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stupid you have the right to remain

After more thought about the attacks by national workers compensation spokes peeps in their blogs, and also thinking more about related attacks experienced on LinkedIn via a certain team of Injured Workers in recent weeks, I have decided to grant the request for public acknowledgement that the allegedly submitted ‘work comp/injured worker story’ in question by ‘their leader’  would not be used, nor would the stories of any associates of said provocateur be included.  
THEY ARE OUT OF THE CAR due to too many acts of Disinformation.
25 rules of disinformation
“Contempt prior to investigation” is nearly as lethal as learned helplessness when it comes to maneuvering Workers Compensation Systems in America, Canada, Uk and Canada.  This, we all know.
The attacks were made in private LINKED IN threads over recent weeks that included nationally acclaimed investigative reporters with interests in Workers Compensation. The attacks were further taken to ‘the streets of LinkedIn’ and, I understand, in emails to some of you.   The  agitator had been invited to participate,  in an act of poor judgement on my part, by me.  They were again brought to my Facebook posts, groups, events and pages.  Unacceptable.  Real Injured Workers don’t act like that, do they?
The party wanted, among other things, a public acknowledgement that the story allegedly submitted to MyWorkCompCoach.com would not be used because she changed her mind and didn’t like the concept that they stories would be initially be presented anonymously, for the protection of Injured Workers with more egregious stories to tell and to incite national discussions, as clearly described on the submission form and all prior blogs.  The party also seemed mad that she wouldn’t be paid for the story, and had delusions about the costs of time, money and effort involved in tackling such a project, of free will and goodwill.
cognitive dissonance TABCP
In a knee jerk reaction, after the threats of “legal action” by the agitator and supporters, Injured Workers were quickly encouraged to implement compensatory strategies to create their own blogs and use the questions as  bullet points to guide the story telling, so there might be some consistency in the sequence of facts being shared, around the globe.  That is still an excellent idea, but with this “public announcement” of who is in, and who is out, the rest of us can proceed to assemble an eBook that may prove beneficial to the Workers Compensation National Discussions and to Congress and the Department of Labor and the Department of Justice, etc.
While the attacks seem intended to squash intention and progress of the INJURED WORKER story collection and virtual publications, I am heartened by the continued submissions!
Multiple powerful thread opportunities with whining and time wasting questions and distractions, that were totally off topic in those threads that presented an opportunity to speak directly to influencers… It was unclear what the real motives were, but damaging bridges of communications with nationally respected investigative journalists people who could have really shared your stories was just one of the results.
pied piper of sheeple
She continues, apparently, to brain wash and bully her apparent devotees in hopelessness and learned helplnessness, Stockholm syndrome-like, and discourages all effort by egregiously injured Workers to seek remedies and resolutions to attain freedom from Workers Compensation in favor of fighting Quixote Windmills and delusions that “the government” is unaware of the atrocities of Workers Compensation and will “fix” them upon clear understanding of the “HISTORY” and magnitude of the WorkCompKill.
Meanwhile, industry mouthpieces call ME a ‘vociferous militant’….among other factless diatribes.
I offer a pathway to mediation and structure settlements discussions that can save lives.  Heck, it’s just business.
 Injured Workers, and their lawyers if they have them, must begin to think like business people in order to escape.  If structured settlements are good enough for NFL players, what sort of idiot would call them blanket-evil?  Just those who have been ‘stuck in the system’ for years and years and years and know nothing but oppression, and freedom is but a distant memory?  For some, there IS NO HOPE.  SAD.
social media transformations
I also lost a friend due to these people, and I cannot sit quietly watching them destroy any opportunity OTHER INJURED WORKERS may have to escape work comp.  It’s tough enough fighting with professional WorkCompsters, without having to dodge bullets coming from alleged allies.
When Injured Workers act like crabs in a bucket to keep one another down, DIVIDE AND CONQUER has succeeded. What a shame.
Don Quixote - in order to attain the impossible
 #OccupyWorkComp – AIN’T IT AWFUL fest — join in dumbing all the crappy news at this event and let’s get moving toward life saving solutions….
When my doctor pal suggested I create a WorkComp Coach virtual program, he also reminded that due to years of abuse in WorkComp, there are many Injured Workers with severe psychological challenges, and I was told to not waste my time with them, and leave them to the ‘professionals.’ (You should have heard his commentary on the DePoalo article, ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY…. you would have been rolling on the floor, laughing your bunns off! )
Here the links to two blogs regarding the activities of this senseless group. Draw your own conclusions. If this is NOT the group for you to be in, OCCUPY WORK COMP, kindly use the LEAVE GROUP button immediately.

Injured Worker Threatens Freed Injured Worker with Legal Action for Inviting Other Injured Workers to tell their story? Whaaaaat?!! Makes Sense?

Let this serve as my public acknowledgement that the story allegedly submitted on the Website form, WHAT’S YOUR WORK COMP STORY, https://myworkcompcoach.com/whats-your-workcomp-story/ by Irene or Dina Padila, if found, will not be used in the ebook project for stories being collected for distribution to TRANSFORM WORKERS COMPENSATION, ONE STORY AT A TIME. The book is intended to be resolution oriented, and Ms. Padilla’s rhetoric does not fit that criteria anyway.

AGITATOR:  Why are you so sold on mediation or any kind of settlement/ ARE you working for them or earning a finder’s fee somehow? This is not what WC IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR. MEDIATION, SETTLEMENTS OR ARBITRATION’S. YOU ARE HELPING THE INSURERS NOW!


Linda Ayres
Linda Ayres When someone has been ‘fighting work comp’ for ‘over 30 years’ unsuccessfully, and someone with a brain injury and no attorney gets out of the system with her life and her freedom in less than 5 years, which path makes more sense? LIFE IS ABOUT CHOICES. GUARD YOUR LIFE FROM THOSE WHO WOULD SEE YOU JOIN THEM IN THE PATH TO NOW WHERE
Without a blog and a growing database, injured workers are unarmed, unprotected and doomed. How sad.
Irene Padilla

AGITATOR:   This mediation arbitration and structured settlement sound like a shill for those who work for the insurance industry with more parasites taking injured workers benefits at a price. Oh the hell with our rights, RIGHT? Injured workers are just in it for a little money RIGHT? WOW! Who needs to fight for injured workers when all one has to do is just take a few K & GO AWAY like the insurers want you to do?!?


All others, feel free to share your story at WHAT’S YOUR WORK COMP STORY, or better yet, start your own blog and start answering the questions there.

Remember remember the words of Don Quixote: “He who’s down one day can be up the next, unless he really wants to stay in bed.” and
#OccupyWorkComp #OccupyVirtually #DodgeTheRads



If you have a WorkComp case, call a local Structured Settlement office today to discuss IF your case might qualify for a “structured settlement”


Ask, “Can you help me settle my work comp case? I was injured on (date) and my (body parts) injured are future medical is anticipated as (name what medical you know you need). I am (age) and (ethnicity, if you choose to disclose). I am am not represented by an attorney”

Or something like that. No horror stories–everyone already knows exactly what you have been thru.

Prudential is another structured settlement group. There are more. We will get a list.

Make a few calls and find out your rights and options. If they say can’t help you, call another.

Get your story line down to 1 minute then let them ask questions. Keep good call notes.


Then call your adjuster, or beg your attorney to if you are “represented” and simply ask one question:

“What will it take to settle this case?”

If there is no answer ask a second question, “Will you consider mediation?”

If they laugh at you, you know how much blogging is ahead for you to do.

If they say “not at this time’ you know you have to crank up your blog and your database.

If they say “yes” then call the structured settlement peeps (or your attorney) back and say “They said yes. Can you recommend 3-5 good smart ethical mediators”


Ps DON’T WORRY ABOUT YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS….most real doctors call work company medical reports “copy and pasted garbage reports”. Do assemble your thoughts and evidence of fraud and other misdeeds. Be able to articulate your anticipated future medical needs.

DO NOT SING “AIN’T IT AWFUL” at mediation.

The goal is Resolution not blame throwing. If you blogger sufficiently prior to mediation resolution could become a reality.

#OccupyVirtually #OccupyWorkComp


“New Measurement is Spooky – All Rad All the Time”







#OccupyVirtually #StayOuttaTheStreets #DodgeTheRads
#OccupyVirtually #StayOuttaTheStreets #DodgeTheRads

WorkComp is not a legal problem – it’s a business problem –

Injured Workers Uniting – Silent No More

As to “ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY” ….  consider the sources.  Follow that money trail.  Just a bunch of industry paid spokes peeps.  Not friends of humanity.  Killers of joy, life, liberty, goodness and anything to do with humanity. Pfffft.

In my own case, it was a challenging road for all concerned, but without benefit of legal representation, ‘the parties reached resolution, subject to a confidentiality agreement’ in less than 4 years.  How many WorkComp cases churn for 5, 10, 15, 20 – 30 life destroying years or more?

“Something is terribly wrong with workers’ compensation, isn’t it.”


I returned to the battle field to help free the hostages of workcomp.  I used to respect that blogger who wrote ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY.  I only pity him now.  Karma will be his teacher.  May he have a very interesting life.

The CompLaude program, with some outside support from even yours truly since 2014 was building momentum.

The biggest loss of the recent disparaging attacks is the loss of all credibility to that event — and it fully made the point of Injured Workers everywhere of what a sham it is.  I shared about it extensively, as most of you know.

Today, I join in the call to BOYCOTT #COMPLAUDE 2016 until such time the organization makes amends to the American Workers, including creation of a virtual platform to hear the real complaints of Injured Workers and professional doctors, lawyers and other providers who have left the system BECAUSE OF THE HYPER CORRUPTION.   EXTEND AND PRETEND NO LONGER FLIES. THE SECRETS ARE OUT… SEARCH LIGHTS SHINING ON THE REAL ISSUES.

You might think, ‘She didn’t have to return to the WorkComp battlefield.’

The problem with that line of thought is this: ‘THOSE WHO HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO KNOW HAVE THE DUTY TO ACT.”

Furthermore, as a Notary Public, I have taken an Oath to protect the Constitution of California and of the United States of America from enemies – foreign AND DOMESTIC.

The terrorism of the working class by this industry sure seems quite like any other form of terrorism plaguing the planet.  I do what I can.  I hope you do, too.

WHEN Injured Workers escape the system and do not return to build bridges and expose problems and incite discussions on solutions, the dirty lethal open secrets continue.

It’s not disparaging to say they — the industry on the whole – operate like a clumsy SS system, with a few Colonel Klinks at the helm.  Before Injured Workers learned the value of the internet – few people in the public knew about WorkComp.

I worked over 45 years before I had an encounter.  My friends said, ‘Get out of the workcomp comp system by any means necessary, it will kill you.’  I pass that advice on to the people who reach out to me, and I do my best to help them strategize escape and resolutions.

work comp guidelines diagram

Over the course, I have learned some pretty awful truths of the business of work comp.  It is as vile, and more painfully evident, that the creatures of the nuclear industry. Most alll, sadly, can be lumped into one category: 21st Century Sonderkommando.

WorkComp is not a legal issue any more than it is an employee benefit.  

The majority of lawyers apparently sold out the American people years ago.  It’s not personal, neither are the disparaging attacks.  It’s business.

Someone apparently gave an order to silence me.  I’m nobody, with a a brain injury and a blog in the middle of nowhere in rural Southern California.  We’ll explore some other ‘new developments’ that may be linked to these attacks. I am waiting to hear back from some …. people ITK.

Why else would national spokes dudes target me in their blogs?  Well, maybe they just wanted to help increase the readership of my blogs by their use of several of my blog links in theirs?  Maybe, not likely, but maybe, in a Maxwell Smart sort of way.

If I end up dead, I do hope DOJ knows where to start looking for suspects…RICO style investigations.  Follow that money trail.

No, WorkComp is not a legal issue.  It’s strictly business.  “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES”

I support total demolition of WorkComp and immediate mediations and structured settlement teams to SETTLE UP — IF THE INJURED WORKERS DID NOT GET SUFFICIENT MEDICAL CARE AND BENEFITS — FOR WHATEVER REASONS, WITHIN THE FIRST 2 YEARS, SETTLE UP AND FREE THE WORKCOMP HOSTAGES.   Start to clear out back log of churned files…

THE OPIOID ‘NATIONAL DISCUSSIONS’ totally fit the profile of disinformations and distractions, don’t they?

Do any of their mouth pieces ever touch upon the failed surgeries that create the need for pain medications in the first place?  Is it a distraction and a turf war by drug traffickers?  Whatever, FREE THE WORK COMP HOSTAGES  and let the WorkCompsters build something less lethal.


How about an insurance company representative who arrogantly invites ligitation, saying, ‘THE COURTS ROUTINELY RULE IN OUR FAVOR.”  Is that insurance-speak for “WE OWN THE JUDGES, Too! !!! ????


This month’s TOP reads so far? Thank you! xoxoox

In my own struggle, I am currently being disparaged, on a national basis, as a scapegoat for some pretty formidable enemies of humanity that are mouth pieces for the insurance industries and for the hyper corruption they represent.  These are people who purport to be unbiased spokespeople for an industry that alleges to provide medical care and benefits to Injured Workers.  THEY SELDOM DO.

Good thing my short term memory etc is seriously impaired….I could stay mighty angry if I could bring to mind every vile false attack and innuendo of recent weeks.

Brain Injury Advocates

I often feel like I am living a sequel to Concussion, the non NFL version. I returned to the “Playing Field” to help free the WorkComp hostages. Oh Brother!


Due to a revealing expose series by ProPublica and NPR, on the corruption of the industry, INSULT TO INJURY – THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION, the ‪#‎WorkCompsters‬ attack ME now, and a few of my vocal and also disabled friends, in attempts to distract and deceive the unsuspecting public about Worker’s Compensation in America?  Really?

Let’s get real.  Do you really think that Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains is more powerful than Insult to Injury – The Demolition of Workers Compensation?  Really?  Awww, thanks, but that means you have read neither series.  The attacks are on me, as an easy target – a disabled woman with a brain injury and a computer and a blog.

Those bad boys of WorkComp are not going to shout too loud at the powers that be behind ProPublica and NPR, and survive it, ya think.

I know it’s not personal. They are just attempting to protect their business model of “profits before lives, by any means necessary.

Read this article and more on LinkedIn …

I AM INJURED – NOT STUPID – FELLAS …Sticks and Stones and WorkCompsters…Oh My!


Because I am a TBI Survivor, they may have mistaken me as an easy target.As I have often said to them and their ilk, “I am injured, not stupid. “


white roses

#DodgeTheRads #OccupyVirtually #OccupyWorkComp

#DodgeTheRads — One blessing of being disabled by WorkComp is that Injured Workers are better equipped than most to #ShelterInPlace.  Ask about Your Radiation This Week, and how it is impacting your health.




something is terribly wrong with workers compensation isn't it
For those of you who may be puzzled about why and how the WorkComp Industry experts/ mouth pieces /puppets paint images and write stories as they do, OFTEN so very deceptively and dishonestly, here’s a quick reference sheet and update.
25 rules of disinformation
LOL…. Yeah, the WorkCompsters and their pals are also including #1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23 and they are working on 24. Imagine such disgraceful behavior, and attacking an older American with Disabilities –! Their attacks have not been limited to me, but because I blog, I seem to get ‘special attention.’
The #WorkCompsters have ‘armed up’ with propaganda to attempt to mitigate the losses that will no doubt come from the 2015 long investigate report and expose, “INSULT TO INJURY: THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION” by the ProPublica and NPR teams. They didn’t tell all, but they told enough to cause a counter attack, apparently launched this month. STAY ALERT.
I am one of at least 3 national Injured Worker bloggers; the industry claims 22 ‘top blogs’… WE ARE STILL OUT NUMBERED by bloggers BUT THERE ARE MORE Injured Workers than those profiting on our pain and suffering. Do the math. Start a blog. 😀
IF ONLY we could find ten or more Injured Worker bloggers…
Do Not Walk Quietly In This Open Air Auschwitz – #DodgeTheRads  Be sure to also ask about YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK and the call for WarCrimes Trials in the USA
This group may get attacked by cyber-bullies and industry provacteurs, so stay close and make friends other real people in this group, and bring some of your own friends. PLEASE, DO NOT ENGAGE WITH INDUSTRY TROLLS. When they come, smile and ‘sing the troll song’… they hate that!
Search the internet for more info on 25 Rules of Disinformation and 8 Traits of disinformationists, and when you start blogging, expect attacks like the ones I am currently enduring from two of the top mouthpieces for US WorkCompsters.
Here are the industry’s picks of “Best Blogs” for 2016.   Do your own research, draw your own conclusions.  Subscribe and comment and share with your friends and neighbors. There were only dishonorable disparaging remarks about nominated Injured Worker blogs by the representative of the Judges and the industry.
Their attacks are quite circus-like, and time wasting, and may even be in violation of attorney code of ethics governing conduct, nevertheless, at first glance, they seem credible and reliable. THEY ARE NOT. FOLLOW THE MONEY… THAT TRAIL NEVER LIES.
carlin circus clowns
With friends like you and like LucyOccupy, those bad boyz picked another fight with all of us, didn’t they?
If you don’t know me or my struggles, or that ‘I BLOG, THEREFORE I AM A WORK COMP SURVIVOR’ (nearly 6 months out of the system, with reclaimed Civil Rights and Human Rights)….you can read more at my blogs… and leave your story in the tab, WHAT’S YOUR WORK COMP STORY at MyWorkCompCoach.com
(If you weren’t around Facebook when the Fukushima Triple nuclear meltdowns happened, you may not be familiar with LucyOccupy.com and AskAboutFukushimaNow.com … Heavy reading, still applies today.)
The Battle of Wits with the WorkCompsters has been somewhat documented, and more is expected from their attendees at their Dallas, last week, ‘conference’ and my blogs are in the works.
If you watched CONCUSSION, we’re at the part where the NFL agrees to a fake conference and determines there was no evidence that head banging by NFL players hurt them in any way shape or form. That’s the next plays out of the WorkCompsters, a label they have accepted. (It’s a more polite term for 21st Century Sonderkommando, which they would know, if THEY had read the blogs they mock so mercilessly.)
Anyhow, here you go… be aware of the Disinformationists and search on YouTube for a 40 minute video, DEFENSE AGAINST THE PSYCOPATHS. Another good read if you will take up blogging is:
The trolls and provocateurs of WorkComp and the ProNukers seem trained out of the same silly and vile playbook. Save the image below to your device. They are big on ‘crazy making schemes.’ It helps to take a deep breath and shun them.
Start building your own database of email addresses…my best email is WorkCompLinda@gmail.com I respond to all private emails, eventually. I’m sort of slow on those matters, but if something is urgent, make it clear in the subject line if you write to me, please and thank you.
#OccupyWorkComp #OccupyVirtually #DodgeTheRads and do what you can toward established #OpBlog
25 rules of disinformation

Injured Workers – Workers Compensation – Civil Rights – Human Rights – CONGRESS – YOU


Labor Secretaray Tom Perez Civil Rights

Remember Remember….. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW

Hey America! Can We Talk about this Congressional Letter and #WorkComp and a Congressional Task Force on Workers Compensation Abuses and Torture of the American Working Classes?


“Let’s Get Right To It!”

Below is an excerpt; click the link to go directly to the site.


Letter from Federal Lawmakers to Labor Department on Workers’ Comp –


Carpe’ Diem, Y’all!  [ “To put aside all differences, all fears, all worries, and just go for it. ]

Let’s hope for a WORKCOMP CONGRESSIONAL TASK FORCE that includes cooperation of not only Department of Labor, but also the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and yes, the National Guard to Protect Injured Workers in the most offending, dangerous states until solutions are found.  Demand Domestic Torture Reports as a result of existing Workers Compensation practices.

Send a note of thanks to these Congress people who have gone on record before the America public of their concerns of the nation’s treatment of injured workers, forcing them into poverty and premature death.


Tell your story to the people at ProPublica…..they have just hit the tip of the iceberg, wouldn’t you agree?  Start your own blog like mine, and be polite, but don’t sugar coat the atrocities.

Do you remember the “Women’s Revolution” and the “Civil Rights Movements” of the 60’s and 70’s?   Hey Kids, Yes, We Had a Revolution, just like John Lennon sang about.  We marched, we sang songs, we protested. We wrote letters.  Many of us then assimilated into main stream society.  Some continue to know WE HAVE A DREAM.  Others were and are total sell outs.


Draw your own conclusions, but be aware, the WarOnWorkers is real.  

I made it more than 45 years without being harmed by WorkCompsters, and I have been fighting for my life nearly 4 years now, a rookie in the field of WorkComp Survivors.  

The only real choice a seriously Injured Worker seems to have without Congressional intervention is “the shower on the left or the shower on the right.”

Workers Compensation Insurance is a MEGA BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY, with apparently legislated fraud written on behalf of those shareholders and workers who profit the most.

The top ten insurance industry CEO’s make annual personal incomes in excess of $10 million… How do they do that? THINK THINK THINK.  See“Top 10 highest-paid CEOs at U.S. commercial insurance companies”and draw your own conclusions.

District Attorney offices, at least in California, are provided with millions of dollars each year to “fight fraud”….. How’s that working for California’s injured worker population so far?  You might have to wait 3 or 4 years for a call back!


“It’s a Shell Game!”  Injured Workers are the Cash Cows for the industries. You don’t believe it?  Ask any Injured Worker Survivor, or any Doctor or Lawyer or other provider who has left the business, refusing to participate in the harm to injured workers for the profits of the few.

If you’re injured on the job, BE PREPARED TO FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE AGAINST SOME VERY FORMIDABLE ENEMIES OF HUMANITY. There’s no “opt out” for the injured workers — it comes with a complete stripping of civil and human rights.  Thanks, Legislators!

If you have friends or loved ones being destroyed by the system, don’t let them fight alone.  Don’t let them go to doctor evaluations alone. Document everything. Congress may indeed instigate WorkCompGate investigations.

Study the video you can find on YouTube called DEFENSE AGAINST THE PSYCHOPATH.   It’s a documentary.  It will give you clues to survival.Today, you don’t have that privilege unless you want to go out as martyr, due to the radiation levels in our Country, too!
YOU HAVE THE INTERNET!  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.   ‘Teach your parents well….. THINK LOCALLY * ACT GLOBALLY #OccupyVirtually and #DodgeTheRads!’
We fought against things also like this:Well! Some industry men have suggested that the tone of my blogs is too angry, and that nobody likes to deal with angry people, and that angry women seem to indicate a need to be ‘locked up in a psych ward’ — ‘medicated with mood elevators’ or have a ‘Court Appointed Conservator’ to make decisions to maneuver through the Workers Compensation Systems.[Doctors and non-retained attorneys have told me to KEEP screaming, somebody has to do it!]How about the neurologist who said ‘Women over the age of 35 are not entitled to medical care for brain injury’…. Or the forensic psych who suggested there was no concussion, just “poor anger management skills” and no medical treatment necessary.  What about the Judge who said, “Don’t use the word ‘fraud” in the Courthouse— that’s a legal term.” Are we seeing patterns here, too?   Do we hear “MCPs” squealing a bit?  Goodness, what a set of setbacks for Americans everywhere!

HA!  Tell that to Rosa Parks fans, huh?

WHAT ABOUT “JUSTNESS”  Ask Kimberly Motley, Esq?  Her TedTalk on “How I defend the rule of law” is stellar!  It has almost a million views!

Have you seen and shared it? https://www.ted.com/talks/kimberley_motley_how_i_defend_the_rule_of_law?language=en  

Here’s a transcript: https://www.ted.com/talks/kimberley_motley_how_i_defend_the_rule_of_law/transcript?language=en

Helpful hints for communications about WorkersCompensation business model of PROFITS BEFORE LIVES can be found here:

Corporate bullshit as a communication method

A propaganda war of elite with rank-in-file folks





REMEMBER REMEMBER   THINK LOCALLY  * ACT GLOBALLY #OccupyVirtually and —> #DodgeTheRads! It’s Dangerous Out There!

PS  Ask About “Your Radiation This Week”  “Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!”

POLL VOTE ON WORKCOMP DIS-SATISFACTION! Got Friends Just Injured on the Job? Help Him/Her/Them Prepare to Fight for their Life!

For your friend in ___________?  
 social media transformations

Industry propaganda statistics were just released by the Berkeley Research Group.  How much did they get paid for this report?

Their “findings”  “prepared for the Division of Worker’s Compensation” of October 16, 2015, as discussed in the blog, LEARNING THE LESSONS  by David DePaolo indicate:
  1. 85% of workers injured in 2013 reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with access to treating physicians and the treatment they received.


Learning the Lesons LI and comments

mainstream media based on facts


WAIT WAIT WAIT!   Let’s ask the question again?


Here’s my blog on WorkComp.  Views just hit over 25,000!  


We’re looking to create a directory of more blogs:
#InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore    WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW
WORK COMP 25246 VIEWS 10 20 2015 940 PM PDT
aawcgt stats 10 20 2015 942 pm pdt
I’ve been screaming about matters since Summer ’13.   I was injured 1/9/12….still on the rest and wait and wait and wait and wait program.  :/
LinkedIn has primarily”industry” WorkComp groups, but some of us hope to change that.
There are resources in the “About” section.
The list of posts will give an overview of all the topics…WorkComp is brutal, and anybody in the system better be prepared for the fight for their life.
There is a group called National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers  http://naidw.org It’s volunteers and the biggest support is the community forums. Their slogan is “No Injured Worker Left Behind.”
There are also support groups on Facebook…. search “injured workers” and “work comp” and “workers compensation”
LinkedIn might be a great place for you to start a group…. ‘thinking about ______?’….   (I know a great deal about social media….if you’re not on LinkedIn yet, let me know and I’ll tell you why and how to change that!)
#CommitteesOfBloggers of Injured Workers are needed…..imho.  
There are too few; Too many injured workers are in FIGHT OR FLIGHT sheer survival mode, or slip in to deep depressions fighting these…..”Enemies of Humanity”…
Here’s the video on DEFENSE AGAINST THE PSYCHOPATH….  as mentioned, I have zero tolerance for their ilk.  
Along similar lines, “Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?”  

The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER… 

 mon political language
Please pass this on to your friend with an invitation to contact me directly (and file it, and share it anytime you are so moved; #WorkComp touches everybody, eventually). Injured Workers share with one another; it’s how we survive these atrocities.
Many thanks!  Keep me on your mailing list… and we’ll talk again soon….
Kind regards,
Linda Ayres
we are the media now we are the many we do not for
PS  I also blog about Nuclear Matters, and we are having some extremely serious nuclear issues in … the Heartland.  See more here:  ALL NUCLEAR REACTORS LEAK ALL OF THE TIME… and St. Louis is not a good place to be either…. 

How Dare They, Indeed! Are you F’ing Kidding

How Dare They, Indeed! -- 'Are you F'ing Kidding'

Linda Ayres

Wyndham Worldwide – Disabled by WorkCompsters, therefore – Be Creative: WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW

How Dare They, Indeed! — ‘Are you F’ing Kidding’

BRAVO AND THANK YOU @DavidDePaolo! Saw this early and blasted it all over Facebook and Twitter to @LucyOccupy and Friends. 😀

“HOW DARE YOU” Are you F’ing Kidding Me?!?”

“Why on earth was this injured worker jerked around like that? What is the problem with IMMEDIATELY authorizing treatment that a non-work comp doctor poignantly prescribed? Why does it take so long to get “authorization” and why is authorization needed in the first place?”

“Complete and utter BS.”


~~~~~ Have YOU made your #CompLaude 2015 nominations?

“Let’s get right to it!”

WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, and for that, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE #JustWhistle #WATMN #WorkCompChat


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InjuredWorkersUniting #SilentNoMore Time for Trials. ♡ Till then, read “The First Leaflet” substituting the words “German People” with “American People.” Remember remember, in order for injured workers to survive these atrocities requires Everybody to be involved.



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Final Appeal to CAAA For Assistance Fighting WorkCompsters - Concussion, TBI, PTSD, WCAB and WTF

Linda Ayres

Wyndham Worldwide – Disabled by WorkCompsters

Final Appeal to CAAA For Assistance Fighting WorkCompsters – Concussion, TBI, PTSD, WCAB and WTF


Ladies and Gentlemen and Others of the WorkCompster Industries:

“Perseveration” is apparently a consequence of Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury.  This post got longer than anticipated, but if you’re in the industry, or know someone who is, or if you are an InjuredWorker, take 5 minutes and peruse it, then share it with someone, even with a subject line of “SMFH – WorkCompsters Exposed”

It may come in handy down the road.  Thanks.


#InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore  #OccupyVirtually #WATMN

Years ago, I volunteered in a goodwill effort with and for Convicts in America’s Maximum Security Penitentiaries. It was called “PRISONERS UNANIMOUS — EMBRACING ALL PLANETARY PRISONERS”  Maybe you heard of it?

Check FOIA, they probably have several CDs including my visits to penitentiaries across America, and my communications with a handful of government officials, goodwill organizers, friends and families of prisoners, and approximately 1,000 Convicts across America.

I think I was the second woman “in history” to “walk the ranges” at USP Marion Federal Penitentiary, back in the days when it was deemed ‘the worst of the worst” prisons, surpassed today by, so I hear, the likes of Pelican Bay.  It was after allegations of a “full scale Nazi-type of retaliation attack” on the entire Convict population.  I was corresponding with several of the Convicts listed in that dreadful “Public Report.”  I sent copies everywhere, including Amnesty International in Vienna, where they allegedly WATCH for human violations in the Americas.  Hmph.

The Guys and I established an “8 o’clock, local time” prayer network when they educated me about how deplorable America’s “Corrections” system is.  Now, privatized prisons are a bigger part of the “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES” industries.  Some of us still link up, no doubt.

The guys told me how bad things were, and said I was very brave.  They said the prison systems in America are very dangerous, and that I had better think long and hard about touching it.

They told me, “Lady, you better know what you’re willing to die for, because you might well be asked to do so if you get involved in attempting to facilitate change.”

They further advised, “Lady, we Convicts are not the problems in your country. We are the end result of the problems in your country.  If you want change, you have to go Washington.  That’s where the problems are.”   (There is something far more polite and respectful from a Convict calling a correspondent “Lady” than the pretentious “Ms. Ayres” used by defense and psychopaths, wouldn’t you agree?)

Those words reverberate in my head as if they were yesterday. I have never forgotten those haunting words.  As a Survivor of WorkersCompensation today, I know ever more how true they are.



#WorkCompsters have made that choice easier today.  They have already taken my life. 

Too often, Injured Workers make poor choices in efforts to retain competent legal counsel, much to the detriment of the Injured Worker.

This is often not discovered by injured workers until the 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempt to retain competent counsel.

Including THIS warning in every employee new hire packet, and every Human Resources orientation in California could save lives.

Till then, tell your friends and neighbors, and tell them to tell theirs. WorkComp Kills, without consequences to anybody but the Injured Workers and their loved ones.

Many Injured Workers have even sought the help of ACLU and NLG, to no avail.

We are, however, grateful for the organization, NAIDW.org, National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers, for the encouragement, resources and support they provide, and having been providing for many years. “No Injured Worker Left Behind” Semper Fi, Y’all!

We like a few of the industry bloggers who do their best to do their best for the highest good of all concerned.   Cognitive Dissonance seems to be kicking some butt in that arena, wouldn’t you agree?

Bravo to ProPublica for being a catalyst for discussion and possible change. Bravo to WorkCompCentral for relentless efforts at education and inciting legitimate discussions about the need for national discussion and change.

Let’s get beyond “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES”…. let’s incarcerate a few psychopaths for maiming and  killing injured workers, too, shall we?

It matters not if the killers are making $250K a year, or $10.7 million or more a year.  With proper trials first, of course.  FBI and DA and DOJ  need to better orchestrate their efforts, ya think?


For personal assistance in my own, but common,  horrific case on non-stop abuse of a permanently disabled-by-untreated-brain-injury-and-various-acts-of-legal-chicanery-and-file-churning, older female worker, a local crisis center sent a Marine to help me last year.  The Marine Social Worker, kind, fierce and very helpful.

MMI neuro-psychologist report recently received (and posted!)  says my future medical needs include similar support, with probability of needs for assisted living and ‘memory care’ for my shortened life span, shortened due to WorkCompsters and corruption, involving many unclean hands. Hmph, Some “Grand Bargain, California!”

Legitimate doctors in 2012 made legitimate and conservative recommendations for medical care, denied. Had treatment not been denied by the defense counsel (not doctors, just defense lawyer and adjuster for 2012, till 2013 came along for the extreme profits of CorVel to obfuscate facts with intent to deny medical care.)  return to work might have happened in 2012.

After threats from defense counsel, then PTP released me to work with accommodations, which were denied in October 2012.  Things got worse from there, without medical care.  I have been fighting to return to work for years, to no avail.

I have endured being penny-less, relying on The Salvation Army for utilities,  filing for social welfare due to carrier arrogant practice of denials of payment of TTD, “because they could” (and they were rewarded handsomely by EDD for refusing to pay in 2012/2013 and for refusing to provided medical care.  Now, SSA is involved in the charades and chicanery, and trying to sort it all out.

Is it a felony for carriers to provide SSA and EDD with false evidence of benefits paid with intent to deny SSA benefits?  Seems to be part of a set of RICO violations, wouldn’t you think?

Yet evaluations upon evaluations upon evaluations have been performed by approximately 38 doctors (ca-ching, no care, just primarily report regurgitations written  by non-medical staff, signed by doctors, paid the big bucks).

TeamCorvel includes approximately 20 more, and ol’ Maximus comes in with just one.   (There’s a full blog, with names; see the index athttps://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts)

While we are at it, omission of medical records and obfuscation of facts seems facilitated by the silly “chronological” ordering of medical evidence, rather than by specialty, then by chronological order.   Carrier in my case gets charged by most doctors 4-8 hours for “organizing the records”…. and maybe it’s not all the signing leased doctor’s fault their non-medical staff do things like change the date of injury to a year forward, then use first year medical evidence to falsely opine “pre-existing” symptoms.  D’oh.  Number of hours spent during an evaluation are often “inflated” and far worse, totally fabricated!

The majority of Lawyers don’t seem to care.  They  shrug say ‘their hands are tied” (and “their lips are sealed?!!!”)  Others have told me “Too much fraud in your case, it’s over my head” and “Too many people didn’t do their jobs, there’s no money in it for me”….

One interviewed actually had the audacity to ask, after pages of questions had been answered, “One more question, tell me, why did you wait over 2.5 years for medical care for a brain injury?”  D’OH!   That didn’t even merit a final response, and that attorney came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Here’s my story, again.  Date of witnessed slip and fall backwards on ice, resulting in Concussion/Traumatic Brain injury 1/9/12 while working for Wyndham Worldwide.

The blogs. ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS, began in the Summer of 2013, and continue as the only means available to fight for my life against the widely known corruption of the national WORKERS COMPENSATION SYSTEMS.

This quote is meaningless in California’s WorkComp corruption rackets, is it not?

“Every worker in California is protected by state laws governing the right to be paid correctly, be safe at work and receive benefits if they are injured on the job,” – Christine Baker

And there is no means of enforcement for the Fraud Warnings, now is there? http://www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/FraudWarningNotices/FraudWarningNotices2013.pdf

What kind of system do YOU profit by that requires someone with a brain injury to represent herself because your colleagues (4 of them) could be found guilty of ABA Ethics Violations and Incompetent Representation?

Due to your accepted CA  legislated fraud regulations, and your “2 attorney” superstitions, Injured Workers bear the brunt of the lack of expertise of your crowd/CAAA memberhips.  This also allows Defense Firms to claim the title ENEMIES OF INJURED AMERICAN WORKERS.

How many injured workers retain and dismiss multiple attorneys, as the corruption is tolerated by those retained to protect injured workers? How many injured workers in California, and in America, must represent themselves due to the failure of the ABA crowds?  Some have said that more than 15% of Injured Workers are InProPer…. probably as a last resort, not a first.

Why do your various profit centers/industries refuse to work with InProPer Injured Workers, and why do your industry leased/owned doctors seem so puzzled, baffled and perplexed by the legality of an Injured Worker self-representing? Why do the medical office staffs believe they can ONLY TAKE ORDERS from the Adjuster or Defense Firm?


When incompetent and worse attorneys can be allowed to be rewarded for causing harm to an injured worker, how can that be good for anybody?

If WorkComp Mill attorneys  have a “case load of 300 clients”…with wishing and hoping that somebody drops dead for some ultimate pay-off for the attorney, how does that help an injured worker get medical care, benefits, return to work and settlement?

Why do employers condone such malicious unconscionable behavior of denials of medical care, benefits, and bullying and all sort of acts of terrorism, experiments, surgeries, poisoning and worse by insurance companies? What good can a WorkComp attorney do?

I even asked a WCAB Judge for permission, as stated is possible on the WCAB recommended reading, to retain an attorney to consult with, on an hourly basis.

Alas, not only did the Judge tell me he would not hear the F-words in his court room, (Felony Fraud with intent to deny medically necessary treatment), he sentenced me to fighting for my life with every ounce of courage and strength and stamina I can muster, fighting organized crimes that EVERY ONE OF YOU ARE FULLY AND COMPLICITY AWARE OF.

But wait, the Team of Four don’t have all the blame.  Defense counsel says it’s all my fault.  Hmph.  He even suggested I consider a Court Appointed Conservator since I am having such difficulty maneuvering the WorkComp system, with denials of medical care, fraudulent reports, unresponsive law enforcement and more.  The Carrier’s Fraud Department called, as most of you know, last Fall and made it very clear he did not care one iota that I had not received medically necessary and recommended care, and the conversation concluded when he said, “So, tell me Linda, when ARE you going to die?”

Some things I read on LinkedIn indicated the Employers are responsible for the bullying and terrorism of their vendors. Wyndham Worldwide was immediately apprised of the horrific bad faith and breach of fiduciary responsibility, and outright disgustingly mean thing to say. ( Intent of the caller? A “medicated worker” might have been compelled to irreversible action by such ‘poor customer service’, wouldn’t you agree? )

How many members of your CAAA organizations have been approached, recommended, took time to evaluate the merit and financial possibilities of helping THIS injured worker?  You know my name now.  I have spoken with many of you.  Your declines to help have most always been cordial, except when they weren’t.  Just so y’all know, A BRAIN INJURY IS NOT THE SAME AS A BROKEN FINGER, NOR IS THE TREATMENT THE SAME.

Watch the upcoming movie “Concussion” and then ask yourself and your partners how legitimate could it be for an insurance carrier to refuse to pay TTD, provide medical care, and embark on a mission of terrorism and destruction to an injured worker, coincidentally, UPON DIAGNOSIS OF BRAIN INJURY.

The Defense Firm treats me like they pretend to have  I & A Officers and  Judges in their pockets, as my ADA rights are consistently violated at WCAB-Riverside, and my Civil Rights.

Think about how many of YOUR clients have been sent to merely Orthopedic Surgeons or Chiropractors for TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY?  See the current list of names all the 40 doctors I had been sent to, and all the CorVel and Maximus “physician advisors” and team members.  In the olden days, they might have all been called, “Sonderkommando”….   Don’t get me wrong, there are a few good doctors in that list of 40, and they will be nominated in the upcoming CompLaude Awards.  The others will be nominated to the naughty list for possible inclusion in the ProPublica national efforts.


I have many of your polite Non-Engagement Letters and I am weary of bothering with your ilk.  You are as much a part of the WorkComp problems as are the criminal doctors and lawyers.  Perhaps Sophie Scholl is kinder in her description of your ilk:

So, if you are willing to discuss courageous representation of THIS INJURED WORKER, Case ADJ818190, Linda Ayres Vs. Wyndham Worldwide et al, please let me know at your earliest convenience.

I can be reached at WorkCompLinda@gmail.com or phone 760 368 7236.  If I don’t answer, please leave a message. “I AM INJURED, NOT STUPID!”  I do have auditory and visual processing impairments (untreated, of course).  I prefer electronic mail as an ADA accommodation (that defense continuously disregards, while apparently perjuring with proofs of service to cause significant delays and further harm).

The forensic psych AME suggested that if I have Human Rights Violations Complaints that I “take it to The Hague”…..  Well, maybe that was only reasonable thing he had to say.

That’s a “Fukushima Rose”…. (3.11.11)

Read “The First Leaflet” then commence Blogging!  America needs a fresh #CommitteeOfBloggers, wouldn’t you agree?

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“A new and unfamiliar Leader this week in the race for the Most Radioactive Weather in America is Ft Wayne, Indiana with 1,326 CPM. Congratulations to Ft Wayne, IN as the Most Radioactive City in America this week.Other competing cities for the title were not even close…..”    Your Radiation This Week No 20

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!

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