• Remember Remember the Words of David DePaolo, RIP:
  • The brokerage community has been successful for many years in steering the fraud debate towards the most minuscule part of fraud: injured workers; a segment of the fraud population that is so small that insurance companies comically seek big attention for thwarting a criminal act that typically does not amount to more than $10,000 in damage.

  • Where is the outcry, however, when brokers suck $4 billion out of a system on clever reinsurance chicanery (see our various stories and articles on Unicover) so they can make a half-billion dollars in fees? Why isn’t the Employer’s Fraud Task Force and other self-appointed overseers of malicious intent and do-gooders directing their energies towards identification of the white collar criminals guilty of bid rigging? Where are our district attorneys, whose offices are flush with workers’ compensation fraud fighting money, when clear evidence of outright insurance company misreporting of work comp premium occurs? Is Eliot Spitzer, formerly New York’s Attorney General and now that state’s governor, the only politician who seems to be bothered by large scale white collar crime?


  • Next Up?   Workers Compensation Industry blogs…. who is telling the truth and who is just serving the industry in a business model of PROFITS BEFORE LIVES

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The Ignorant Aging

“It is also this particular demographic that is ill prepared to NOT work – the baby boomer generation still lives pay check to pay check; in other words they MUST work…”

“Yet, AARP (nor most other organizations) does absolutely no education to their constituents and members about work place injuries, about workers’ compensation or how the system works, leaving this demographic especially vulnerable to surprise, or worse, abuse.”

“I guess this isn’t really a surprise. Nearly no one educates the working population about workers’ compensation, or any work injury program, until it’s too late, after an injury occurs (or is claimed).”

David DePaolo | Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains

Posts about David DePaolo written by AskAboutWorkCompGravyTrains. … If you are an Injured Worker, tell your story to ProPublica, and blog on! ….. When I called AARP a few months ago, apparently for United Health Care, the first question …

David DePaolo – Google+

David DePaolo – Executive – WorkCompCentral – After practicing workers’ compensation law for nearly 18 years, I founded and grew … daviddepaolo.blogspot.com …. AARP has a big section on their website about working at age 50 and over.

DePaolo’s World: June 2016


Jun 2, 2016 – AARP has a big section on their website about working at age 50 and …… My blog post on fraud and audits on June 7 attracted the attention of …

AARP and Workers Compensation and Social Security and YOU | Ask …


Jun 29, 2016 – Posts about AARP and Workers Compensation and Social Security and YOU … http://daviddepaolo.blogspot.com/2015/09/how-dare-you.html.

Are YOU following these blogs, and commenting appropriately, without fear or caution?

19. #CommitteesOfBloggers — here are comments with links on the Top 25 WorkComp Industry blogs: https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/?s=TOP+25+BLOG

27.   Top 10 Highest-paid CEOs at U.S> commercial insurance companies


2010-2104 HONOREES

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The Return to Work Blog, Author Varied – Category: Carrier

Simply Work Comp, Author Varied – Category: Safety/Prevention

MEMIC Safety Net, Author Varied – Category: Safety/Prevention

Thank you, David DePaolo, for all you have done on behalf of America’s Injured Worker population. RIP. https://www.workcompcentral.com//columns/print/id/i321y06u1156781ij21g0v

Who else is blogging about #WorkComp in America and Elsewhere?

political language (2)

Injured and Insulted? If you haven’t read these articles – you don’t know nuthin about WorkComp in America!

fb VIRTUAL TOURs – Work Comp Groups

Injured Worker Resources …… add to it! We Are The Media Now.




crayons and puppets


Submit your blog as a comment below and with email to #WorkCompLinda@gmail.com to be included in an upcoming directory, afterall, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…. BE CREATIVE… BE CONSISTENT …. BE RELENTLESS…



BE POLITE;  WHEN POSSIBLE and remember the ol’ saying, “DO NOT HARM BUT TAKE NO SHIT”



why mediate

Injured Workers Mediation for negotiations and structured settlements

#OccupyVirtually #StayOuttaTheStreets #DodgeTheRads
#OccupyVirtually #StayOuttaTheStreets #DodgeTheRads – Study Your Radiation This Week – Google It!

Virtual FAST Tour of the Facebook Injured Worker Ghettos, Kamps, Pages, Groups and Events – OccupyVirtually – Dodge The Rads


It’s a bit like Hotel FB and any of the alphabet agencies, wouldn’t you agree?
 fb hotel facebook

Here, take a self guided tour through the global Injured Worker social media ghettos, kamps, pages, groups and event.   Click and scroll.  Just read some of the group names, members, public or closed.   The links BELOW will take you directly to groups, events or pages in Facebook-land.


Injured Workers – Videos

Workers compensation – videos

Social Security Disability and Injured Workers – Groups
“We couldn’t find anything for social security disability and injured workers
Looking for people or posts? Try entering a name, location, or different words.”

Future blogs will go deeper, and highlight some of the more prominent groups, pages, videos and profiles.   Even a cursory view of these links will prevent you from ever saying again, “OMG, WE DID NOT KNOW!”     That’s how the American Workers Compensation National Discussion seemed to deal with the Injured Worker Petition with nearly 6,000 signatures.   See the link and the blog about it here.   Did those industry bloggers call that ‘HYPERBOLE’ also?

Many of you are familiar with the 2015 excellent investigative reports of INSULT TO INJURY:  THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION that was a collective effort of ProPublica and NPR, and most likely countless others.   They detonated several ‘bombs’ on the battlefield of Workers Compensation Profiteers and Injured and Disabled Survivors of Workers Compensation, exposing many of the widely known, but not widely discussed dirty OPEN SECRETS of the mega billion dollar industry.
It is our hope, collectively, that an encore and intense follow up is building for the continued reporting on progress with The Demolition of Workers’ Compensation and exposure of the Insult to Injury patterns of practice.  It is our hope that the investigations will continue to include a wider range of improprieties and probably serious crimes that include members of the Social Security Administration.
It is further hoped that the ongoing  investigations incite CEASE FIRE upon Injured Workers, while TRIAGE TEAMS of smart attorneys, skilled in negotiations for resolutions vs file churning, and neutral outside mediators, and structured settlement teams convene to bring thousands, if not millions, of Workers Compensation cases to immediate resolution.
This may also serve to free the Injured Workers who are clear hostages and victims of this diabolical organized system of PROFITS BEFORE LIVES, functioning under a Cloak of  Arrogance, Psychopath, Secrecy, Obfuscation of Facts, and relies heavily on general apathy and the “7 National Crimes.”

A search for blogs by Injured Workers doesn’t come up with much.   Mine: AskAboutWorkersCompGravyTrains.com/list-of-posts/ since 2013 and MyWorkCompCoach.com since 2016.


If you know of other active Injured Worker blogs, Emancipated or Not, please do let us know.  Email me at WorkCompLinda@gmail.com or leave the links in comments below.


We’ll discuss the “22 Top Industry Bloggers” and how to deal with them, in a future issue of this blog.  Watch for it.

“Without a blog and a growing database, Injured Workers are Unarmed and Unprotected in the Global War On Workers.”

If you have a blog of any value to thinking people, industry or injured workers, please leave the title and link in the comment section of this blog and kindly comment on topic there, or send directly to WorkCompLinda@gmail.com for possible inclusion in a future blog.


‘Give a few thoughts on how you would have gone about re-imagining and executing a project we did last year about the demolition of worker’s comp protections around the country. How could we connect to the people actually impacted by the story, and how could they have contributed to the project? ‘


The results will be compiled thought the end of the year and shared in future blogs, and forwarded to ProPublica’s new Engagement Manager and to Paul Steiger, Executive Chairman of ProPublica’s Board of Directors.


If you’re an injured worker with a blog, you might find some inspiration for your blog with the questions presented in What’s Your WorkComp Story. Feel free to submit your story, that will be compiled and shared ANONYMOUSLY in the foreseeable future, with or without help from an editor and epublishing expert.  It might just become a free-pdf, we’ll see how it evolves.  Content over Form is more important.


Efforts to retain an editor to help with anonymous story assembly failed, as the party simply could not fathom and connect the dots of the atrocities being committed.


The typical propagandized public opinion prevailed, and convoluted the otherwise robust thought processes to only portray Injured Workers as helpless, hopeless victims.  This caused recommendations that were not suitable for creating a MOVEMENT TO FREE THE WORK COMP HOSTAGES, or even more simply, help Injured Workers ESCAPE from WorkComp, one person and one mediation and fair and reasonable structured settlement and negotiation at a time.

Excerpts below:

Is all of that the kind of work you want to do? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • A track record of organizing communities and audiences, especially in a journalistic context.
  • Journalism experience itself, especially involving stories that shed light on injustices or covering marginalized communities.
  • Ability to listen for signals from the community and smartly apply them to the project.
  • Experience using the various tools of the social web, such as surveys or forms for sourcing, texting or messaging platforms.
  • Experience with social and website metrics, since you will be in charge of analyzing what’s working, what’s not, and what we should differently next time.

Does this sound like a new job to you? That’s because it is. Part of what we’re looking for is somebody who is excited about helping us build it.

Please upload a single file that includes: Why your experience gives you the skills and insight to be our engagement reporter; examples of your work that fits with what you’re talking about (please include a description about your role and the thoughts behind each project); finally, give us a few thoughts on how you would have gone about re-imagining and executing a project we did last year about the demolition of worker’s comp protections around the country. How could we connect to the people actually impacted by the story, and how could they have contributed to the project? *

“How could we connect to the people actually impacted by the story, and how could they have contributed to the project? ” – ProPublica

Did anybody look in here?




What tips do YOU have for WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills?!


Injured Workers – Videos


connect the dots extinction is boring Read more about Your Radiation This Week to better understand why you must #DodgeTheRads – Subscribe for periodic email updates here: https://yourradiationthisweek.org/nichols-on-nuclear-library-of-articles/ because        WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW [/caption]

Remember Remember the 5th of September – LABOR DAY and ProPublica is Hiring an Engagement Reporter


Adding to the Workers’ Compensation National Discussion, shall we?

Labor Day: What it Means

“Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”


ProPublica Partners With Beacon to Promote Workers’ Comp Reporting

“ProPublica is Hiring an Engagement Reporter”

“Assignment: Give us a few thoughts on how you would have gone about re-imagining and executing a project we did last year about the demolition of worker’s comp protections around the country.  Again, how could we have connected to the people actually impacted by the story, and how could they have contributed to the project?”

“Here’s that [AWARD WINNING AND INDUSTRY SHAKING] investigation:

The demolition of worker’s comp protections

APPLY?   https://www.propublica.org/atpropublica/item/propublica-is-hiring-an-engagement-reporter/ via @propublica

“We are hiring an engagement reporter to work on investigative projects in collaboration with traditional reporters throughout the full life-cycle of projects. That means you’ll be involved from the very beginning of story conception to think about what communities and audiences we need to reach and how we reach them, all the way through to story publication and beyond. You’ll help find and reach an audience for the story, and most importantly you’ll be responsible for conceiving and executing a plan to pull our readers into the reporting of the story itself….”

“…So what exactly are we talking about? Take a look at a project we’ve been doing about Vietnam vets exposed to Agent Orange. [*] Unlike traditional investigations, we didn’t start with a story. We announced that we were doing an investigation with a callout to the community. We asked vets to tell us their stories, and we’ve now heard from more than 5,800 of them. This community has fueled our reporting, and it’s already getting results.”

“We also plan to do more projects where we work openly with and help foster communities of journalists.”

APPLY by the 5th of September!  READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE: https://www.propublica.org/atpropublica/item/propublica-is-hiring-an-engagement-reporter/  

[*] Speaking of Veterans and Agent Orange, might be wise for ProPublica to include this information, too.

Nichols on the Jeff Rense Show – GI’s Brains |  

GI’s Brains Fried by Military Dispensed Nose Candy | 



Encore time for #WorkersCompensation continued investigations of further INSULTS TO INJURIES and The Demolition of Workers’ Comp,  including what happens post settlement … to 8.9 million Americans on #SSA disability…?  And who knows how many millions denied SSA disability –more than 40 million more?


SIDE BAR:  And why would a congressional representative suggest taking constituent complaints to legal aid vs DOJ and fail to get involved and get straight answers to a simply inquiry for a statement of income used by SSA to mis-calculate retro-active pay benefits for over 15 months, with wildly fluctuating misrepresentation of monies due vs overpaid from an initial award amount of $25,591 to false allegations of overpayments calculated multiple times, ranging from the first being $27,078.00 sliding down to low $20k’s, to $11,767, then $9,964, then $5,555.10, then $22,869, then $21,066.20 ad infinitum.

Multiple Illegal interruptions and further threats of interruptions of benefits during “appeals” process were corrected, but the benefits due, when paid from arrears, WE ALSO THEN ADDED TO THE MIS-CALCULATION AMOUNT OF OVER-PAYMENT.  Figure that one out.  Do they drug test at SSA?    

Those SSA miscalculations also subject the Injured Worker to litigation from the Long Term Disability carrier, based on the initial retro-pay award, with the LTD demands for repayment of approximately $22,000, which they boast “the Courts routinely find in our favor.”  All these crazy numbers are based on SSA falsely stating that income from date of injury paid by the WC carrier was $4,177.00 —-  They won’t prove it and they simply ignore repeatedly provided evidence of the actual WC and EDD payments.  MAGIC MATH– SSA MAKES THINGS UP WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS….

The refusal of SSA to even provide such information in a Congressional inquiry is very suspicious, and the months and months of clear obfuscation of facts and obstruction of justice are really sad, wouldn’t you agree?  This is another known national dilemma, scandal and shame…!!   SSA was called out for paying Nazi War criminals over 20 million dollars, illegally, last year.  Apparently, their practices of MAGIC MATH, with a splash of ‘abracadabra’ with facts and evidence, are known to most anybody touched by THAT system.

Word from the Ten Congressional Representatives who signed the October 2015 letter is hopefully anticipated soon, as they each received a copy of case evidence in the issue references above.  Acting SSA Commissioner has also received a complete package, and certain Media influencers have also been provided with copies of same.  It’s been less than 30 days… Word is expected soon.  Hopefully, a good word of correction and accuracy so that piece can be settled and closed.  [See earlier blogs for more details if SSA is on your bucket list of fixes needed.]

Another Injured Worker recently connected with an apparently “similar story” that has been being fought for over 12 years.


work comp guidelines diagram

AUSTRALIANS, CANADIAN, UK and other  INJURED WORKERS FACE VERY SIMILAR LIFE-THREATENING and DESTROYING INSULTS AND INJURIES that Americans face with the current Workers’ Compensation and Disability mega billion dollar PROFITS BEFORE LIVES systems, agencies and carriers….WITHOUT REPRESENTATION by enough elected officials.

How about investigations into the plights and gruesome illness and death of America’s #Nuclear Workers?   Relate them to the plights and gruesome illness and deaths, with quite little ‘plausible deniability,’  of Fukushima’s nuclear workers and relate that to the issues of Your Radiation This Week, Americans.  “Radiation in the US Soars”


Count – 44 Cities Reporting Radiation Above 1,000 CPM

Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM [4]

Bob Nichols Said WHAT About Your Radiation This Week!?!Your Radiation This Week


In addition to the 10 Congressional representatives who signed the letter of October 2015,  incited by INSULT TO INJURY investigative reports  to the Department of Labor about the state of Workers’ Compensation and the offer to provide law enforcement and protection, if needed, was quite a gift to the American people, but follow up is absolutely required.

There is also a small group of Congressional representatives who are also concerned and outraged about the treatment of sick Nuclear Workers in the USA, and denials of medical care and benefits.  Time to get these Congressional representatives talking together and working with one another, and also taking some hard looks into the Social Security Administrations mis-handling of millions of claims and dollars, causing further egregious harm to America’s class.


“ProPublica is Hiring an Engagement Reporter”


Remember Remember…  “Without a blog and a growing database, Injured Workers are Unarmed and Unprotected in the War on Workers.”    


For a little more perspective from and about some citizens IMPACTED by the need for The Demolition of Workers’ Compensation:

Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains – list of posts since Summer 2013  [update: The parties in the initial WorkComp case “reached resolution subject to confidentiality agreement” in less than 5 years, without benefit of competent legal counsel and other significant obstacles, by winter 2015.  The blog now addresses more national and international issues, and is not case-specific.

My WorkComp Coach is a natural result of an in pro per/in pro se (unrepresented)  Injured Worker Survivor’s need to GIVE BACK to the Injured Worker Community to share strategies and tactics to survive and escape the WorkComp system of PROFITS BEFORE LIVES.

aawcgt stats 8 19 2016 750 pm

Personal rebranding efforts are somewhat hindered by the magnitude and reach of the insurance industry propaganda machinery, and it’s approximately “Top 22 Blogger” mouth-pieces skewing public opinions in further efforts to protect profits and recover from the initial investigative reports by ProPublica and NPR.

google search workers compensation national discussions 8 19 2016 6 250 000 PAGE 1

“Something is terribly wrong with Worker’s Compensation – isn’t it?”

I would love to apply for the position at ProPublica, but alas, as a Survivor of Workers’ Compensation, the doctors say I can never work again, due to the challenges of the traumatic brain injury sustained at work in 2012, same year as Hillary. I study online business and education practices in hopes to prove those doctors wrong!!!  So far, not so good, but I keep trying!   My, what a difference private doctors vs. workcomp doctors can make in recovery outcomes, huh?

How many injured American workers may have had better and faster outcomes if WorkComp did not exist, but employee benefits with a State disability as ‘first responders’ was employed as a first line of defense against permanent disabilities, and having WorkComp insurance as a secondary insurer, in the event of catastrophic and irreparable injuries??  WorkComp is NOT an employee benefit.  ANYWHERE.

My blogging is a public service activity.  I can do more a la Arianna Huffington’s ideas that include the importance of NAPPING AT WORK.

(Arianna didn’t really say that Three Mile Island and Chernobyl Nuclear Disasters were due to ‘sleep deprivation’ as I read in Success magazine, did she?  “Fatigue –related.”  [WTH!!!]


Arianna Huffington Leads the Charge for Well-Being in the … – Success

“Mar 10, 2015 – It’s fitting, then, that Arianna Huffington’s latest book is a discourse on achievement and health. … and the nuclear accidents at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl? … According to Harvard Medical School, sleep deprivation costs U.S. … Time magazine had just named her one of the 100 most influential people …”

“…What we overlook is the staggering toll all that nonstop hustle takes on us. That commuter train derailment that killed four and injured more than 60 outside New York City in 2013? It was caused by an engineer who nodded off at the wheel. The Exxon Valdez oil spill, the Challenger space shuttle disaster, and the nuclear accidents at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl? All fatigue-related…”

Heck, if Hillary can run for President with suspected Brain Injury, Radiation poisoning and Seizures,  maybe I actually could apply for the ProPublica Engagement Reporter position….  if they could make an ADA accommodation and let me be of some help …. VIRTUALLY, FROM THE LEFT COAST…. High Desert, anyway.

I would love to see continuing investigations into the national hyper-corruption issues of Workers Compensation.  2015 reports were stellar, but just the tip of the iceberg.  More importantly is to find ways to get people quickly out of the system, and on to real doctors and medical care, healing and recovery and the path to return to work.

I would also love to some immediate investigations of the appearance of serious mis-deeds by the Social Security Administration when it comes to benefits for Injured Workers.  In most cases, MAKING STUFF UP and refusing to correct errors in income calculations, in order to deny benefits to injured workers and deploy profits to who knows whom,  is generally referred to with the f-word.  FRAUD and MALFEASANCE.   Injured Workers call it “MAGIC MATH” of Social Security; SSA workers call it ‘too confusing and hard’ and apparently Congressional Representatives call it ‘too hot to touch.’    Hmmmmm.

I would would also like to see that small group of “22 Top Bloggers” held accountable for speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  If a CIVIL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION is required to facilitate that, then, Congress knows what they must do.

MEANWHILE, A VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE FACEBOOK INJURED WORKER KAMPS AND GHETTOS is being organized for the LinkedIn interested parties, and other parties apparently not in the know about the atrocities of America’s WorkComp programs.  Watch for it.  It was derailed temporarily while some Injured Workers were under national ‘attack’ by some industry spokes people starting in May.  It seems to have simmered down, or is in another calm before another storm.


Maybe I COULD provide some ideas to the ProPublica team as they come together? Maybe they will just read my blogs and get some ideas; a few industry training department people have been regular views on LinkedIn and a few are subscribers.  ‘STREET TALK’ they prefer to call hyperbole or ‘angry injured workers with an ax to grind’ rather than deal with the harsh realities of a predatory and dangerous system politely called WORKERS COMPENSATION.

I’m getting a little professional help to update and “rebrand” to better represent “The New Me” [post TBI]  my social media presence, so, we’ll see what happens between now and the deadline, SEPTEMBER 5, 2016 — LABOR DAY IN THE USA.

While the late David DePaolo said this about me in his article Work Comp and Baseball (October 2, 2014)

“These cases, though, are real. There are real people behind these cases. People get hurt. People get toyed with. People don’t get what is needed, what is promised in the Grand Bargain, and set aside as disturbed and having unrealistic expectations.

Some contact me because of this blog, seeking answers, help and remedies.

I have met some – like Linda Ayers. I won’t get into Linda’s case here – that’s not the point.

Linda is vocal, like a few other injured workers. She has a blog, she is active in social media, she posts comments to this blog.

And she probably drives the defense crazy as she is prolifically passionate about making sure the system works for her and for other injured workers.

It’s easy to dismiss Linda’s activities as the rantings of an unstable person, but she is not an unstable person. She is a person who’s case spiraled out of control from the beginning, and we know that the early stages of a claim are the most critical…”

In 2015, at the commencement of the national diatribes attacking Injured Workers, in ASSUME RESPONSIBLITY by David, we were called  “Vociferous Militants” and just complainers, amongst other choice words.

Draft one of that blog, ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY,  actually was sent to me as a personal email, and it was not till a while later that I realized that many of the several little blue links linked directly to my little blogs!   Was he really trying to tell YOU something by linking to MY BLOGS?

However, there’s a vociferous militant minority of the injured worker population who have made it their mission to inform the world of the injustices imparted on them by “the system” and all its nefarious participants.

They have ridiculed most all work comp sectors named above, but have spared me for the most part. 

No apparent respect for the fact that I survived and that the parties in my personal case ‘reached resolution’ miraculously in less than 5 years, that even wrapped up with a nice ‘best wishes’ note from one of the defense attorneys involved.  David’s death leaves a gap in the industry discussions about the Pro’s, Cons and WorkCompsters of the Industry.  The fight for his role as ‘Top Dog’ is… pitiful to watch.  David actually care about Injured Workers and let his readers know that, and he walked a very fine line.  The other ‘top bloggers’ with just a very exceptions… not so much.

Earlier this year there was what appeared to be a full scale, organized national disparaging  attack on a small segment of the vocal Injured Workers in the USA, very few who blog.  It’s unclear who directed it, but Injured Workers have their suspicions.  Industry peeps probably know for sure.  The above blogs were included in several of the diatribes, directly and indirectly.

IF YOU KNOW SOME PEOPLE WHO MIGHT BE A PERFECT FIT FOR THAT PRO-PUBLICA POSITION, LET THEM KNOW.  IT LOOKS LIKE IT’S IN NEW YORK CITY…..   I lived there in a ‘former life’ on 72nd between Park and Madison, working as a secretary to a powerful … ‘real estate mogul.’

Leading experts on brain injury encourage TBI Survivors to ‘EMBRACE THE NEW YOU.’

The “new me” would never trade rural living today for anything like NYC and all it’s nuke plants nearby… because ALL NUCLEAR REACTORS LEAK ALL OF THE TIME.  

CNN how close is your home to a nuclear weapon site

How close is YOUR Home to a Nuclear Power Plant?  This CNN interactive is not complete, and doesn’t include the dumps, but it will give you an idea of what you are reading about in YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK, won’t it?  Be sure to read the numbered “Notes and Sources” in #YRTW before you, like some of the paid industry-trolls, start whining that it’s too hard to understand and too confusing and doesn’t match their $200 baggie covered Geiger counter readings.  D’oh!

AskAboutFukushimaNow.com/list-of-posts/ since 2011

Take a look at the 24-hour animation on Netc.com.   The free version gives you plenty to watch and think about. Others who want more info, can easily and inexpensively access the members information.  Watch it, if you live in the #USA.  If you have friends in the #USA, also watch it, and read more about the radiation alarms in progress here.  See EPA charts for additional information, and do the math.  Beta + Gamma.



netc dot com radiation animation

“Something is terribly wrong with the anti-nuclear movement – isn’t it?”

The NETC.com animation may help you better comprehend the data shared in Your Radiation This Week and may encourage you to change your HEPA filters, kick off your shoes before you walk in doors and slip on less-contaminated indoor-shoes and take all other available precautions to #DodgeTheRads.

cognitive dissonance

#DodgeTheRads and Have A Nice Shortened Life-Span



Stop the Workers’ Compensation SOBs and WOE


Can you also be a little hard to “get” if their politics lean either side of center, if they are a basic “Difficult Person,” a mysoginyst, a basic WorkCompster, or even just a common psychopath?

Professional friends said, early on, “Get out of WorkComp by any means necessary, it will kill you.”

They had no clues about how.  Professional friends now still say, “Keep screaming, Linda, somebody’s got to do it!”

The latest blog at Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains might be of interest:

Workers’ Compensation SOBs and Global WOE from Australia Canada and USA

‘Cognitive dissonance’ often requires people to make victims of crimes wrong or a villain or a villain-ette, or to quote the late David DePaolo, of WorkComp Central from  Assume Responsibility, a “Vociferous Militant.”

American Injured Workers were unable to organize to fight the series of national attacks, diatribes and propaganda launch attempting to make Injured Workers the wrong-doers.  The industry alerted all in February to expect the propaganda launch in May.  Some joined it.  How sad.

In 2014, in Work Comp and Baseball DePaolo said:

There are, however, claims that are difficult from the very outset. Sometimes we hear about them but most of the time we don’t.

The ones that we do hear about get dismissed from our conscience too easily because the melodrama in their vocalization of what’s wrong gets drowned by our own jaded pessimism.

These cases, though, are real. There are real people behind these cases. People get hurt. People get toyed with. People don’t get what is needed, what is promised in the Grand Bargain, and set aside as disturbed and having unrealistic expectations.

Some contact me because of this blog, seeking answers, help and remedies.

I have met some – like Linda Ayers. I won’t get into Linda’s case here – that’s not the point.

Linda is vocal, like a few other injured workers. She has a blog, she is active in social media, she posts comments to this blog.

And she probably drives the defense crazy as she is prolifically passionate about making sure the system works for her and for other injured workers.

It’s easy to dismiss Linda’s activities as the rantings of an unstable person, but she is not an unstable person. She is a person who’s case spiraled out of control from the beginning, and we know that the early stages of a claim are the most critical.

It hard for most Americans to realize the atrocities that happen under the banner of Workers’ Compensation.  David mentioned me in a few more of his blogs, and we exchanged more than a few emails over the course of my case.

When I told him I was “attending mediation with an open mind, open heart, and empty briefcase” he was aghast, and insisted I needed a lawyer but that I was so angry, nobody would help me.  We had a few philosophical exchanges on those topics.   I am grateful to David for those exchanges and media coverage.

I was also, in 2014, one of the four finalists for CompLaude Awards, and in 2014, 2015 and up until May 2016, I was a strong advocate for the CompLaude Awards, and you can see the blogs to prove it!  Plenty of private emails were sent on behalf of the effort, also, and my nominations were significant, with at least one award winner — in the doctor category.

Since the “open mind, open heart, empty briefcase” strategy was successful, for all intents and purposes, I have been attempting to ‘rebrand’ from being a ‘screamer and thought provoker,’ despite the “Difficult Persons” deeply entrenched in the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES business models that most Americans don’t know about, and don’t want to know about.

Social Security Administration ‘mis-behavior’ and other improprieties apparently require renewed efforts to address further government malfunctions.  My carefully organized evidence arrived in Washington DC mail rooms last week, including letters to The Ten Congressional Representatives who have gone on record as being concerned about American Workers and Taxpayers and Workers Compensation.

Wait till they see the SSA package of loose marbles and loose screws, fabrications, falsehoods, and general malfeasance, with indicators of many unclean hands involved in the financial terrorism against me, and others like me. Might be interesting.  It’s another one of those ‘oh so sad, common stories’ that happen all the time, but you don’t hear much about those DIRTY OPEN SECRETS EITHER.

I retained a writer/editor to help dig through my wins to help with rebranding.  It was a costly event, with a typical cognitive dissonant reaction.  I shared my business resume and said it’s not really valid anymore, since cognitive impairments are what they are.  I thought I made it clear that I am injured, NOT STUPID.  I think that point may have been overlooked.

Early on, after a lengthy conversation, the editor said that my ‘story’ must be told but that it must be told in a way that people will want to hear more, and not simply want to kill me for telling the truth.  I said, “Yeah, exactly what I want your help with.”  That was months ago.

I make it clear that while I believe WorkComp arrests could fill a few cell blocks or privatized penitentiaries, my intention is not to bust the crooks, but to FREE THE HOSTAGES.  BIG DIFFERENCE.  ONE IS BASED IN HARSH REALITY, AND THE OTHER IS DELUSIONAL.   (Hint: Rico rules)

From the volume of notes I shared, draft 1 painted me as a total loser, victim, physically and mentally incapable of doing sh*t, and would have subjected me to litigation on top of that. That first draft was more along lines of ‘publish that, and they’ll surely kill you.’  😕

There was absolute inability by the party to see the dots being connected between the exterminations by Workers Compensation and by the Nuclear Industry.

Arguing about my volunteer efforts that have had a significant global reach since 2011 Triple Nuclear Meltdowns at Fukushima – WAS NOT AND IS NOT A DISCUSSION ITEM ON THE TABLE.

It was suggested that I choose one, and check with my pals on which to choose. The results were in….  Injured Worker Advocates suggested dropping the Radiation Warnings to #DodgeTheRads and why, as totally irrelevant; Anti-Nuclear Advocates suggested dropping Injured Worker Advocacy as they are good as dead anyway, if they have serious injuries.    “EXTERMINATIONS” would be all inclusive!

WorkComp has been known to work ok in first-aid situations for minor injuries. Horrific with serious injuries, and exacerbates injuries that, with immediate medical care, could result in return to work scenarios and partial recoveries.

One pal said, ‘Each camp, of course, wants that loudest mouth, and you’re a BIG LOUD MOUTH.’   😀

I would love to know that WorkComp is moving in a clean, life-saving direction for the millions involved, so I could just drop that topic…. but it seems that the propagandists are digging in to protect their profits by any means necessary — including your life or mine.

If there are more than 54 million injured and disabled workers in America, and approximately 8.9 million are on Social Security Disability, are the rest homeless and destitute?  SSA pays ‘nazi war criminals’ with greater ease than it pays Americans with Disabilities….yikes!   CLEAN UP TIME!  LET’S GO!

I guess that was lost money….I sent a note to that editor last week suggesting if it’s too hard, I understand, but darn, I paid A BUNCH OF MONEY FOR THAT.  I hope a refund follows, since draft 2 never arrived.   😕

A couple of my pals are compiling books about stories of people with brain injuries, and my story doesn’t fit their audiences.  Injured Workers have a particular extra set of survival battles, as anybody ever touched by that industry knows.

Even other TBI survivors cannot fathom the extent of malice and corruption too many Injured Workers are subjected to, that actually prevent recovery and often cause death because it is more profitable for the industry to ‘risk a $100,000 wrongful death suit’ than to pay for medical care in hundreds of thousands of dollars because care was neither immediate, prompt, or appropriate in so many cases.

How many of you have seen the Hillary videos [Google search hillary seizures – today the count is 547,000 results] showing what appears to be seizures after the DNC conventions, from either her Concussion of 2012, or her extreme radiation poisoning in Spring 2011 at the beginning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Meltdowns.

The Secretary had been sent to Tokyo to mitigate damage to commerce and establish censorship guidelines, apparently.   “Your Radiation This Week” describes the ongoing radiation poisoning across America.

So, if Hillary can run for president with a brain injury and convulsions/seizures, maybe SSA initial conclusions in 2012-2015 that brains are not needed to work as a sales executive were closer to accurate than believed.  The videos haven’t been scrubbed from the Internet, and there’s plenty of Good Kop/Bad Kop going on with the corporate media, as you have no doubt noticed.

American selection process, quite the circus this time, isn’t it.

“What difference does it make?”  — Check your local radiation readings and how many cities have been over 1,000 CPM, for how long. “Normal background is 5-20 CPM.”   See Your Radiation This Week – the series began April 2015.  Catch up. #DodgeTheRads

Home-efforts at rehabilitation have included studying online courses like a mad-woman, so maybe I do get to return to the WorkForce, one day soon.   Watch for the eCourse….it will be free … sort of a self-procured apprentice-ship.

I think it’s time for Congress to establish a Civil Rights and Human Rights Commission to further investigate what happens to Injured American Workers.

The Courts apparently ‘routinely rule in favor of the insurance carriers’ and some business owners call it ‘legislated fraud.’  You may be hearing more about it as the industry attacks on Injured Law Enforcement and Firefighters seems to be escalating.  Hopefully, their Unions will step up and speak out.

Heck, Fukushima-Gate investigations might be appropriate about now, too, huh?!  America, America!  What happened!


Here’s my best shot at REBRANDING, so far, shared over on Facebook in an online biz group, and in a few Injured Worker groups.

Linda Ayres‎ Occupy WorkComp  ·  LEARNING NEVER ENDS…

There are 67 of us here in Occupy WorkComp. Do YOU want to introduce yourself, and maybe say a little about your situation and how we might support you? Remember, it’s a PUBLIC GROUP — ain’t no secrets here! ;D

Here’s what I’m learning:

From another group, where I am learning more about how to get an eCourse together to perhaps help more of you save your own lives…

The instructor runs a great group, and invites everybody to introduce themselves, and there are group calls…it’s a course I paid to join, but they have a public group, too… I’ve told you about it before, and I’ll share more as things come together.

Here’s how I introduced myself to them, for what it’s worth…


Hi Everybody! Participation seems to be a key here at PPE! 😀

My abilities to be short and concise are a little impaired, so here’s my best shot…..The images below are the shortest version. 😀

“Please take a moment and introduce yourself! We officially kick off on August 1 but the party can start before then!” – Instructor

I would have joined in a bit sooner, but I was having a little FB thought-police detention issues… it happens to some politically-socially active members of our little communities. FB ‘ads’ seem to deter the harassment, to a degree.

I am in the process of getting to know ‘the new me’ and rebranding that new me and I look forward to getting to know more of you, and the services you are providing to help uplift humanity in these challenging times.

Like so many of you, I have also signed up for a gazillion courses, free and paid and have completed quite few of them, and I love Colleen’s style of teaching… she breaks everything down to do-able steps, in her royal style! The 7-day challenge was one I actually finished! Hoooray! I even blogged about the process over at LinkedIn.

I’ve been ‘working on’ creating an eCourse for over a year, and there have been too many ‘moving pieces’ for me. I am also working on a few different eBooks.

I am very hopeful of discovering strategies and methods and structures and support here so that the eCourse will be completed and this piece of social media will become like child’s play.

I am a Workers’ Compensation Survivor in the USA and a #TBI (#BrainInjury #Concussion) survivor as a result. Friends in Canada, UK and Australia face similar life-threatening challenges from workplace injuries The internet brings us all together to explore solutions.

If you have friends or loved ones fighting the good fight, don’t let them fight alone. Lend a hand, and some blog space!
My intentions are to help Injured Workers escape the system(s) with their lives — Workers’ Compensation is NOT an employee benefit.

My professional friends told me, ‘Get out of work comp by any means necessary – it will kill you.’ They didn’t have a clue about the how. It took me several years to find that ‘magic formula’ that may also work for others who have a grasp of the power of social media.

My blogs about workers’ compensation and nuclear matters include reminders to #DodgeTheRads#OccupyVirtually and to remember remember…

Learning never ends. See you over at Kajabi-Land and Teachable!




Can Legal Aid Save Social Security?


Does Congress really believe Social Security faux paxs are matters for LEGAL AID?

Will ProPublica and NPR continue the Investigative Reporting?  We can hope!  Here’s the Congressional letter prompted by the reporting in Insult to Injury, The Demolition of Workers’ Comp, in 2015.  Read it again, and let’s see if these Congressional representatives have a better view of what’s going on in Social Security, and the harm it perpetuates upon Injured Workers…..  The Representatives who have gone on record as being alarmed about what’s happening include:

Congress on WorkComp 10 2015 - WE BELIEVE   1

Congressional letter signers  10 2015  2


The Social Security Financial Report: An Insight Into the Future 

The Social Security Financial Report: An Insight Into the Future http://buff.ly/28WVFL1 #WorkComp #SSD!

“As of January 2016, 60 million Americans, or more that one in six, receive Social Security benefits. About one American family in four receive Social Security Benefits.  Approximately 8.9 million disabled workers receive benefits.”

2016 Trustees Report Confirms That Expanding Social Security Is Fully Affordable  – another view


Comments:  Administration in Social Security is a huge problem.

As corporate media reported last year, SSA freely pays Nazi War criminals over $20 million in recent years.

Meanwhile, a simple calculation of retro pay after years of appeals for disability before Award can take years and years and involve wildly fluctuating allegations of benefits, errors, overpayments to legal reps and huge discounts to insurance carriers, cascading new free falls into the abyss with threats by carriers of litigation and threats by SSA-to terminate benefits.

Hearings can take years to schedule at SSA and “loss of records” seems to be as huge of a problem at SSA as it is in WorkComp.

Congressional and other representatives are hard pressed to get to the facts and resolutions.

Injured workers say it is standard pattern of practice with SSA/WC/EDD/LTD and simply call it “Magic Math.”

DOJ may have more accurate descriptions?

That Trustee report doesn’t seem to name the Trustees responsible.

Do you happen to have their names, Jon Gelman?

It’s time for an Open Letter to them on behalf of Injured and Disabled American Workers about matters of law-enforcement, civil rights, human rights, and the US Constitution.

Thanks for your sane reporting

With all the disinformation making the rounds on Social Security, will anything be done to fix the ‘magic math’ accounting practices such as, as a hypothetical example:

14 months to calculate benefits and retro-pay to a WorkComp survivor that includes but is not limited to: 7 wildly fluctuating calculations with an initial ‘award’ of retro pay after nearly 4 years of denials and appeals…that included charity support by the Salvation Army for utilities and food, and intervention by Adult Protective Services for protection from institutional ‘financial terrorism.”

It is suggested that Disabled person ‘pays back the overpayment’ immediately or monthly at more than $600/month, and that these are  COMMON CIRCUMSTANCES and EXPERIENCES, ACROSS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:

TRICK QUESTION: Which is the SSA benefit correct calculation?  

a. Retro-payment of $25,591

b. Overpayment of $27,078

c. Overpayment of of $25,758

d. Overpayment of $11,767

e. Overpayment of $9,964.10,

f. Overpayment of $5,555.10

g. Overpayment of $22,869.10

h. none of the above

i. all of the above

j. other

Note 1:  Do not consider medical expenses paid by disabled person of approximately $43,000, receipts requested by Judge, but SSA required to ignore in offset calculation considerations; 

Note 2:  Evidence of income derived from workers’ compensation and public disability benefits will not be disclosed; guessing encouraged, and if the numbers don’t add up, just provide a long incoherent rant with a demand for repayment of the alleged and disputed  overpayment.

Note 3:  Do not consider discounts applied to carrier pay-backs, or overpayments to law firms.  Consider such numbers as ‘income paid to disabled person’ in whatever amounts look best.

Note 4: Do not consider false evidence provided by unknown parties to LTD carrier, subjecting disabled person to litigation because carrier boasts that ‘Courts routinely find in their favor.’

Note 5: Disregard any appearances of fraud and malfeasance and complicity in same, and disregard all Civil Rights and provisions for protections by the Constitution of these United States of America.

Note 6: Do not consider unlawful interruption of benefits while hearing pending; it is easier to ‘lose’ the documentation than for SSA to comply with law.

Note 7: Do not consider any settlement agreements, subject to confidentiality agreements; pretend ‘confidentiality’  means ‘don’t read it and don’t consider it.’

SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS for further discussion ASAP TOWorkCompLinda@gmail.com


Said processes also Involve wacky SSA medical ‘reports’ and allegations that ‘brains are not required to be a salesperson’ but that nevertheless, at least  the disabled person could conceivably “work as a crossing guard’  so claim –> DENIED.  (Later corrected by a Judge.)

(Would you want someone with vision and auditory processing issues to help YOUR children cross the streets to school?  Social Security doctors seem to think it’s better than nothing. Protect your children and loved ones from SSA sonderkommando!)

Other wastes caused by SSA include ountless labor hours at, with and by SSA staff, law firms, representative’s office, social media discussions etc attempting to sort through the obfuscated mess.  One ‘expert’ advised that ‘in more than 30 years,’ she had ‘never seen such a complicated mess.’  Perhaps she meant she never saw a Disabled Person fight back against malfeasance and other harmful to citizens and taxpayers practices?

The SSA Disability processes can take year and can include:

Loss of records, give-aways to legal and insurance firms, million and millions paid, as reported by corporate media last year to “nazi war criminals”   [portion of google search, page one…]

Report: Ex-Nazis received $20 million in Social Security benefits | PBS …

PBS May 31, 2015 – A Social SecurityAdministration watchdog found the agency paid $20.2 million in benefits to more than 130 suspected Nazi war criminals, SS …You visited this page on 6/12/16.

Social Security paid $20M to Nazis – Washington Times

The Washington Times Jun 1, 2015 – Social Security paid more than $20 million in benefits to alleged Nazis over the last five decades, according to a new internal audit completed …

Former Nazis received $20.2M in Social Security benefits, watchdog …

Fox News Channel May 31, 2015 – FormerNazis received $20.2M in Social Securitybenefits, watchdog says … It criticizes theSocial Security Administration for improperlypaying …

[PDF] Payment of Social Security Benefits to Individuals Who May Have …

Social Security Administration Payment ofSocial Security Benefits to Individuals Who May. Have Participated in Nazi Persecution. A-09-15-50013. May 2015. Office of Audit Report Summary.

U.S. Paid Residents Linked to Nazi Crimes $20 Million in Benefits …

The New York Times May 30, 2015 – WASHINGTON — The American governmentpaid $20.2 million in Social Securitybenefits to more than 130 United States residents linked to …

Meet The Nazis Who Received Social Security Payments After Being …

Business Insider Oct 20, 2014 – Since 1979, at least 38 of 66 suspected Nazi war criminals and SS guards forced out of the US collected millions in American Social Security …

US government paid millions in Social Security benefits to ex-Nazis …

World Socialist Web Site Jun 4, 2015 – Between 1962 and 2015, more than 130 formerNazis received at least $20 million worth ofSocial Security retirement benefits.

Nazi war criminals received over $20mn in US social security benefits …

RT  May 31, 2015 – Over 130 suspected Naziwar criminals and collaborators received $20.2 … READ MORE: Obama stops Social Security payments to Nazi war


….While Injured and Disabled law abiding American Citizen’s are subjected to moronic abuses that are probably ADA violations, denied benefits for years, then wildly fluctuating false allegations & miscalculations of “retro payments” for over a year, refusals to provide evidence of income used in calculations due to Agency apparent preferences to just ‘make things up’ vs fact based accounting, and illegal interruptions of benefits while denying right to hearing in front of a Judge??

And much much more!!



Legal Aid vs Department of Justice?


Check on the crises at EPA also… Google search Your Radiation This Week, Americans!  Can legal aid stop the war crimes in progress?






Opinings of an accused WorkComp VOCIFEROUS MILITANT — is that like a Mama Bear or a Warrior?

chief warriors last fish
memories and leaks

Linda Ayres


Voices of Injured Workers — Who Is In and Who is Out of the Car…. Dodge The Disinformationists!


Please stop by the Facebook Fest –  #OccupyWorkComp – AIN’T IT AWFUL FEST

For those interested in whining and complaining and singing the AIN’T IT AWFUL song about WorkComp — BYOB – BRING YOUR OWN BLOG and dump all the crappy news here at this event.

Let’s clean up the OCCUPY WORK COMP group and realign focus on solutions. The ain’t it awful crowd can post over here… and on July 4, we’ll take a look and identify the most whined about problems and then see if we can come up with the solutions.

stupid you have the right to remain

After more thought about the attacks by national workers compensation spokes peeps in their blogs, and also thinking more about related attacks experienced on LinkedIn via a certain team of Injured Workers in recent weeks, I have decided to grant the request for public acknowledgement that the allegedly submitted ‘work comp/injured worker story’ in question by ‘their leader’  would not be used, nor would the stories of any associates of said provocateur be included.  
THEY ARE OUT OF THE CAR due to too many acts of Disinformation.
25 rules of disinformation
“Contempt prior to investigation” is nearly as lethal as learned helplessness when it comes to maneuvering Workers Compensation Systems in America, Canada, Uk and Canada.  This, we all know.
The attacks were made in private LINKED IN threads over recent weeks that included nationally acclaimed investigative reporters with interests in Workers Compensation. The attacks were further taken to ‘the streets of LinkedIn’ and, I understand, in emails to some of you.   The  agitator had been invited to participate,  in an act of poor judgement on my part, by me.  They were again brought to my Facebook posts, groups, events and pages.  Unacceptable.  Real Injured Workers don’t act like that, do they?
The party wanted, among other things, a public acknowledgement that the story allegedly submitted to MyWorkCompCoach.com would not be used because she changed her mind and didn’t like the concept that they stories would be initially be presented anonymously, for the protection of Injured Workers with more egregious stories to tell and to incite national discussions, as clearly described on the submission form and all prior blogs.  The party also seemed mad that she wouldn’t be paid for the story, and had delusions about the costs of time, money and effort involved in tackling such a project, of free will and goodwill.
cognitive dissonance TABCP
In a knee jerk reaction, after the threats of “legal action” by the agitator and supporters, Injured Workers were quickly encouraged to implement compensatory strategies to create their own blogs and use the questions as  bullet points to guide the story telling, so there might be some consistency in the sequence of facts being shared, around the globe.  That is still an excellent idea, but with this “public announcement” of who is in, and who is out, the rest of us can proceed to assemble an eBook that may prove beneficial to the Workers Compensation National Discussions and to Congress and the Department of Labor and the Department of Justice, etc.
While the attacks seem intended to squash intention and progress of the INJURED WORKER story collection and virtual publications, I am heartened by the continued submissions!
Multiple powerful thread opportunities with whining and time wasting questions and distractions, that were totally off topic in those threads that presented an opportunity to speak directly to influencers… It was unclear what the real motives were, but damaging bridges of communications with nationally respected investigative journalists people who could have really shared your stories was just one of the results.
pied piper of sheeple
She continues, apparently, to brain wash and bully her apparent devotees in hopelessness and learned helplnessness, Stockholm syndrome-like, and discourages all effort by egregiously injured Workers to seek remedies and resolutions to attain freedom from Workers Compensation in favor of fighting Quixote Windmills and delusions that “the government” is unaware of the atrocities of Workers Compensation and will “fix” them upon clear understanding of the “HISTORY” and magnitude of the WorkCompKill.
Meanwhile, industry mouthpieces call ME a ‘vociferous militant’….among other factless diatribes.
I offer a pathway to mediation and structure settlements discussions that can save lives.  Heck, it’s just business.
 Injured Workers, and their lawyers if they have them, must begin to think like business people in order to escape.  If structured settlements are good enough for NFL players, what sort of idiot would call them blanket-evil?  Just those who have been ‘stuck in the system’ for years and years and years and know nothing but oppression, and freedom is but a distant memory?  For some, there IS NO HOPE.  SAD.
social media transformations
I also lost a friend due to these people, and I cannot sit quietly watching them destroy any opportunity OTHER INJURED WORKERS may have to escape work comp.  It’s tough enough fighting with professional WorkCompsters, without having to dodge bullets coming from alleged allies.
When Injured Workers act like crabs in a bucket to keep one another down, DIVIDE AND CONQUER has succeeded. What a shame.
Don Quixote - in order to attain the impossible
 #OccupyWorkComp – AIN’T IT AWFUL fest — join in dumbing all the crappy news at this event and let’s get moving toward life saving solutions….
When my doctor pal suggested I create a WorkComp Coach virtual program, he also reminded that due to years of abuse in WorkComp, there are many Injured Workers with severe psychological challenges, and I was told to not waste my time with them, and leave them to the ‘professionals.’ (You should have heard his commentary on the DePoalo article, ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY…. you would have been rolling on the floor, laughing your bunns off! )
Here the links to two blogs regarding the activities of this senseless group. Draw your own conclusions. If this is NOT the group for you to be in, OCCUPY WORK COMP, kindly use the LEAVE GROUP button immediately.

Injured Worker Threatens Freed Injured Worker with Legal Action for Inviting Other Injured Workers to tell their story? Whaaaaat?!! Makes Sense?

Let this serve as my public acknowledgement that the story allegedly submitted on the Website form, WHAT’S YOUR WORK COMP STORY, https://myworkcompcoach.com/whats-your-workcomp-story/ by Irene or Dina Padila, if found, will not be used in the ebook project for stories being collected for distribution to TRANSFORM WORKERS COMPENSATION, ONE STORY AT A TIME. The book is intended to be resolution oriented, and Ms. Padilla’s rhetoric does not fit that criteria anyway.

AGITATOR:  Why are you so sold on mediation or any kind of settlement/ ARE you working for them or earning a finder’s fee somehow? This is not what WC IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR. MEDIATION, SETTLEMENTS OR ARBITRATION’S. YOU ARE HELPING THE INSURERS NOW!


Linda Ayres
Linda Ayres When someone has been ‘fighting work comp’ for ‘over 30 years’ unsuccessfully, and someone with a brain injury and no attorney gets out of the system with her life and her freedom in less than 5 years, which path makes more sense? LIFE IS ABOUT CHOICES. GUARD YOUR LIFE FROM THOSE WHO WOULD SEE YOU JOIN THEM IN THE PATH TO NOW WHERE
Without a blog and a growing database, injured workers are unarmed, unprotected and doomed. How sad.
Irene Padilla

AGITATOR:   This mediation arbitration and structured settlement sound like a shill for those who work for the insurance industry with more parasites taking injured workers benefits at a price. Oh the hell with our rights, RIGHT? Injured workers are just in it for a little money RIGHT? WOW! Who needs to fight for injured workers when all one has to do is just take a few K & GO AWAY like the insurers want you to do?!?


All others, feel free to share your story at WHAT’S YOUR WORK COMP STORY, or better yet, start your own blog and start answering the questions there.

Remember remember the words of Don Quixote: “He who’s down one day can be up the next, unless he really wants to stay in bed.” and
#OccupyWorkComp #OccupyVirtually #DodgeTheRads



If you have a WorkComp case, call a local Structured Settlement office today to discuss IF your case might qualify for a “structured settlement”


Ask, “Can you help me settle my work comp case? I was injured on (date) and my (body parts) injured are future medical is anticipated as (name what medical you know you need). I am (age) and (ethnicity, if you choose to disclose). I am am not represented by an attorney”

Or something like that. No horror stories–everyone already knows exactly what you have been thru.

Prudential is another structured settlement group. There are more. We will get a list.

Make a few calls and find out your rights and options. If they say can’t help you, call another.

Get your story line down to 1 minute then let them ask questions. Keep good call notes.


Then call your adjuster, or beg your attorney to if you are “represented” and simply ask one question:

“What will it take to settle this case?”

If there is no answer ask a second question, “Will you consider mediation?”

If they laugh at you, you know how much blogging is ahead for you to do.

If they say “not at this time’ you know you have to crank up your blog and your database.

If they say “yes” then call the structured settlement peeps (or your attorney) back and say “They said yes. Can you recommend 3-5 good smart ethical mediators”


Ps DON’T WORRY ABOUT YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS….most real doctors call work company medical reports “copy and pasted garbage reports”. Do assemble your thoughts and evidence of fraud and other misdeeds. Be able to articulate your anticipated future medical needs.

DO NOT SING “AIN’T IT AWFUL” at mediation.

The goal is Resolution not blame throwing. If you blogger sufficiently prior to mediation resolution could become a reality.

#OccupyVirtually #OccupyWorkComp


“New Measurement is Spooky – All Rad All the Time”







#OccupyVirtually #StayOuttaTheStreets #DodgeTheRads
#OccupyVirtually #StayOuttaTheStreets #DodgeTheRads