave of absence, the Award redemption information, and confirmation that a full audit will be conducted, with perhaps a call to the Attorney General’s office in California to expedite further investigations of these horrific crimes.   While Grancell attempts to fraudulently state that I was this way before…. I have to laugh at their arrogance.   There is no such evidence, nor is there any way that Wyndham would have repeatedly hired  me in different locations, and even send me to Big Bear in January 2011 to help out during a time of severe management upheaval.  As you may recall, I was #1 Sales Rep of the Month more than once.

Perhaps CNA and Grancell current players are unaware of the timeshare world, and how it just doesn’t “MAKE SENSE” to attempt to kill an injured Timeshare Sales Person…. without expecting consequences.  More details are available at the blog site,  https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts.  God bless America, and the First Amendment., the 14th Amendments,  the Civil Rights Act and the US Constitution.

constitution  too long didnt read

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal   protection of the laws.”  

14th amendment violated by Workers Compensation Corporations?

It is my hope and prayer that Wyndham will make a difference, starting with it’s injured workers, and taking it global.  There are good people at Wyndham, and I have been blessed to know many of them.   I recoil, as if from a hot flame, at the very thought of the people at Grancel and CNA, but I’m just sensitive to evil that way.

end evil  step out of line

So, as I told Stewart Reubens and Fred Sachs, I don’t want to fuss about things while I am at Coastline.  I have also learned that 3 years in complete Survival Mode (or 2 years, since the first year I was hardly present cognitively)…. such stress is similar to what prisoners of war experience, and it is very dangerous for a brain injured person. Obviously, treatment will never happen via CNA, as many doctors have told me, in their own sheer utter discouragement and despair.  Nor is there any interest in good faith mediation.  So I hope they will just stay out of my way and let me recover and get back to work.

Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length) – YouTube

Jan 10, 2013 – Uploaded by Soull Purple

Defense Against the Psychopath By Stefan Verstappen Defense Against the Psychopath is a documentary ..

My plan is to continue at Coastline uninterrupted through December, then return to work at Palm Springs, in time to get trained and ready for high season.

Brain Injury Advocates

Thank you, Tina, also for the kinder tone of your letter.  Another peer at Coastline indicated her horror that nobody from her job of over 20 years so much as called to see if she was ok.  Another teacher, in Boston an a Nurse in North CA  is having the same sort of “work comp” troubles as I am, and it’s a self-insured school district, but with the same unclean hands and legal chicanery.. It’s epidemic.  Across the Nation.  #InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore


Linda Ayres, In Pro Per

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LI Profile Ranking  2 7 2015  826 am pst


[Sent to distribution list of all stakeholders; available to any interested parties via email request @WynLinda@gmail.com; could not figure out how to attach PDFs to blog.]

Wyndham Letter Re LOA  dated 2/6/15

Matrix/Reliance LTD letter dated 2/5/15 confirming continuation of benefits thru 4/8/17…

IME – Neurology Report of Dr. Jay Jurkowitz  November 2014, with supplement Jan 2015 report

Dr. Hilda Chalgujian, Neuropsychologist and now PTP, progress report of 1/19/12

With Helpful Links

—–Original Message—–

To: Linda Ayres <  reolinda@aol.com>; Linda Ayres <  wynlinda@gmail.com>
Sent: Fri, Feb 6, 2015 3:17 pm
Subject: Interactive process

Dear Linda,


On January 16, 2015, you indicated you had reactivated your Real Estate License and wanted to commence the interactive process regarding your return to work.  Please note that we have been engaged (and will continue to engage) in the interactive process, and we have attempted to work with you regarding your desire to return to work.  Our communications to you regarding your medical status and your desire to return to work constitute engagement in the interactive process.  Despite your desire to return, you still are unable to return to work€“ by your own admission.

  • January 23, 2015 – I am still TTD, temporarily totally disabled. Also, No brain experts have indicated that I am recovered sufficiently to return to work
  • January 13, 2015 I seem to pretty much permanently 100 disabled.
  • December 4, 2014 €œI am still temporarily totally disabled and now my conditions are exacerbated. I am unable to participate in the December 8 training class, much to my great disappointment and anguish.
  • November 26, 2014 €œI ’m tired and have brain fatigue and a little preservation . . . other cognitive deficits exist . . .
  • November 26, 2014  My California Real Estate Broker license expired because I was unable to cognitively perform the continuing education courses in time.
  • November 4, 2014 Because of my cognitive impairments, I am much slower to figure things out .


When you expressed your desire to return to work, we requested a medical release, but you have not provided one.  We need that release and its accompanying description of your limitations so that we can work with you to see if there is a position for which you are qualified, the essential functions of which you could perform with or without accommodation.  We cannot place you back in the workplace without that information and subsequent discussions with you.


In an email you sent on February 1, 2015, you stated €œI . . . .am hereby requesting extension of leave of absence to complete one year at Coastline Community College – Acquired Brain Injury Program in Newport Beach, which, ideally, will be completed on or before December 1, 2015, at which time I hope to be able to return to work.”


Regarding your request of an extended leave of absence until December 1, 2015, from your email on February 1st, I will share your request with the Leave Support Center and ask them to review your request and provide you a written response with the outcome.   Additionally, per your request, I signed discount vouchers for Wyndham hotels and provided them to you so you could secure accommodations at your expense.  Let me know if you need more in the future and I would be happy to assist.


Finally, you inquired about reported compensation in the amount of $54.73 for 2014.  We researched and found that the amount is associated with your three year service award with WVO.  To address this outstanding issue, you may either redeem the award (we will provide you the information to redeem online) or you may elect to forgo the award and we can reissue a W-2 to you for 2014.  Please note that reissuing the W-2 may take approximately 45 days to complete.


Please let me know if you have any questions and advise how you would like to proceed on the service award issue.


Thanks so much,

 —-Wyndham Human Resources

 work comp guidelines
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Job Injury? Welcome to #WorkCompHell

Thank you for your invitation to connect on LinkedIn.  

What a surprise!

Linda Ayres  Wyndham LinkedIn   11 8 2014  NUMERO UNO

Please let me know if I have information that can help you make a positive impact on the lives of InjuredWorkers in America and elsewhere.  


I bring a perspective to the table that few are willing to consider.  

Linked In 12 26 2014
I believe my own case is not unlike that of Romano Trust vs. Sedgwick, except that I am still alive to fight the good fight. (In addition to TBI, shoulder surgery was recommended for me, but having read about Romano case, I declined, pending alternatives to surgery.  The defense counsel suggests I’m unable to grasp the complexities of Labor Code, but the following looks pretty simple and easy to understand:
“Similarly, in United States Cas. Co. v. Industrial Acc. Com. (Moynahan) (1954) 122 Cal.App.2d
427, 435 [19 Cal.Comp.Cases 8], the Court said:
“Section 4600 of the Labor Code places the responsibility for medical expenses upon the employer when he has knowledge of the injury. … [ffl|] The duty imposed upon an employer who has notice of an injury to an employee is not … the passive one of reimbursement but the active one of offering aid in advance and of making whatever investigation is necessary to determine the extent of his obligation and the needs of the employee [emphasis added].”5 “
Then CNA objected to the shoulder as an approved ‘body part’, and an Orthopedic QME has been in the works for nearly 365 days.  They terminated benefits nearly immediately when they received diagnosis of closed head trauma/traumatic brain injury.  They got away with it, too.  Tsk tsk tsk.  Maybe not in a Federal Court, one day.
linda-ayres-says-join-me-on-twitter and linked in lindaayres311
My ‘case’ is “not usual” according to many “Super Lawyers.”  How unfortunate for America’s working class that the majority of attorneys fail it’s #InjuredWorkers.
Injured Workers have some ideas for the legal peeps, too; we can help you ‘find the money’ that you have been unable to successfully negotiate for yourself.
That up-to-15% tin cup, divided up with incompetent predecessors, makes helping injured workers economically ridiculous, so I am told.  It  has to change, so you can successfully represent the previously poorly represented, without financial hardship to your firm, or giving away money to attorneys who failed to perform and protect the injured workers that trusted them and retained them.
Or, injured workers, in pro per, will establish vendor networks and break the monopoly the ABA seems to have on WorkComp legal issues.  Can’t we all just work together, and get along? Compatible goals would include immediate and appropriate medical care, and expedited return to work processes, and cut out all the dubious file churning.  These are lives at stake, not just “cases” and “files.”  BE HUMAN!
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I suspect that WyndhamWorldwide may be looking for new #WorkComp insurance carrier and defense firms in the foreseeable future.  

The CNA handling of my case has been very poor for nearly 3 years.  The legal counsel has been extremely sloppy, imho.  The timeshare industry on the whole is probably nearly as profitable as the insurance industries, so that could be a business opportunity in progress.  
wc doc can you see the problem
I would like to see every InjuredWorker provided with a copy of THE ART OF WAR by SunTzu to study during any work related recovery and rehabilitation.  It could minimize casualties.  
SunTzu images

It’s been brought to my attention that it is somewhat of an industry standard to terminate benefits upon diagnosis of a “brain injury” or any significant or potentially catastrophic injury.


My diagnosis was February 2012, repeatedly reiterated by more than 30 medical evaluations that did not result in treatments.
For some reason, people in WorkComp often confuse an evaluation and recommendation for treatment with actual treatment, even though the costs are often higher for reports. My benefits were terminated in April 2012, what a coincidence. Court orders, intervention by Adult Protective Services, local politicians, and local Crisis Center have free up funds, periodically.  It is what could be considered to be a ‘low grade financial terrorism’ and abuse.
Nearly $30,000 in personal funds has been spent to stay alive and get treatment. Defense apparently has no intentions to reimburse, not even reimbursement of miles to “primary treating doctors” [a PTP is State designated Orthopedic Surgeon to be seen every 45 days to request medical care with brain specialists that is consistently denied by doctor and lawyers without expertise in TBI.] Fortunately, the Salvation Army intervened so that I would have have heat and lights last year. Oh my.  
Social Security Disability has been denied twice, as the reviewers do not deem full cognitive abilities are required to sell ‘timeshare’….even if speech is dysfluent, short-term memory severely impaired, compounded by grave disorganization and attention deficits, easily lost to and from home and moreso to and from new places, to name a few cognitive challenges. 
SSDI because it’s inconvenient for an insurance carrier to act and provide coverage in accordance with policy terms? Does the State Controller know? How about the Taxpayers? Governor? Audit time? 
Cost shifting from a paid WorkComp Insurance Policy to the State seems…. rather odd, doesn’t it?  California seems to reward non-payment of benefits to injured workers by insurance carriers in thousands of dollars per incident.  Is there sufficient money in State coffers to put injured workers on social services lines? 
It has taken Court Orders and Judge time to get basic pain relief such as chiropractic and acupuncture, with total disregard to MTUS and ACOEM and common sense guidelines for immediate interdisciplinary treatment. Is that really the best use of Court time???  It took 15 months for physical therapy authorization of 6 sessions.  One “independent”  industry doctor stated that since the injured worker (me) didn’t get brain injury care in the first two years, and being “over 35″….. no treatment would be recommended?  He teaches neurology at UCLA. God help the next generations!


Is that an EEOC direct hit?  1. Gender 2. Age. 3. Disability.   :/

At one point, the carrier called from Chicago to ask, among other things, in light of non-treatment for nearly 3 years, “…when ARE you going to die?”   More recently, defense counsel suggested a ‘court appointed conservator’ since there is such non-acceptance to torture delivered via WorkComp systems and procedures.  #DomesticTortureReports-2015 seem necessary and a logical next step.
Since actual numbers of TBI victims reach well into the many millions, it is easier to see how such a risk management strategy of fast-and-potentially-lethal denials could develop as a cost-savings remedy for carriers.

What is your experience or policy regarding treatment for brain injuries? Is it more than CNA’s 3-year plan of a few chiropractic, a couple of acupuncture, and a couple of clinical psychology visits, and when pressed, 16 days in the third year to include speech therapy, occupational therapy, and non-specific physical therapy?


Does return to work ever factor in for closed head trauma, in your experience, or is that age and gender sensitive also?

Here are two more books that could prove mutually beneficial to the Brain-Injured Populations, and those who purport to serve them.John C Byler  YOU LOOK GREAT
Brain Injury Advocates

As a “Finalist” in the #WorkCompLaude 2014 category of InjuredWorker, I have been blessed to meet some of the good people in the WorkComp World, many aghast at my story, or my telling of it.  

Nominations for Comp Laude Categories
Let’s ensure that more nominees are included in all categories are included in the 4th Annual #CompLaude Awards Gala on December 5, 2015!  
Asking for assistance from NAIDW.org may prove beneficial to all concerned in the Great Good.  

Let’s also see if we can talk David DePaolo of WorkCompCentral into making it a NATIONAL EVENT….EVEN AN INTERNATIONAL EVENT!  

Some of us envision State Committees of Correspondents convening and nominating to applaud the applaudable and to indict the indictable.
Remember Remember Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Workers
Remember Remember Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Workers

This story about #Nuclear Workers at #Fukushima seems to illustrate the practices of Corporate responses to Work Injuries and Deaths, globally:    

Fukushima workers and death

“No Evidence ‪#‎TEPCO‬ Was Supervising the Work”

Let’s connect in the new year.  
Linda Ayres
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#WorkComp in America: “Homo homini lupus est”


#WorkCompCentral #CompLaude Gala Awards #InjuredWorker category Nominee and Finalist with TBI…. Oh My! Huh?!

Life with TBI is so


This blog, ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS, is an example of what can happen when a corporation has a policy of …


Don’t call 9-11, don’t drive a head-injured worker to a hospital or emergency room, have a good laugh at the fall in a sales meeting, encourage completing work shift then driving 20 miles down an icy-mountain road then 40 more miles of desert 2-lane road to get to “go to any doctor that takes work comp insurance” and provides an incomplete DWC-1 form (no insurance carrier info; then emails later with a list of providers that no longer accept work comp insurance and demands to cease seeing the doctor seen on date of injury; defense firm later insists said action is “proper service” of an alleged ‘MPN’), no-get-well-wishes, no follow up, erroneous info, reliance on EAP to facilitate first doctors (shifting burden to health insurance vs work comp carrier) (then adjuster has extensive phone conversation with EAP designated doctor regarding severity of injuries and shortly thereafter terminates benefits, stiffing said doctor for 4 appointment payments also),  no intervention to help an injured worker for nearly 3 years, no participation in FEHA interactive process, no apparent return to work program–with or without ADA accommodations, “the silent treatment” if pro-active nearly destitute injured worker is the only attendee at a corporate public JOB FAIR in an attempt to facilitate “RTW,”

Further policies appear to include introduction of injured worker to the State Welfare Systems and the generosity of charitable organizations such as THE SALVATION ARMY because of failures to provide medically necessary treatment for ‘going on 3 years’ and refusing to pay disability benefits, causing loss of professional credentials and complicating work injuries because of failures to provide immediate, reasonable and necessary medical care and shifting all burdens of the WorkComp policy benefits to others….

Defense firm attempted to coerce first year premature Settlement, without repeatedly requested brain injury evaluations and treatments,  for $100k less attorney fees, that required full release of all liability, it required resignation from job, forfeiture of any/all State disability/Medicare benefits for “3 years” with callous disregard for life itself.  File appears to have been churned churned churned repeatedly.  Injured worker is out of pocket nearly $30,000, for self-procuring physician requested treatments and evaluations that the insurance carrier or and defense firm denied repeatedly until the new law, when the buck could be further passed on ‘non-recommendations’ for treatment by non-brain injury experts.

District Attorney indicated the complaints “have merit”….but that was quite a while ago.  EEOC asked why the brain-injured worker waited so long to complain.  One lawyer, after repeated attempts to find competent legal representation, after file review, concluded with the question, “So why did you wait more than 2 years for medical care for a brain injury?”  D’oh!



Earlier in 2014, the State Adult Protective Services intervened in response to complaints of financial terrorism compounding the failures to provide medical treatment for, at that time, over two years.

Ask About Brain Injuries and “Perseveration” of pen, words, thoughts and neuro-misfirings; for those in #WorkComp who do not know, the “brain” is a body part located in the head region.  A witnessed slip and fall “backwards” on ice only has the “skull” to break the fall; see illustration:

tbi and ice


“Homo homini lupus est”


What a GALA they have planned! #WorkCompCentral!  See the Video Here: https://ww3.workcompcentral.com/

We applaud David DePaolo and his Colleagues, Staff and Organization for Initiation and Continuation of the CompLaude Awards Gala!   That’s pretty gutsy, and the impact must be far reaching!  Thank you for the privilege of being considered in the InjuredWorker category, and if we can be of any assistance to make it a National, then an International Search for Nominations in the future, let us know.

#InjuredWorkersUniting…… WE’LL KEEP BETTER TRACK OF THE GOOD GUYS & GALS IN THE FUTURE, and become some of the Top Contributors to the Nominations Processes.




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  1. Remember about PIMM patsies. Forget about BS of “establishing trust”. The first thing PIMM destroys is trust and you need to be aware that he tries to entice your weaker colleagues to spy on you. In such environment a weaker personalities often adopts the role of patsy as a self-protection mechanism and might even comply and even try to provoke you to “frank talk” that will be reported to PIMM. The environment PIMM creates is characterized by old Latin quote “Homo homini lupus est” ( Man is a wolf to his fellow-man.) They build up a power base and because they are paranoid, they turn all subordinates into paranoia wrecks: everyone becomes afraid of everyone else and the work culture begins to reflect the personality of the leader. Team soon became resemble a pack of frightened dogs.   See more here: http://www.softpanorama.org/Social/Toxic_managers/Communication/rules_of_verbal_self_defense.shtml
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For Anybody Interested in Some Facts About

Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injuries:

“You Look Great!” — Inside a TBI – YouTube  ► 6:21► 6:21

  • Feb 15, 2011 – Uploaded by The You Look Great Project Byler

    This video has been entered into the 2011 Neuro Film Festival from the American Academy of Neurology ...

  • “You Look Great!” : Inside a Traumatic Brain Injury – YouTube


    by The You Look Great Project Byler; 6 videos; 894 views; 55 minutes. Parts One through Six. ‘”You Look Great!” Inside a Traumatic Brain Injury’, tells the story of  …

    John C Byler  YOU LOOK GREAT
    Brain Injury Advocates
    In October 2014, I enrolled in the Coastline ABI program.  Without TTD benefits and LTD benefits, the way to continue participation in this one-to-two year program remains an unsolved mystery.  A “Go-Fund-Me” fundraising event within the Timeshare and TBI world may be necessary if Wyndham and it’s agents continue to shirk legal and moral responsiblities.


    Acquired Brain Injury

    Imagine your skill set is some sort of elaborate Lego structure you use daily. Suddenly, something completely unforeseen happens and your structure crumbles. Some pieces have even gone missing. But you need the structure in order to function in your everyday life. So, you start to rebuild… (read more : view the blog archive)

    Watch the ABI Program Student Video

    What Is the ABI Program?

    Coastline’s ABI Program is a demanding one-year educational program designed to provide structured cognitive retraining for adults who have sustained a brain injury due to traumatic (such as a motor vehicle accident or fall) or non-traumatic (such as a non-age-related stroke, brain tumor or infection) injuries.

    Each year, according to the Brain Injury Association, more than 700,000 Americans sustain brain damage from traumatic head injuries alone. Most are between the ages of 15 and 30 – young, active, involved individuals, suddenly and unexpectedly disabled.

    In many cases, impaired attention and concentration, memory disturbances, language disabilities, and/or loss of reasoning skills prevent these individuals from resuming even minimal pre-accident activities. Awareness of limitations and shattered career and personal goals lead to frustration and depression, further contributing to the individual’s unemployment, isolation and alienation from friends, family and community.

    Coastline’s ABI Program has developed a unique curriculum to address these special needs. The ABI Program emphasizes cognitive retraining, socialization, and career development to promote individual responsibility and independence. Students in the program learn strategies to compensate for deficits in:

    • Verbal skills
    • Memory
    • Figural skills
    • Critical thinking
    • Attention
    • Organization

    With a strong focus on emotional adjustment to brain injury and appropriate psycho-social skills, the program teaches students to apply these skills to practical, real-life home and work environments.

    Coastline’s ABI Program also offers the following program support services:

    • Neuroeducational Assessment
    • Counseling for students and their families
    • “Future Planning Development” (whether for employment, training, or volunteering).

    Classes meet Monday through Thursday, four hours per day. The school year includes two 16-week semesters and a five week summer session.
    Classes are held at Coastline’s Newport Beach Center, 1515 Monrovia, Newport Beach, CA 92663.

    Fell backwards

    How a Company Does One Thing, Is How They Do Everything?

    Linda Ayres  Wyndham LinkedIn   11 8 2014  NUMERO UNO


    Funny Timeshare Recruitment Video by Shari Levitin with …

    Jun 11, 2009 – Uploaded by Shari Levitin

    http://www.levitinlearning.com. What do YOU want to be when yougrow up? Some kids are a little more …

  • capstone  thanks giving  Nov 2014
    And if you are the Offending Defense Firm or any of the questionable WorkComp Providers in this case that have also contributed to the harm and further injury of other #InjuredWorkers, please and thank you, consider some restitution via contributions to COASTLINE ABI FOUNDATION.
    work comp guidelines
    If my case ever settles, I will ask the Judge to ensure that the 4 law firms who took on my case [#1-30 days, #2-9 months, #3-90 days, #4-45 days (duration times are approximate)]….clearly without any knowledge of handling a Brain Injury Case, did cause further egregious harm and any with liens should be provided with an equal share of 15% of the NOTHING THEY PRODUCED.  Sanctions would be appropriate, but not likely.
    The Judge, with Structured Settlement recommendations, will also be asked to designate the actual “15% legal fees’ to be given to the Coastline ABI Foundation, in lump sum or settlement arrangement.
    world is a dangerous place
    The Judge will also be asked that the insurance carrier, that was awarded approximately $16,000 by the State of California in 2014, EDD department, for REFUSAL TO PAY TTD to injured worker in 2012/2013 DONATES A LIKE OR GREATER AMOUNT FROM CORPORATE PROFITS TO COASTLINE ABI.
    Very interesting book keeping practices of all parties.  Wyndham remains silent.
    take care of each other
    Investigations into the practice of using injured worker or State Taxpayer funds to reward insurance companies for breach of fiduciary responsibilities and breach of Labor Codes surely deserves further investigations, even though it appears to be another ‘pattern of practice’ known by all, harming only the injured workers it impacts.
    To the Insurance Company Dude who asked, among other things, “…when ARE you going to die?” in a discussion of refusals to provide medically necessary treatment for nearly 3 years, all I can say is, “Not yet, Dude, not just yet.”
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