Doctor Shopping, Patterns of Continous Harm and Fraud? “I OBJECT!”

Dear Paul, Legal Secretary to Stewart Reubens, Partner Shareholder at Grancell Stander Reubens et al:

cc:,,,,,,,,,,,, and other Stakeholders

This is my 4th attempt to write a simply “I OBJECT” letter.

Feel free to set up the DOR, but note I am only available on Thursdays/Fridays. I request additional time to review what you sent, and to document the falsehoods, again. I have to do it every time, and there is no remorse for acts of apparent fraud by defense counsel. Somehow, they think they are doing their job, in full and complete violation of California Labor Code and the US Constitution. Yeah, I know, who cares about the law and fraud when it comes to the Mega Billion Dollar WorkComp industries.

If the Judge will kindly void the liens of the incompetent counsel retained for 30 days, 9 months, 3 months and 45 days, perhaps I can retain legal counsel. I have accomplished more without counsel than with. Go figure that. You may be banking on that belief that there is ‘no money’ for an Injured Worker attorney and I suspect they may be right, therefore, we will make lemonade. We will use this case to ensure that Wyndham and CNA and Grancell are properly exposed for the harm and permanent injuries they cause to injured workers, and how they take money from State taxpayers as profits beyond measure. So be it.

There may be no money in Fraud indictments, but I am willing to guess that some bright young FBI agent or some Seasoned Veteran FBI agent will get a promotion after investigating all the little frauds and unclean hands of this case. Or, maybe not. Maybe it’s ok with that Department too. I don’t know. I aim to find out. Dr. O’Brien suggested that if I have Human Rights Complaints to ‘take it to The Hague’… Looking into that too, although that may be a bit more challenging.

What treatment has CNA authorized? Remember, I paid for most of the life-saving treatment. What brain injury specific evaluations has CNA authorized? Not even an MRI? Couldn’t provide a treating neurologist and in collusion with WCAB Info & Assistance officer abuse of a disabled American, I got stuck with an Orthopedic Surgeon who was later threatened with expulsion from the MPN for trying to help me, and his referrals were all mocked and non-recommended (and left off the proposed Medical Index)

How did I get to SCRIPPS BRAIN INJURY REHABILITATION CENTER in the summer of 2014? (Remember, the injury was January 9, 2012) Because CNA recognized their failures to treat in the first 2.5 years and they thought 16 days of speech, occupational and physical therapy would suffice? I remember how Stewart delayed further and tried to kill it…. but alas, thanks his to ego and pen, at LEAST I GOT those 16days plus 8 more…. that could have been more helpful in the first year, but were confirmation to me of how impaired I really am. You’re luck I found COASTLINE ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY PROGRAM…. It’s the best help available for brain injuries, particularly when denied medical care for over 3 years, as is the practice of CNA. Remember remember, Daniel Elliott terminated all benefits in April 2012, upon learning of the seriousness of my brain injuries. In November 2012, Ms. Kim Mall, Esq. of Grancell attempted to coerce, with my counsel #2, a premature settlement in the ol’ industry fee of $100,000 — AFTER HAVING FAILED TO AUTHORIZE ALL MEDICAL RECOMMENDATIONS AND TREATMENTS THAT FIRST YEAR.

Most lawyers I have interviewed tell me that the attorneys prior did not do their jobs and consequently ‘there’s no money in the case’ so good luck. That incompetence is rewarded in the legal field, at the expense of injured workers is nearly as heinous as the harm such incompetence causes. Others have told me point blank there’s entirely too much fraud involved to take it on. That leaves me, brain impaired and all, to fight organized crime alone. Well, what I lost in marbles I tend to make up in intuition, and ONE PERSON AND GOD CONSTITUTES AN ARMY, SO IF GOD IS FOR ME, NOT EVEN PSYCHOPATHS DARE BE AGAINST.

#InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore

Thank you for your email of yesterday. Today I received mail also from Dr. Mekijan. There is insufficient time for me to respond fully due to the lateness of receipt of materials and due to cognitive impairments and ADA requirements for additional time to review what you and the doctor have sent, and further time to compile as concise a response as possible.

I am not available to meet with Dr. Mekjian on July 1, 2015, nor do I know what the doctor’s credentials are. The ENT doctor does not meet Labor Code requirements as he does not specialize in auditory processing issues, nor does he treat same. I OBJECT.

Please let Dr. Mekjian know that the appointment will have to be postponed until the issues regarding medical records are sorted out, including corrections of what appear to be continuous false statements with intent to deny medical care and to doctor shop, omission of medical records, as is the pattern and practice of Grancell in this case.

I have only just glanced at the proposed faulty medical index, I have not received hard copies of the medical records (Grancell has a pattern and practice of omitting complete and partial records, so as Stewart knows, I requested hard copies as well). The cover letter is fraught with what appears to be continues with false and misleading statements that may be subject to indictment for felony fraud.

We will have to get in front of the Judge on this, as well as the appointment with the ENT doctor, who does not treat auditory processing impairments as a part of his practice, nor is he qualified to. As I was denied the right to ADA accommmodations and the right to be heard by the Judge when this chicanery began, let us know straighten it out.

It is further impossible and potentially dangerous for me to attempt to jump through the circus hoops the Defense is now proposing. I cannot drive hundreds of miles in one week, with unknown places to sleep to accommodate further Grancell chicanery. It is a dangerous request and cognitively too demanding. That will be the second week of return to Coastline, which is disorienting and cognitively demanding enough, and you don’t pay for any of it, so you sure as heck are not going to cost me the bit of recovery that I am paying for myself.

Asking me to drive from Yucca Valley to Newport Beach, to Palm Springs, back to Newport Beach, then to Murietta then back home to YUCCA VALLEY, not knowing where to sleep in Palm Springs or Murietta, DURING THE 4TH OF JULY HOLIDAY WEEK IS UNACCEPTABLE and I will not subject myself to such dangers. That’s as ridiculous as the first neurologist who wanted me to drive 100 miles each way, SLEEP DEPRIVED, IN THE 2ND MONTH POST BRAIN INJURY. Misogynistic on top of everything else?

I am happy to meet in an expedited hearing July 9, 16, 23 with proper ADA accommodations for impairments caused by traumatic brain injury, essentially untreated since date of injury, having caused permanent and chronic disability, per SSA also, and multiple medical experts, and finders of facts will find.

As Fred Sachs has been advised, the local chiropractor, authorized by Fred in December who has not been paid yet, indicated a willingness to be designated as my primary treating doctor. He has extensive experience treating high profile athletes with brain injuries, getting them back in the game as soon as possible. His office is approximately 15minutes from my home and he provides treatment. His office will also accept Medicare Care, that apparently comes with the Social Security Award of Permanent Disability reached in April 2015. Judge to Judge, WCAB Judge may find SSA Judge findings of interest, particularly in reference to the 2013 AME/AME reports. The SSA neurosurgeon disagrees with the Maximus alleged and unnamed ‘neuro-surgeon’…. These all further matters for further investigations by the proper authorities.

As is quite well known by all stakeholders, I am attending the Coastline Community College Acquired Brain Injury Program in Newport Beach California. We have had all of June, during summer break, to have organized evaluations, if necessary. As all parties know, I am available Friday or Thursday for further evaluations and Court sessions. To request that I miss time at Coastline means missing on very valuable compensatory strategies that are necessary BECAUSE CNA refused to provide medical care for this injury.

This misleading statements in Stewart’s current letter suggest that CNA provided medical care. Finders of facts will determine that the injured worker provided the bulk of specialty treatment that was requested and repeatedly denied by CNA. At first glance, the Medical Index is still extremely flawed and I will ask the Judge for more time, due to my cogitive impairments, to review what you have sent, what the Doctor sent, the appeal to Maximus based on apparent exparte directions to commit fraud, in a similar pattern as Doctors Zardouz, O’Brien and Kent were subjected to by false cover letters from Defense, and egregious omission of medical records with apparent fraudulent intent to continue to deny medical.

If the cover letter Defense proposes to be sent to Dr. Thomas Schweller, scheduled for July 2, 2015 in Murietta is as egregiously incorrect and full of unfounded medical opinions and false allegations, I will not attend.

It is my hope and prayer to have a working meeting with the FBI regarding the conduct of Grancell Stander Reubens and their small time of doctors who write false reports with intent and success in denying medical care…. and it is my hope to have such meeting prior to appearing in WCAB Court. As I told the Judge last year, I would NOT return to that Court until I found an agency willing to deal with the Fraud. It has been brought to my attention that the FBI is just such an agency.

#IRE15 #WorkComp: Yeah, my case too! Sounds like DOJ and FBI need to establish an Investigative Task Force, Stat, huh? We can hope…. READ THIS: More, Say More; Ask About FBI Intervention? DA offices seem …. unresponsive? show less

The Weinmann Report -

So, let’s postpone the neuro-psych report and ensure the Judge who allegedly authorized it without my being heard knows about all the previous psychological evaluations, their findings, their recommendations for treatments, denials of the requested treatments repeatedly since January 2012, and let us be sure the Judge sees the false statements written by the three industry leased doctors…. O’BRIEN, ZARDOUZ AND KENT…. and let’s also be sure the Judge is aware of the extortion and other threats made on doctors who have treated me.

NEUROPSYCHOLOGY MEDICAL-LEGAL EVALUATIONS (Neuropsyche QMEs): Does someone want to sabotage neuropsychological evaluations?

Is THAT form letter from CNA, or is this an industry standard?
Is THAT form letter from CNA, or is this an industry standard?


Then, we’ll talk about scheduling more evaluations. Till then, ask Stewart to clean up the cover letter to the doctors, let’s hope Fred doesn’t write false reports, and cleanup the medical index. (I will respond to your attachments by emailnot later than June 21st, 2015, clearly defining all of my objections. As the Information and Assistance Officer advised me when I first objected to the Zardouz/O’Brien false medical reports, all I have to do is say “I OBJECT”…. A LOT OF GOOD THAT DID, HUH? FBI….their job is to fight fraud. Y’all can deal with them.

Am I clear enough? I’m too tired to try a 5th time. Bottom line, I refuse to participate in your collective acts of felony fraud, and I refuse to allow you to cause me further harm by preventing me from maximizing the help I am getting at Coastline Community College ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY PROGRAM…. nationally known as the best place in the nation for compensatory strategies required to return to life after brain injury. Coastline has an extremely challenging admissions program…..does Stewart really continue to support the fraudulent reports of Maximus, Zardouz, Kent, and O’Brien, despite substantial medical evidence by over 35 other doctors indicating brain injury with professional recommendations for treatment that could have helped me, but instead, your continous failures to provide care, and continued doctor shopping and fraudulent reports just cause more harm, contributing to my permanent disabilities.

Thank you.



760 368 7236 – If you are a bright Civil Rights Attorney, or an FBI Corporate Fraud Agent; Leave a Message or Text; thanks!

If you are an injured worker, never give up, never give in…. Read and Share and Blog!
wc workers-comp-fraud  if your company lies

—–Original Message—–

From: Paul Klimenko
To: ‘’
Cc: Stewart Reubens
Sent: Tue, Jun 9, 2015 8:36 am
Subject: 70645 Ayres, Linda v Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Inc.:

Ms. Ayres,

Attached is correspondence for your file and the proposed letter to Dr. Mekjian for your appointment on 7/1/15. Please advise Mr. Reubens via email and written correspondence should you have any objections to the matter discussed in the proposed correspondence.
Paul Klimenko
Legal Secretary
Grancell, Stander, Reubens, Thomas and Kinsey
A Professional Corporation
7250 Redwood Blvd. Suite 370
Novato, California 94945
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#WorkComp – Ain’t it a crying shame to witness the Death of a Nation…

Silly Me! Hoping for Decent Legit Treatment


How not to handle a #WorkComp Brain Injury Case for a Global Timeshare Company!


WorkComp is not an employee benefit. It would make Hitler’s heart sing, from the grave! Monday is Ground Hog Day. Yeah, we were warned!

Adjuster asked, “Just to confirm what address would you like the PD advance sent to, thanks.”

Grancell now begging Court for #WorkComp fraud investigations of AME/QME? Or just churning the file? Maybe the District Attorney will reopen the investigations? Nothing seemed to happen beyond ‘your claims have some merit’ in 2013 and 2014. :/

Or are they positioning for a very expensive FEHA violation lawsuit?  Or more?

Injured Worker is still ready/willing/able to cooperate in efforts to save the lives of other injured workers from WorkComp med/legal chicanery. It may be good for the CorporatePrison Profits?

Hey, the Long Term Disability provider agrees with their IME report that the one year treatment at Coastline Community College Acquired Brain Injury Program is a good idea and they have me ‘medically certified’ as Temporarily Totally Disabled until December 1, 2015.


Wassup now, Stewart and Kim? Did you ever figure out that the “brain” is indeed a body part located in the head?

Grancell wants me to endure yet another battery neuro-psychology evaluation…. is that called “Dr Shopping” since there was two in early 2012 (all requests for treatment failed), a forensic psych in 2013, along with two neurology evals with doctors with zero expertise in brain injury—– alll three ‘industry leased/owned’ doctors…. then in 2014, 3 more batteries of neuro-psych tests….and then a swathe of Corvel doctors to non-recommend the reports and requests of about 30 others doctors? What’s really going on here? How many reports does the defense need to grasp the meanings behind all the reported ICD-9 diagnosis? Jeeeeez! I could administer these tests by now, due to practice effect! Oh, that’s right. You don’t read the reports, you just churn them? “Defending your clients”… Yeah. By the way, I am injured under the CNA policy, and you have apparently caused CNA to continuously breach that fiduciary responsibility to me.

Tell that to the Judge, too, huh?

Omission of medical records to those 3 doctors in 2013 sure set them up for some pretty flawed reports, didn’t they? The Court made you provide the omitted records to the first two industry owned/leased doctors, then you repeated the process again with the third, without consequences? We’ll see, won’t we.

I suggested to Fred this week that after the next session at Coastline, ending May 31, 2015, we could consider reevaluation and mediation….. read on to find out how Grancell’s handles a Brain Injury Claim. It’s a well documented pattern of practice of harm. That does not address the refusals to engage in interactive process and other Civil Rights Violations.


Silly me. Medical care and disability benefits–temporary or permanent, are not part of the CNA coverage, are they? Date of injury: 1/9/12. File churning stilll going on, and Wyndham refuses to request a #ClaimAudit. Meanwhile, the life of another InjuredWorker in America gets the shrug and sigh, with a quiet, “Ain’t it awful, folks?” Why does Wyndham pay these people to harm injured workers and fail to monitor the activities of the Wyndham vendors? It’s not personal? It is when it happens to you!!

Fred (CNA) and Tina (WYN) and I got things sorted out, so I have the discount vouchers for a Wyndham hotel to stay in while I am at the Coastline Community College Acquired Brain Injury program, a State funded, and State Department of Rehabilitation approved program.

Fred was going to advance funds since defense…. acts like it does. The check was expected today. What a surprise!

I wasn’t even fussing that they continue to fail to authorize treatment, often requested for the past 3 years. Monsters, simply enemies of humanity. Well. It is what it is. Let’s keep moving. Read on. You might learn something that may be revolutionary to WorkComp, and might save a life, perhaps your own.

Let’s recap and review, shall we? These are for Norin, Stewart, Kim, Thomas, Fred and Shane et al. I think they may be trying to make Fred the Fall guy.



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Adjuster: “I received your email and I wanted to make sure I was understanding your request. Are you asking for a $5,000 permanent disability advance to be deducted from future settlement?”

InjuredWorker: “Are you asking for a $5,000 permanent disability advance to be deducted from future settlement?” Yes if/and/then,….and $10K would be even more helpful if/and/then…..”

“An advance would also allow me to ‘take my foot off the gas pedal’ on blogging, then at the end of the 16 weeks, if Stewart et al agree it’s possibly ‘ripe for mediation’ we can move forward to settlement, if there is any interest in so doing. I have found my voice on Social Media, so we can do this for years, till last gasps, if that’s what Stewart wants. At least when I am blogging, I feel like I am making a difference in the lives of other injured workers.” :/

Adjuster: “Just to confirm what address would you like the PD advance sent to, thanks.”


Defense counsel continues to deny ADA requests for electronic communications, knowing full well that the rural post office is more than 5 miles from home. Continued chicanery. The request was apparently “hand delivered” to the Court House on 1/29/15 for further advantage, since Defense knows that injured worker is preparing to commence treatment on Monday at Coastline Community College ABI program, causing continued financial hardship to injured worker.

Is this simply more file churning or does the Defense rely on colllusion of WCAB to extend the failures to medical care for over 3 years. Defense cites reports from 2013, AME/QME that are egregiously flawed with clear intent to deny medical care, and none of those 3 reports have any expertise in brain injury diagnosis, nor treatment, evidenced by their recommendations along lines of ‘over the counter analgesics’ and no speech therapy, no EEG with medical correlation, no MRI, no neuro-optometry, no help whatsoever, ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching.

Initial reports were based on medical evidence that omitted more than 300 pages of 2012 reports, and these doctors then, upon being provided with the omitted 2012 reports for supplemental reports ca-ching ca-ching ca-ching….. rather than revise the inaccuracies of their reports, they simply falsely claimed that said records were evidence of pre-existing symptoms, including visits to the EAP appointed doctor directly after the injury, and initial neuro-psychological evaluations, authorized by the adjuster in February 2012, all recommendations ignored by adjuster and defense counsel. Bla bla bla. (see blogs at

So. PD, according to the WCAB site, is to commence at an estimated figure within 14 days of cessation of TD payments, which was May 8, 2014. Defense counsel, when asked for the advance, simply responded, ‘what makes you think you are entitled to any PD?’

Adjuster asked, “Just to confirm what address would you like the PD advance sent to, thanks.”

Well well well…. silly silly me.

Maybe the Bruce Leckhart forensic psych group could save some Court time and do a forensic review of the egregiously faulty 2013 QME/AME reports and compare to real doctor reports. I meant to call his office last week, but, I forgot. Short term memory and excitement about getting to to Coastline for ABI treatment created higher priorities. Everybody knows there’s no credibility to a QME/AME report when offenders derive bulk income from #InjuredWorker Cash Cows, don’t they?

rock paper scissors

Maybe not. Perhaps it’s too heavy an issue for a private group; perhaps it’s time for the District Attorney to step up and step in?

WELL, CNA has not paid TD benefits since May 8, 2014, and got a bonus of approximately $16,000 from the EDD Department of the State of California for it’s egregious refusal to pay TD benefits in 2012/2013.

No check arrived this week; no follow up from adjuster, just more legal nonsense and file churning. They want to again interfere with my last chances for any rehablitation, like they did for all self-procured care that was obtained because of their egregious refusals. Stewart and Kim think they are smarter than people from the DOD when it comes to brains? I think not. “Book ’em, Dano!”

When nothing changes, nothing changes.

thank you  wynlinda's med legal activism



PS:  #StayOuttaTheStreets   #ShelterInPlace

never forget that everything hitler did in germany

Dodge the Rads/Prevent Measles


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