WorkComp – MORE TROUBLES! National Discussion Communications Breakdown

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Public and Private discussions between the #WorkComp Communities and Injured Workers are failing miserably. Let’s see what the ‘May Secret National Discussions’ produce in the area of problem identifications and proposed solutions.   

Refer to Insult to Injury:  The Demolition of Workers Compensation for already identified national problems.  See also the letter from Congress of October 2015 offering to send in law enforcement to protected injured workers and taxpayers from the problems and people already exposed.

Despite multiple blogs, LinkedIn posts, Tweets and Facebook posts sharing about  the Sedgwick Institute Linked Group by one Injured Worker, it seems they are unable or unwilling to grow the group, or that the Industry greatly fears the Sedgwick ‘giants’ and are afraid to join and speak up.  Too bad how sad, and what a surprise.  It seems to be a well funded Institute, and they seem stuck on thinking Opioid Training and Dope Distribution channels are the only WorkComp topic worthy of discussion.  Yikes, huh?

Several national discussion topics were bullet pointed and submitted for group and individual discussion….. all pooo-poooed as ‘injured worker drivel’ and ‘complaints’ without merit.  My My……… Draw your own conclusions….. see the initial post submitted to the group, and the only response was some pretty mean and shocking and disappointing email attacks, along with basic shunning.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Good. Then remember remember that:

“An Injured worker without a blog is UNARMED AND UNPROTECTED IN THE AMERICAN WAR ON WORKERS”….#Wow!

See more at &  See also the Resources and Video pages, and much much more… Yes, problem identifications and proposed solutions for consideration by critical thinkers everywhere.


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See what the industry ‘Best Bloggers of 2016’ have to say on the Communications Breakdown, and what PROBLEMS THEY IDENTIFY, AND WHAT SOLUTIONS THEY OFFER?

Follow these blogs…. comment freely…. Let’s hope they know that problems must identified before they can be resolved….  Anything less appears to be legal chicanery and how do they label it…. yeah, “B*LLSH*T”


From an Injured Worker’s Perspective – Deploy Mediation and Structured Settlement Teams to reach resolutions

Thank you for creating this group, [Sedgwick Institute – LinkedIn Group]  and for being open to participation by Injured Workers who have dodged some bullets in the system, and got out alive.

I blog, and my ‘rebranding’ blog is and my ‘screaming to the high heavens’ blog is

It can be used as a study piece that this community of thought leaders may find some new perspectives and identification of issues requiring solutions and resolutions.

Professional friends, upon learning of my workplace injuries, advised ‘get out of work comp by any means necessary, it will kill you!’ Later, some of the same people, and new professionals, said they had never seen anyone fight so hard for life and exit from the system. Believe it or not, a warm and somewhat fuzzy best wishes letter even arrived from the defense.

I am currently collecting stories from other Injured Workers in hopes to present issues for the “National Discussions” that appear to be in progress.

Many of us are extremely grateful for the stellar reporting of the investigative reporters that provided America with the information in The Demolition of Workers Compensation, that may serve to save more lives. Many of us hope for an encore. I personally hope that investigative reporters will be invited into this group, and encouraged to participate and demolish the existing systems, and replace them with ones that reflect values of life, liberty, and justice for all.

I seem to ‘scare’ some people with some of my out-of-the-box ideas, but over the course of my career, prior to the workplace injury, I had also supported some very powerful captains of industry. Thinking small is not second nature to me.

I will watch and read, and practice some restraint in this group, seeing it as a huge opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of not only Injured Workers, but in the lives of providers & workers on the ‘short-end-of-the-work-comp-stick.’

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welcome to nobody cares

Here, read about Nuclear War Crimes in Progress, and a call for War Crime Trials.

Your Radiation This Week No 55

You can see the entire series at so that you can be informed, not just opinionated.

Perhaps the WorkCompsters must be included in such a call for trials for other crimes against humanity.

“An Injured Worker without a blog is UNARMED AND UNPROTECTED IN AMERICA’S WAR ON WORKERS. #Wow”  DO SOMETHING TODAY!  #OccupyVirtually!  JUST KEEP MOVING….Virtually… because WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.

i blog therefore i am a work comp survivor  watch for e course




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