#WOW  The War On Workers Seems to Be Escalating!   BE PREPARED!    A ‘Secret’ National WorkComp Tribunal is in the makings??!!     See an abbreviated version of the currently circulating CAAA Poll below…

May?!!  What a dangerous propaganda effort!! Read on!  THINK THINK THINK

why do we have wars

What’s a Psychopath?  Let’s watch this documentary again, Defense Against The Psychopath.  “Understanding them is the first to defending against them.”

There are just a handful of industry bloggers shaping public opinions, and a good 25 or so bloggers considered to be #ITK, in the know.

How many injured workers are blogging now?  How many have written books?   How many have a huge social media presence?   How many attorneys and providers are blogging?

Did you read Steve Gursten’s blog about IME issues? (LINKS BELOW)  Wow! That firestorm should incite 21st Century Doctor’s Trials! Watch the deposition video! You’ll shake and spit, for sure, if you’re human! Follow THAT money trail.

Dr. Rosalind was paid how much for doing what, saving which insurance carriers how many millions to deny medical care?? Yikes! Typical,huh?  Ask any injured worker, any where.

Most attorneys know, but they are not as courageous as Attorney Gursten…. who facilitated a WIN FOR THE 1ST AMENDMENT and for We, The People!!    Go Steve!  TEACH TEACH TEACH!

Below is a response to an email from the group, Crimes Against Injured Workers, et al!

mon war is not healthy

How many know Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes and Michael Stack and David DePaolo and Bob Wilson and Dr Robert Weinmann?  Here is the LexisNexis list “Top Blogs For Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Issues – 2014”… Is 2015 done?  Follow them all! Comment regularly!  Screen shot your comments and share the links on your network, in case they don’t find your comments “PC.”   ;D

The number of injured workers still not blogging is a serious detriment to any forward movement.  It is said that there are 54 million plus Injured and Disabled Workers in America?
To aim for a #CommitteeOfBloggers and #Vloggers of at least 50 Injured Workers and Friends of Injured Workers is an attainable 2016 goal.  We can, if we think we can.  JUST DO IT!
 WorkComp Blog4TheCure Occupy Virtually


Expand your reach!  #Blog4TheCure and encourage all injured workers to set up a new email address with WorkComp[Name] and or InjuredWorker[Name] or any email carrier…. make every email count!  Build your email lists NoW!  #OccupyVirtually!

Set up a blog today, too!  Follow the industry blogs, and comment succinctly and regularly. CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG(S) WITHOUT COST ON WORDPRESS.COM.   Screen shot your comments and post on your FB pages…in case they refuse to ‘approve’ your contrary thoughts. Invite WorkCompsters to join your discussion groups, and be polite.  There will be a day in Court, one day!

See for a special on email campaigns for >5000, and MailChimp for free services “Up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.”  #DodgeRadsNow!  IMAGINE THE REACH!

Got questions?   ASK ‘WORKCOMP COACH LINDA” here or directly at or

rise up OCCUPY VIRTUALLY rads in the air

 #DodgeTheRads!  Radiation exposure will add to compromised immune systems!  Just do it!  

WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW!  Set up a Facebook PAGE, #OccupyWorkComp, to share your stories and invite friends to share theirs.  Create Facebook groups to facilitate discussions, and create LinkedIn groups to facilitate discussions!   What other resources can YOU suggest?



To: Cecilia Watt, Injured Worker for
Crimes Against Injured Workers et al

From:  Linda Ayres and Friends

RE:  Your Email of 2/12/16: National Conference of Insurance “Legislators”. List of Legislators that were specifically on workers comp

Thanks for your email and thanks for asking.
Yes, You may copy me publicly on your email efforts to increase awareness of the need for immediate intervention and change in the National Workers Compensation.  If I can help, I will help.
Those of us working for transformation and saving lives must absolutely be aware of respective efforts, and help where we can.  We “Work Like Antz!”
Remember that industry trolls would divide us, to maintain the silence and oppression and violations of civil and human rights.  They are everywhere.
Feel free to share this blog with your group, and they can take it or leave it.  #Blog4TheWorkCompCure!  
ants and power
Further thoughts for your pondering are below.
The Link to the NCOIL – National Conference of Insurance Legislators … for the states is a interesting site!  It also has links to “related Web Sites” Thank you for sharing it!  Those who have any faith left in the legal systems may be served by writing to each of the named representatives, and to the October 2015 Congressional representatives!
The #WorkCompsters are apparently aiming for a national discussion on work comp matters — closed door and excluding injured workers?
Recent news indicates it will be a secret meeting of a handful of industry influencers, undisclosed location and participants, and may include two ‘injured workers’ and results only will be provided with the public at large.  It seems to be taking place someplace ‘in the Heartland’ (Let’s hope they check Your Radiation This Week for updates on the radiation levels in their city of choice, and that HEPA filters are provided in the meeting room, at the very least! It’s a litigious crowd, they might create a class action for the dangers they are being invited to participate in!)
More on that in coming blogs….those Secret Tribunals have always been questionable throughout history!
political language (2)
Do the 21st Century Sonderkommando ‘come in limousines, not tanks!?’  Will they do a preliminary national poll to include all parties involved and knowlegeable about the horrors of American WorkComp practices, or will they ‘shuck and jive’ amongst themselves, just like they do at those expensive high-end conferences at the best joints in America?  Total cost per attendee is factored in to somebody’s bottom line?   Rooms at what, $300/nite plus per diems?  All they can eat and drink?  With a few panels and chats that could reach more ONLINE?
INJURED WORKERS ARE PROHIBITED ALWAYS FROM ALL INDUSTRY EVENTS?   Can’t learn/Can’t teach.  Hmmmmmm.  Talk about segregation and discrimination?   One work comp industry organization actually openly and disdainfully prohibits injured workers of any kind at their events, and allows attendees to bring a guest ONLY if the guest is a SPOUSE?  WOW!  Ain’t that nothing!   Do they do marriage certificate and bed checks, too?
Why is that?   Years ago I worked for an attorney who always said, “PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THE WRONGS THEY HAVE DONE TO YOU!”

The doctor’s story is common.  The attorney story is HEROIC!   Steve Gursten, Esq.  is an American Hero, and facilitated a win for the First Amendment, and for his truck driving brain injured client. California attorneys could learn a great deal from Steve, and how to truly protect a client, instead of serving them to the insurance industries for a ‘few pieces of silver.’    Maybe Steve should be invited to the Secret Tribunal…. he’s a Michigan PI attorney, obviously not leased/owned by any insurance companies.  The ol’ WorkComp crowd will likely be heavily invested in CYA studies. See more details on IME issues here:

The First Amendment wins in dropped ethics probe over lawyer’s hatchet job tactics blog post! #Blog4TheCure

Will the National Discussion Secret Meeting simply be a polite get-together to suggest that Michael Grabell, Howard Berkes and the teams at NPR and ProPublica were — WRONG?   I’ve read every article in the Demolition of WorkComp series and I have yet to see them seriously straight up address the FRAUD AND CORRUPTION.   Insinuation, yes, but nothing to take to the District Attorneys, yet.  Maybe soon!

Sedgwick pays $1.13 million to settle California comp violations

Will they be discussing the “Lessons Learned By Sedgwick”?   Romano Trust was not enough?   It’s become Romano-Syndrome, hasn’t it?    #Blog4TheCure!  We’ll talk more soon on the Sedgwick Institute and the grants being handed out to long time WorkComp people to keep the merry go round turning?

Maybe a hotline for dying Injured Workers on the rest and wait and wait and opiate program, handled by a third party could be discussed at the Secret Tribunal?

No injured worker under the Sedgwick plan I have been in touch with has any faith whatsoever for any hope for any good faith actions after years and years and years of abuse.  Most have retained more than one attorney, none of whom were able to get reasonable medical care sufficient for return to work, or any other protections.  WHO WILL PROTECT INJURED WORKERS IN AMERICA?!

What do you tell an injured worker who says, “My attorney said he makes so little money on my case, he told me that it doesn’t matter if he returns my calls or not.  When it’s over, he’ll still get the same little bit of money, so he has lots of files and can’t give my case any attention.”  HOW IS THAT ETHICAL OR EVEN HUMANE?  It certainly does not pass any ‘competency’ tests!

mlk hitler germany

When will the attorney groups begin to monitor the horrors they facilitate by such behaviors, and worse?   How about the attorney who says, “Fraud? I haven’t heard that word since law school.  I wouldn’t have a clue how to proceed in exposing that!”   Or the attorney who says, ‘Romano Trust vs. Sedgwick gave the industry the green light to withhold medical care from all injured workers, across America, and risk merely a fine of a maximum of $100,000.  It’s cheaper than medical care in most cases.’


How about the Super Lawyers who know about “the issues” that permeate the WorkComp system and shrug and call say “The System Is Broken” ……    Talk about Dodging The Facts!  Sounds complicit to most injured workers!  

How about the attorneys who bank only on ‘high profile cases’?  If that’s the case, it is incumbent on every Injured Worker to CREATE A HIGH PROFILE, BY ANY AND EVERY MEANS NECESSARY.    As Michael Grabell of ProPublica was recently quoted, he said words to the effect that most people don’t give a hoot about WorkComp till they are in the system, and fighting for their life to escape the horrors.  I’ll find the article and post it when I do.

Anybody in the business more than 10 years is surely considered part of the problem? Anybody in the business more than 5 years is surely considered part of the problem.  Heck, ANYBODY IN THE BUSINESS IS SURELY CONSIDERED PART OF THE PROBLEM OF MAIMING AND DISABLING AND YES, KILLING INJURED WORKERS ACROSS AMERICA, FOR PROFITS.   Those who have remained silent, or just left the industry are quite as culpable, wouldn’t you agree?

Will they discuss real issues like fraud, collusion, malpractice?  Will they look at how fake-doctor reports are factored in to the ‘rising medical costs’ in long drawn out WorkComp Cases?  Will they address how paying off an on-the-take doctor to use a bit of slight of hand and deceptions with a touch of plausible deniability to ensure denial of medical care for the $7,000 range, verses necessary immediate medical treatments in the tens of thousands, and life medical in the millions, per case?
FOLLOW THE MONEY. Will they look at the butchery by the “Angels of Death” — Josef Megele-like ‘surgeons’ leased/owned by the WorkComp industries and complications caused by left over foreign objects?


Will they discuss the torturous practices of leaving foreign objects behind in a surgery, then cutting off pain meds without corrective surgeries?  Will they look at failures to treat complications after botched surgeries? Will they look at cost-shifting to Welfare and Social Security Disability, and the the trickery of the Long Term Disability Providers and apparent collusion there, also?
trust no one


Committees Of Bloggers, Injured Workers and Friends of Injured Workers,  sharing the harsh realities of WorkComp is required.
Please let me know if any of your friends have blogs and vlogs (videos) to be included in a directory currently being compiled.  Send an email to and put INJURED WORKER BLOG in the subject line, please and thanks.   If you have an industry blog, please send an email to and put WORKCOMP INDUSTRY BLOG.   Several are already listed in the AAWCGT blog under Injured Worker Resources….add to it!  We Are The Media Now.
TARGET:  AT LEAST 50 Blogs/Vlogs by Injured Workers and Friends of Injured Workers this year; the sooner the better.
herd cliff .
There’s a new website called  It even (bravely) includes a video, being as authentic as possible. Here’s the link in case you haven’t seen it yet.. – Take 1
It will share WorkComp Survival and Combat Skills.  It will also be a series of e-courses, for the use and benefit of Injured Workers and to empower the few in industry who to not consciously intend to maim and kill injured workers. SIGN UP TO GET NOTIFIED BY EMAIL.
Many WorkComp workers are at high risk of joining the ranks of Injured Workers over their lifetimes, and many don’t even have a Twitter account or Facebook page, let alone the all powerful BLOG!  The new site will incorporate lessons learned, in a general way, in the blog,   All are invited to follow both blogs, and provide open or private comments and suggestions as we go forward.
Due to my work injury, I’m slower cognitively than I used to be, but I keep moving forward, one step and one post and one blog at a time.  It is something we can all do.  Implement “Compensatory Strategies.”
Several Injured Workers have written books!  Good for them. Now comes the ‘marketing’ and putting your book in front of influencers and influenced, and other injured workers! Once published, YOUR WORK HAS JUST BEGUN!     Let’s create a group for you authors to support one another in marketing efforts!   You’re not alone; quit acting like you are!  If you don’t have a blog yet, do it today! Start a study group of what you’re already written! Build your email list.
IF YOU HAVEN’T WRITTEN A BOOK ABOUT YOUR STORY YET, LET GET RIGHT TO IT! Others who have gone before us can light the way.   Send me an email of your interest and we’ll organize some pow-wows.  BE PRO-ACTIVE!
Building on the list of the 10 Congressional representatives, apparently incited by the ProPublica/NPR piece, The Demolition of Workers Compensation,  who signed the October 2015 letter addressed to the Department of Labor —  is a very good move.  BRAVA!
The list of legislators you have shared might be enlisted to join with the others, and issue an updated later with all the signatures of those public representatives charged with overseeing Workers Compensation atrocities and ensuring that corrective adjustments are made immediately, imho.  Sharing this article, US Lawmakers Call for More Oversight of Workers’ Comp COULD serve to incite support, letting them know it’s time to act.  Be sure to include the link to the actual October 20, 2015 letter from Congress to the Department of Labor.  Here’s that link.
#Blog4TheCure   Time to Restore CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS TO INJURED WORKERS NOW   #WeAreTheMediaNow  #DodgeRadsNow
Bear in mind that the parties in my case “reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement” and the only reason I continue to bother on a national and international level on WorkComp matters can be summed up in the words of Einstein, ‘Those who have the privilege to know have the DUTY to act.”
Thanks again for sharing, Cecilia Watt, Injured Worker for  Crimes Against Injured Workers  Spreading awareness to the public of the crimes, fraud and tactics used against injured workers as they navigate a corrupt workers compensation system.
Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  
Expand your reach!  Blog4TheCure and encourage all injured workers to set up a new email address with WorkComp[Name] and or InjuredWorker[Name] (or any email carrier…. make every email count!)
#Blog4TheWorkCompCure  #Vlog4TheWorkCompCure  #Post4TheWorkCompCure #Tweet4TheWorkCompCure  —- #OccupyVirtually!  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW
The words of Sophie Scholl of The White Rose Society, who did not survive Nazi Germany for speaking out,  are as appropriate today as they were back then.
white roses
Kind regards,
CARRY ON!  #DodgeTheRads and remember remember
Linda Ayres & Friends

PS  Be aware of the dangerous of radiation exposure to all of us…. and the impact on national health. Compromised immune systems impact your bottom lines, too!

See more here:   Bob Nichols Said WHAT About Your Radiation This Week!?!

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WorkComp Gravy Trains? What’s a Gravy Train??

What’s a “gravy train?” Ask Siri!


A young banker today asked ‘what’s a gravy train?’ giving way to discussion and points to ponder with his colleagues.

It was suggested that he immediately check with his Human Resources Department for details on the WorkComp policies and practices of his major bank.  He knew well about the needs to begin retirement planning early, but admittedly never thought about a work place injury.   He was encouraged to do more research, and discuss it with his friends and neighbors.  A work place injury can be very career path and life-disrupting to an injured worker, and quite the gravy train for what some call “21st Century Sonderkommando”  — Yes, Ask Siri!

How many people in the industry know cases that are more than 20 years old?  What torture and abuses occur during such a time span??   How many dollars are laundered over the course, over how many unclean hands? Recently an industry article about California talked about Sedgwick again, caught offending again, shrugged, paid a few million and said they would monitor better (paraphrased.) Here’s the link:

Sedgwick pays $1.13 million to settle California comp violations


Another recent article talked about how Sedgwick takes the best financial care of it’s employees….. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?  Put on your cognitive thinking skills cap! YIKES!

If there was ever a time for class action, Sedgwick even looks like it might be in a position to clean up old cases and make them right.  I will reach out to them directly and see if they will set up a hotline to take calls from long lost and botched cases, and I will contact media as well.  You in or out?


WE MAY HAVE TO DEVOTE A SPECIAL SERIES TO SEDGWICK although they seem to represent the new normals, don’t they?

WE ALREADY KNOW THE NEED TO #Blog4TheCure – Romano Syndrome incited by the practices of this insurance carrier, which seems to have set the industry standard, huh?

Perhaps Darrell Brown and Kimberly George, both influencers at Sedgwick, will establish a direct HOT LINE for Injured Parties to reach out, whether or not they are represented.  Perhaps they will establish a second HOT LINE for attorneys of old Sedgwick cases to reach out.  Perhaps they will line up a HOT LINE for national, third-party MEDIATORS to get these cases to resolution, allowing the remaining days of injured workers to be without the terrors and pain and abuses that only workcomp can freely incite, without fear or caution, on the working classes.

Most applicant attorneys shamefully would apparently rather see an injured worker die than share case proceeds with someone who can get the job done —medical care and resolution — and imho, such parties should not profit for inability to protect their clients, and certainly should not stand in the way of resolution.  My opinions on that crowd have never been …. sugar-coated.   20 years, c’mon!

Then, if PRO-ACTIVE HOTLINES happen, maybe investigative reporters can write something nice about work comp one of these days, instead of digging to find a story of someone who did something right once in workcomp.  Corrective actions can then begin to embrace Social Security Disabilities and improprieties, that little cost shifting maneuver with many sticky little fingers all over it?  All these things may, in the end, require hands-on Congressional interventions.  What about Return to Work?  What a concept, post-medical treatment?

There is lots of room for improvement and it doesn’t include ‘rising medical costs’ and from an accounting perspective, MEDICAL EVALUATIONS UPON EVALUATIONS UPON EVALUATIONS do not constitute medical care.  Separate actual care from collusion to deny medical care, and the industry may find medical care costs are insanely low, to practically non-existent.  Ask any injured worker, represented or not.

LET THE NATIONAL CONVERSATIONS BEGIN.  ProPublica started the conversations with the series, Insult to Injury – The Demolition of Workers Compensation.  Let’s keep the conversations going and ignite some new ones!  YOUR LIFE COULD BE AT STAKE, TOO.   

Obviously, applicant attorneys in every state are befuddled, puzzled, baffled and perplexed on how to protect injured parties.  Perhaps Congress can be encouraged to encourage immediate establishment of a HOT LINE FOR AMERICA’S INJURED WORKERS SEEKING RESOLUTIONS, MEDICAL CARE, AND BASIC CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS.   WE CAN HOPE.   LET’S OPEN UP SOME HOT LINES, AND CONTINUE TO #Blog4TheWorkCompCure!





Young, middle aged and old people are also urged by to check with their Human Resources Dept today to get the names of their WorkComp and Disability insurance carriers. Anytime you consider a new j-o-b, be sure to ask about the Workers Compensation carrier, practices and how many injured workers, statistically, ever return to work with their original employer, and at all?  You might also inquire about the average duration of the company’s ‘typical’ work comp case, and if HR and management has any particular training in handling 911-emergency calls and workplace injuries.  Particularly ask if they are forbidden from calling 911 or extending get well wishes! That may be telling!

too big

Research them. Don’t wait till you’re hurt at work. At that point you have lost most all civil and human rights.

Without this info your career path can be derailed into oblivion and your life severely shortened!

Start Career, Retirement and Accidental #Work Injuries planning now! Failures can cost you your health, life savings, home, career path, and your life!

Ask any 40-somethings who have been fighting #WorkComp since theirs 20s and 30s….and can’t find competent legal representation or resolution to botched surgeries and more. Ask any 60-somethings about it!


You could be next! BE PREPARED! Ask better questions! Join the national conversation on Worker’s Comp atrocities, demolition and transformations! SURVIVE!

herd cliff


National Association Workers’ Compensation Judiciary ??


Who is Sophie Scholl?  YES, ASK SIRI!

The White Rose Society?  YES, ASK SIRI!

Learn something about America, Today!

“Your Radiation This Week”  YES, ASK SIRI!

white roses

We are the media now. Have a nice day.


Way to Go WorkComp!

My WorkComp CoachLinda Lu

Please allow me to introduce myself!  Here’s a pre-video announcing a new e-course, coming soon to you and yours!

My #WorkComp Coach is a channel dedicated to the Survival of Injured Workers by sharing compensatory strategies, experience, strength, hope & virtual Combat Skills that can be implemented to win the War On Workers. A degree of humor may be deployed from time to time.

Posts will be migrating to and to

AAWCGT will become an archive, as the parties in the earlier referenced matters ‘have reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement.’  You will be invited to subscribe to the new sites, just as soon as they are ready!

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Surviving WorkComp – Combat Skills!

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We’ll be strategizing about Workers Compensation, Concussions, TBI, Radiation, and Nuclear matters.  A ‘Free-For-Now’ e-course is in the works….you’ll want to see it and take notes!

PS:  Ask about YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK !  Each One Warn One Thousand!  Or at least repost on your social media sites with the smartest people!   #Dodgeradsnow

Fukushima Radioactive Inventory Numbers VT 2012
Fukushima’s Melted Reactors 500 Days On



what else bob nichols said WHAT about your radiation this week

This channel addresses the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business models of the WorkComp industries as well as the Nuclear Industries and will serve as a further resource for those seeking positive, life-extending solutions.

Verbal Self Defense against Corporate Psychopaths

There is zero tolerance for psychopaths and comments may be edited by The Coach without warning or discussion. All positive input is more than welcome and may be included in future blogs, vlogs and addresses.

If you have friends who serve or served in the military, ask them for instructions on how POWs are to conduct themselves when captured by enemy forces. The rules seem clear enough for those with eyes to see.

We’ll introduce the WorkCompCoach e-course curriculum along with Creative Coach Amy in the next videos, complete with “Opt-In” buttons.  First things first and one thing at a time!  

In addition to sharing her gifts about creation of online courses and more, Amy has a special gift for you, and other Friends of Lucy Occupy’s, too! Watch for it!   

It’s time to RESTORE CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS TO INJURED WORKERS NOW!  Everybody must do his/her share!

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CALIFORNIA WORKERS TORPEDOED AGAIN.  Bummer! What has the Governor Done?! Concussion Alerts!

This news seems to be a purely malicious and well planned act of really bad practice by all complicit parties?  #WorkCompStinks!  Secret Tribunals, Fatalities and extreme abuse of the WorkingClass for the profits of the few.  “WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.  EXPECT US. JOIN US.”   READ AND SHARE THIS BLOG.  START YOUR OWN.  
This is actually heinous news–utterly odious and wicked!  The money trail might suspiciously lead from NFL related enterprises?….to …. where?  Nawwww, that couldn’t happen, could it?
Can the President please send in the National Guard to protect California Workers now, or must more be tortured, maimed, and have their lives destroyed and shortened by WorkCompsters for the profits of the few?


“No Reporters Allowed…”


Why does California demand that Orthopedic Surgeons be the primary treating doctors for BRAIN INJURED WORKERS?  Nobody in Sacramento has ever head of ACOEM and MTUS and NIH for guidelines on treatment?  Doesn’t California WorkComp have any PHYSIATRISTS either to refer brain injured workers to?  
The WCAB and defense teams seem to act like that’s a made up word when such is requested as a PTP!  WorkComp neurologists are essentially clueless about brains, not even knowing that vision and hearing are functions of the brain!  D’oh!  7th Grade Kids seem to know more about brains than California QME/QME “Neurologists” and CorVel/Maximus “doctors.”
Looks like the GOV may have had a lapse of memory on his Oath of Office in his attempts at chivalry and Ms Baker?  “Our Goal Is Back To Work”??  
PS:   “Mischief” is not the same as COLLUSION AND CORRUPTION, JUST SO WE ARE CLEAR!

(We wonder who pays for the Private–no journàlists allowed — DIR holiday party THIS YEAR? Last year, Youtube has some pretty …interesting….footage of ‘this is a private party’)  

No Reporters Allowed By CA DIR Director Baker At “Private Event” On Cal-Osha & Workers Comp

I don’t think the Gov’s “Oath of Office” promotes Chivalry to Ms. Baker, DIR, WCAB, Insurance Industries before the Common Good, does it? I could be wrong…. WorkComp does seems to have it’s own rules, courts and subsidies, huh, operating outside the Constitution of The United States of America on multiple issues, doesn’t it?  Outside the California Constitution on multiple issues, as well.  
Is there a Civil Rights lawyer in the house?  Has the BIA – Brain Injury Association of America been consulted?  Have any Injured Workers been consulted? Was CAAA consulted?   How about the leading mouth-pieces for the industry?  
Does ProPublica know about this?  Sounds like a PS to THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION!
We, the People, want the names, ranks and salaries of the parties to this action, please and thank you.
Let’s watch the unfolding drama. Investigations and Indictments seem to be in order. Will DOJ and FBI investigate these suspicious acts? We can continue to wait and wait and wait and hope. 
California needs Federal Overseers of WorkComp practices to protect the Working Class, and we need it NOW!
I am not too alarmed, however.  WorkComp doesn’t  seem to have any neuropsychologists to refer Injured Worker’s to anyway, for at least the past ten years, based on input from Injured Workers in Southern California.
Orthopedic Surgeons seem to be the norm to be designated as treating doctors, and they joyfully report they have no knowledge of brain injuries.  
(This seems to be a very weak link in their practices, since accidents with broken bones often can include head injuries…. their Society might take a closer look, or, like NFL, involve the cardiologists? D’oh!  )
CAAA practices don’t seem to be much better or stronger when it comes to brain injuries; some of their members do as much harm as those paid to harm injured workers, through willful ignorance or ‘not enough money in it’ syndromes)
Last year, one case, defense tried to send the TBI survivor to a neuropsychologist for yet another evaluation–one who admitted hadn’t treated brain injury patients for over seven years…  Just apparently real busy and profitable doing evaluations for Work Compsters.  [
The three neuropsychologists who evaluated this injured worker (two in 2012, one in 2014) were all approved/authorized outside of the alleged MPN.  
The adjuster apparently had no clue as to what type of doctor to send the Injured Worker to, and the EAP program (that IW was originally referred to a Clinical Psychologist) was a bit of good luck, as that CP doctor had tremendous brain injury knowledge, as his own son was recovering from a devastating brain injury, with the help of an interdisciplinary team of doctors and specialists.  
That clinical psychologist helped walked the rookie adjuster through the process, clearly describing the dangers and the needs for immediate and appropriate medical care.  The Injured Worker had to pay for the MRI’s recommended in both 2012 and again in 2014.  
WorkComp peeps seem to dispute the location of the brain, and attempt to pretend it is not a body part.
WorkComp seems to approve primarily Orthopedic Surgeons and Chiropractors for brain injury, with a little PT and 40 or so face to face evaluations, and countless re-evalulations by CorVel doctors—who also seem to know little to nothing about brains.  
It took nearly 3 years for the mentioned Injured Worker to get to a speech therapist and occupational therapist (3-6 months treatment were required, 16 days were authorized, then extended another 8).  
One of the WorkComp leased/owned neurologists suggested that since care had been denied for two years (at that time) and since the injured worker was female and over the age of 35, no treatment was deemed necessary, contrary to all medical evidence.
The primary treating doctor since Feb 2013 has been an orthopedic surgeon, and the bulk of the denying Corvell doctors have been orthopedic surgeons. WorkComp neurologists and CorvVel and Maximus doctors seem to be simply clueless about head injuries…..or are they paid to just look the other way and write false reports to ensure denial of medical care.  
Responses from DIR over the course will be located and  forwarded  to appropriate authorities.  Seems this situation may call for intervention, finally, by DOJ/FBI.  

What Happens When Americans Are Hurt on the Job? Help ProPublica Investigate

FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS STAY IGNORANT.  This article could have the effect of being a call to all Americans to see the movie, CONCUSSION, in December, and search google for the facts they are hiding.  DARPA is spending gazillions on brain research….. Doesn’t Sacramento stay in touch with the DARPA peeps either?  D’oh! 
flag distress signal

PS:  Experiential Adjusting

Leading At The Top

white roses




Surviving Work Comp – A Series WHAT DO YOU THINK? Draft One

POINT OF REFERENCE:    Top 10 Highest-paid CEOs at U.S> commercial insurance companies



Back in 2012, one doctor suggested that I write about my work comp experiences after a witnessed slip and fall backwards, big, hard, conk on the head, little-to-no medical care over the course, in order to help me process what was happening to me with the lack of medical care, legal chicanery, and fight for my life.



It took until the summer of 2013 to make it a blog…..the earlier writings were to WorkComp people — doctors, adjusters, lawyers, human resources. Initially, I suspected the poor treatment was simply that some of the people I was dealing with were simply stupid.   I discovered it is far worse than that.

"WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW" #OccupyVirtually
“WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW” #OccupyVirtually  – #DodgeTheRads  

Have you seen the movie, WOMAN IN GOLD?  Here’s the trailer.  I watched it this week.  I cringed and gasped repeatedly as I saw parallels between those atrocities, and the life destroying actions of the WorkCompsters around the nations.  It is time for more Doctor’s Trials, to include the complicit sonderkommando, wouldn’t you agree?




Watch it and see for yourself how the parallels can be drawn with the devastation and destruction by the Nazi’s in the 30’s and similar destruction of life in the 21st century—of disabled workers, older workers and other ‘economically undesirable’ or ‘unprofitable’ members of the working classes.  If you do watch it, pay particular attention to the cheering when the Nazi’s rolled in to Austria, and the terrors that followed and wonder about shareholders of the companies causing such atrocities. Today, they don’t roll in in tanks, it’s the sedans and stretch limos?  Yikes!


If you don’t know any Injured Workers and if you are like the ‘cheering crowds’ of the profitable workcomp industries, also take a look at “The First Leaflet” and the next time medical care is denied on your watch, ask about your own humanity and soul.


Injured Workers lose their sanity, their jobs, their homes and their lives in the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business model that provides windfalls of profits, faster upon death of injured workers, to insurance industries and ancillary venues.

Are you #LinkedIn?

It’s thrilling to see that the nation is finally discussing, out loud and virtually, some of the horrific atrocities of WorkComp. No more sugar-coating the atrocities. Enough of you know the real deal.



We, The People,  Are The Media Now.  “Let’s get right to it!”


Wouldn’t it be beneficial and life-extending if…..some of the biggies….. WorkCompCentral + ProPublica + National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers accelerate the discussion WITH AN EMPHASIS CHANGE TOWARD SOLUTIONS?  Enough already with the hand-wringing and rhetoric.


If you’re in the industry, Y’all already know what’s happening. DO SOMETHING TODAY.  MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT.  “ADOPT AN INJURED WORKER” AND HELP THEM ESCAPE FROM THE “assembly lines of death” and OPEN AIR DEATH CHAMBERS!

If not you, then who?  If not now, then when?

Go save yourself from the zombies


Let’s individually and collectively conduct interviews with doctors, lawyers and others who have “left the industry” so that real issues can be addressed, in a less threatening manner, with, perhaps, some amnesty provisions for early responders.


These WorkComp challenges and atrocities are Universal —- perhaps the USA, Canada, UK and Australia have similar organizations — like WorkCompCentral + ProPublica + National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers and everybody can join forces to save/extend lives.


We’ll probably need some educational events to address BEST PRACTICES for Whistle Blowing, in all quarters, wouldn’t you agree?

It has been somewhat comforting over the past year to see discussions about the many horrors of WorkComp, along with the high profits for the insurance carriers. Romano Trust Vs. Sedgwick seems to have paved the way for carriers to “wish and hope you die” if you are an injured worker —-it’s an cost effective strategy, in perfect alignment with PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business models, also used by the Nuclear Industries?


Here is a study by Everette Lee Herndon, Jr.  on Workers Comp & Bad Faith: Unacceptable Oversights The Insurer’s Duty and The Romano Case. Published on on July 15, 2013  that will prove insightful to any readers, industry or non-industry.  If you’re human, read it; you’ll get it.


A recent DePaolo World blog shared another story with the same trend….. Profit Before People rather than the carrier paying for transitional living facilities at approximately $40K a month, likely with the help of some nasty pharmaceutical, that injured worker’s ‘suicidal ideations’ and attempts could save that carrier a bundle…..  and have “Happy Shareholders”??  Yikes!  See also Guilty Without Charge


Well, recently a recommendation from another doctor/coach suggested I write about my WorkComp experiences.  I shyly reported, “Well, I have a little blog already, but I do want to write a book.”   Unimpressed (and previously unaware of my blogs) it was suggested that before our next meeting that I “write an Introduction and a Chapter Outline.”  😀   THIS IS THE INTRODUCTION!   HERE COMES THE OUTLINE!

Did I leave anything out?  Do you think a series of e-books would fly?  Would you read it if it was free?  Would you prefer to pay 99 cents for each e-booklet?  Would you watch a webinar about Whistle Blowing, Blogging, Administrative Tasks for Injured Workers and more?  Would you join groups on the site, LinkedIn, Facebook and elsewhere to further discussion and enhance your own blogs?   


Surviving Work Comp – Draft One

INTRODUCTION    (See above)


  1. Congratulations on Your Job!  But Wait — about The Benefits
  3. Lawyer Up or Self-Represent?
  4. How does it work?
  5. Who are the Key Players?
  6. How do you get medical care?  Hint: Cross your fingers and hope you don’t die first!
  7. What to Track:  Money In/Money Out/Money Stopped; Doctor appointments — arrival, names, notes, tests, directions, prescriptions, off work notices; Get and read copies of all medical reports and appeals, get business cards of all parties.
  8. What to do if treatment is denied (and it will be denied, FACT!  APPEAL, SQUEAL AND SQUEEK — JUST WHISTLE)
  9. Why Blog?  What to blog — What not to blog?
  10. Suspect Fraud?  Uh oh!  FIGHT BACK!
  11. Suspect Collusion?  Uh oh! FIGHT BACK!
  12. Did HR send a Get Well Card and Speedy Recovery Wishes?
  13. Are you disabled?  File for Social Security Disability immediately if you expect to be off work 1 year or more (Hint: If it’s work comp, count on it! File churning, obfuscation of facts, fradu and chicanery often caused delay, denial, deceptions and death.  FILE TODAY;  If you’re lucky enough to get legit medical care and return to work, welcome to that “1%” crowd!
  14. Follow THESE Blogs – Comment on Industry Blogs
  15. Join the #CommitteeOfBloggers – WE WORK LIKE ANTZ  – Use these memes and hashtags too!
  16. Lost your sanity, job, home and health?  Uh-oh!  Find an advocate to help you fight back – LEARN TO WHISTLE!  #JustWhistle, #Tweet, #Blog, #Post, #Pin etc.
  17. Tell YOUR story here and there and Tell your Friends and Neighbors and Elected Officials…. do your best to BE SUCCINCT….. “What it used to be like, what happened, and what it’s like now”  Figure you have 30 seconds to grab attention, and two minutes to hold it in a call to action.
  18. Go Fund Me?  If you don’t ask, you won’t get.  TRANSCEND LEARNED HELPLESSNESS; BE CREATIVE!   (Read also #TheFirstLeaflet)
  19. Join a Class Action in Your State or Nation
  20. Settlement Time?  Yeah, right.
  21. Then What…. HOW DO YOU MOVE ON POST-WORK COMP?   How to RISE LIKE THE PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES?occupy virtually 99 percent
  22. Ask:  About Your Radiation This Week

Remember Remember to ‘Pray for the Dead and Dying, Fight Like Hell for The Living, #DodgeTheRads and #OccupyVirtually

#InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore


“SMFH – WorkCompsters Exposed” — KISS KISS — #JustWhistle

Final Appeal to CAAA For Assistance Fighting WorkCompsters - Concussion, TBI, PTSD, WCAB and WTF

Linda Ayres

Wyndham Worldwide – Disabled by WorkCompsters

Final Appeal to CAAA For Assistance Fighting WorkCompsters – Concussion, TBI, PTSD, WCAB and WTF


Ladies and Gentlemen and Others of the WorkCompster Industries:

“Perseveration” is apparently a consequence of Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury.  This post got longer than anticipated, but if you’re in the industry, or know someone who is, or if you are an InjuredWorker, take 5 minutes and peruse it, then share it with someone, even with a subject line of “SMFH – WorkCompsters Exposed”

It may come in handy down the road.  Thanks.


#InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore  #OccupyVirtually #WATMN

Years ago, I volunteered in a goodwill effort with and for Convicts in America’s Maximum Security Penitentiaries. It was called “PRISONERS UNANIMOUS — EMBRACING ALL PLANETARY PRISONERS”  Maybe you heard of it?

Check FOIA, they probably have several CDs including my visits to penitentiaries across America, and my communications with a handful of government officials, goodwill organizers, friends and families of prisoners, and approximately 1,000 Convicts across America.

I think I was the second woman “in history” to “walk the ranges” at USP Marion Federal Penitentiary, back in the days when it was deemed ‘the worst of the worst” prisons, surpassed today by, so I hear, the likes of Pelican Bay.  It was after allegations of a “full scale Nazi-type of retaliation attack” on the entire Convict population.  I was corresponding with several of the Convicts listed in that dreadful “Public Report.”  I sent copies everywhere, including Amnesty International in Vienna, where they allegedly WATCH for human violations in the Americas.  Hmph.

The Guys and I established an “8 o’clock, local time” prayer network when they educated me about how deplorable America’s “Corrections” system is.  Now, privatized prisons are a bigger part of the “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES” industries.  Some of us still link up, no doubt.

The guys told me how bad things were, and said I was very brave.  They said the prison systems in America are very dangerous, and that I had better think long and hard about touching it.

They told me, “Lady, you better know what you’re willing to die for, because you might well be asked to do so if you get involved in attempting to facilitate change.”

They further advised, “Lady, we Convicts are not the problems in your country. We are the end result of the problems in your country.  If you want change, you have to go Washington.  That’s where the problems are.”   (There is something far more polite and respectful from a Convict calling a correspondent “Lady” than the pretentious “Ms. Ayres” used by defense and psychopaths, wouldn’t you agree?)

Those words reverberate in my head as if they were yesterday. I have never forgotten those haunting words.  As a Survivor of WorkersCompensation today, I know ever more how true they are.



#WorkCompsters have made that choice easier today.  They have already taken my life. 

Too often, Injured Workers make poor choices in efforts to retain competent legal counsel, much to the detriment of the Injured Worker.

This is often not discovered by injured workers until the 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempt to retain competent counsel.

Including THIS warning in every employee new hire packet, and every Human Resources orientation in California could save lives.

Till then, tell your friends and neighbors, and tell them to tell theirs. WorkComp Kills, without consequences to anybody but the Injured Workers and their loved ones.

Many Injured Workers have even sought the help of ACLU and NLG, to no avail.

We are, however, grateful for the organization,, National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers, for the encouragement, resources and support they provide, and having been providing for many years. “No Injured Worker Left Behind” Semper Fi, Y’all!

We like a few of the industry bloggers who do their best to do their best for the highest good of all concerned.   Cognitive Dissonance seems to be kicking some butt in that arena, wouldn’t you agree?

Bravo to ProPublica for being a catalyst for discussion and possible change. Bravo to WorkCompCentral for relentless efforts at education and inciting legitimate discussions about the need for national discussion and change.

Let’s get beyond “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES”…. let’s incarcerate a few psychopaths for maiming and  killing injured workers, too, shall we?

It matters not if the killers are making $250K a year, or $10.7 million or more a year.  With proper trials first, of course.  FBI and DA and DOJ  need to better orchestrate their efforts, ya think?


For personal assistance in my own, but common,  horrific case on non-stop abuse of a permanently disabled-by-untreated-brain-injury-and-various-acts-of-legal-chicanery-and-file-churning, older female worker, a local crisis center sent a Marine to help me last year.  The Marine Social Worker, kind, fierce and very helpful.

MMI neuro-psychologist report recently received (and posted!)  says my future medical needs include similar support, with probability of needs for assisted living and ‘memory care’ for my shortened life span, shortened due to WorkCompsters and corruption, involving many unclean hands. Hmph, Some “Grand Bargain, California!”

Legitimate doctors in 2012 made legitimate and conservative recommendations for medical care, denied. Had treatment not been denied by the defense counsel (not doctors, just defense lawyer and adjuster for 2012, till 2013 came along for the extreme profits of CorVel to obfuscate facts with intent to deny medical care.)  return to work might have happened in 2012.

After threats from defense counsel, then PTP released me to work with accommodations, which were denied in October 2012.  Things got worse from there, without medical care.  I have been fighting to return to work for years, to no avail.

I have endured being penny-less, relying on The Salvation Army for utilities,  filing for social welfare due to carrier arrogant practice of denials of payment of TTD, “because they could” (and they were rewarded handsomely by EDD for refusing to pay in 2012/2013 and for refusing to provided medical care.  Now, SSA is involved in the charades and chicanery, and trying to sort it all out.

Is it a felony for carriers to provide SSA and EDD with false evidence of benefits paid with intent to deny SSA benefits?  Seems to be part of a set of RICO violations, wouldn’t you think?

Yet evaluations upon evaluations upon evaluations have been performed by approximately 38 doctors (ca-ching, no care, just primarily report regurgitations written  by non-medical staff, signed by doctors, paid the big bucks).

TeamCorvel includes approximately 20 more, and ol’ Maximus comes in with just one.   (There’s a full blog, with names; see the index at

While we are at it, omission of medical records and obfuscation of facts seems facilitated by the silly “chronological” ordering of medical evidence, rather than by specialty, then by chronological order.   Carrier in my case gets charged by most doctors 4-8 hours for “organizing the records”…. and maybe it’s not all the signing leased doctor’s fault their non-medical staff do things like change the date of injury to a year forward, then use first year medical evidence to falsely opine “pre-existing” symptoms.  D’oh.  Number of hours spent during an evaluation are often “inflated” and far worse, totally fabricated!

The majority of Lawyers don’t seem to care.  They  shrug say ‘their hands are tied” (and “their lips are sealed?!!!”)  Others have told me “Too much fraud in your case, it’s over my head” and “Too many people didn’t do their jobs, there’s no money in it for me”….

One interviewed actually had the audacity to ask, after pages of questions had been answered, “One more question, tell me, why did you wait over 2.5 years for medical care for a brain injury?”  D’OH!   That didn’t even merit a final response, and that attorney came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Here’s my story, again.  Date of witnessed slip and fall backwards on ice, resulting in Concussion/Traumatic Brain injury 1/9/12 while working for Wyndham Worldwide.

The blogs. ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS, began in the Summer of 2013, and continue as the only means available to fight for my life against the widely known corruption of the national WORKERS COMPENSATION SYSTEMS.

This quote is meaningless in California’s WorkComp corruption rackets, is it not?

“Every worker in California is protected by state laws governing the right to be paid correctly, be safe at work and receive benefits if they are injured on the job,” – Christine Baker

And there is no means of enforcement for the Fraud Warnings, now is there?

What kind of system do YOU profit by that requires someone with a brain injury to represent herself because your colleagues (4 of them) could be found guilty of ABA Ethics Violations and Incompetent Representation?

Due to your accepted CA  legislated fraud regulations, and your “2 attorney” superstitions, Injured Workers bear the brunt of the lack of expertise of your crowd/CAAA memberhips.  This also allows Defense Firms to claim the title ENEMIES OF INJURED AMERICAN WORKERS.

How many injured workers retain and dismiss multiple attorneys, as the corruption is tolerated by those retained to protect injured workers? How many injured workers in California, and in America, must represent themselves due to the failure of the ABA crowds?  Some have said that more than 15% of Injured Workers are InProPer…. probably as a last resort, not a first.

Why do your various profit centers/industries refuse to work with InProPer Injured Workers, and why do your industry leased/owned doctors seem so puzzled, baffled and perplexed by the legality of an Injured Worker self-representing? Why do the medical office staffs believe they can ONLY TAKE ORDERS from the Adjuster or Defense Firm?


When incompetent and worse attorneys can be allowed to be rewarded for causing harm to an injured worker, how can that be good for anybody?

If WorkComp Mill attorneys  have a “case load of 300 clients”…with wishing and hoping that somebody drops dead for some ultimate pay-off for the attorney, how does that help an injured worker get medical care, benefits, return to work and settlement?

Why do employers condone such malicious unconscionable behavior of denials of medical care, benefits, and bullying and all sort of acts of terrorism, experiments, surgeries, poisoning and worse by insurance companies? What good can a WorkComp attorney do?

I even asked a WCAB Judge for permission, as stated is possible on the WCAB recommended reading, to retain an attorney to consult with, on an hourly basis.

Alas, not only did the Judge tell me he would not hear the F-words in his court room, (Felony Fraud with intent to deny medically necessary treatment), he sentenced me to fighting for my life with every ounce of courage and strength and stamina I can muster, fighting organized crimes that EVERY ONE OF YOU ARE FULLY AND COMPLICITY AWARE OF.

But wait, the Team of Four don’t have all the blame.  Defense counsel says it’s all my fault.  Hmph.  He even suggested I consider a Court Appointed Conservator since I am having such difficulty maneuvering the WorkComp system, with denials of medical care, fraudulent reports, unresponsive law enforcement and more.  The Carrier’s Fraud Department called, as most of you know, last Fall and made it very clear he did not care one iota that I had not received medically necessary and recommended care, and the conversation concluded when he said, “So, tell me Linda, when ARE you going to die?”

Some things I read on LinkedIn indicated the Employers are responsible for the bullying and terrorism of their vendors. Wyndham Worldwide was immediately apprised of the horrific bad faith and breach of fiduciary responsibility, and outright disgustingly mean thing to say. ( Intent of the caller? A “medicated worker” might have been compelled to irreversible action by such ‘poor customer service’, wouldn’t you agree? )

How many members of your CAAA organizations have been approached, recommended, took time to evaluate the merit and financial possibilities of helping THIS injured worker?  You know my name now.  I have spoken with many of you.  Your declines to help have most always been cordial, except when they weren’t.  Just so y’all know, A BRAIN INJURY IS NOT THE SAME AS A BROKEN FINGER, NOR IS THE TREATMENT THE SAME.

Watch the upcoming movie “Concussion” and then ask yourself and your partners how legitimate could it be for an insurance carrier to refuse to pay TTD, provide medical care, and embark on a mission of terrorism and destruction to an injured worker, coincidentally, UPON DIAGNOSIS OF BRAIN INJURY.

The Defense Firm treats me like they pretend to have  I & A Officers and  Judges in their pockets, as my ADA rights are consistently violated at WCAB-Riverside, and my Civil Rights.

Think about how many of YOUR clients have been sent to merely Orthopedic Surgeons or Chiropractors for TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY?  See the current list of names all the 40 doctors I had been sent to, and all the CorVel and Maximus “physician advisors” and team members.  In the olden days, they might have all been called, “Sonderkommando”….   Don’t get me wrong, there are a few good doctors in that list of 40, and they will be nominated in the upcoming CompLaude Awards.  The others will be nominated to the naughty list for possible inclusion in the ProPublica national efforts.


I have many of your polite Non-Engagement Letters and I am weary of bothering with your ilk.  You are as much a part of the WorkComp problems as are the criminal doctors and lawyers.  Perhaps Sophie Scholl is kinder in her description of your ilk:

So, if you are willing to discuss courageous representation of THIS INJURED WORKER, Case ADJ818190, Linda Ayres Vs. Wyndham Worldwide et al, please let me know at your earliest convenience.

I can be reached at or phone 760 368 7236.  If I don’t answer, please leave a message. “I AM INJURED, NOT STUPID!”  I do have auditory and visual processing impairments (untreated, of course).  I prefer electronic mail as an ADA accommodation (that defense continuously disregards, while apparently perjuring with proofs of service to cause significant delays and further harm).

The forensic psych AME suggested that if I have Human Rights Violations Complaints that I “take it to The Hague”…..  Well, maybe that was only reasonable thing he had to say.

That’s a “Fukushima Rose”…. (3.11.11)

Read “The First Leaflet” then commence Blogging!  America needs a fresh #CommitteeOfBloggers, wouldn’t you agree?

“Do Not Walk Quietly In This OPEN AIR AUSCHWITZ!”

“….Highest Recorded #Radioactive City in #America this week”

“A new and unfamiliar Leader this week in the race for the Most Radioactive Weather in America is Ft Wayne, Indiana with 1,326 CPM. Congratulations to Ft Wayne, IN as the Most Radioactive City in America this week.Other competing cities for the title were not even close…..”    Your Radiation This Week No 20

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!

#WATMN  #WorkCompsters #InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore #JustWhistle


WorkCompsters Rising? Send in the National Guard to Protect America’s Working Class!

  1. Will The FBI and the District Attorney’s Offices become involved in the Workers Compensation probes and conduct more Corruption Task Force Raids in California? Will it include WorkCompsters Soon?   Palm Springs Corruption Task Force in-progress stories below, too.  Is your city next?   [The Federal Agents at the Palm Springs FBI office are very nice; DA Riverside peeps? Not so much, from an Injured Worker’s perspective

    To Whom It May Concern: Just so you know, my outrage is not because I have a brain injury, my outrage is because so many people of the WorkCompsters ilk have profitted by FRAUD causing egregious harm to me, & other injured workers like me, from doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians and agencies of the US government–by their total disregard for Civil Rights and all things American. The “Naughty & Nice Lists” are being collected by WorkCompCentral ProPublica  NPR and me and my fellow Injured Workers. Expect Us. Join Us. #WATMN

    1. Linda Ayres

      ASK AND TELL ABOUT WORK COMP FRAUD, CORRUPTION AND GRAVY TRAINS…..Let’s count all those who have profited by denials of medical care and disability benefits to me ….for nearly 4 years…..let’s see whose job it was to have helped, who got paid for lying and obfuscating, and which agencies failed to investigate and prosecute ‘armed and dangerous enemies of the working class’…..

    2. Linda Ayres


      #MicCheck: Do YOU want outcomes like this for your #WorkPlace Injuries??!! Read and share, thanks. Also, are YOU blogging yet? Send the link to

      New website building, since, after all, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. BE GEEKY! #WATMN

      Look around, you probably know them….you might even be doing business with them….. we’ll start with the naughty list, and see what investigations can be incited. DIR is watching my profile now, so, hooray, let’s expose this s**t once and for all. GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND INVESTIGATE AND INDICT THE ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC….. there seem to be swaths of them in that industry known as WORKERS COMPENSATION…..that has metastasized to harm every American citizen, in some small or large way. TIME FOR CHANGE. LET’S ROLL because after all is said and done, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW

    3. Linda Ayres

      See and Share since summer 2013 after experiencing the sham, scams and drudgery of the WyndhamWorldwide failed “workers compensation program” and total disregard for an injured worker and the laws that exist to protect injured workers from these very things. Many Americans know about the horrors or Workers Compensation, but like the sonderkommando of yesteryear, as long as they feel safe, they look the other way. Some even profit by the horrors, just like yesterday. O SAY CAN YOU SEE #WATMN


  2. Teddy Snyder

    How Politics Drives Up the Cost of Your MSA

    How Politics Drives Up the Cost of Your MSA

    Teddy Snyder on LinkedInFor President George W. Bush and Congress to get Medicare Part D drug coverage passed in 2003, they had to make significant concessions to big business…


Indeed, “…now would seem to be the time for their lobbyists to twist some arms to modify the noninterference provision for the benefit of all Americans.” on more levels than one! Thanks Teddy! “The increased use and rising cost of pharmaceuticals has torpedoed many a proposed workers compensation buy-out.”….

* * * ” “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

The dots all connect, don’t they?

Do all the “Medicare Part D” providers ask the same question before quoting a policy price? When I called AARP a few months ago, apparently for United Health Care, the first question asked me to confirm that I don’t have “renal failure” –I have a brain injury.

I said something like, ‘Ok,, so no, no renal failure, I’m pissed off about Workcompsters and how they are profiting by making so many people permanently disabled and prematurely dead, but thank you, my kidneys are working just fine today, How much is the Part D deal?’…. (It was a “today” purchase, with penalties if I didn’t decide on drugs right away.)

HOWEVER, that caused me to wonder what are the popular drugs peddled by the Big Pharma groups that CAUSE renal failure; I have lost a few friends who were on the ‘drug and kill ’em’ plans…


xmas naughty or nice


# # #

What do you think radiation poisoning does to kidneys and other internal organs?

Whats next Mom


“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!” – Bob Nichols, VT

WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW… by any and means necessary…

social networking

“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

we the people dec

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