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“How could we connect to the people actually impacted by the story, and how could they have contributed to the project? ” – ProPublica

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Group event here: Occupy Work Comp – Let’s Sing the Troll Song – They hate that! Invite your friends, too. https://www.facebook.com/events/896562560453071/
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Original group intent: #OccupyWorkComp – #OccupyVirtually Share experience strength and hope as an Injured Worker or Friends of Injured Workers in the virtual combat required to SURVIVE WORK COMP
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Injured Workers – Groups

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This Group is for posting stories of Injured Workers and Struggles and Hardships they are forced to endure. Please share your story so we can all come together, Educate, Learn and Fight.. We are not Responsible for Any Members Posts or Comments. We are not able to monitor / read and interpret every post; and they may not necessarily be the View of the Whole Group. Please Be Respectful… Profanity / Insults to Other Members/Threats, etc. will not be Tolerated! It is Possible, that a member may make a Comment or Remark – because of their Dis-Satisfaction with this System – That may not be Mature, or Inappropriate- Which We ask Members – if they feel they have done so; to Please Correct or Delete that comment or message. All Members have Discretionary Powers to Do this. We all Make Mistakes too. We understand that it can be Very Upsetting in Dealing with the System. This is the Nature of the Beast we Deal with. This is a closed group and only approved for members, who can see whats posted!! Anything you post will NOT show up in others newsfeeds – Unless another member Shares it. Maybe it will in your own feed because you’re a member but it won’t to non members!! Feel free to post your questions or concerns regarding WCB/WSIB. Most times other Injured workers have been where you are and can give some advice. We would like to Hear All Members Opinions and Comments and Offer Support To Each Other. Take care and *Welcome* to our group 🙂
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if you want to vent or share proplems just do so add pictures just about anything you like relating to people injured on the job
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In January of 2013 my husband was killed in a workplace incident in Regina Saskatchewan. But he was far from just my husband, and far from just an employee. He was a father, a son, a brother, an uncle, a grandson, a friend, a co worker, he was a human being. He was a tax payer, he was a home owner, he was a patient, he was a union member, he was a worker, his very existence was relevant, in one way or another, to everybody. This movement is relevant to everybody whether you go to work or not. People you care about do. It is important the every person knows that the systems in place to help them and to protect them and to keep them safe are flawed, not regularly enforced and have been cut back to the point of being unable to function. This is not a political issue, this is not somebody else’s problem, this is a reality for every person. I never imagined it would happen to me, and nobody does. But it can, in a split second. The goal of this group is to organize a movement that is led by the people, and for the people. To create a voice that is so loud it can no longer be ignored. To put a face to workplace injury and fatalities. To raise awareness, to find support, and to most importantly fight for our fundamental rights as a collective body of human beings.
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Post your troubles , post the positives and the negatives …Time to take a stand ..i myself am getting ready to picket WCB
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2 Corinthians 6 9:10 The world ignores us, but we are known to God, we live close to death, but here we are, still very much alive. We have been injured but kept from death. Our hearts ache, but at the same time we have the joy of the Lord. We are poor, but we give rich spiritual gifts to others. We own nothing, and yet we enjoy everything.
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*Justice for Saskatchewan, Injured / Disabled Workers* “WCB Employees Paid to Commit Fraud” “Denied Medical / Rehabilitation Benefits by WCB” The Historic Meredith Agreement in which WCB was founded has been twisted like a pretzel to deny injured workers benefits of medical care / lost wages, after suffering workplace injury. In the summary documents, prepared by Board services, and used in Board Members Judicial Appeal Hearing, I found falsified medical reports / complete lies. How can you receive a fair hearing when WCB employees place falsified and fabricated lies, to deliberately con-volute / misconstrue, your claim? Enough is Enough, It’s obvious the WCB “Road to Zero” is in reality a road to zero, benefits; How is it possible, all 3 of my MRI scans were not properly evaluated? 2 scans at University Hospital, radiologists- Dr. Derek Fladeland, Dr. Brent Burbridge, Dr. Stephan Kriegler all missed; Herniated Disc’s / Annular Disc tears / Traumatic endplate fractures; Facet Injuries; Spinal Stenosis; It’s as plain as the nose on your face; WCB Saskatchewan, is; Medical Legal Insurance Fraud; Racketeering; Designed to contain costs, at the expense, of the injured worker / family. In 1998, Gordon Scrimbit, was told by Wascana Rehab, he would never work again, WCB’s answer; ” While we do not disagree with the diagnosis, we do not see how this could be so”. In other words the evidence was totally disregarded. Recently WCB placed a contract out for bid for a new computer program; est: cost of $20 Million; WCB received their new computer program which cost over $30 Million dollars: Yet Injured Workers are being denied medical treatment requested by physicians for diagnosis / treatment. If you are a injured or disabled worker who wants to join this WCB, “Class Action Lawsuit” please send a request, this facebook group is PRIVATE, (However WCB likely will see all members eventually) Many Others Just like Yourselves, MUST, take this first step, and place your name on the lawsuit; We will hold 3 meetings, after the 3 meetings we will file the lawsuit in Court of Queens Bench; We are contacting several competent Law Firms; As a group, the choice of which Law Firm will handle the Lawsuit, must be voted on. Sincerely Bruce Junker
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Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups Who are we? We are a group of workers (and family members) who have been injured or made sick on the job. We have first hand experience of the WCB/WSIB system and know it needs improvement! ONIWG is growing. We now have 21 member groups and more are joining. ONIWG groups in your community: – Offer peer support – meet other workers who face the same difficulties and challenges that you do – Supply information regarding the compensation system – Provide an opportunity to join the fight What we are fighting for! Reform of the Workers’ Compensation Act and Policy and return to the founding principles. Dignity, Respect and Justice must be the foundation for a renewed Workers’ Compensation System. We want an Act with the stated purpose to truly assist and compensate workers injured, made sick and disabled at work. Current Campaigns Bring in full cost of living protection for all injured workers’ benefits Provide pensions for workers with permanent disabilities and eliminate the deeming system – injured workers need real jobs and job security or full compensation Learn more about the Network: http://www.injuredworkersonline.org/Organizations/oniwg.html How to reach us: President – Eugene LeFrancois Secretary – Catherine Fenech Executive V.P. – Janet Paterson Head Office R.R. 1, Kaministiquia ON P0T 1X0 Tel. (807) 767-7827 munso@tbaytel.net
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I’m putting everything I have on here about the abuses & bullying from my case manager & nurse consultant at WSIB anyone wants to share their stories go ahead
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This group is for injured workers to network and provide support and motivation for each other. if you have gone through this type of thing after a workplace injury,or know of someone who has post it here.We want your story…we are trying to help you too…What this is NOT-An advertising agency for products and services personal or professional
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This is a group to help WI’s injured workers. Please share your stories, support each other and hopefully Work Comp Attorneys will join to offer legal advice.
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How WSIB and their Injury has become their whole lives.
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PA. Injured Workers Group is a group for Injured workers from PA., or anywhere else, that want to get involved in the effort to change the legislation in the states that allows for the persecution and abuse of injured workers.
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This group is for those who have been injured at work, in a vehicle accident and from a criminal event and need legal advice. This group is also for those who wish to be consultants. Here you will find the right type of advice free of charge for your particular circumstance. From there you will be referred to professional injury lawyers who will discuss your circumstances with you. From beginning to end we offer a free no obligation service. Win or lose in court there is no cost to you. Our services are paid by the insurer, not you.
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‘The Road to Social Justice’ Injured Workers All Across Canada, is a group of ‘Individual’ injured and disabled by occupation workers, family members, friends, supporters and ‘whistle blowers’, seeking a radical change to the Canadian provincial workers compensation Acts and the WCB’s who have sole right to interpret those Acts then make policy. Join us @: http://iwocac.ning.com
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Support & information for Injured Workers Free consultation with filling out WSIB forms & understanding the appeal system. Monthly meetings the first Tuesday of every month unless it’s a holiday weekend. We offer support & guidance and sometimes host guest speakers. Email: wendyknelsen@hotmail.com Twitter: @activistwendy Website; injuredworkersonline.org
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Help others with your story
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The goal is to address and offer support for injured workers and thier Families.
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For workers injured killed in North Dakota to come together and share experiences and make connections
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Dedicated to connect injured workers to agencies, funds and more. A place to go for mental support and information about internal and external injuries. Your not alone!
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This group is for those who have issues with wsib a system that we have no choice but to pay into and when you are hurt they do not want to give you your money back to help you get on with your life as a injured worker
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This page was set up for another person. She believes Injured Workers could help one another.I am hoping people will trade or sell items at a reduced cost.
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Hello my internet angels, welcome to my page. Happy New Year, and may you all have the greatest life journey ever! I made a promise to myself this year, after receiving my Counseling diploma with “Honors,” in December 2014,’ that I would once again become a part of this beautiful world. I am becoming visible, and break my thirty-year silence regarding the misdiagnosis, that led to the medical madness, and the horrendous problems I have had to experience, still experience as an injured worker dealing with the Workers Compensation System and the Canadian medical system. I am proud to say that understanding human behavior has given me an edge over everything in my life.. I have found my way out of the darkness we are pushed into by our injuries, depression, injustice and dealing the small mindedness of the adjudicators on our case. And my greatest wish for this year, is that the more injured workers that come out of hiding and break their silence, tell their stories and their experiences since becoming an injured worker. Tell how the medical community treats us. A system that is supposed to protect and help us, but in my case, and the cases of many, are ignored, misdiagnosed. I would spend the rest of my life dealing with nerve damage and a multitude of other problems only because of ignorance. My experiences of being implanted with medical devices that help control pain. Gave me my life back, but, only caused further injuries, and issues, losses, as well as more problems when they malfunctioned, electrocuting me internally, paralyzing my body, until my co-workers unplugged the device from the transmitter, saving my life, bringing me down and back into the unjust Workers Compensation System. Machines that are put in people’s bodies to help control pain that go ignored, unmonitored by the Workers Compensation Board that purchased these devices, as well as the surgeon’s who implanted these devices, and the manufacturer who never warned me of the consequences of being internally electrocuted. And I was I ever sent a letter telling me my device was obsolete and needed replacing. The more stories we hear, the more people that stand up in the face of adversity, the quicker we will see changes because these stories could be yours…..or that of your loved ones….Don’t let this be their experience. It’s time to SHATTER THIS SILENCE. I hope that my story and the poetry God blessed me with the ability to write will provide support, inspiration, and information to those who need it. It’s only when we all break our silence, that changes happen. We need to shatter the silence with louder voices, break the patterns, and labels, and take our lives back. Because, only in doing so, will our future, the status quo won’t impact our children’s future. We set out on a road of dreams, to only have another person derail us and that won’t continue……my life is worth it…. God Bless Giggles the Poet
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#WorkCompCrimes: Post questions, photos events about Injured Workers in America and throughout the World. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. #IWU InjuredWorkersUnited https://www.facebook.com/groups/1420621508187237/ IF YOU HAVE AN ACTIVE WORK COMP CLAIM, USE DISCRETION IN YOUR POSTS, AS THERE ARE NO SECRETS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. JOINING A ‘SECRET GROUP’ MAY PROVIDE A MORE COMFORTABLE FORUM. Create new ways to communicate with the others. A CLASS ACTION SUIT WON’T HAPPEN AS LONG AS THEY KEEP INJURED WORKERS SILENT AND DIVIDED. SO, LET’S SHOUT, LET’S UNITE! WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. EXPECT US. Admin: Lucy Occupy / Linda Ayres via wynLINDA@gmail.com and lucyoccupy@aol.com
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The Joint Task Force on Rehabilitation for the Injured Worker was established in 1983 to provide an educational forum and promote better communication between professionals regarding rehabilitation services for the Maryland injured worker. The founding members recognized that the Workers’ Compensation Community needed specialized knowledge and skills. The purpose and goal of the Task Force is to identify the skills and knowledge that are needed to assist and equip professionals in providing successful services for Maryland injured workers. Conferences, workshops and written material (The Good Practice Manual and other educational materials) provide the forum to present this information. These forums bring together the Workers’ Compensation Community which includes claims representatives, physicians, rehabilitation counselors, attorneys, nurses and therapists. For this reason the membership consists of 15 organizations and associations representing the wide variety of entities directly involved in workers’ compensation. Each member organization or association appoints representatives to serve on the Task Force. The Task Force is a standing committee of the Maryland Rehabilitation Association (MRA) and Chesapeake Association of Rehabilitation Professionals in the Private Sector (CARPPS).
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Post questions, photos events about Injured Workers in America and throughout the World. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. IF YOU HAVE AN ACTIVE WORK COMP CLAIM, USE DISCRETION IN YOUR POSTS, AS THERE ARE NO SECRETS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. JOINING A ‘SECRET GROUP’ MAY PROVIDE A MORE COMFORTABLE FORUM. Create new ways to communicate with the others. A CLASS ACTION SUIT WON’T HAPPEN AS LONG AS THEY KEEP INJURED WORKERS SILENT AND DIVIDED. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. EXPECT US. Admin: Lucy Occupy / Linda Ayres via wynLINDA@gmail.com and lucyoccupy@aol.com 760 368 7236 – message line
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A safe place for disabled workers and pagans to talk about their experiences and give each other emotional support
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Petition to improve service provided to injured workers and allow treating physichians to decide what work their patient is suitable to complete. “YOUR DOCTOR HAS AN OPINION BUT IS NOT IN A PLACE TO DECIDE WHAT WORK IS SUITABLE FOR YOU!”-WSIB case manager
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Injured workers suffer terribly on the workcover system. The system devalues and dehumanises injured workers. The system is unfairly biased against injured workers. Worse still, more cuts to entitlements are being proposed by the government. Injured workers and those who care about injured workers are most welcome to join the group, share experiences and gain support from others in the same situation.
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A national injured workers advocacy organization based in Bay Point, California.
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Each and every one of us suffers a workplace injury at some point in our lives. It is not only a physical experience but an emotional and financial one as well. We trust that WCB is going to asssit us throughout the whole injury but that is not always the case. We want to hear your stories. Do you beleive that WSNB needs to be revamped? Do you beleive that their policies and procedures are for the injured worker? Do you feel well treated by your case manager? have you been threatened to have your finances cut off if you dont comply with your case managers decisions of how your care should be? Share with us your ideas and experiences…its time for a change.
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Support and information sharing group for Ontario’s injured workers and those disabled through illness. Information about benefits available to the public that they do not know about.
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Stories of their injuries and what is going on in their life since.
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This is a group for the injured workers Wcb of Alberta didn’t pay, WCB Alberta is an Insurance company that Denies as many claims as possible. denying claims and proper medical care saves them money. injured workers are a liability and therefore need to be removed from the system as soon as possible. the so called appeal process is a sham… the appeal board is on the payroll of WCB. Independant Medical Exams are conducted by Doctors on the the WCB payroll and these Doctors are taught to lie and decieve as a matter of common WCB practice. WCB does not lose in Court, they have endless resources and will use the most underhanded tactics available.
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Injured workers that have been messed around by Workers Compensation either by LMR or by not receiving the proper payout that they deserve. We have worked hard to support our families, we did not ask to get hurt on the job, and now that we have, we have no job and no rights.
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This is to show people how many of us have been bullied by insurance companies. Since the change of the workers compensation ACT by the O’Farrell government, workers are being kicked off the books unfairly another one for the multi nationals who only want money money money……
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This group provides support and information to injured workers and their families.
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i am sick or being dinked around by these pricks. I would like anyone who has ever had the same treatment to add themselves to this group and tell there story!thx
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This group is for injured workers involved with WSIB. You can share your thoughts, experiences, stories, issues, whatever you are comfortable sharing. This is a group for support and advice. This is a SAFE place, no DRAMA or NASTINESS, will be tolerated.
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I would like to hear about your experience with the system what your injury was and if you are working again or pensioned if your an attorney how do you get thru this process? need answers to alot of question’s, I have an appeals hearing coming up soon.
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This group is a place where people of all race, color, or beliefs can come together to compare and or share their horror stories they have aquired at the hands of A.I.G. And any other insurance with an adjuster that can only say “NO” to treatment prescribed by your primary treating physician.
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Organization of people affected by negative WCB tactics that are looking for change.. Injured workers for a “present day” WCB system for future people who have to deal with injury at work. Share info, stories and bad (wrong) decisions that need to be made known.
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Our Mission Statement: “To promote fair and equitable compensation for injured workers in Canada, to address the mistreatment of injured workers and to voice the common concerns of injured workers across Canada.”
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The AIWS was established in 1984 to help injured workers treated unfairly by the Alberta Workers Compensation Board.
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For anyone disabled on the job, recovering from your injury is a long, hard road but how long is it really? What happens if many years down the road you develop complications from your work related injury? Do you know what your rights are…..Until it happened to us, we had no idea. Here you’ll have a support network of injured workers who have become severely disabled because their rights were violated by Carriers more intersted in saving money than providing care for the serious complications that arise from WC claims awarded years earlier.
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The Canadian Injured Workers Alliance (CIWA) is a national network of injured workers groups that aims to support and strengthen the work of local, provincial, and territorial injured workers organizations. We provide a forum for injured workers to exchange information and sharing experiences. We exist to support injured workers and improve the Occupational Health and Safety of workers across Canada. Contact Information: Newfoundland Labrador Injured Workers Association. General Delivery Brigus Junction, NL A0B 1G0. General Email: nflabiw@nf.sympatico.ca Fax: 709-229-1177 CRWDP Contact: Patricia Dodd
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This is a facebook group dedicated to injured workers, family and friends of injured workers.
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It is my goal to make it federally mandated that Police Officers and Fireman receive 100% of their pay when injured in the line of duty. On May 16, 2005 my husband was seriously injured in the line of duty while attempting to pull someone over on his departmental motorcycle. Due to someone elses negligence and failure to yield to his lights and siren he was involved in the accident and injured. After 5 1/2 years he is still dealing with injuries from the accident. At the time of the accident he was a Sgt. He has since been promoted to Lieutenant and subsequently is at a higher pay level. He will be undergoing a hip replacement in March. We will recieve 65% of his pay that he was receiving when the accident occured.
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Closed Group

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Public Group

Helping injured workers by sharing their story of abuse by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board and how they are coping everyday.
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Closed Group

This group is private and only people from the project will be invited … We have set this group up to stay in touch and provide information and resources to you from time to time … Please make use of this group to ask any questions of the SA Unions staff … We hope you will make use of this forum and stay in touch so we can see if our work with you is sustainable 🙂 Enjoy …..
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Public Group

Source of assistance for injured workers ‘n their families.
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Closed Group

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This groups mandate is to raise awareness and to educate. The goal is justice for injured workers and their families.
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This site is dedicated to all injured workers who have had or having problems with WCB.
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If you are, or have been, an injured worker in the State of California and have had a workers’ compensation claim, we want to hear from you! Please join our group and tell us your story…we are trying to film a documentary on how California injured workers’ are treated…worse than animals…help us change it for employees and employers.
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Is it time to create a union for Injured Workers ? Transparancy for all to see.
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Closed Group

Disability Should Not Equal Poverty!
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I would like to hear from oilfield workers that have been injured an are not being supported by their oil companies. I want to start a coalition to compensate employees that were employeed on the rigs before mandated laws were in effect protecting them from harmful chemical exposures.
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Public Group

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Public Group

We are a non-profit organization helping injured workers with their claims.
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Public Group

Combining common experiences on unfair practices by WSIB on injured workers that we would like to see addressed and changed and are willing to actively engage through appropriate & professional dialogue with WSIB to make future changes in policies and practices for beniefit of all injured workers. Please contact me through Facebook and/or email @ michael_poirier@rogers.com
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After a post on the Sunny Coast Community Board by Stuart Field asking who would employ someone with limited ability and on pain medication a lot of interesting chatter eventuated and this page was subsequently born. It is a program in motion currently looking to bring together as many injured Sunshine Coast Workers as possible for a free flowing brain storming session to document our joint challenges and triumphs and to collaboratively build a network of people and information to assist injured workers both now and in the future. We invite you to take part in something that we believe has the power to change broken lives for the better. Join us here today.
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Public Group

Educate the general public and injured workers on policies and new initiatives of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and also the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. Maintain a resource library of useful information on WSIB and Health issues. Increase community awareness of the issues affecting injured workers. Provide referrals to other community services where needed. Promote education for workers to eliminate work place injuries.
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Without Prejudice When a worked like my self simone gets injured in the work place like Winners Homesence It is employers duity that the injued worker gets everything they need to get healthy again not kick them to the street and say we just have no room to deal with this and try to close the book on it and think they can get away with it. Please join my group and help me stop this from happening to another injured worked anywhere and also to make winners understand that they will not get away with this.
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Closed Group

This is for Ohio workers whom have been injured on the job. If you have an open workers comp claim here in Ohio, no matter if you have been off work cause of the injury or you are back to work. Just as long as your claim is open we want to help you get your rights back. As an injured worker you have to go to the IC court to fight for treatment or to receive money that is owed to you. We are trying to get laws passed so that you can get treatment and all things u need to get your life back to the best of YOUR ABLITY.. This is being funded by a doctor that works as a doctor in the workers comp industry. He feels the injured worker deserves more rights and that’s what we are trying to get for you…
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The current WSIB and its employers are using publicly funded agents such as ODSP to dump cleints that were injured ,while on the job.The current claim denial rate is close to 50 %.If we are going to have a system that is adverserial then I want the right to sue my employer.
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Public Group

This group is for people in Florida who have been injured in a car, sports or work accident and need to find good resources or want to share their experience involving: chiropractic services, good attorneys, advice on recovery, or any advice in general.
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Post Here ,or Help Injured Workers Find out where to go for Help .By posting your Tragic accident at work and the help you have received or not received!! Post your story how Government has helped you or how that have not. Was your accident reported by your Employer to Worker Compensation or Occupational Health and Safety? This group is created to help injured workers stop the Companies from getting away with compensating injured wokers Medically or Financially and get the help the desperately need and deserve !!!
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50 members

Injured Workers – Pages

Injured Workers – Videos

Workers compensation – videos

Social Security Disability and Injured Workers – Groups
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Can’t we all just work together? Chat with your local neutral party mediators and structured settlement teams, and see just how many CASES YOU CAN RESOLVE BY THE END OF THIS YEAR, WOULD YOU? Blog about saving lives in the process. Share with your colleagues how you did it! We all know all the stories of failures to protect Injured Workers.

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‘All of This Because Somebody Got Hurt at Work’ – ProPublica

Follow this blog to be sure you don’t miss it! (It was derailed after onslaught of May diatribes from industry mouth-pieces, attacking individuals and groups of Injured Workers (in apparent retaliation to the ProPublica 2015 report…Injured & Disabled Workers are easier targets for abuse and disparagement than fisticuffs with a behemoth investigative reporting empire like #ProPublica and #NPR, huh?

Bullying at it’s very lowest by those who profit most by the endless pain and suffering of injured and disabled people

What’s YOUR #WorkComp Story? Use these questions as a guideline in your own blog, or feel free to submit and resubmit your story, and know it will be rendered ANONYMOUS  https://myworkcompcoach.com/whats-your-workcomp-story/ 
Fresh, more inclusive, questions coming up soon!

We have not had a chance to pretty up these questions but we’re working on it, along with some other ‘rebranding’ efforts that were also stalled while fending off national personal disparaging attacks (that also graciously included several links to my blogs, thanks to David DePaolo, RiP)

The #Sedgwick Institute kicked me out of their little LinkedIn group for presenting the linked questions back in May and for asking for their professional input. Pffffft. 

A couple of Injured Workers with reading challenges submitted their stories then had a fit because their names were not to be used, a decision by consensus of all parties who have already submitted their stories. ANONYMITY PREVAILS 


Same group of injured workers threatened “legal action” for my attempts to get stories safely out & into the #Workers Compensation National Discussion arena. I’m not easily threatened, as anybody watching these blogs will attest, or anybody who knows me. Right is right and wrong is wrong. 

Workers Compensation is a dangerous institution, harming not only injured and defenseless workers, but taxpayers, too. See Congressional letter of October 2015, signed by 10 representatives. 

So, if you have a story, let’s get’s the ball rolling again. We’ll also be reaching out to “The Defense” side….and their team players and get their opinions on how to save lives of Injured Workers without costing the industry ALL THEIR PROFITS. 

Obviously, the counsel for Injured Workers is baffled and perplexed and befuddled about how to actually protect their clients, and the Top 22+ Industry Bloggers aren’t much help in that department, either. 

Most Injured Workers are AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT. Others are so befuddled by Learned Helplessness, they honestly seem to think IF ONLY they got a new doctor, a new lawyer, a new prescription, then everything would be dandy…even if they have been believing it for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 years of torture, abuse, and denials of medical care, YES, IN AMERICA!

‘Those who have the privilege to know have the DUTY to act.” – Einstein

‘Freedom’s just another word for nuthin left to lose.’ Janis Joplin

 work comp guidelines diagram


white roses


#DodgeTheRads #OccupyVirtually

What does Workers’ Compensation have in common with the Nuclear Industry?
#ExtinctionIsBoringyrtw 6

Something Is Terribly Wrong with the Anti-Nuclear Movement too – isn’t it?

Radiation, WHAT Radiation?   Get the facts, Jack and Jill:

Your Radiation This Week – Nichols On Nuclear

Poisoned Air For All 8 27 2016


Remember Remember the 5th of September – LABOR DAY and ProPublica is Hiring an Engagement Reporter


Adding to the Workers’ Compensation National Discussion, shall we?

Labor Day: What it Means

“Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”


ProPublica Partners With Beacon to Promote Workers’ Comp Reporting

“ProPublica is Hiring an Engagement Reporter”

“Assignment: Give us a few thoughts on how you would have gone about re-imagining and executing a project we did last year about the demolition of worker’s comp protections around the country.  Again, how could we have connected to the people actually impacted by the story, and how could they have contributed to the project?”

“Here’s that [AWARD WINNING AND INDUSTRY SHAKING] investigation:

The demolition of worker’s comp protections

APPLY?   https://www.propublica.org/atpropublica/item/propublica-is-hiring-an-engagement-reporter/ via @propublica

“We are hiring an engagement reporter to work on investigative projects in collaboration with traditional reporters throughout the full life-cycle of projects. That means you’ll be involved from the very beginning of story conception to think about what communities and audiences we need to reach and how we reach them, all the way through to story publication and beyond. You’ll help find and reach an audience for the story, and most importantly you’ll be responsible for conceiving and executing a plan to pull our readers into the reporting of the story itself….”

“…So what exactly are we talking about? Take a look at a project we’ve been doing about Vietnam vets exposed to Agent Orange. [*] Unlike traditional investigations, we didn’t start with a story. We announced that we were doing an investigation with a callout to the community. We asked vets to tell us their stories, and we’ve now heard from more than 5,800 of them. This community has fueled our reporting, and it’s already getting results.”

“We also plan to do more projects where we work openly with and help foster communities of journalists.”

APPLY by the 5th of September!  READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE: https://www.propublica.org/atpropublica/item/propublica-is-hiring-an-engagement-reporter/  

[*] Speaking of Veterans and Agent Orange, might be wise for ProPublica to include this information, too.

Nichols on the Jeff Rense Show – GI’s Brains |  

GI’s Brains Fried by Military Dispensed Nose Candy | 



Encore time for #WorkersCompensation continued investigations of further INSULTS TO INJURIES and The Demolition of Workers’ Comp,  including what happens post settlement … to 8.9 million Americans on #SSA disability…?  And who knows how many millions denied SSA disability –more than 40 million more?


SIDE BAR:  And why would a congressional representative suggest taking constituent complaints to legal aid vs DOJ and fail to get involved and get straight answers to a simply inquiry for a statement of income used by SSA to mis-calculate retro-active pay benefits for over 15 months, with wildly fluctuating misrepresentation of monies due vs overpaid from an initial award amount of $25,591 to false allegations of overpayments calculated multiple times, ranging from the first being $27,078.00 sliding down to low $20k’s, to $11,767, then $9,964, then $5,555.10, then $22,869, then $21,066.20 ad infinitum.

Multiple Illegal interruptions and further threats of interruptions of benefits during “appeals” process were corrected, but the benefits due, when paid from arrears, WE ALSO THEN ADDED TO THE MIS-CALCULATION AMOUNT OF OVER-PAYMENT.  Figure that one out.  Do they drug test at SSA?    

Those SSA miscalculations also subject the Injured Worker to litigation from the Long Term Disability carrier, based on the initial retro-pay award, with the LTD demands for repayment of approximately $22,000, which they boast “the Courts routinely find in our favor.”  All these crazy numbers are based on SSA falsely stating that income from date of injury paid by the WC carrier was $4,177.00 —-  They won’t prove it and they simply ignore repeatedly provided evidence of the actual WC and EDD payments.  MAGIC MATH– SSA MAKES THINGS UP WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS….

The refusal of SSA to even provide such information in a Congressional inquiry is very suspicious, and the months and months of clear obfuscation of facts and obstruction of justice are really sad, wouldn’t you agree?  This is another known national dilemma, scandal and shame…!!   SSA was called out for paying Nazi War criminals over 20 million dollars, illegally, last year.  Apparently, their practices of MAGIC MATH, with a splash of ‘abracadabra’ with facts and evidence, are known to most anybody touched by THAT system.

Word from the Ten Congressional Representatives who signed the October 2015 letter is hopefully anticipated soon, as they each received a copy of case evidence in the issue references above.  Acting SSA Commissioner has also received a complete package, and certain Media influencers have also been provided with copies of same.  It’s been less than 30 days… Word is expected soon.  Hopefully, a good word of correction and accuracy so that piece can be settled and closed.  [See earlier blogs for more details if SSA is on your bucket list of fixes needed.]

Another Injured Worker recently connected with an apparently “similar story” that has been being fought for over 12 years.


work comp guidelines diagram

AUSTRALIANS, CANADIAN, UK and other  INJURED WORKERS FACE VERY SIMILAR LIFE-THREATENING and DESTROYING INSULTS AND INJURIES that Americans face with the current Workers’ Compensation and Disability mega billion dollar PROFITS BEFORE LIVES systems, agencies and carriers….WITHOUT REPRESENTATION by enough elected officials.

How about investigations into the plights and gruesome illness and death of America’s #Nuclear Workers?   Relate them to the plights and gruesome illness and deaths, with quite little ‘plausible deniability,’  of Fukushima’s nuclear workers and relate that to the issues of Your Radiation This Week, Americans.  “Radiation in the US Soars”


Count – 44 Cities Reporting Radiation Above 1,000 CPM

Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM [4]

Bob Nichols Said WHAT About Your Radiation This Week!?!Your Radiation This Week


In addition to the 10 Congressional representatives who signed the letter of October 2015,  incited by INSULT TO INJURY investigative reports  to the Department of Labor about the state of Workers’ Compensation and the offer to provide law enforcement and protection, if needed, was quite a gift to the American people, but follow up is absolutely required.

There is also a small group of Congressional representatives who are also concerned and outraged about the treatment of sick Nuclear Workers in the USA, and denials of medical care and benefits.  Time to get these Congressional representatives talking together and working with one another, and also taking some hard looks into the Social Security Administrations mis-handling of millions of claims and dollars, causing further egregious harm to America’s class.


“ProPublica is Hiring an Engagement Reporter”


Remember Remember…  “Without a blog and a growing database, Injured Workers are Unarmed and Unprotected in the War on Workers.”    


For a little more perspective from and about some citizens IMPACTED by the need for The Demolition of Workers’ Compensation:

Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains – list of posts since Summer 2013  [update: The parties in the initial WorkComp case “reached resolution subject to confidentiality agreement” in less than 5 years, without benefit of competent legal counsel and other significant obstacles, by winter 2015.  The blog now addresses more national and international issues, and is not case-specific.

My WorkComp Coach is a natural result of an in pro per/in pro se (unrepresented)  Injured Worker Survivor’s need to GIVE BACK to the Injured Worker Community to share strategies and tactics to survive and escape the WorkComp system of PROFITS BEFORE LIVES.

aawcgt stats 8 19 2016 750 pm

Personal rebranding efforts are somewhat hindered by the magnitude and reach of the insurance industry propaganda machinery, and it’s approximately “Top 22 Blogger” mouth-pieces skewing public opinions in further efforts to protect profits and recover from the initial investigative reports by ProPublica and NPR.

google search workers compensation national discussions 8 19 2016 6 250 000 PAGE 1

“Something is terribly wrong with Worker’s Compensation – isn’t it?”

I would love to apply for the position at ProPublica, but alas, as a Survivor of Workers’ Compensation, the doctors say I can never work again, due to the challenges of the traumatic brain injury sustained at work in 2012, same year as Hillary. I study online business and education practices in hopes to prove those doctors wrong!!!  So far, not so good, but I keep trying!   My, what a difference private doctors vs. workcomp doctors can make in recovery outcomes, huh?

How many injured American workers may have had better and faster outcomes if WorkComp did not exist, but employee benefits with a State disability as ‘first responders’ was employed as a first line of defense against permanent disabilities, and having WorkComp insurance as a secondary insurer, in the event of catastrophic and irreparable injuries??  WorkComp is NOT an employee benefit.  ANYWHERE.

My blogging is a public service activity.  I can do more a la Arianna Huffington’s ideas that include the importance of NAPPING AT WORK.

(Arianna didn’t really say that Three Mile Island and Chernobyl Nuclear Disasters were due to ‘sleep deprivation’ as I read in Success magazine, did she?  “Fatigue –related.”  [WTH!!!]


Arianna Huffington Leads the Charge for Well-Being in the … – Success

“Mar 10, 2015 – It’s fitting, then, that Arianna Huffington’s latest book is a discourse on achievement and health. … and the nuclear accidents at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl? … According to Harvard Medical School, sleep deprivation costs U.S. … Time magazine had just named her one of the 100 most influential people …”

“…What we overlook is the staggering toll all that nonstop hustle takes on us. That commuter train derailment that killed four and injured more than 60 outside New York City in 2013? It was caused by an engineer who nodded off at the wheel. The Exxon Valdez oil spill, the Challenger space shuttle disaster, and the nuclear accidents at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl? All fatigue-related…”

Heck, if Hillary can run for President with suspected Brain Injury, Radiation poisoning and Seizures,  maybe I actually could apply for the ProPublica Engagement Reporter position….  if they could make an ADA accommodation and let me be of some help …. VIRTUALLY, FROM THE LEFT COAST…. High Desert, anyway.

I would love to see continuing investigations into the national hyper-corruption issues of Workers Compensation.  2015 reports were stellar, but just the tip of the iceberg.  More importantly is to find ways to get people quickly out of the system, and on to real doctors and medical care, healing and recovery and the path to return to work.

I would also love to some immediate investigations of the appearance of serious mis-deeds by the Social Security Administration when it comes to benefits for Injured Workers.  In most cases, MAKING STUFF UP and refusing to correct errors in income calculations, in order to deny benefits to injured workers and deploy profits to who knows whom,  is generally referred to with the f-word.  FRAUD and MALFEASANCE.   Injured Workers call it “MAGIC MATH” of Social Security; SSA workers call it ‘too confusing and hard’ and apparently Congressional Representatives call it ‘too hot to touch.’    Hmmmmm.

I would would also like to see that small group of “22 Top Bloggers” held accountable for speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  If a CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION is required to facilitate that, then, Congress knows what they must do.

MEANWHILE, A VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE FACEBOOK INJURED WORKER KAMPS AND GHETTOS is being organized for the LinkedIn interested parties, and other parties apparently not in the know about the atrocities of America’s WorkComp programs.  Watch for it.  It was derailed temporarily while some Injured Workers were under national ‘attack’ by some industry spokes people starting in May.  It seems to have simmered down, or is in another calm before another storm.


Maybe I COULD provide some ideas to the ProPublica team as they come together? Maybe they will just read my blogs and get some ideas; a few industry training department people have been regular views on LinkedIn and a few are subscribers.  ‘STREET TALK’ they prefer to call hyperbole or ‘angry injured workers with an ax to grind’ rather than deal with the harsh realities of a predatory and dangerous system politely called WORKERS COMPENSATION.

I’m getting a little professional help to update and “rebrand” to better represent “The New Me” [post TBI]  my social media presence, so, we’ll see what happens between now and the deadline, SEPTEMBER 5, 2016 — LABOR DAY IN THE USA.

While the late David DePaolo said this about me in his article Work Comp and Baseball (October 2, 2014)

“These cases, though, are real. There are real people behind these cases. People get hurt. People get toyed with. People don’t get what is needed, what is promised in the Grand Bargain, and set aside as disturbed and having unrealistic expectations.

Some contact me because of this blog, seeking answers, help and remedies.

I have met some – like Linda Ayers. I won’t get into Linda’s case here – that’s not the point.

Linda is vocal, like a few other injured workers. She has a blog, she is active in social media, she posts comments to this blog.

And she probably drives the defense crazy as she is prolifically passionate about making sure the system works for her and for other injured workers.

It’s easy to dismiss Linda’s activities as the rantings of an unstable person, but she is not an unstable person. She is a person who’s case spiraled out of control from the beginning, and we know that the early stages of a claim are the most critical…”

In 2015, at the commencement of the national diatribes attacking Injured Workers, in ASSUME RESPONSIBLITY by David, we were called  “Vociferous Militants” and just complainers, amongst other choice words.

Draft one of that blog, ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY,  actually was sent to me as a personal email, and it was not till a while later that I realized that many of the several little blue links linked directly to my little blogs!   Was he really trying to tell YOU something by linking to MY BLOGS?

However, there’s a vociferous militant minority of the injured worker population who have made it their mission to inform the world of the injustices imparted on them by “the system” and all its nefarious participants.

They have ridiculed most all work comp sectors named above, but have spared me for the most part. 

No apparent respect for the fact that I survived and that the parties in my personal case ‘reached resolution’ miraculously in less than 5 years, that even wrapped up with a nice ‘best wishes’ note from one of the defense attorneys involved.  David’s death leaves a gap in the industry discussions about the Pro’s, Cons and WorkCompsters of the Industry.  The fight for his role as ‘Top Dog’ is… pitiful to watch.  David actually care about Injured Workers and let his readers know that, and he walked a very fine line.  The other ‘top bloggers’ with just a very exceptions… not so much.

Earlier this year there was what appeared to be a full scale, organized national disparaging  attack on a small segment of the vocal Injured Workers in the USA, very few who blog.  It’s unclear who directed it, but Injured Workers have their suspicions.  Industry peeps probably know for sure.  The above blogs were included in several of the diatribes, directly and indirectly.

IF YOU KNOW SOME PEOPLE WHO MIGHT BE A PERFECT FIT FOR THAT PRO-PUBLICA POSITION, LET THEM KNOW.  IT LOOKS LIKE IT’S IN NEW YORK CITY…..   I lived there in a ‘former life’ on 72nd between Park and Madison, working as a secretary to a powerful … ‘real estate mogul.’

Leading experts on brain injury encourage TBI Survivors to ‘EMBRACE THE NEW YOU.’

The “new me” would never trade rural living today for anything like NYC and all it’s nuke plants nearby… because ALL NUCLEAR REACTORS LEAK ALL OF THE TIME.  

CNN how close is your home to a nuclear weapon site

How close is YOUR Home to a Nuclear Power Plant?  This CNN interactive is not complete, and doesn’t include the dumps, but it will give you an idea of what you are reading about in YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK, won’t it?  Be sure to read the numbered “Notes and Sources” in #YRTW before you, like some of the paid industry-trolls, start whining that it’s too hard to understand and too confusing and doesn’t match their $200 baggie covered Geiger counter readings.  D’oh!

AskAboutFukushimaNow.com/list-of-posts/ since 2011

Take a look at the 24-hour animation on Netc.com.   The free version gives you plenty to watch and think about. Others who want more info, can easily and inexpensively access the members information.  Watch it, if you live in the #USA.  If you have friends in the #USA, also watch it, and read more about the radiation alarms in progress here.  See EPA charts for additional information, and do the math.  Beta + Gamma.



netc dot com radiation animation

“Something is terribly wrong with the anti-nuclear movement – isn’t it?”

The NETC.com animation may help you better comprehend the data shared in Your Radiation This Week and may encourage you to change your HEPA filters, kick off your shoes before you walk in doors and slip on less-contaminated indoor-shoes and take all other available precautions to #DodgeTheRads.

cognitive dissonance

#DodgeTheRads and Have A Nice Shortened Life-Span



Workers’ Compensation SOBs and Global WOE from Australia Canada and USA

WORKERS’ Compensation is a HUGE PROBLEM in USA, Canada, UK, Australia & beyond.. The Australians are somewhat organized…. Canadian are vocal…. Americans……not so much.

So many sad, SOB stories in Workers Compensation, that non-injured people so often fail to believe, huh?


It’s time for Injured Workers Uniting – Silent No More because SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG WITH WORKERS’ COMPENSATION, ISN’T IT?

The Woman In The Room – The Reality of Being a Change Agent – by Professional Change Agent -” http://thewomanintheroom.com/2016/08/02/the-reality-of-being-a-change-agent/

“The world needs women who understand their value, who empower themselves to bring companies, governments and organizations back to their correct balance so they can achieve greatness.” – Dot


What is the Injured Workers Support Network? Your Questions Answered

This week the main question asked was “What is the Injured Workers Support Network?”





IDWA-USA Injured Disabled Workers Associations – USA


IDWA-USA Injured Disabled Workers Associations – USA is an idea whose time has come.  Join in the vision of INJURED DISABLED WORKERS ASSOCIATIONS across the USA to include every State, and around the globe

Coming soon, something like:

IDWA-AU Injured Disabled Workers Associations – Australia

IDWA – CANADA – Injured Disabled Workers Associations – Canada

IDWA – Injured Disabled Workers Association – UK

IDWA – Injured Disabled Workers Association – Singapore

Joining in creating a global effort… one group, one page, one post, one blog, one email, one phone call, one action at a time…

Any time, anywhere and Injured Worker reaches out for help, I want the hand of IDWA to be there, and for that, I am responsible.


Here’s the Australia website…. INJURED WORKERS SUPPORT NETWORK AUSTRALIA http://www.injuredworkerssupport.org.au/

Contact info is at the end of the brief video… I’ll do what I can to reach out to Rowmen. Perhaps you will, too?

They even invite Injured Worker stories, and probably don’t have nasty ol’ trolls trying to stop them from helping, by threatening “legal action.”

# # #

Sidebar: The editor I thought would be able to help ME get YOUR stories properly edited and formatted and ready for ebook didn’t work out. I think the topic of what’s happening is too harsh.  “Next!”     We may just put it together and e-publish on Create Space and call it ” SURVIVING WORKERS COMPENSATION – Draft 1″  😀

cognitive dissonance


# # #

In the USA we have NAIDW.org – a great online resource. Give Jon A. Arbay a shout-out and see if they need any volunteers to help with anything and everything… Maybe Jon will address this group in a FB Note or blog and tell us how we can support them supporting American Injured Workers.

Here’s their FB page:
https://www.facebook.com/naidw/ 😀

I think he’s still here in this group too, unless we ran him off.


Who will find out about a similar group in Canada and bring the info back to this group?

On FB there is Injured Workers Fighting WSIB but it says it’s a ‘government organization’… ?? https://www.facebook.com/ONIWGNETWORK/

Here is their Google+ site on WSIB Corruption? https://plus.google.com/communities/107513170697707197393


If you are a part of these organizations, please check with your members and bring a post here to this group, identify what sort of help you need, and we’ll see what we can do.

I reached out to some other virtual groups recently; we’ll see how they respond… I’m pretty hopeful that once they grasp the atrocities being committed, they will want to lend a hand.

If any of you have made any progress with establishing your own blog, let me know. Send me the link with WORKCOMP BLOG somewhere in the subject line at WorkCompLinda@gmail.com and start building your email list.

We need “units of service in every state—people to people.” I would imagine the same is required in Canada… province to province?

FB is not enough….

In USA, Injured Workers did not fight against a known industry Workers’ Compensation propaganda blitz that was told about in February, and launched in May, publicly, on their blogs.

If you don’t follow industry blogs, and don’t have your own blog, well, you know the ol’ saying… WITHOUT A BLOG….. INJURED WORKERS ARE UNARMED AND UNPROTECTED AND SOL.


Anybody there with an interest in saving lives from the WorkComp extermination machinery with some extra blogging etc…#OccupyVirtually….. as if lives depend on it??

There is one active Injured Worker blogger in the USA, to the best of my knowledge. The US Work Comp industry has 22 bloggers shaping public opinion with massive amounts of disinformation.

There are a handful of Injured Worker’s with Facebook pages and groups. A couple posters on LinkedIn. Any other BLOGGERS you have discovered?

My 2 WorkComp blogs:

AskAboutWorkersCompGravyTrains.com/list-of-posts/ since 2013



I am working on assembling some anonymous injured worker stories (for the protection of the injured workers from retaliation) and I’m working on creating an eCourse to illustrate how to escape the system and regain/reclaim civil and human rights.

Too many injured Workers our “dying on their knees”

The Australians in the above video seem to have a model that works. Any thoughts?

MESSAGE me or mail at WorkCompLinda@gmail.com if you have ideas to share? Thanks! Linda



PS. #DodgeTheRads! It’s dangerous out there!

ps What do RADS have to do with Workers’ Compensation, you may opine??!!  Think about compromised immune systems, for starters.  Google search YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK.  Take all necessary precautions.   After Fukushima triple nuclear meltdowns in March 2011, many Australians believed the nuclear industry propaganda that they were ‘safe’ in the Southern Hemisphere… that was partially true…for a few weeks.  That was a long time ago, and the internet has been seriously ‘scrubbed’ so you don’t have to fret too much about those harsh realities either.  Just sayin…


If you skipped physics, just ponder on ‘COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS’ AND HEART ATTACKS … and then cancers and worse… massives die-offs of smaller species are in progress, and who doesn’t know someone who has suddenly and mysteriously and puzzlingling ‘dropped dead’?

Your Radiation This Week #6 | Veterans Today

#DodgeTheRads  – Bob Nichols Said WHAT Else?

MyWorkCompCoach.com – WE ALL HAVE A STORY TO TELL!

So, #Blog and #DodgeTheRads… and think of how you can help your neighbors….whether you are an ol’ timer in WorkComp, a Newbie, or got out and came back to the battle fields to help the Hostages escape…. only the ones willing and able to escape. Stockholm Syndrome survivors will have follow…

#OccupyVirtually – #OccupyWorkComp


What’s a Brain Injured Worker to Do When Social Security Disability is an EPIC FAIL?

Ok, it’s time check in with Acting Social Security Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin since local Congressional and State Senate representatives are unable to cut thru the SSA BS, obfuscation of facts and misrepresentations and WorkComp and State disability issues. WISH ME LUCK! MADDER THAN HELL.

One doc suggested it’s ‘the same war, different battlefield’ for Injured Workers! Thanks, #WorkCompsters. Maybe The Ten Congressional Representatives concerned about Injured and Disabled Workers & Taxpayers will demand a Civil Rights Commission effort. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Watch for Blogs!

From LinkedIn:

Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration

LinkedIn Welcome to Social Security’s LinkedIn page! We are one of the largest independent agencies in government with over 60,000 employees. We work at m…
  • Linda Ayres

    It appears that the #SSA is committed to communications, and to social media. https://www.ssa.gov/socialmedia/

    Let’s hope Acting Commissioner Colvin can get to the bottom of the issues. CA offices refuse to correct their errors.

    Since May 2015 failed efforts to obtain accurate calculations of ‘retroactive’ benefits show local & state offices have been unable/unwilling to deal with facts, reflective of leaving more than one injured worker to fight further litigation because ‘somebody didn’t do their job’ when ‘somebody got hurt at work.’

    How to address ongoing wildly fluctuating calculations from an SSA retro pay award of $25,591.00 to subsequent overpayment reimbursement demands of $27,078, $25,578, $11,767, $9,964.10, $5,555.10, $22,869.10, $21,066.20, $22,869.10 –WITHOUT ANY CHANGE OF FACTS–PLEASE ADVISE.

    Not even Congress can get a straight answer?  Rather than elevate the case file to someone with basic math skills, SSA wants to waste more time and cause more aggravation and litigation via their process…of which their field offices are sadly in complete confusion about, and spread nothing but misinformation, albeit compassionately.

    How many appeal levels are there?

    Generally, there are four levels of appeal.

    They are:

    Reconsideration;      – There have been 11 of ‘these’

    Hearing by an administrative law judge; – In December 2015, local SSA office advised that appeals had been exhausted and Hearing was the next option and would take place sometime after January 2017; Hearing papers filed at the office, apparently incorrectly; 6 ‘reconsideration’ events took place after December 2015… with wildly fluctuating results, interruptions of benefits, corrections of misinformation, etc.

    In 2014 and 2015, the assistance of State Senator Jean Fuller was requested regarding WorkComp, EDD and SSA matters.

    Hearing papers were filed again, with copies to Congressman Cook’s office, in June 2016, wherein his office advised the case is now closed, even though they never were able to get the repeatedly requested accurate accounting of the alleged actual income from WC and EDD being used by SSA to falsely and incorrectly miscalculate, ignoring all evidence of actual income repeatedly provided.

    The issues of the $43,000 in medical expenses incurred by the Injured Worker/Disable Party, requested by the SSA Judge, were still not considered, nor were the Compromise and Release documents—DESPITE CONGRESSIONAL INTERVENTION AND INVESTIGATION.

    I was later advised that the Honorable Congressman is not a part of the SSA Congressional Committee, and they could do nothing more for me. They exacerbated the problems, and got no closer to the truth.

    Hence, Sen. Sherrod Brown, Ranking Member, Social Security, Pension and Family Policy Subcommittee – Senate Finance committee, Rep. Xavier Becerra, Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Social Security, House Ways and Means Committee, Sen. Al Franken, Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Employment and Workplace Safety – Senate HELP Committee, and Rep. Frederica S. Wilson, Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures – House Education and the Workforce Committees will also be copied on the letter to Acting Commissioner

    Review by the Appeals Council; and

    Federal Court review…

    Actual income provided by WC and State Disability is blatantly disregarded by SSA Staff, repeatedly. Congressman’s office shrugs and said, ‘get a lawyer’ and if you can’t afford one, go to ‘legal aid’ Really?!



    constitution too long didnt read

  • Statement of Carolyn W. Colvin,
    Acting Commissioner
    Social Security Administration
    Nominee for Commissioner
    Before the Senate Finance Committee
    Social Security Testimony Before Congress

    July 31, 2014

    “…As Acting Commissioner, I have focused on providing the public responsive customer service; demonstrating good stewardship by providing the American taxpayer the maximum value for the resources entrusted to us; and employing every available means to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse, and to prosecute those responsible when it does…”

    …Program Integrity

    “I am committed to protecting SSA’s programs from waste, fraud, and abuse. When I appeared before this Committee for my confirmation as Deputy Commissioner in 2010, I asked to serve as SSA’s Accountable Official for Improper Payments, and I am grateful to have held that role since I returned to SSA. In this capacity, I have provided executive oversight of our program integrity activities and pushed for the development of new and innovative ways to prevent, detect, and recover improper payments….”

    “…As I indicated earlier, I am committed to fighting waste, fraud, and abuse and have significantly expanded efforts at the agency to do so. I am equally committed to ensuring that the people who come to us in tremendous need receive the benefits for which they are eligible as quickly as possible. If confirmed, I will continue to ensure that we balance timely, high quality service with our program integrity responsibilities….”


What’s a #Brain Injured Worker to Do When Social Security Disability is an EPIC FAIL?

– PLEASE STAND BY — Time for Social Security Disability improprieties to be included in the Workers’ Compensation National Discussions, isn’t it?

If you have experience getting to accurate calculations with SSA, please share how you did it! Thanks! 😀 Where are the Investigative Journalists on this issue? It’s a common one.

Injured Workers call it SSA “Magic Math.” What do lawyers call it?


A letter to Acting Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin, with full evidence, is being prepared now, and the Ten Congressional Representatives who signed the October 2015 WorkComp letter are being copied. Enough is Enough.

     Congress on WorkComp 10 2015 - WE BELIEVE 1

Congressional letter signers 10 2015 2

If local SSA offices are unable/unwilling to do their jobs, somebody needs to look deeper.

Anybody have competency and ethical issues with Social Security offices that cause harm and further threats of further harm and litigation because SSA staff refuses to deal with facts, feigns losses of submitted documents, and obfuscates and misrepresents matters, all to the apparent benefit of the insurance industries and loss to SSA, Injured Workers and Taxpayers?

Wow … is that how Social Security Disability is supposed to work?

Did you hear about the LTD carrier that threatened lawsuit for ‘repayment’ based on false SSA numbers, and said ‘THE COURTS ROUTINELY FIND IN OUR FAVOR’…

Really? Ewwww. Alrighty, we’ll see what America thinks!

Congressman’s office shrugged at it’s failure to get the facts via “Congressional Investigation”, and instead accepted some bogus irrelevant numbers on a page as good ’nuff, and suggested hiring an attorney or going to legal aid…’case closed’…. Be sure to vote!

Why does an injured worker have to hire legal counsel when Social Security Admin fails? Or, jump through hoops for years all the way to “Federal Court Review”??!! They can’t get the same number twice…for over a year…and it took how many years for them to believe a brain injury is a disability?!!!

How to address ongoing wildly fluctuating calculations from an SSA retro pay award of $25,591.00 to subsequent overpayment reimbursements demands of $27,078, $25,578, $11,767, $9,964.10, $5,555.10, $22,869.10, $21,066.20, $22,869.10 –WITHOUT ANY CHANGE OF FACTS–PLEASE ADVISE.

Because of these false calculations, the Long Term Disability insurance carrier is demanding approximately $22,000 in overpayment reimbursements, based on the initial $25,591.00, all based on false allegations, apparently, that somebody with my name received and continues to receive $4,177.30 monthly disability payments….  Would the Salvation Army have been called upon for utility and food assistance if that income was being received in rural America?

Such income is contrary to reality and to evidence provided regarding actual income, repeatedly, so it can only be assumed that SSA is just making it up.  This is not totally implausible, as the initial $25,591 ‘retro-pay’ award was sent by SSA to a bank account that had been closed over a year, and not to the account that early retirement monies had been direct deposited to since June 2014, which required intervention by the Treasury Department.  SSA has also falsely reported numbers to the IRS on 1099 form, that conflict with even their statements.

It does make one wonder if they ever sorted out the issues of SSA paying Nazi War Criminals milllions and millions of dollars in a big ‘ooops’ operation.

social security pays nazis

Injured Workers call these common practices “MAGIC MATH” — What would the DOJ call it?



4 out of 3 people struggle with math - and there are 1946 known lethal isotopes -- DODGE THE RADS

That doesn’t even take into account $43,000 of medical receipts the SSA Judge asked for, nor the C & R. D’oh. Those documents must still be in the ‘too hard/too complicated’ pile.

There is no competency or drug testing at SSA? The volume of letters from there are…. pathetic and incoherent… with reference also to ‘corkers compensation’ and a host of other strange words. Mis-information provided by local SSA office is the only constant.

Smacks of abuse, doesn’t it? Or would that be collusion?


Just when one thinks the fighting is over, here comes another Hydra. Yech.

If you have any ideas, or want to include some info in YOUR blog, reach out. WorkCompLinda@gmail.com

Maybe some of the real Investigative Journalists and/or  “Workers’ Compensation Top Bloggers” are concerned about what happens during and after WorkComp as it relates to Social Security Disability, AARP, and more?

Watch these blogs….see who’s telling the truth, and who’s just a mouth piece for an industry that takes and takes and takes from you, from me, from America….. Here’s a list from 2012.. LexisNexis Top 25 Blogs for Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Issues – 2012 Honorees It’s pretty much the same crowd of industry  ‘selected’  Best Blogs 2016…

Edward-Bernays-2 Edward Bernays WorkComp practices too

For Injured Workers who blog in America, there is one blogger,  with two active blogs… Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains and MyWorkCompCoach.com

math-stick-people beta or gamma - which have they convinced you are safe as bananas LUCY OCCUPY ASKS

There are a few Injured Workers, some with close links to the industry, that post a lot on LinkedIn, Google Circles, and Facebook…. DO THE MATH.

The Canadians and Australians are loud in attempts via vlogs and blogs and protests to hold their governments accountable for heinous crimes under the banner of Workers Compensation.

First they came for…

In America, not so much…YET.

AAWCGT STATS 7 25 2016 12 12 PDT

We hope to have a solution to share in MyWorkCompCoach.com — soon enough….. to spare other injured workers the same financial terrorism and torture that interferes with any hope of rehabilitation… It’s gross negligence or worse!

#DodgeTheRads, too….That’s PHYSICS!

Best, L

Linda Ayres


Linda Ayres on LinkedIn

Twitter @WorkCompLinda

Blogs:   Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains

My WorkComp Coach

What’s YOUR WorkComp Story?

If there are more than 54 million Injured and Disabled American Workers and 8.9 million receive Social Security Disability… preview image

If there are more than 54 million Injured and Disabled American Workers and 8.9 million receive Social Security Disability…

What happens to the other 45.1 million? With thanks to encouragement by the Investigative Reporting by ProPublica and NPR in the series, Insult to Injury, The Demolition of Workers Compensation…

[Republican contender to the White House says 43 million Americans are on Food Stamps Programs?]

“Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?”  – WARNING, HARSH LANGUAGE

Sophie Scholl and her pals were not bloggers…they produced a series of Leaflets to fight nazi terrorism, much like Injured Workers in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and everywhere must do or face consequences. While some ol’ timers would have Injured Workers ‘wait for the feds to intervene’… just remember, you can’t fix stupid. For Injured Workers who blog in America, there is one with two blogs… https://lnkd.in/bXgBAvM and MyWorkCompCoach.com

#DodgeTheRads — It’s Dangerous Out There!



Can the YouEconomy disrupt the atrocities of WorkComp, LTD and SSA Disability Buffoonery Muddled with Flummery?

When one thing doesn’t work, we do other stuff.

Injured Workers are so heavily infiltrated by industry peeps, and drug-crazed long-term victims of the industry spewing helpless and hopeless nonsense, Jonestown style, so the hope for the millions of Americans being destroyed by WorkCompsters and the related agencies and industries seems grim indeed.  Most are unable/unwilling to learn to blog and fight the known corruption to save their own lives.  Their ‘peers’ batter them into submission to remain quiet and hope for change.  It’s vicious, indeed.

Some of the ‘other stuff’ I am still looking into, on your behalf, is how to best create eCourses and get eBooks done.  As mentioned recently on LinkedIn, I found a compassionate editor to help take both the eCourses and eBooks forward, to the next steps.  I continue to study social media, to the best of my abilities, in my own efforts at ‘vocational rehabilitation.’


The recent SUCCESS Magazine on the YouEconomy presents the most hope I’ve seen in the world of business in a while. I think the YouEconomy has the full potential to obliterate the entire WorkComp industries… Well, we can hope on that count!




Colleen Arneil is another gifted disrupter, “E-Course Creation & Business Growth Strategist”  and “Passive Income Queen”…

This Week I am participating in her free 7-day course – Passive Income Prep School, and I purchased her eCourse program months ago.

She is using the new FB video real time chat, a downloadable workbook, and a private FB group…. real “Today” stuff.


I thought some of you might enjoy/appreciate the STEPS from Day One….  If possible, I’ll post all SevenDays Steps…

You can probably still join in, if it’s of interest.  We’re supposed to post in the group by the end of the day, and repeat process for all 7 days.

If not, return to Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains list of posts, and read some of the ones you may have missed.

Here we go!

The Passive Income Lounge may be for you if you want more… and if:

>> You’re intrigued at the idea of creating passive income, and you want to know how it works

>> You recognize that being an entrepreneur is as much about MINDSET as it is strategy—one can’t be successful without the other.

>> You have or you’re thinking of starting an online business

 “Without a blog and a growing database, Injured Workers are unarmed and unprotected in the global war on workers.  Wow!”
Workers Compensation National Discussion ala Abbott and Costello - Comedic duoBATMAN AND WORKCOMP D'OHGUMBY AND POGO
What’s up with the Workers’ Comp National Discussion circus this week?  
What a propaganda machine!  
Linda Ayres looking for The Magic!


Thanks, Colleen Arneil!!! Day 1 steps were simple and powerful!


Step 1 — 10 points – I showed up live at 11 to the Passive Income Lounge; calendar marked to be there tomorrow, too.

Step 2 – 10 points – My eCourse topic is WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills


The Select Your Topic action was clarifying and confirming/personally validating.


The “Validate My Idea” exercise was real powerful, and had me smiling.

On UDEMY WorkComp had NO matches, but I did discover two courses:

1) Introduction to Workers Compensation Surveillance by a private investigator [ a horrible and harsh reality of the practices of WorkComp in America, Canada, UK and Australia….]

2) VA Fully Developed Disability Claims – ‘incapacitation’ is the military equivalent of WorkComp… and it looks like a soldier developed that 6 section curriculum, with a very left-brain military organizational structure. I may have to study that! 😀

2) Amazon had 2,654 books on WorkComp; it had 6,330 books for Injured Workers mostly written by attorneys, but a few that touched on Survival, written by other Injured Workers — most were written a few years ago, and some were had introductions by attorneys… none of those were sugar-coated. Most of the books seemed to be ‘industry propaganda’ but I even found one by a former WorkComp commissioner … spilling the beans on the atrocities…and offering some solutions.

That was a totally cool exercise. I also found my log in to your eCourse that I purchased how long ago?

I even posted a couple related thoughts on LinkedIn (they know me in the WorkComp community there; I am one of just a couple of Injured Worker BLOGGERS in the USA… I also want to do an eCourse on BEGINNING TO BLOG….so that Human Rights and Civil Rights activists can better harness the power of social media.

“WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW” is a little slogan/meme I have used for years… it fits. 😀

And below are images of how far I got so far in creating a course… I would welcome feedback on which is more inviting, considering that most Injured Workers in America are being seriously abused by a system that intends only harm, and many feel (and are!) quite dis-empowered.. and hope is a long forgotten emotion for too many.

See you tomorrow! Thank you! xoxoxox

Linda Ayres's photo.
Linda Ayres's photo.















Linda Ayres
PS You can’t “ENROLL NOW” …. that’s as far as I got in eCourse creation since March. It’s a beginning! xoxoxo



First they came for…


First they came for the Injured Workers, and I did not speak out–

Because I was not an Injured Worker.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the ‘Boomers,’ and I did not speak out–

Because I was not a ‘Boomer.’

Then they came for the Insurance Brokers, and I did not speak out–

Because I was not an Insurance Broker.

Then they came for the Attorneys for the Injured Workers, and I did not speak out–

Because I was not an Attorney.

Then they came for the Judges, and I did not speak out–

Because I was not a Judge.

Then they came for the Politicians, and I did not speak out–

Because I was not a Politician.

Then they came for the Bloggers, and I did not speak out —

Because I was not a Blogger.

Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

it didnt start with gas chambers


If you have been watching the ‘Abbott and Costello’ version of the

Workers Compensation National Discussion ala Abbott and Costello - Comedic duo

Workers’ Compensation National Discussions, you will better understand.  

Spin Doctors!


The “National Discussions” launched in May with diatribes against America’s Injured Workers, selecting a few to disparage viciously and incessantly on and off social media.

Yes, we were warned.   Let’s see what they collectively come up with in … August…. to spin for ‘improved perceptions’ of the industry and it’s killing machines and bots?


Broker Schmoker Rebuttal

The Ignorant Aging

Are The Calderons Enough?

This Could Be Huge

Polarization to Hypocrisy

Work Comp and Baseball

Remember the industry rants disparaging America’s Injured Workers in favor of a (potential?) business associates from down under? Follow the money.  Follow their blogs.

“This morning finds me firmly ensconced in a top secret “undisclosed location”, preparing to attend the 2016 Workers’ Compensation Summit – the result of an earlier call for a national conversation on workers’ comp. When I first published the article…..”

Who Will Lead The National Conversation on Workers’ Compensation

WorkersCompensation.com Best Blog Designees for 2016!

Some Final Thoughts on the Best Blogs Experience

Best Blogs to Be Announced on Monday

And The Conversation Begins in Dick Cheney’s Basement


Injured Workers Mediation for negotiations and structured settlements

Some Injured Worker/WorkComp Survivor Opinings…



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