WorkComp! It’s a psychological nightmare for these people– says One Doctor

“ARE THE DOCTORS WRONG?” #WorkComp – Something is terribly wrong with #WorkersCompensation in #Canada, #UK, #Australia, #USA and elsewhere, isn’t it? #WorkComp #CivilRights #HumanRights VIOLATIONS ‘WorkComp is code name for the 21st Century “Nouveau Holocaust Centers” ?!?’ “…Dr. Richard Dumais, head of the Dr.-Georges-L-Dumont University Hospital’s pain clinic, says the chronic denial of medical services […]

Work Comp Dreams – CompLaude Awards – Civil Rights and Human Rights for Injured Workers Now

  Bravo David DePaolo! “WE SHALL OVERCOME, SOMEDAY” Thank you to you, your team and your colleagues! Have a wonderful Gala!   “We just need to come to a collective understanding of why things are the way they are.”   “It is my hope that we will, with Comp Laude, eventually help shape policy for […]