Doctor Shopping, Patterns of Continous Harm and Fraud? “I OBJECT!”

Dear Paul, Legal Secretary to Stewart Reubens, Partner Shareholder at Grancell Stander Reubens et al: cc:,,,,,,,,,,,, and other Stakeholders I OBJECT TO THE COVER LETTER, THE MEDICAL INDEX, AND ALL SCHEDULED EVALUATIONS you sent. I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE in further evaluations PRIOR TO […]

#WorkComp – Ain’t it a crying shame to witness the Death of a Nation…

Silly Me! Hoping for Decent Legit Treatment How not to handle a #WorkComp Brain Injury Case for a Global Timeshare Company! . WorkComp is not an employee benefit. It would make Hitler’s heart sing, from the grave! Monday is Ground Hog Day. Yeah, we were warned! Adjuster asked, “Just to confirm what address would you […]