No Psych Component to WorkComp?

… that is why defense firms go to any means necessary to falsely classify a Traumatic Brain Injury as merely a “personality disorder” or other bogus diagnosis!!!! LOL😝 And WorkComp Information and Assistance officers et al support the play!!! LOL 😝  The FRAUD FINALLY MAKES SENSE! “Why those Dirty Rats” WCAB seems to favor doctor […]

#WorkersComp and Plausible Deniability? D’oh!

If Work Comp is an “exclusive remedy” stripping injured workers of all civil and human rights, how on earth and under the Constitution can it be “adversarial” in blatant failures to provide medically necessary treatment causing  impossibilities for return to work? Seems to be a bit of an oxymoron, doesn’t it    #InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore We […]

Timeshare Presentations? Dream Vacations; Employment Nightmares

“Don’t let ANYONE dull your SPARKLE!” Blog drafted at 888 days…. still on the rest and wait and wait and wait and wait program;  Nothing changes when nothing changes. #Wyndham: Dream Vacations/Employment Nightmares. Next time you go for a ‘free time share’ presentation, remember remember the hidden costs to injured workers….. THINK LOCALLY. ACT GLOBALLY. […]

Hello California: 888+ days on #WorkComp Rest and Wait and Wait and Wait for Medically Necessary Treatments…

Friends don’t let Friends stay ignorant. …nor fight work comp crimes alone. … PERSONAL NOTE……PS.. I have a confession. On 1/9/12, I slipped on ice and conked my head really hard while working for #WyndhamWorldwide, at the #WorldMark by Wyndham Big Bear California resort. I did tell a few of you, and even asked you to […]