WorkComp! It’s a psychological nightmare for these people– says One Doctor


#WorkComp – Something is terribly wrong with #WorkersCompensation in #Canada, #UK, #Australia, #USA and elsewhere, isn’t it?

#WorkComp #CivilRights #HumanRights VIOLATIONS

‘WorkComp is code name for the 21st Century “Nouveau Holocaust Centers” ?!?’

“…Dr. Richard Dumais, head of the Dr.-Georges-L-Dumont University Hospital’s pain clinic, says the chronic denial of medical services has become a human rights issue and he’s calling for political action….”


WE, The People know this!

When will American doctors speak up and speak out? 🇺🇸

Too many American doctors just shrug and quietly walk away—-leaving primarily “monsters” to evaluate with intent to deny medical care.😳

As one US doctor once said:
‘If they have human rights complaints, tell them to TAKE IT TO THE HAGUE’

Something is terribly wrong with Workers Compensation, isn’t it?


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Doctor calls WorkSafeNB practices a ‘human rights’ issue

Dr. Richard Dumais refuses to see WorkSafeNB patients

Watch this video, too! It could happen to you, too!

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READ THE 2013 ARTICLE HERE, AND FIND OUT HOW Workplace Injuries are handling in your state and nation.   In the USA, #WorkComp is NOT AN EMPLOYEE BENEFIT.  SOME CALL IT A MEGA BILLION DOLLAR EXTERMINATION RACKET.  
It’s spreading, again, hitting the working classes hard?
PS…   Those 1947  trial stats below CANNOT BE TRUE, CAN THEY?  Only 7 hanged?
“They’re baaack!”   WorkComp is code name for the 21st Century “Nouveau Holocaust Centers” ?!?

[PDF]  Does The Workers’ Compensation System Fulfill Its Obligations To …

DOES THE WORKERSCOMPENSATION SYSTEM FULFILL ITS OBLIGATIONS TO INJURED WORKERS? State-based workerscompensation programs provide critical support to workers who are injured or made sick by their jobs. … Costs are instead shifted away from employers, often to workers, their families and communities.

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Remember Remember… Something is terribly wrong with the Workers Compensation System, isn’t it? DO SOMETHING!  IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!
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Google it:  Table of Poisoned American Cities



Thank you for taking the time to send your thoughts, posts and/or blogs about my efforts, disappointing as your input is.
Excerpt:    “You may as well just dig a hole and hide because no one is going to pay attention. [to you]”



“…why not study the system, study the law, the regulations, and PROPOSE solutions that a politician or regulator can endorse and work with?”
 Why not rely on the Constitution of the United States of America to protect Injured Workers being violently abused, maimed, tortured and killed by the crisis of WorkComp hyper-corruption??
The answer to that is quite simple.  THERE ARE TOO MANY UNCLEAN HANDS ON THAT BATTLE FIELD, and they don’t follow the rules of war.
We’ll leave the legal battles to those equipped to fight those fights for indictments for crimes against humanity, and complicity of same.
I’m deeply disappointed by your attacks because I know you know the truth.  I doubt that you would send such a communication if I was not a woman, an older, disabled woman at that! I remember men talking to women like that in the 70’s.  We had a revolution, remember?
To attack and demean me is what it is.   I tell injured workers all the time that NOBODY WILL RISK THEIR INCOME FOR OUR LIVES, and that the sooner they get that, the greater chance they have for survival.
I have painstakingly attempted to ‘rebrand’ and to put action ideas around every item I have identified — to know avail.  
  • I submitted 22 ideas for the fake National Work Comp Discussions,
  • I laboriously promoted the Sedgwick Institute – LinkedIn group all over social media,
  • I invited my ‘a-list’ contacts directly, I communicated politely and directly with the Sedgwick people.  
  • I was probably one of the most active ‘fans’ for CompLaude  2014 and 2015 and
  • I racked my brain to come up with numerous nominees.  
  • I diligently and respectfully promoted nominations be made for the industry “Best Blogs of 2016” contest via blogs, posts, and other social media, and emails.  
  • I created a page for Injured Workers and Industry Workers Resource Page, freely sharing contact information about a wealth of resources, inviting others to add to it, and have repeatedly and continuously encouraged Injured Workers to blog to save their own lives.  
  • I compiled a page of some of the more Injured Worker Vlogs — videos of WorkComp stories to inform and inspire to further action.  
  • I have created social media groups and pages, and I have posted in multiple groups and pages on behalf of Injured Workers. 
I have suggested outcome studies of same body part injuries to Injured Workers and Personal Injury patients….suggesting it will absolutely expose the wrong doings and disabilities caused by WorkComp. The costs are then shifted to Social Security and Medicare after lengthy fights, relieving your industry of any risks or responsibilities whatsoever, passing everything through to taxpayers and the injured workers, with profits fronted by the duped employers who purchase policies for protection that are hardly worth the paper they are written on, when it comes to fiduciary responsibilities.
The injured worker questionnaire I have circulated has brought in some chilling horror stories.   Here, take a look again.
Watch for it.  You’ll be reading about them soon enough.  The majority of Injured Workers are so terrified of the mobster-type activities that permeate your industry, they have shared on an anonymous basis.  I have found an editor who will help me ensure they are protected in the anonymous tellings.  In such a manner, these “complaints” or “problem identifications” can then be discussed in the national community. Perhaps mediations will result for these specific cases, leading the way for others.  The offending carriers and employers will likely be identified in the telling, but not attached to the specific stories, in order to provide a degree of protection.   I hope the Department of Justice will find the efforts worth reading, since the industry considers such stories ‘drivel.’
Here’s the questionnaire again, if you never looked.  What’s Your WorkComp Story?  The editor I hope to retain has promised to help develop and refine further questions.   As you know, I have a brain injury, so some cognitive challenges are beyond my post-injury capacity.  I do the best I can with the abilities I have left.  They didn’t label me ‘permanently disabled’ just for fun, in case you have forgotten.   “I’m injured, not stupid.”
When I am chided for being non-supportive of a program that ‘gives food to poor injured workers’ –WORKERS destroyed by workers compensation corruption, I must wonder about the money behind bringing such a program to the USA and wonder further at the audacity to accept the need for such handouts in America when there are laws in place to protect injured workers, scoffed at by your industry and the politicians it leases/owns.
When a set of industry blog contest-judges cannot find one word to say about any of the nominated Injured Worker blogs by Americans — something sounds pretty suspicious, doesn’t it, and quite unpatriotic. That they were shunned because they criticize the industry realllly sounds suspicious, doesn’t it?   It took a troll attack on an Injured Worker to get that ‘committee chair’ to even comment on Injured Worker nominations, albeit insultingly so?
We still have a Bill of Rights, don’t we?
I think it’s far more patriotic to deal the CAUSE, knowing EFFECTS will take care of themselves.  
RESOLVE THE PROBLEM and INDICT THOSE COMMITTING THE CRIMES CAUSING INJURED WORKERS TO BECOME JOBLESS, HOMELESS, AND FOODLESS, IN BAD HEALTH.   To refuse to deal with the core issues is, in my humble opinion, getting to the heart of the issues of your industry.  The DA’s can’t bust the crime rings with the millions of dollars allocated?  Fine.  Send in the National Guard to take over their duties.  When, for example, Evaluating Doctor crowds have direct lines to the offices of the District Attorneys to provide to complaining injured workers, WE MAY HAVE A PROBLEM, HOUSTON!
 at what age did you lose your compassion
The nuclear industry has a similar style of propaganda and disinformation, deployed by their disinformationists.  It’s fascinating and very easy to discern.
So when you suggest my efforts are useless and that  “You may as well just dig a hole and hide because no one is going to pay attention.” I can respectfully remind you of the ol’ civil rights saying, ‘NO LIE CAN LIVE FOREVER!’  How long?  YOU SHALL REAP WHAT YOU SOW! [31 second reminder]
I agree with you on one point.  “A complaint without a solution is bullsh*t.”   
What other complaints do you have about my methods of increasing awareness of the crisis of hyper– corruption in the WorkComp communities?
mlk  he who accepts evil
Every doctor, lawyer, judge and provider knows full well that EVERY WORK COMP STORY IS THE SAME —-  Just different names, body parts and case numbers.  
Outcomes are usually dismally the same.  Denied medical care, compounded injuries, denied benefits, lost health, lost jobs, lost homes, lost lives.  
Nobody goes to jail for fraud, corruption, attempted murder, obstructions of justice or collusion.  
The Angels of Death doctors owned/leased by the industry are well paid, and decent doctors are cheated of agreed on fees.  
How many lives have been destroyed by Workers Compensation to date?  
How many more lives will be destroyed before your industry is stopped and held accountable for so many crimes??  
Mediators and Structured Settlement teams, for Injured Workers, armed and trained in blogging and social media maximum impact and investigative reporting is a first step for Virtual Combat and Survival.  
I have written at length on many possible strategic solutions.  Encouraging Committees of Bloggers and breaking the silence on the dirty OPEN SECRETS OF WORK COMP has always been one of my aims.  I am happy to report many calls and emails of thanks from injured workers who find hope and strength in my writings.
As long as your industry feels above the law and protected, it’s an uphill battle.   
ProPublica and NPR shined some light on the issues, but only the tip of the iceberg. It is obvious that the industry is attempting damage control from the fallout of the Insult to Injury Demolition of Workers Compensation investigative reports and the Congressional response, which, you may recall, offered to send in law enforcement help, if needed.  When I say, “Yes, please, SEND IN THE NATIONAL GUARD” it is not said without foundation.
For you and your peers to take pot shots at the very few Injured Workers willing to stand up and say, “Yo! Guys! WTF do you think you are doing and WTF do you think you are maiming and killing people in the USA for profits could be easily classified as truly reprehensible?!! NOT IN THIS COUNTRY, M*F*s!!”  
If believing in the Constitution of the United States of America makes me a ‘militant’ in your opinion, well, all I can suggest is that you might take a look at Constitutional law one of these days. 
The position of your industry of for-profit aggressive maiming, torture and killing of unarmed and disabled populations, young and old, primarily female,  in a systematic program of extermination seems to be the more extreme stand.  Just saying.  It takes most injured workers approximately 2 years to grasp the harsh realities; some never get it and cling to the results of Stockholm Syndrome and their necessary opiates, due to failed surgeries and denied corrective surgeries…FOR YEARS.
I am working on creating an eCourse:  WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills to help injured workers and people of goodwill in the workcomp industry to fight the good fight to save lives, free the prisoners.
Many hope and pray for indictments of the most heinous of the serial killers in your industry, without wasting a minute on fighting windmills. That is unlikely to happen in my lifetime or yours, but working together, lives could be saved….. just like some people were spared the horrors of Auschwitz and other death chambers.  It will take longer without your help, but be assured, that the War Your Industry has declared and continues to wage on Injured Workers will not go unfought.
 herd cliff
Your industry has made it’s position clear.  Injured Workers suspected that May would bring a huge propaganda blitz, more than a year in the makings, to attempt damage control and profit saving due to the truths exposed in Insult to Injury:  THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION.    
Do you consider the award winning work of Grabell, Berkes et al as “mere complaining” or as some like to say, “drivel” when the industry issues are elevated?  Not comparing my exposes to the power behind ProPublica and NPR….  I just have my little disability checks to fund my efforts with, not huge corporate benefactors. like y’all do.
I even suggested to the Sedgwick fellas about a National Telesummit series, to get issues on the virtual table for discussion by not only professionals, but by those across the nation, most egregiously harmed by the patterns and practices of Workers Compensation.  
Alrighty.  Your position is clear.  I hope mine is, too.  
As always, many thanks for all your kindness over the years.  I wish you could find a way to multiply those efforts and help more injured workers escape and survive the horrors of Workers Extermination Programs.
Maybe instead of the “Blame Game” for national discussions, the “Thought Leaders” may lead a round of the “Glad Game.”‘
While the final suggestion was that I re-read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”…. in a spirit of reciprocity, I would suggest that you start a study group of the book, THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu, to address the CRISES OF HYPER-CORRUPTION DESTROYING THE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS.   As you all know and boast about, what goes on in WorkComp is NOT A SECRET.   Ask any doctor or super lawyer, huh?  Or any injured worker.
See you around the internet.


Linda Ayres and Friends
organize do not panic
PS  As always, feel free to share anything I have written with anyone you deem appropriate to serve the Common Good.

Also, ask about Your Radiation This Week.

Like WorkComp, tell your friends and tell your neighbors.  Your governments already know.


#OccupyWorkComp #OccupyVirtually #DodgeTheRads

Corruption Task Force and WCAB Audit Units can help? Maybe so!

Dear Stuart, Fred, Tina and Mike:

[Grancell, CNA, Wyndham]

cc:  “Supplemental People”


Date: Wed, Sep 2, 2015 10:34 am
Did you see the news of the big Palm Springs DA/FBI Corruption Task Force Fraud bust?  CORRUPTION TASK FORCE RAIDS PALM SPRINGS CITY HALL  The FBI and the District Attorney’s Office are involved in the probe.  It’s apparently still in progress!  Hooray for the agencies!  Finally putting those fraud busting millions to use!  Did you see the powder keg DIR Director Christine Baker lit last week?  Mercy….some question her allegiacies, huh?

1. MMI and Future Medical Reports & Personal Assistant now; Independent/Assisted Living, Memory Care for future
2. Trial Return to Work since I don’t get to complete Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program thanks to file churning, refusals to mediate in June/July/August and Court delays and income issues and more]  Nobody has responded to my inquires about if you need any thing else from me.  Tina kept asking for a doctor release. I think you have it…that MMI says this is as good as it gets.  Well, let’s make some lemonaid.  SSA preliminary staff says you don’t need brains to sell timeshare.
3. Mediation or Settlement Offer (your turn, or pass again)
4. Actual vs. Reported TTD and PD benefits (and fines and 25% penalties per incident for failures to pay)
5.. SSA needs accurate benefits report from CNA  Was it $87,422.04, $82,092.04, $49,899.12, $47,252.31, $49,393.52 or some other number?  (see below)
6.. The reimbursement to EDD with the nearly $20K discount for refusing to pay TTD in 2012/2013 does not count as money given to me; apples and oranges; of that..  let’s look together, details below:

To Whom It May Concern: Just so you know, my outrage is not because I have a brain injury, my outrage is because so many people of the WorkCompsters ilk have profitted by FRAUD causing egregious harm to me, other injured workers like me, from doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians and agencies of the US government–by their total disregard for Civil Rights and all things American. The “Naughty & Nice Lists” are being collected by WorkCompCentralProPublica NPR and me and my fellow Injured Workers. Expect Us. Join Us. #WATMN

$  77,821.38 [total paid by EDD  $49,422 for 2012-2013, and in 2014, 
after reimbursement of $31,400 from CNA, EDD paid IW approximately $21,000  of the $31,654   
(did EDD get $31,400 or $31,654?  who knows? and they still have a $1,500 lien?
with final payment 7/25/14]   CNA reimbursed $31,400 of the 49,422 that EDD paid 2012/2013
(amounts are stated differently by all sources)  Who’s on First? What’s on Second?

You received the MMI medical report from Dr. Hilda Chalgujian last Friday, August 28, 2015 and on Monday, September 1, 2015, you received a further report from Dr. Chalgujian regarding future medical needs.  I have asked Wyndham Worldwide for the dates of the upcoming sales training and to commence the ADA required interactive process to explore trial return to work.  I have also restated my desired accommodations and I have asked if any thing else is required of me.  I have heard nothing.  
Because of what appears to be inaccurate reporting by your client to and with EDD and WCAB regarding actual monies paid to me, there is extreme confusion regarding my Social Security Disability Benefits, causing further audits of amounts paid and due.  
I did receive yet another print out from CNA (thanks, Fred)  but the numbers are different from other numbers I have received, EDD has received, and apparently those reported to WCAB.  (Copy attached; maybe respective numbers people can take a look and sort it out; the Advocator has not been able to, Matrix was also confused last year and I need to follow up with them since they demanded pay back due to information somebody gave them about income I was allegedly receivig but did not; this current CNA print out supports that.)  (Did anybody ever figure out yet why SSA thinks I’ve been receiving an disability benefits since May 2014?  Much less, they are alleging approximately $4k a month is being received? Yikes!  Gotta find out where that money went don’t we?  I did not come to me!  I have some uncashed checks for evaluations that have not been attended, and those checks will have to be replaced if we ever to Court on seeing an Ear Nose and Throat doctor for my brain injuries!)
As another adverse consequence to me, upon the threat by SSA of termination of all income benefits in November, I was unable to continue to complete the Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program.  I did ask CNA to help with lodging and I would pay (as I have done thoughout) the meals and miles.   I am, as you know, out of pocket more than $43,000 to date because of your client’s patterns of continuous harm and failures to provide either immediate or further discovered necessary medical care.  If you recall, I was not provided transportation to as much as an urgent center, in fact, I worked my full shift and somehow drove 60 miles after work down an icy mountain to see the first doctor, per management instructions, who “would accept workers compensation insurance.”   My confusion and disorientation and inability to speak as I used to be able to got worse.  You know the rest of the story.
As it appears now:  (text from blog:
It is unclear to everybody how Social Security Administration came up with the numbers for their calculations, and what sources were used.  As is apparent here, CNA is all over the place with how much they paid and when.  CNA has not paid any penalties to date for delays in payment, which are apparently substantial consider refusal to pay TTD through most of 2012  (4/16/12 – 2/14/13, with last payment being 5/8/14 in the amount of $1,298.82, issued 5/7/14)
 do it
EDD says here EDD paid 77,821.38
CNA adjuster alleges on 10/19/14 they “paid” 1/9/12-4/15-12 @ 652.15 per week and 2/15/13-5/8/14 @ 649.41 per week and reimbursed EDD for 1/28/12 to 3/4/13 for a total of $31,400.
CNA “Total WC Ind to Date””
C N A “Total WC Ind to Date”
 $  31,400.00  10/19/14 CNA adjuster alleges on 10/19/14 they “paid” 1/9/12-4/15-12 @ 652.15 per week and 2/15/13-5/8/14 @ 649.41 per week and reimbursed EDD for 1/28/12 to 3/4/13 for a total of $31,400.
 $  22,118.00 7/3/2013 Total WC ind to date
 $  42,899.12 2/28/2014 Notice of termination of benefits; last check was 2/12/14, when “Total WC ind to date” was $42,899.12 — approximately 40 weeks
4/21/2014 “Notice of TTD Resume for 2/14/14 – 4/24/14 @ 649.41 ” w/check for $6494  issued 4/18/14 and a check for 4/25/14 – 5/8/14  for $1298.82 on 5/7/14
 $  82,092.04 5/8/2014 C N A issues another ‘notice of payment termination, again alledging “104 weeks of payments  paid 1/9/12 – 5/8/14 @ 652.15/week for a new total of $82,092.04
LAST PAYMENT ISSUED  5/7/14 for $1298.82
11/3/2014 PD Disability status – repeated refusals to provide estimate PD benefits or advances
 $  87,422.04 1/50/15 PD advance on estimated PD to help get TBI treatment, $5,000, subrogated to LTD carrier, new total paid stated as $87,422.04
So, please sort out what was actually paid to me by CNA, would you pretty please?  Was it $87,422.04, $82,092.04, $49,899.12, $47,252.31, $49,393.52 or some other number?  Please send proof of payments also, as it will be necessary to forward to SSA and WCAB Audit Unit.
There are also unpaid late fines and penalties due for failures to pay TTD, and failures to reimburse medical miles dated back to 2012, fully documented on the premature C&R proposed that included payback had I been willing to quit my job, forfeit any future medical, promise not to file for Social Security Benefits and worse. There are also fines and penalties for failures to pay medical expenses.  That is not the spirit of the Workers Compensation laws and the Labor Codes.  Actually, the 2012 attempt to coerce premature settlement once the brain injury was diagnosed and Kim Mall and Daniel Elliott obstructed every effort to get medical care and more complete diagnosis sounds pretty predatory and probably quite illegal.
Bottom line, as I told you all, due to the financial terrorism and refusals by CNA to pay TTD benefits, last year I was forced to apply for social services welfare, and the Salvation Army helped me keep my lights on.  I’m not doing that again.
This is America, and we have laws.  While I am not an attorney, attempting to represent myself despite my brain injuries due to the Ethics Violations of the prior attorneys that handled my case so poorly, I DO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG, LAW AND ORDER


OccupyVirtuall! 99%
OccupyVirtuall! 99%
So, let me know how we proceed with return to work.  I’m not going back to social services for welfare money because so many people profited by my injuries and now I am no longer a profit center for same.   The District Attorney and FBI Corruption Task Fore has just shut down Palm Springs City Hall, and Wyndham has many properties in the area.  Let’s hope the alleged Wyndham WorkComp collusion/corruption finally makes it to their radar also.
I will be in Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage  this afternoon, doing some research into Independent and Assisted Living communities, that also have Memory Care services.   As Dr. Chalgujian’s report indicated I could certainly benefit from 8-10 hours of personal assistance, if you could organize that now, it could help me expedite return to work tasks.
Many thanks.  Let’s get going, we don’t want this file to churn several more years, or do we?    As mentioned on voice mail to Fred, if you all want to make a settlement offer, I have someone who will review it with me whose opinion I respect.  He doesn’t think you have any interest in settling, nor do I, so let’s get me back work.   We won’t know if I can do it till we try, and I am most willing to try.
Thanks a bunch.
—–Original Message—–
From: Linda Ayres <>Cc: Linda Ayres <>
Sent: Sat, Aug 29, 2015 1:28 pm
Subject: Fw: PD & TTD Benefit Printouts – Linda Ayres

Silent No More

-----Original Message----- From: "Walker,Mary F." <> Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 14:18:47 To: ''<> Cc: Sachs,Fred<> Subject: PD & TTD Benefit Printouts - Linda Ayres Forwarding on behalf of your Adjuster - Fred Sachs PP - Permanent Disability benefits paid to date TT - Temporary Disability benefits paid to date “Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!” – Bob Nichols, VT