How do you get from here to there after WorkComp? Here’s an update on Passive Income Prep School…

Linda Ayres looking for The Magic! July 12 at 10:03pm ‪#‎PassiveIncomePrepSchool‬ Thanks, Colleen Arneil!!! Day 1 steps were simple and powerful! Step 1 — 10 points – I showed up live at 11 to the Passive Income Lounge; calendar marked to be there tomorrow, too. Step 2 – 10 points – My eCourse topic is […]

Injured Workers – One Demand

Linda Ayres WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW DID YOU STUDY “THE PETITION BY INJURED WORKERS” — NEARLY 6,000 SIGNATURES and COMMENTS, INCLUDING MD, NOT your industry stereotypical WorkComp “blue collar, 90 IQ victims”… as you’ll probably agree as you read.   SEE IT HERE; TAKE IT TO YOUR LEADERS. THANKS.   WorkComp Linda Says: …We hope the […]

Voices of Injured Workers — Who Is In and Who is Out of the Car…. Dodge The Disinformationists!

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Please stop by the Facebook Fest –  #OccupyWorkComp – AIN’T IT AWFUL FEST For those interested in whining and complaining and singing the AIN’T IT AWFUL song about WorkComp — BYOB – BRING YOUR OWN BLOG and dump all the crappy news here at this event. Let’s clean up the OCCUPY […]