July 29, 2013 at 1:45pm

OPEN LETTER TO LUCY’S Virtual and NON-VIRTUAL FRIENDS…I hope all is happy, healthy and well with you all.
As most of you know, on January 9, 2012, I slipped on ice at work and fell and conked my head pretty hard, and I ain’t been ‘right’ since.  😕  I got a ‘second impact’ conk on February 4, 2012, which does not seem uncommon as a consequence of an untreated head trauma.
Conks on Conks are not a good thing for the brain.  I have been denied reasonable and appropriate medical care by my employer, WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE (the world’s largest vacation ownership company) the whole time.  The denials of medical care are criminal, and I have been unable to find COMPETENT legal representation, and the merry-go-round of fraud and deceptions is spinning fast.
I’m a little better, but my cognitive impairments suck….
My requests for ADA accommodations have been ignored, denied and used as weapons against me.  It took over a year and half for the shoulder pain to be addressed and diagnosed as a major tear, denied with other denials, no surprise from the defense crowd.
Note of encouragement from a retired Judge, in her 80’s:

“Keep it going Lucy. Don’t let up. You know your case better than anyone.  Since we have an evil government and corruption everywhere, you must realize you are witnessing a small part of it.”

Crooked, drunk, under-the-influence and/or psychopath lawyers, adjuster and doctors and others!  Yech!


The law states an employer is REQUIRED to provide immediate, reasonable and appropriate medical care for an industrial injury.  I didn’t even get to leave work early let alone see a doctor…. and they had a good laugh at my fall with snow all over me in the sales huddle.


The boss laughed and said, “ewwwww, you have #Fukushima Rads all over you now.”  [Timeshare humor 😕 Comment because I had advised earlier that snowflakes cling like scavengers to the radioactive isotopes, strongly hitting the West Coast of the USA (and the rest of the world!) since March 2011, and are to be dodged by any means necessary. ] pied piper of sheeple I attempted to do a sales presentation after the conk on the head, and all I remember is being embarrassed and saying repeatedly to the people in front of me, “I’m sorry I’m so confused.  I slipped this morning and hit my head real hard.”  (Was I ever glad they didn’t buy anything…. no way could I have handled the contract paperwork!)   Yo, Boss Guys and Co-Workers….. next time an employee hits their head on the job, call 911 or race ’em to the hospital…… you might save a life.


Physician requested authorizations for medical care have been denied repeatedly by non-physicians, other than a few scattered chiropractic treatments, 8 physical therapy treatments for neck only, and 17 psychological support sessions, all but 4 focused on maneuvering thru the extremely confusing maze of deceptions, mis-information and denials of medical care and and taking action on poor legal representation.  The last 4 sessions (July/August 2012) focused on ways to fake-people out so they will not suspect I struggle with brain injury now, and he also said, NEVER TELL ANYBODY YOU HAVE A BRAIN INJURY, IT COMES WITH A STIGMA, so buy some electronic gadgets to help you make it through life and keep the secret.  [Violation of ACOEM TREATMENT guidelines for head trauma, TBI, concussion, PTSD etc.)


12 sessions of brain-based and scientifically measurable functional-neurology treatments were self-procured in Palm Desert after the first 10 months of denied medical care, to the tune of $10,000+ in November/December 2012.


That was about 40 hours hands-on doctor time.  Dr. Jaudy adheres to the the principles of DO NO HARM, and HUMAN SUFFERING MUST END, and does all things possible to facilitate proper diagnosis and healing.  Sincere thanks and appreciation for the medical help at JAUDY TREATMENT CENTER; I’ll be back!!  :D]


The defense attorney terminated that medical help.  Attorney #2 attempted to coerce me to accept a $100,000 settlement offer (less his 15%) in November 2012, forfeiting any future medical care, any other benefits and ps I had to agree to quit my job in order to secure money to obtain medical care on the plan he and the defense counsel organized when I was allegedly appearing for a ‘deposition’.  I ain’t no quitter!

The blogs have more details on the denials of medical care along with the diagnosis.


The medical expenses (MRI, EEG, additional chiropractic, acupuncture, vision therapy, speech therapy etc.) have been UNreimbursed, along with UNreimbursed medical miles since April 2012 (over 9,000 miles driven in square circles to see non-brain-injury specialist doctors) but the insurance company doctors apparently get approximately $4,000 per bogus fraudulent report.  [Sorry, Dr. Kent, you’ll have to get your $4,000 for a report from another unsuspecting injured worker being sacrificed by Corporate America….this Injured Worker has got the provider’s numbers now… and a good list of names for the DA, if interested….]


My IQ is probably down 15-20 points, but it was pretty high to begin with, so that brings a whole new set of challenges after the traumatic brain injury. I used to think and process like a quad-core i5 computer, now it’s more like a 286.  Bummer.   I can still type like a maniac!! YAAAY.  😀


I never found a competent attorney to help me after making the mistake of not hiring a work comp specialist with brain injury expertise, and even did a mass-appeal to some CALIFORNIA SUPER LAWYERS with brain-injury expertise.  The guys I hired clearly acted like a brain injury is like a broken arm or a little ‘carpel tunnel syndrome.’ They must have missed the class that discussed how the brain is the operating system for the whole body. D’oh. Insurance company neurologists don’t even seem to know that the brain does the seeing, not the eyes.  D’oh.


There is apparently a “two-lawyer superstition” in their field that says if an Injured Worker is stupid enough to hire the wrong attorney in the first place, too bad how sad, good luck.  I  found two more non-competent attorneys to abuse me who attempted to make a quick buck for themselves without any medical help, reading or work or brain injury expertise.  Malpractice and negligence…. but whose gonna prosecute?!


The defense attorney is now moving in for the final kill now…..and she is PE….Pure Evil.

I am relying on a LEGION OF ANGELS to help me, somehow.  RELYING ON MORE MIRACLES. It’s been a very ugly fight, and I dismissed attorney #2 and #3….. and I am now fumbling along on my own…. I’m now just TAKING IT TO THE STREETS…..It may serve to help another Injured Worker.

DIAGNOSES reported by multiple Physicians;

Requests for authorizations for treatment and further evaluations

denied repeatedly by Adjuster and Defense Counsel, non-physicians

854 Closed head injury, 784 Headaches, 310.2 Post concussive syndrome, 850.1 Concussion with brief loss of consciousness, 850.9 Head Concussion, 309.81 PTSD, 310.2 Post concussive syndrome, 780.93 Closed Head Injury with amnesia, 921.00 Contusion (left orbit), 750.90 Concussion, 959.01 Head Trauma, 959.01 Cognitive Changes following head trauma, 850.0 Concussion, 959.00 Head Trauma (Contusion x 2) with Impaired Memory, Speech, Balance and Vision, 850-854, 959.01 Somatic/cognitive dysfunction and emotional dysfunction, 310, 310.8, 438 Mild cognitive dysfunction, memory processing,, 850 Mild TBI positive lapse of consciousness, 310.20 Post Concussive Sydrome, 309.28 Mood Disorder secondary to Post Concussive Syndrome, 959.01 Head injury,  Lobe Disorders: frontal, parietal, cerebellar dysfunction, motor dysfunction, segmental dysfunctions, Closed Head Injury with Ongoing Sequelae, Psychological sequelae, possibly secondary to industrial injury, 959.01 Closed head injury with cognitive dysfunction and speech dysfunction, 784.00 post traumatic headaches, brain based vision impairments, brain-based vestibular and balance disorders + secondary to head trauma, NECK, BACK, Shoulder PAIN and related ICD-9 codes

Many doctors have made bunches of money writing reports about my brain injury, requesting treatments, which have been denied, and then I am sent to new doctors who request treatments and further evaluations that are denied, and now the defense attorney is going in for the final killer blow, with a situation that ‘there is no medical evidence of my injuries’ based on denied medical evaluations and treatments by their own hands, and their neurologist [Thanks a bunch, Dr. Bijan Zardouz]  saying I’m fine, just need an over the counter analgesic for the headaches.


Their forensic psychiatrist [Thanks a bunch, Dr. James O’Brien] alleges if there was any evidence of industrial concussion I would be entitled to medical care, but as best he sees it, I’m old, maladjusted with poor anger management skills.

An EEG I self-procured in April 2012  from a phD doctor in Rancho Mirage has also been evidently used as a weapon to deny medical care….it’s dated April 3, 2010…. and the actual eeg print outs have the correct date of March 26, 2012….  No MD’s have seen the EEG print outs…..except one I recently gave a copy to, but he is “too busy” to write a report of his evaluations of me and my medical reports and too busy to request further evaluations, although I did mention my life may depend on it.


I recently obtained a Court Order to compel the Defense to include approximately 300 pages of willfully and maliciously omitted medical records.  At the hearing she whined that there were a few others she didn’t have, which I told the Judge I had provided, but would be happy to provide again.  She then twisted that story to suggest I have been doctor shopping and withholding medical records that the Judge ordered me to provide immediately….. oMG.  A true psychopath??!


The defense has regularly, maliciously with apparent intent to fraudulently omitted approximately 300 pages of medical reports and has denied 99% of all medical evaluations and treatments requested by evaluating doctors, thereby creating a fraudulent scenario of INSUFFICIENT MEDICAL EVIDENCE.


Same defense and insurance company adjusters only provided doctors the April “2010” narrative of the EEG, alleging evidence of prior substantial head injury.  Legal counsel repeatedly failed to ensure all medical records were included for review by all medical evaluators, and failed to notice the “2010” date on the EEG narrative, and failed to ensure the EEG print outs were included, and failed to facilitate evaluation with neurologist with TBI expertise and failed to provide further EEG and other evaluations and treatments.

ENEMIES OF AMERICAN WORKERS AND ENEMIES OF HUMANITY??  Judge them by their actions, huh??  If it looks like a psychopath, acts like a psychopath, and lies like a psychopath, it’s probably a PSYCHOPATH.


The typo by the EEG provider just recently made it to my awareness, and I asked the phD doc for a letter of correction, and she could only manage a electronic-post-it comment on her letter, that won’t even print.  The defense attorney puts it at the bottom of the index, making sure there is no reference to evaluating doctors that it actually took place in 2012.


I called the doctor this weekend, in follow up to a further request for a supplemental professional report with a fresh date and advised that her typo had caused me tremendous harm and has contributed to denial of medical care and weapons against me. eeg lynda wells date correction electronic note When Dr. Wells answered her phone (I thought I would get voice mail in my follow up to email) and she went on a rant about how she didn’t believe her mis-dated report has caused any harm and she was on vacation, having drinks with friendss, and that I had to “RESPECT THAT SHE IS ON VACATION” (and has been since about the 19th of July or sooner) and she can’t and won’t write a new letter.   [Thanks a bunch, Dr. Lynda Wells! ]Capture eeg normal adult eeg   Capture eeg 3

Selfish psychopaths everywhere, huh?

the silence of our friends

As a Wyndham/WorldMark owner/employee/manager/other, you may (or may not) appreciate my creativity…..I’m fighting for my life…… Here’s a blog… I’ve done a few so far…..:) Thanks for your friendship.  I sincerely appreciate your kindness when the injury first happened……..

Love, Lucy


760 368 7236 (message line; gmail is best) FACE THE NATION...


ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS NOW https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/2013/06/30/ask-about-workers-comp-gravy-trains-start-with-wyndham-worldwide-and-keep-going/ https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts-ask-about-workers-comp-gravy-trains/ LIST OF POSTS – ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS HAVE YOU READ THEM ALL YET? Did you FOLLOW?Did you SHARE?Do you have a Workers Comp / TBI story to share?Do you have a Guest Blogger to Recommend??Yaaaay, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…  Ever grateful that Anonymous PRECEDES Unanimous.Think locally. Act GLOBALLY.  OCCUPY virtually.what if you realized how powerful you really are https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts-ask-about-workers-comp-gravy-trains/ Sure loooooks like FRAUD, doesn’t it?? Where’s the DA Task Force??!! WCAB ADJ8181903 One Ant Says: “FACE THE NATION” Workers Comp Gravy Trains and Racketeers. SOS from Lucy Occupy….. Allegations of #WyndhamWorldwide #WorkersComp Fraud and Racketeering?? D’oh! SOSOOSOSOSOS#WORKERS COMP FRAUD, denied medical care to #WyndhamWorldwide brain injured worker: “You create your own opportunities”Injured Worker, Brain Injury Survivor exclaims, ‘I AM INJURED, NOT STUPID!’Psychopath Alert! Workers Comp is just another DePopOp?!! Son•der•kom•man•dos???!!! 0.0#WYN Lawyer Doctor-Shopping Jokes aka “Authorization Denied, Denied, Denied, LOL, DE-NIED.”Workers Comp Doctors, Lawyers and Gravy Train Riders – $4,000+ per bogus medical report?? D’oh!Injured #Wyndham Worker – Driven to Madness …. 8,696 dangerous miles desperately seeking immediate reasonable and appropriate #TBI medical careWyndham Worldwide, Is there a WIDGET ASSEMBLY department??!Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains. Start with #Wyndham Worldwide and Keep Going… THE POWER OF ONE:  inspirational video of less than 8 minutes  http://www.youtube.com/embed/bPW9mIrQcXA ONE ANT https://www.facebook.com/pages/ONE-ANT/279832855491780 WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, and for that, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE…. till last gasps.

Sure loooooks like FRAUD, doesn’t it?? Where’s the DA Task Force??!! WCAB ADJ8181903



plus ADA Violations??


January 9, 2012- April 2, 2012 – CHIROPRACTIC – 14 TREATMENTS, interrupted, non-consistent care.   6 additional treatments authorized in June 2013, however, a provider has not been found willing to accept workers comp insured injured worker.

January 14, 2012 – August 21, 2012  PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT – 13 treatments  (20 minutes from injured worker’s home) to sort thru horrors and abuse of maze of denied medical care, incompetent legal counsel, lack of support and on-going mental abuse and denials of medical care by insurance company adjuster and lawyers; 4 treatments (2 hours from injured workers’ home)  in the summer of 2012 with a doctor of unknown credentials, aimed at ‘masking impairments of brain injuries’ and considering self-procurement of various technology gadgets to help complete a charade to cover up significant brain injuries.

April 19, 2013 – May 8, 2013 – PHYSICAL THERAPY, CERVICAL ONLY – 8 treatments, further treatment recommended, not-authorized.

end evil  step out of line

Is that possibly reasonable, appropriate or adequate medical treatment in compliance with ACOEM GUIDELINES for treatment of head trauma, concussion, TBI and more??

WCAB Information Officer was unable/unwilling to share the alleged office copy of the ACOEM book with at least THIS injured worker.

We are the media now….we do not…FORGET.

wc doc can you see the problem

DIAGNOSES reported by multiple Physicians;

Requests for authorizations for treatment and further evaluations

denied repeatedly by Adjuster and Defense Counsel, non-physicians

854 Closed head injury, 784 Headaches, 310.2 Post concussive syndrome, 850.1 Concussion with brief loss of consciousness, 850.9 Head Concussion, 309.81 PTSD, 310.2 Post concussive syndrome, 780.93 Closed Head Injury with amnesia, 921.00 Contusion (left orbit), 750.90 Concussion, 959.01 Head Trauma, 959.01 Cognitive Changes following head trauma, 850.0 Concussion, 959.00 Head Trauma (Contusion x 2) with Impaired Memory, Speech, Balance and Vision, 850-854, 959.01 Somatic/cognitive dysfunction and emotional dysfunction, 310, 310.8, 438 Mild cognitive dysfunction, memory processing,, 850 Mild TBI positive lapse of consciousness, 310.20 Post Concussive Sydrome, 309.28 Mood Disorder secondary to Post Concussive Syndrome, 959.01 Head injury,  Lobe Disorders: frontal, parietal, cerebellar dysfunction, motor dysfunction, segmental dysfunctions, Closed Head Injury with Ongoing Sequelae, Psychological sequelae, possibly secondary to industrial injury, 959.01 Closed head injury with cognitive dysfunction and speech dysfunction, 784.00 post traumatic headaches, brain based vision impairments, brain-based vestibular and balance disorders + secondary to head trauma, NECK, BACK, Shoulder PAIN and related ICD-9 codes

Is that possibly reasonable, appropriate or adequate medical treatment in compliance with ACOEM GUIDELINES for treatment of head trauma, concussion, TBI and more??

We are the media now….we do not…FORGET.

doctor drug pusher

And how many doctors have been paid thousands of dollars for reports based on incomplete records, and based on omitted reports due to denied physician requested specialty evaluations and treatments?

Denials for authorizations for requested specialty evaluations and specialty treatments have completed the fraudulent acts in order for the defense to allege by omissions of records and inclusion of records created based on omitted records and medical evidence of substantial brain injury, ‘THERE IS NO MEDICAL EVIDENCE OF INJURY’

These fraudulent acts are supported by reports by insurance-company leased/owned doctors, without expertise or even basic knowledge of brain injuries, thereby complicit in the acts of fraud with intention to deny medical care to injured worker, and profit handsomely thereby.


liberty see hear say no evil

If the premature death of the injured worker is ultimately attributed by the Coroner’s office to be related to the brain injury sustained on January 9, 2012, while in the employ of WorldmarkByWyndham, WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE……………..WHO FACES THE DEATH PENALTY FOR SAID MURDER OF INJURED WORKER?   Some Corporation, or some employees of those Corporations?


Those who defy those laws, and do so by fraud and for profit, must be considered enemies of the American Workers, and must be brought to Justice for their individual and collective crimes against INJURED AND DISABLED AMERICAN WORKERS.

wc attacking people with disabilities

MAKE A DIFFERENCE??  If not now, then when??  If not you, then who??How many more must be maimed, injured and killed by a corrupt group of medical and insurance killers??



One Ant Says: “FACE THE NATION” Workers Comp Gravy Trains and Racketeers.



“Your opinions and comments are very important and we read every message we receive. Due to high volume, we’re not always able to provide a personal response, but we do appreciate your feedback.” – CBS News

One Ant Says:  Sure thing.  We are the Media Now.  Expect Us.


ONE ANT SAYS… Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Train and PROVIDER FRAUD… maiming and killing workers daily in blatant disregard for Law and Life ……” One Injured Worker, BRAIN INJURY SURVIVOR fights back….DEMAND THE CRIMINALS FACE THE NATION “


Is it time to do a story on Workers Comp Gravy Train Provider Fraud, exposing the racketeering aspects of implementation & bastardization of Workers Comp, and exposing the defense law firms as the ENEMIES OF US WORKERS and of HUMANITY they are, not unlike the NAZI SS Sonderkommandos?


Let’s hold these Workers Comp Doctors and Lawyers and Third Party Providers accountable for the fraudulent denials of timely, reasonable and appropriate medical care throughout the USA. Their practices are maiming and killing workers injured workers around the USA. GRAND JURY INDICTMENTS TIME??

‪#‎Grancell‬ ET AL???!! Enemies of American Workers and of Humanity?? http://www.grancell-law.com/   WWMSW do?? ”

Master Sgt. Woods
Master Sgt. Woods

Who is Kimberly Mall and did she sell her soul to the (d)EVIL? Who is Daniel Elliott and did he sell his soul to the (d)EVIL?
Who else ……. ? Who is James O’Brien? Who is Marcel Ponton? Who is Bijan Zardouz? Who is Khalid Ahmed? Who is Gurvinder Uppal? Who is Stephen Waldman? Who is David Gray? Who is Mike Durich? Who is Lisa Timm? Who is David Lynch?
Who is Franz Hanning?

What else?   Grancell-Law?  Wyndham Worldwide? CNA Claims Plus?  WorldMark by Wyndham?  American Casualty?  Corvel Corporation?   WHAT ELSE?

ele God

#Grancell-Law dot com???!!

Enemies of American Workers and of Humanity??

“WWMSW” do??

Stop by any Workers Comp office and see the SS in training, working as DEFENSE LAWYERS in training, “BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE MONEY IS” [AND THAT’S WHERE THE PSYCHOPATHS RULE??]???

Stop by any Worker Comp Information Officer’s office for straight information for the unrepresented injured worker, and document the deceptions, diversions and complicity on behalf of the INSURANCE COMPANY BOTTOM LINES??

Stop by any of the designated Information Officer’s desks and see if you get straight up information, or insurance company biased mis-information?? It’s telling, yes??

California District Attorney’s office funded with millions of dollars in FY 2014 to FIGHT WORKERS COMP FRAUD. Are the real crooks on their radar??

ants and power

Do your own investigations; draw your own conclusions.

Here’s a case to begin with: CA ADJ8181903 INJURED WORKER, BRAIN INJURY SURVIVOR


Work like ants rainbow warriors

FB: https://www.facebook.com/AskAboutWorkersCompGravyTrains

LIST OF BLOGS: https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts-ask-about-workers-comp-gravy-trains/

FACE THE NATION: http://www.cbsnews.com/htdocs/feedback/fb_news_form.shtml

One Ant Says: Sure thing. We are the Media Now. Expect Us.

TOOLS TO OCCUPY VIRTUALLY:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tools-to-Occupy-Virtually/243006279167622

lion fearless

SOS from Lucy Occupy….. Allegations of #WyndhamWorldwide #WorkersComp Fraud and Racketeering?? D’oh! SOSOOSOSOSOS

lion fearless

Yo!  #SOS!!  Anybody know a fearless CALIFORNIA #WorkersComp attorney or law firm with #TBI brain injury expertise, unafraid to take on an international racketeering crowd??

“The Truth is like a Lion.  You don’t have to defend it.  Let it loose. TRUTH WILL DEFEND ITSELF.”

See more:  ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS http://t.co/oaiDkijq8Q via @LucyOccupy    WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.

The WC case in question has been mis-handled by 3 idiot attorneys looking to make a quick buck rather than do the right thing (as in facilitate reasonable and appropriate medical care…. sending a brain-injured worker to a series of Orthopedic Surgeons just somehow doesn’t sound right, huh?  D’oh  Their neurologist, a guy from Tehran, suggested ‘over the counter analgesics’, and don’t come back).


The injured worker is currently representing herself….. with dramatic loss of executive function and other cognitive impairments….. but she can type like a maniac!!  ;D

If you know someone with legal expertise, please let Lucy know at LucyOccupy@aol.com or leave a message at 1 760 368 7236.
It’s California Workers Comp Case ADJ8181903.  🙂

If you know anybody at the National Enquirer, 60 minutes, 20/20 etc AND YOUR FAVORITE FB GROUP WALLS…..  Lucy’s got names and facts and will not be hushed.  EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMEBODY MAIMED AND KILLED BY THE WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAIN providers.  FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS STAY IGNORANT.

Denied medical care is lethal in a brain injury….. so…. nothing more to fear.  Bring ’em on.  Between psychopaths, gangsters, white collar criminals and Fukushima’s 1,946 known lethal isotopes, it’s been a tough day.

If you don’t know someone who can help, see Lucy AND ALL surrounded by Light, and a LEGION of Angels, and keep the faith.  Let the TRUTH do its work.   WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, till last gasps.

Brain  viral mashable more

Also, review the early blogs and wall posts in ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW and LUCY OCCUPY SAID and ALL REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIME and get yourself up to speed on the ELE triggered by #Fukushima.  It ain’t over people.   Wake up.  THINK LOCALLY. ACT GLOBALLY.  OCCUPY VIRTUALLY….. TILL LAST GASPS.  TAKE CARE OF ONE ANOTHER.

Maybe Scott Olsen’s group has some good legal teams??  Lucy has found a couple good brain doctors and would love to share resources.  If you know Scott, have him or his people get in touch with Lucy, would you??

There used to be an Anon-Legal Group….. I wonder if they might have any good lawyers familiar with such matters?? The maiming and killing of American workers seems to be part of the ol’ depopulation events happening everywhere, huh?  Please pass along Lucy’s SOS, if appropriate.  It’s sort of an immediate life-‘n-‘death beyond #Fukushima issue.

A civil rights group, or class-action group might be helpful too.  Lucy’s friend with the Work-Comp issue needs some legal help NOW.

The evil is horrendous.  The untreated conk-on-the-head, followed by a second-impact blow when the first conk was untreated and medical care has been denied and self-procured care interrupted since 1/9/12…. apparently shortens a life-span by 7-8 years.


The A2 lady lawyer is moving in for a kill now.  She can sure write fiction, and seems to fit the profile of a true psychopath.  Fiction in a Courtroom is called other things.

Master Sgt. Woods
Master Sgt. Woods

A ‘seer’ suggested there may be orange jumpsuits in the future for a ring of doctors and lawyers and insurance providers…..for fraud and collusion to commit fraud to deny medical care to an injured worker in California.   EEGs will be on the blog soon….. people need to have more info on TBI.  Arm yourself with facts.  Ask a Soldier.

http://t.co/oaiDkijq8Q … and yeah … it’s Lucy’s head…. the first conk was 1/9/12 and second impact was 2/4/12, and before racing to the emergency room, she made sure all the #Fukushima posts were out so you would have the most current info available, in case she didn’t come back from the ER.

She also sent her employer, #WyndhamWorldwide, a little note that ….. denial of medical care to an injured worker is…. not very nice and against the #WorkersComp law.

ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS http://t.co/oaiDkijq8Q via @LucyOccupy

Use any/all tools to OCCUPY VIRTUALLY.


#Fukushima triple #nuclear meltdowns in progress since 3.11.11. STAY OUTTA THE STREETS……. YOU KNOW WHY.

lion truth

#WORKERS COMP FRAUD, denied medical care to #WyndhamWorldwide brain injured worker: “You create your own opportunities”

  1. ‪#‎Wyndham‬, huh? hmmmmmmm psssssst, ask about workers comp gravy train and workers comp VIOLATIONS AND ABUSES….. Friends Don’t Let Friends Stay Ignorant…..
    “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” – Franklin Roosevelt
    Photo: "Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground" - Franklin Roosevelt
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Injured Worker, Brain Injury Survivor exclaims, ‘I AM INJURED, NOT STUPID!’


“Research shows over 300,000 veterans are suffering with TBI.  When are we as a nation going to “Wake up” and demand better treatment for these Americans?….”   VT  10-23-2011

…we should mention the 26,000 veterans who have been discharged after service, dishonorable and undesirable discharges, many related to TBIs that are undiagnosed and the 500,000, TBI patients, awaiting disability compensation….”    VT 10-4-2011

Every movement…. needs a flower…. CARNATION FAIRY

Meanwhile, back to Corporate America…

  • FB FRIEND:  Wow this is a horror story on the job injury should be covered 100%! And a TBI especially! Over the counter Analgesics?? As in take Tylenol & don’t call me in the morning? TBI is serious stuff.. ! Wow.. blown away again dear Lucy.  Seems the faces & the names change but the game is the same. xox
  • Lucy Occupy Thanks …..will convey your kind thoughts to the Friend fighting the good fight….. She says it’s like fighting NAZI SONDERKOMMANDOS… in suits and white jackets….. committing atrocities against US Workers…. and getting away with murder…. politely…. not unlike the killings and maimings by Fukushima ….. and there are an increasing number of soldiers with TBI……
    There are parallels to be drawn/dots to connect …. RADIATION POISONING causes Loss Of Executive Function….. so does a head trauma….. So, even like Scott Olsen……TBI fighters are at the front lines…… and it’s another reason to STAY OUTTA THE STREETS….. THINKING LOCALLY, ACTING GLOBALLY, OCCUPYING VIRTUALLY….. Lucy’s & Lisa’s friends MUTTERS regularly…. OCCUPY WYNDHAM!!! Hanz Franning KNOWS!!! XOXOXOX
  • Lucy Occupy Lucy’s friend, on the story below, also muttered, ‘YO. DOC, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…. and YO, DOC…. we do not forget…..EXPECT US.’

corporations still  in charge
Workers’ Comp’ Insurance Company Doctor, and Secondary Treating Physician who has refused to see the Injured Worker since 3/18/13, after a one-time evaluation, sent the following correspondence,  via certified mail, return receipt requested…

“I am in receipt of the numerous letters that you have been sending to my office. It has gotten to the point that I am putting you on notice that if you continue with the harassment, slander and incorrect statements, I am going to retain an attorney and brain a lawsuit against you. I recommend that you stop your malicious acts immediately.”  Neurologist, Appointed Secondary Treating Physician, QME – no apparent TBI expertise, does not honor DO NO HARM philosophy toward injured worker.

fun fairy tales

Injured Worker, Brain Injury Survivor Screams: I AM INJURED, NOT STUPID!!!!

California Neurologist and QME, Qualified Medical Examiner, recommends “over the counter analgesics” as the only necessary treatment for TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY and consequent cognitive impairments…..INSURANCE COMPANY ADJUSTER AND DEFENSE ATTORNEY APPLAUD THE REPORT AND LOOK FOR THE ‘CASE CLOSED’ STAMP. LOOKS LIKE FRAUD, DOESN’T IT??!!

What’s the difference between a northern fairy tale and a southern fairy tale?? How does it relate to workers comp medical and legal questions?? Just suppose….

tinkerbell and brains


MARCH 2013 regarding an untreated TBI injury of a snowy mountain morning in JANUARY 2012….. QME Neurologist recommends “over the counter analgesics” as the only necessary treatment for TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY and consequent cognitive impairments…..

Insurance Company Adjuster uses the apparently false and incomplete information and expensive industry doctor report as a weapon to continue to deny reasonable and appropriate medical care, knowing full well that TBI reduces life span on an ‘AVERAGE’ of 7-8 years, per the Brain Injury Association of America blog sites.

Master Sgt. Woods
Master Sgt. Woods

Defense attorney and WCAB Information Officer insist that another doctor cannot be designated as treating physician for Injured Worker/Brain Injury Survivor…..and several previously recommended authorization to see non-insurance company neurologists were denied denied denied till the spin came back to this one. What a coincidence,huh?

A Court order was recently obtained to compel defense to use alll medical records, immediately providing missing records (approximately 300 pages) to all recent medical evaluators for supplemental reports!

wc  wyndham workers not alone

“‘Over the counter analgesics’ is your only recommendation to treat TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY???? What about my vision, memory, balance, did I say memory, auditory processing of info, processing of info, did I say Memory, immediate and short term, long term is fine…. 1969 was a great year….

Omg!! Let the Veteran’s Administration know, too….. how many Soldiers are returning with consequences of TBI, and all they need too is just a little over the counter analgesic?!! Are you sure?? Based on what scientific evidence do you make this claim??

Is that what the Tehran medical schools teach, or was that supplemental education in the USA?? Shocking discovery. Someone should let NIH know….they have just been allocated gazillions of dollars for brain injury research…. perhaps the funds can now be reallocated to evacuate Japan??? IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER  ALL.

Do an internet search:  tbi shortens life span? (177,000);   workers comp racketeering?  (109,000 google results)


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“….Most Americans are somewhat distant from the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury.  We know, by watching NFL football, that some of our favorite quarterbacks are not playing a game this week, due to the “concussion” that the player received the week before, but we as a nation are ignorant of the brain injuries our veterans have endured….”

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“…This is part of the “Great Lie” that the DOD and the VA are perpetrating on our veterans with TBI…..”



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ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW; they have severe injured (radiation poisoned!) Workers Comp issues too. It’s a small world after all.

What is LOEF…. Loss of Executive Function?

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Remarkable! Thanks for your insights and letter, Doc….. but there are a few other questions about your report…. the attorney suggested I ask the questions directly, and your office demanded that the questions be put in writing, after we clarified that you had indeed been APPOINTED as SECONDARY TREATING PHYSICIAN, as a Neurologist allegedly with current expertise and practice in TBI evaluation and treatment…….

I sent the questions mid-April. Are you still working on the responses??? Tough questions requiring more research? Or was my medical file tossed in the ‘too hard’ pile???

It’s late July, and I’ve done my best to keep you ‘in the loop’ as I seek medical care and implementation of LABOR CODE that required my employer to provide IMMEDIATE, REASONABLE AND APPROPRIATE MEDICAL CARE when I was injured on the job……

I have self procured enough medical diagnostic evaluations from non-insurance company doctors who DO NO HARM, even recently. Not one of those doctors from Casa Colina or elsewhere used your vision exam that starts out with “LOOK AT MY UGLY NOSE”……


Other doctors have provided some tests tracking my eyes, and STRIPES really send my brain into a spin…..but those doctors had tools and medical equipment….. When they checked my ability to ‘smell’ not one gave me the ‘3 choices’ exam you gave when you pronounced my sense of smell good……

BTW, shortly after your ‘eye exam’ I self-procured a follow up exam with a Neuro-Optometrist…DID YOU KNOW THAT THE EYES CAN BE PERFECTLY HEALTHY AND VISION SERIOUSLY IMPAIRED BECAUSE THE BRAIN DOES THE SEEING, NOT THE EYES? It sounds like some bizarre scientific conspiracy theory, huh??

DEFENSE AGAINST THE PSYCHOPATH  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9-X85tlHvM

As more and more studies demonstrating the corrosive effect of psychopathy on government, finance, and business emerge, researchers have begun to explore how our society itself has been molded in the psychopaths’ image ……  [Ask about Gaslighting….. do an internet search; draw your own conclusions…]  

On the video, see at 13:13 about waking up…… 13:36….”Psychopaths derive their power from the complicity of the general population….”   WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….’SOCIALLY DISTANCE FROM THE PSYCHOPATHS NOW…..’

The Judge made a Court order that you and the others are immediately provided with the omitted missing medical records (about 300 pages of the nearly 1,000 it seemed you had on your desk when you evaluated me….what DID they send you the first time???)

y u no see lies so obvious lies

The Judge further requires a supplemental report from you and a few other doctors, so that I might finally be provided with some brain injury medical care….

The attorney for the defense is late in getting them to you, she claims ‘computer problems’…..it’s a huge law firm, and I guess she couldn’t borrow her assistant’s computer to finalize the work that was to have gone out last week…. but it’s still omitting records, so she has to finalize edits to the MEDICAL RECORDS INDEX before sending to y’all…. The parts of my brain that still work, still work good. As I have told every doctor, I’M INJURED NOT STUPID.


INJURED WORKER: Whaaaaat??? You refused to accept the omitted records from me, you refused to see me again, you have provided no further or supplemental reports on my health status, the Courts and Insurance Company have refused to allow me to designate a doctor with brain injury expertise as the Primary Treating Physician, your report is full of gross inaccuracies and I simply quote your bizarre “analgesic” final recommendation that has been used as a weapon toward my death by the Insurance Company Adjuster as ‘evidence’ that I need no ‘further’ medical care….beyond the hard fought for psychology visits to deal with the confusion and misinformation and will, malicious and ILLEGAL DENIALS OF MEDICAL CARE …. and you write such a bizarre letter to me, and send it certified mail, return receipt requested????

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#loveyourbrain on twitter

By the way, your office asked me to MAIL all communications, which I have done….fax has continued only on extremely time sensitive matters, as these are LIFE AND DEATH SITUATIONS.

roll my eyes out loud

Remember when doctors honored the law,

Remember…. we do not…forget.



IF YOU SUSPECT FRAUD, tell your friends and neighbors first, then FILE COMPLAINTS WITH THE DA AND THE WCAB BOARDS.

On the claim form, you will see a message telling you that it is against the law for anyone to commit fraud in order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits or payments or deny an injured worker those benefits. FRAUD is a felony.

This law applies to everyone in the workers’ compensation system, including injured workers, employers, claims administrators, doctors and attorneys. To report fraud, [tell your friends and neighbors first, then] contact a local district attorney’s office or the California Department of Insurance.”


“down the rabbit hole”, a metaphor for adventure into the unknown, from its use in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….. Ask About…..Workers Comp Gravy Trains….

Psychopath Alert! Workers Comp is just another DePopOp?!! Son•der•kom•man•dos???!!! 0.0 http://t.co/7Id5JYsFkA


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ASK ABOUT _____ NOW.   Tell your friends and tell your neighbors.  WE are the Media Now.

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Psychopath Alert! Workers Comp is just another DePopOp?!! Son•der•kom•man•dos???!!! 0.0

  • Injured Worker Claims untreated #TBI is like being in a WALKING COMA;  Thanks  Franz, Mary and Steve and the #WyndhamWorldwide Teams.  Just another DePopOp of Predatory Capitalism??  0.0ASK MORE QUESTIONS
  • .. “Since most people with brain injury live a nearly normal life span (the overall average is seven years decreased life expectancy), they and their families face many serious chronic challenges.”
  • psychopath advisory
  • Is WorkersComp just another example of Sonderkommandos United-for-Profit in C21?  Or simply RICO violations?? Or just white-collar/white-jacket criminals trying to keep up with the costs of living??
  • Is #WyndhamWorldwide a Willing Participant in the Maiming and Killing of Disposable Workers?
  • Does Franz Hanning “KNOW NOTHING” ???
  • Does Mary Falvey “KNOW NOTHING” ???
  • Does Steve Holmes “KNOW NOTHING LESS” ???
  • WYNDHAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER:  “You can see any doctor that accepts workers comp insurance.  Give them this form.”
  • “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin


Pronunciation: (zon’dur-ku-man”dō; Ger. zôn’dur-kô-män’dô)
a group of prisoners assigned to collect belongings and dispose of the bodies of other prisoners who had died or been killed.


Defense Attorney:   “None of the doctors requested a brain doctor to evaluate you.”  7/11/13

Injured Worker Claims untreated #TBI is like being in a WALKING COMA!!!

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Dear Doctor(s)….
After the session at Workers Comp Court, my ‘frontal lobe’ felt like a SCREACHING train wreck happened in it, and I slept 18 hours since returning home from the Court events, and I woke up with these thoughts.  TBI  might be compared to being in a WALKING-COMA, trying to communicate racing thoughts, misfiring through injured neurons and tweaked pathways, for lack of professional descriptions.19006204-occipital-lobe--female-brain-anatomy-lateral-view
Could you kindly fax all medical records of treatments and notes directly to me today, or Monday at the very latest and/or email them to me?? I will forward to the defense attorney, or you can kindly fax them directly to both of us.  
As it stands now, there is only one entry on the Medical Index and it gives the deceptive illusion that I saw Dr. BrainMaestro only once, based on the December report.  Aside from the vision therapy I have recently self-procured, treatment with Dr. BrainMaestro is the ONLY BRAIN INJURY TREATMENT RECEIVED TO DATE (at an out-of-pocket expense of $11,750.00 plus tanks and tanks and tanks of gas for hundreds of miles).   What is urgently needed from you now is the Doctor’s records for each visit.  
I am scheduled to see another insurance company QME neurologist the end of the month.  The last insurance company neurologist said I’m fine, nothing wrong except a little headache now and then, for which the treatment plan suggested was ‘an over-the-counter-analgesic’.  
He was supposed to be my new ‘secondary treating physician’. Bummer.  No help whatsoever, and plenty of harm. Maybe it’s not all his fault; he didn’t get all the records from the Wyndham defense counsel and adjuster, and wouldn’t accept them from me.  The Judge fixed that.
We’ll see if he makes things right now.  Stay tuned for updates.  I am filing a fraud complaint on that doctor and a few others to encourage right action, and to perhaps help ensure no other brain-injured worker has to go through what I am going through now.
truth lies
I understand that my medical records were subpoenaed by someone, but the defense attorney in my Workers Comp industrial injury matter alleges she does not have them, and I dismissed Attorney #3 who did not provide them with returned documents; my medical records were not included in the files he sent (although medical records of another of his clients were included, but apparently privacy breaches in Workers Comp matters are overlooked as everything is ‘public’ according to Attorney #2, and based on that legal input, I am increasingly comfortable BLOGGING.)
I have heard that this next evaluating doctor, a neurologist, has integrity and is not ‘owned’ by the insurance company, and that he has a moderate understanding of traumatic brain injury, at the very least.  It is possible that he may wish to ask Dr. BrainMaestro questions about his findings.  I can only hope he will.
I am getting “vision occupational therapy” for my ‘occipital lobe’ (I guess) at Casa Colina Rehabilitation Center ….. they recommended twice a week, but it’s too far to drive twice a week, and too hard on my body and brain. They have a day-program that seems to incorporate many of the scientific techniques used in your offices, and I am awaiting an evaluating report from their medical director,  a physiatrist and serious brain specialist.
As you stated in our treatment sessions, my balance has also been adversely impacted by the untreated injuries.  At Casa Colina, they have a whole department to deal with ‘vestibular disorders’ disorders as well and I am awaiting evaluation and treatment in that system as well.  I hope to have that report for the neurologist as well.
I ‘get it’ that, as Dr. BrainMaestro advocates, ‘SYSTEM INTEGRATION’ is critical in brain rehabilitation treatments.   Even though I did not get to complete all the treatments at your Center (yet!!), the progress made in November/December was life-changing, and I am most grateful.
We are not alone. Never give up. Never give in. Pray for the dead and dying, and FIGHT LIKE HELL FOR THE LIVING.
We are not alone. Never give up. Never give in. Pray for the dead and dying                                                                                           and FIGHT LIKE HELL FOR THE LIVING.
I have seen two doctors with a real firm grasp of brain injury and more importantly, the treatment of brain injuries.   By copy of this letter, I am encouraging you both to connect, as such a connection may result in greater good for brain injury survivors everywhere.
I am also encouraging the Brain Injury Association of California http://biacal.org/ and the Brain Injury Association of America  http://www.biausa.org/to reach out to you, so that your services and expertise may be offered to more of the Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor networks of dying people.
Here’s a 9 page report on REPAIRING THE INJURED BRAIN: WHY PROPER REHABILITATION IS ESSENTIAL TO RECOVERING FUNCTION by Dr. Mark Ashley, Chairman of the Board for the Brain Injury Association of California.  In the article, Dr. Ashley clearly states…. “Since most people with brain injury live a nearly normal life span (the overall average is seven years decreased life expectancy), they and their families face many serious chronic challenges.”
He also clearly states the following:
“People who incur a brain injury face a lifetime of challenges.  First, many patients are plagued with persistent cognitive, communicative, physical, social, vocational, educational, and psychological issues.  Second, brain injury can initiate a number of neurophysiological processes that, in turn, can lead t the development of neurodegenerative and neuroendocrine disorders.  Third, a pereson often recalls his [/her] capabilities before he [/she] was injured and is confronted by new limitations every day….” 
Repairing+the+Injured+Brain_+Why+Proper+Rehabilitation+Is+Essential+to+Recovering+Function(2).pdf-AdobeReader    http://www.dana.org/news/cerebrum/detail.aspx?id=39258 
He goes on to say, “….Treatment of people with acquired brain injury is highly specialized and poorly understood by practitioners in the general medical and allied health fields…”  
[THAT’S NO EXCUSE……. if a doctor does not know, he has no right to claim he knows, and therefore cause irrevocable harm to any brain injured worker!!!]
Brain  viral mashable more
It is my prayer that the Judge, once he is provided with the horrific evidence of violations of law and injured worker abuse and fraud by several providers, that the Judge will compel the Insurance company to authorize immediate treatment at both Casa Colina Rehabiliation Center for intensive immediate care and your Center for ongoing long term care.
With treatment, I understand I could have returned to work within 6 months or so after the injury.  So who did denial of medical care serve?  Did it uphold the Spirit of the Law???  I THINK NOT.
I need to stay alive and alert long enough to see some of these crooked workers comp providers tried and convicted for their crimes against humanity. As you know and practice, real doctors DO NO HARM. 
do no harm but take no shit either
By the Grace of God and a Court Order of the Judge yesterday, the defense attorney has been ordered to include all omitted medical records which have been omitted from various requests for doctor evaluations over the course since at least October 2012.
At the Court offices, the attorney and I reviewed lists of records and I provided her with duplicates of ones I had previously provided, and she came up with another list of ones she also allegedly did not/does not have, including Dr. BrainMaestro’s.   That’s the event that triggered this communication, and it just keeps going.
Defense Attorney’s assistant is repeatedly challenged with accuracy on PROOF OF SERVICE dates and issues of perjury, so it’s possible several of the omitted records were ‘lost’.  That’s just another item for my fraud complaint file, and is collecting evidence.    NOTE:  If the NOTICE OF EXPEDITED HEARING for 7/11/13 didn’t reach the other parties in time (my copy arrived late in the day, on the date of the hearing, and it clearly states,
“…. I am aware that on motion of the party served, service is presumed invalid if the postal cancellation date or postage meter date is more than one day after the date of deposit for mailing as stated in this affidavit.  I declare under penalty of perjury under laws of the state of California that the above is true and correct.  Executed on July 3, 2013 [handwritten change to July 5, and postmarked July 9] at Corona, California — Cathy Catastrophe, Declarant. “
The harm and deceptions continue.  The #3 attorney failed and refused to ensure that the complete medical records were provided to the insurance company evaluators and was extremely abusive to me in other ways as well. It took me till now to get in front of the Judge who then compelled the defense to include all records.
[We’ll see what tricks and deceptions come next, and prepare to expose and expunge expeditiously.]
Yoda says, a more ridiculous way to boil water tha
The insurance adjuster and attorney prevented me from having a primary treating doctors with expertise in brain injuries, sending me to Orthopedic Surgeon after Orthopedic Surgeon, while denying any and all further test evaluations for head trauma.  The current Primary Treating Doctor, an Orthopedic Surgeon, has requested, repeatedly, referral authorization to a neurologist, to a physiatrist, to a speech therapist, a chiropractor, a psychologist and more.
An MRI of my right shoulder was just authorized, and apparently there is a huge tear that the doctor is recommended for surgery, not by him, but to a specialist based on the severity of the tear.
I advised the defense attorney in Court yesterday of the discovery and without compassion concern or question, she simply said, “Of course you realize that will be denied.  It’s not accepted body part” (or words to that effect.    The 3D plan of the insurance company to maim and kill me is progressing.
 See The Romano Trust, on behalf of Charles Roman, deceased, Applicant vs. The Kroger Company, dba Ralph’s Grocery Co, permissibly self-insured, administered by SEDGWIC CMA, Defendants.   Ask also that your local DA investigates RICO issues.  ASK ABOUT WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE NOW…..ask about delays, denials and deceptions about medical treatments for industrially injured workers.   ASK AND TELL.
While you’re at it, ask about the drugging down of such injured workers as well…… one visit to one “Work Comp Doctor” was like…. visiting a MORGUE OF THE DRUGGED, WALKING-DEAD…..coming in for their regular dope deals.  SPOOKY JOINT.
pharma kills antidepressants may cause
doctors just say no
Defense attorney also said the referral to the physiatrist was withdrawn by the insurance adjuster, since the referring physician is an Orthopedic Surgeon, not a brain doctor, and their leased/owned neurologist alleges there is no evidence of any injury to me or my brain.
 The adjuster said the authorization to be treated by a physiatrist, and injured workers’ request to have the physiatrist as the primary treating physician was withdrawn because the insurance company neurologist said there’s no objective evidence that he could figure out, so take an over the counter analgesic and don’t come back.
I guess they forgets I pleaded, repeatedly, on my own and to legal representatives, for a doctor with brain injury expertise all along, since the first diagnosis.
In December 2012, after they terminated my treatments with your Treatment Center, I asked then that the physiatrist be designated as my Primary Treating Physician.   The Workers Comp information officer apparently didn’t know what such a doctor is, and that it is the ACOEM guidelines treating doctor for brain injuries, so I had to get another Orthopedic Surgeon or the ill-reputed neurologist, without knowledge of TBI,  I ended up with anyway.
Since the WCAB Information Officer seemed unfamiliar with the ACOEM guidelines, and did not have a copy to share, nor was the IO able to recommend where to access such information, other than paying approximately $800 for it for a quick reference…..alternate resources were investigated regarding basic brain injury treatments both at the NIH and commerical levels:
Medical Disability Advisor states:  “A PHYSIATRIST CAN BEST ASSESS THE DEGREE OF MENTAL AND FUNCTIONAL DISABILITY FOLLOWING BRAIN INJURY…… participation in the rehabilitation program can include physical, occupation, speech and recreational therapists, social workers and vocational counselors.  A coordinated treatment approach from a team of healthcare professional is necessary for treatment to succeed…. In rehabilitation of a head injury, the therapist must sequence activities from easy to more difficult.”
wc occupy psychiatry lucy
DOES ANYBODY IN THE WORKERS COMP CROWD KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A ‘PSYCHIATRIST‘ and A ‘PHYSIATRIST‘?????  ONE CAN HELP WITH TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY….. and the Psychiatrist Crowd (particularly of the ‘forensic’ variety) can sincerely aggravate a High-IQ TBI Survivor…… even when the brain trauma has diminished IQ by 15-20 points and caused cognitive impairments…… D’oh!!!
anger managment and stupid people
Isn’t it curious that I have seen so many orthopedic surgeons and it took approximately a year and a half for them to identify the shoulder injury, although loss of range of motion and complaints were noted in several reports?  I am grateful the current Primary Treating Orthopedic Surgeon requested the MRI.   I have complained about shoulder pain all along, but my orthopedic complaints have always been secondary to the brain impairments, and I have been hard-challenged to even communicate the extent of my injuries, and few of the doctors have asked appropriate questions, or inquired further at articulated complaints.
The experts in brain injuries have a very different set of questions, and don’t dismiss all the complaints under a simple and inaccurate category called, headaches’ like both the insurance company neurologist and his Orthopedic Surgeon referring buddy have done in my case. The physical therapist recently demanded I do exercises leaning in to an open door….which I tried.  When I advised, “that makes me feel like my shoulder is going to break” the assistant snapped and said, “Oh! Don’t be ridiculous. Your shoulder is NOT going to break!”…… I guess I was wrong, ‘TEAR FURTHER’ would have been more accurate word finding.  o.o
The adjuster has recently (July) authorized a final 6 chiropractic sessions and, like last year, is unable to find a local chiropractor on the alleged MPN list.   The local chiropractor is unwilling to deal with the aggressive bad-faith and failures to pay by adjuster of CNA Claims Plus and no longer accepts workers comp patients at all.
The chiropractor was the first doctor seen after work, when employer responded to the question at approximately 10 am on the date of the injury….….
INJURED WORKER:  “Do I have to see any special doctor?” 
WYNDHAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER:  “You can see any doctor that accepts workers comp insurance.  Give them this form.”
The insurance company insists that was proper notification of their alleged MPN network.  Go figure, huh? 
The first doctor I ever saw for these injuries is willing to treat me at a discounted cash-pay basis as long as I like.  It’s not a BRAIN fix, but it does help alleviate orthopedic pain and other symptoms, but that doctor said there is nothing he can do for the shoulder injury, particularly since it has been so long in being diagnosed via MRI.  
One chiropractor was found about an hour away, and she was not sure she was on the MPN list, as she hasn’t taken a work comp case in a long time, but it took her 5 phone calls to me, with incessant demands that I call the doctor back for this, the adjuster for this, Corvel Corp for that, do it again, and would not even give me her street address, and insisted I write down directions, TWICE, from two different perspectives, and could not grasp the impact of the brain injuries on my abilities to take in and process info audibly….even though I told her so.  
directional signs lost and confused
She declined to treat.  They may find another chiropractor, but I will not hold my breath.  The last authorization for chiropractic care was terminated without cause in April 2012, along with benefits…. all in violations of law, without consequence to the perpetrators of said violations….yet.  
One attorney I chatted with in the elevator at the Courts building was encouraging that Justice does prevail.  I hope he is right.
I am screaming my head off now, like my life depends on it, because I feel my life has been totally threatened by these willful and malicious breaches of law and bastardization of the intent of Workers Comp law and benefits and about these violations of humane treatment in Workers Compensation system, for what it’s worth.
cognitive dissonance and core belief challenges
A doctor-friend recommended I channel my outrage more positively than on the deaf ears and blind eyes of the doctors and lawyers and corporations complicit in the fraudulent denial of reasonable and appropriate medical care for injuries sustained January 9, 2012 and further injuries sustained with denials of medical care, and interruption of self-procured medical care.  I can follow clear directions, if they are simple and don’t have too many pieces to them…… “rote’ is the word I think one doctor suggested of my current skills in tasking and sequencing tasks.
I have been penalized further for cognitive impairments that gullibyl allowed me to retain 3 different attorneys, each who confirmed they could help get medical care for a brain injured, who evidently, in retrospect, were unable as they are without knowledge of brain injury cases, and without ‘conscience, empathy, emotion, guilt, remorse or soul’.  I have been reduced to relying on the Workers Comp Information Officer, who has, since December 2012, apparently provided me with faulty and blatantly deceptive information, in favor of the insurance company, evidenced in my requests on how to request a hearing for medical care, how to request reimbursements for medical expenses and miles, even while I had case law cited ….. I just needed help on the processes to comply with Court guidelines.    I trusted these lawyers and law firms I hired when I could hardly speak, let alone think.
I am asking the Judge to withdraw/remove their liens for their failures to perform in a reasonable manner to adequately represent me, and that their liens add to the harm already caused to me, as a further obstruction to justice and harm to this injured worker.   Based on the inaccurate information provided on 3 occasions by the WCAB Information Officer, I am requesting this week an EXPEDITED HEARING to have lawyer liens removed from my case immediately, with due cause and evidence.  Had the lawyers simply been truthful of their lack of expertise in brain trauma cases, they could have saved much aggravation, and possibly my life. They have been unwilling to withdraw their liens upon polite request.   Polite requests are done.  As the Judge reminded me, ‘this train has already left the station’……
the light at the end of the tunnel is a train
Some may label my communications and lists and spreadhsheets as ‘compulsive writing’ but for those who know nothing about TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY, TBI  might be compared to being in a WALKING-COMA, trying to communicate racing thoughts, misfiring through injured neurons, causing thinking to feel like ‘a screaching train wreck in the frontal lobe’ further distorted by vision impairments.
Time permitting, please see the blog ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMP GRAVY TRAINS at https://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/ for updates.
If you will, please, kindly forward the medical records to me as sooon as possible.  My life span depends, to some extent, on truth and courage from doctors of integrity with expertise in Traumatic Brain Injury.
Thank you.
Injured Worker, Brain Injury Survivor
keep posting status changes



psychopaths in power know  do you


Specialty Requesting DR’S speciality Date Ever Authorized?
CHIROPRACTOR Injured Worker       1/9/2012
MRI – Brain MD – Family Medicine 1/13/2012
Neurologist [with TBI expertise] Clinical Psychologist 1/13/2012
Neurologist [with TBI expertise] MD – Family Practice 1/13/2012
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych Clinical Psychologist 1/13/2012
CHIROPRACTOR Orthopedic Surgeon 1/21/2012
MRI – Brain Orthopedic Surgeon 1/21/2012
MRI – Cervical Orthopedic Surgeon 1/21/2012
Neurologist  – referral Orthopedic Surgeon 1/21/2012
Home Ultra Sounds Machine (???) Orthopedic Surgeon 1/21/2012
MRI-head and thoracic MD – Emergency Room 2/17/2012
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych Neuropsychologist 2/25/2012
Speech Therapy w/cognitive remediation Neuro-psychologist 2/25/2012
LUMOSITY BRAIN GAMES Neuropsychologist 2/25/2012
EEG Neurologist 3/6/2012
MRI – Brain Neurologist 3/6/2012
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych Neurologist 3/6/2012
MRI- Brain Clinical Psychologist 3/14/2012
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych Clinical Psychologist 3/14/2012
Neurologist – [with TBI expertise] Clinical Psychologist 3/15/2012
EEG Neurofeedback Certified Practioner of EEG Neurofeedback 4/3/2012
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych Certtified Practitioner of EEG Neurofeedback 4/3/2012
PHYSIOTHERAPY/PT Orthopedic Surgeon 4/20/2012
EEG Orthopedic Surgeon 4/20/2012
MRI- Cervical Orthopedic Surgeon 4/20/2012
MRI – Thoracic Orthopedic Surgeon 4/20/2012
Neuro-Vision Optometry Orthopedic Surgeon 4/20/2012
Speech Therapy w/cognitive remediation Orthopedic Surgeon 4/20/2012
EEG Neurofeedback Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist 4/23/2012
Neuro-Vision Optometry Psychologists 4/23/2012
Neurologist – referral to Nudleman Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist 4/23/2012
Neuro-Vision Optometry Physiatrist 4/30/2012
EEG Neurofeedback* Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist 7/17/2012
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych Clinical Psycholoigst, Neuropsychologist 7/17/2012
EEG Neurofeedback* Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist 8/21/2012
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych Clinical Psycholoigst, Neuropsychologist 8/21/2012
Neuro-Vision Optometry Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist 10/1/2012
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist 10/1/2012
Neurology – Functional BRAIN TREATMENT CENTER 12/7/2012
Physiatrist – re-referal Injured Worker #########
PHYSIOTHERAPY/PT Orthopedic Surgeon 1/9/2013
Neurologist [with TBI expertise] Orthopedic Surgeon 1/9/2013
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych Orthopedic Surgeon 1/9/2013
CHIROPRACTOR Orthopedic Surgeon 2/15/2013
MRI – Cervical Orthopedic Surgeon 2/15/2013
Neurologist – referral Orthopedic Surgeon 2/15/2013
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych – Orthopedic Surgeon 2/15/2013
Speech Therapy w/cognitive remediation Orthopedic Surgeon 2/15/2013
PHYSIOTHERAPY/PT Orthopedic Surgeon 3/20/2013
MRI – Cervical Orthopedic Surgeon 3/20/2013 4/19/2013
Neurologist – [with TBI expertise] appeal of denial Orthopedic Surgeon 3/20/2013
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych – appeal re   denial Orthopedic Surgeon 3/20/2013
Speech Therapy w/cognitive remediation Orthopedic Surgeon 4/8/2013
Over-the-Counter Analgesics neurologist 4/8/2013
Speech Therapy w/cognitive remediation Orthopedic Surgeon 4/24/2013
Speech Therapy w/cognitive remediation MA, CCC-LSLP 5/1/2013
Neuro-Vision/ Occupational Therapy Neuro-Optomentrist 5/24/2013
Neuro-Vision PRESCRIPTION CHANGE Neuro-Optomentrist 5/24/2013
Psycho/Neuro, Clinical, Psych Forensic Psychiatrist 5/28/2013
CHIROPRACTOR Orthopedic Surgeon 5/29/2013
MRI – right shoulder Orthopedic Surgeon 5/29/2013 7/3/2013
Physiatrist –  referal  Orthopedic Surgeon 5/29/2013
Neuro-Vision/ Occupational Therapy MS/OTR – L 6/5/2013
Psychologist / Neuro, Clinical, Psych Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist 4/23/12/
Chiropractic 14 sessions thru 4/2/12, 6 more pendiing
Physical therapy 8 sessions 4/19-5/8/13
Psychologist /Neuro, Clinical, Psych 17 irregular sessions 1/14-8/21/2012



Defense Attorney:   None of the doctors requested a brain doctor to evaluate you.
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