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Reasons for Nomination:     WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW;   One of her mottos is:
                                                   “I BLOG, THEREFORE I AM A WORK COMP SURVIVOR.  BE ONE, TOO”
(Write whatever you like…. you can even say your reason for the nomination is you don’t blog yet, and she does, and she tells it like it is, or….simply say, BECAUSE SHE ASKED A BUNCH OF US TO at the first of the month and again today)!
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Bottom line, we all know the horrors and atrocities of WorkComp and we all want solutions for the Common Good, one person at a time.

If you haven’t shared YOUR WorkComp Story yet, here’s the questionnaire link again:

What’s YOUR WorkComp Story?

As you probably realize, I am a WorkComp Survivor….. brain injury sustained 1/9/12….. “I BLOG, THEREFORE I AM A WORKCOMP SURVIVOR.”

The parties in my case “reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement” and since I know what I know, I cannot just walk away.  I will do what I can to incite more discussions on the real and horrific issues that every Injured Worker in America, in Canada and Australia face….. for starters.

WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW……   As individual cases are resolved, each win is a win for us all.  I was told repeatedly, by professional friends, “GET OUT OF THE WORK COMP SYSTEM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.  IT WILL KILL YOU.”

Easier said than done, particularly with a brain injury.   The stories I have received via email and by phone make my situation look more like a “walk in the park” comparatively!  I am so sorry for the pain and suffering you still endure.   All together, we’ll find a way out of this, kicking and screaming, occupying virtually, and dodging the rads.

Below is a copy of a post on LinkedIn.  That’s where the INFLUENCERS ARE.   If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, consider getting one immediately.

You may also seriously consider a Facebook PAGE (use WorkComp or Injured Worker in the name) and Twitter account and a fresh gmail or email account….include WorkComp or InjuredWorker in your user names, along with Pinterest.

Most importantly, A BLOG from which to document and tell your own story.


Speak to the influencers in WorkComp and in your Industry.  We’ll talk more about how to build your own database and sphere of influence.

If YOU are UNABLE to do these things, enlist a friend, family member or neighbor to help you.  PEOPLE WILL HELP, IF YOU ASK CLEARLY AND SPECIFICALLY…… from a point of power, not victim-hoood, nor from learned helplessness.

If you have an attorney, you might check for counsel on these suggestions.  I know of but few attorneys who have actually protected their clients, and secured medical care and moved toward resolution.

I am working on mastering either Mail Chimp or GoDaddy’s email campaigns to better stay in touch with each of you, and those to join us.  Till I figure out how to use the email campaigns, if you don’t want to receive further emails, please simply hit REPLY and put REMOVE FROM LIST in the subject line, thank you.  (If you know how to easily use Mail Chimp, please please put it in writing so we can all learn….and maximize impact!)

For now, we’ll simply stick with BLOGS,  E-mails and BCC copies.  Build you own database, and create your own mailing list, too.  We Work Like Ants!  Remember that.

I know of only 3 Injured Worker Blogs……the industry has many, and they annually recognize their Top 25.  Does that tell you that injured workers that DO NOT have blogs are essentially “unarmed” in the fight for their lives?  That’s what it tells me.  Vlogs count.  Podcasts count! Webinars Count.  eCourses count. Phone calls count. Posts count. Pins count. Tweets count.  The fire-power is in the BLOG.

do no harm but take no shit either

Quick story…. a doctor, in 2013, suggested that since I was blogging about the Fukushima nuclear disaster pre-injury, that it might help me to “write about” my WorkComp experiences.  I thought the doctor meant BLOG ABOUT IT, that’s what I heard.


I was afraid.  I used to be extremely brilliant, and I was afraid that people would know about and judge my ‘cognitive deficits’ but I wrote anyway.  


I tip-toed around about it.  When I finally realized that “OMG.  My LIFE IS AT STAKE HERE!!” is when I began to blog openly and without fear or caution.  


In the group, NAIDW.org – National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers – in one group, an injured law enforcement guy told us all that we needed to start “naming names” and I thought, “Oh! Yikes.  Ok, if you say so!” so I listed all the doctors I had seen to date, by name, with diagnosis etc……  the rest is what it is! 

We have received a few stories that apparently were not submitted to the ProPublica/NPR investigative reporters last year, or were not selected.

If you have not read the series last year, you must.  It has rattled the cages of WorkCompsters, and momentum is building….and you can be assured that the WorkCompsters will do everything possible, “by any means necessary” to ensure their billlions of dollar profits are not impacted by the bad news reaching the public about WorkComp practices.

Google it:  Insult to Injury:  The Demolition of Workers Compensation

Most all Injured Workers indicate a willingness to share, Anonymously.  OK…..We’ll be creative. Watch and FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE both blogs, AskAboutWorkersCompGravyTrains.com

and MyWorkCompCoach.com

Focus on what you realllly reallly want and need to get out from under the oppression and destruction of Workers Compensation, plan to share further on that.

It’s not about money—-it’s about your health, your life and your ability to survive and compensate for your injuries and disabilities.   BE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT; the Universe tends to meet our exact expectations.

#DodgeTheRads  #Blog4Freedom  and remember remember


Best regards,

Linda Ayres, WorkComp & TBI Survivor



ps…. I was nominated and selected as one of the top 4 finalists at the WorkCompCentral CompLaude Awards event in 2014.  I met several very nice people at that event, and I ‘crashed’ a few other industry conferences and collected some business cards and marketing materials and others, and I was also invited as a guest of a Judge to visit the Exhibit Hall of the California Applicant Attorney’s Association Winter 2014 conference, where I met more wonderful people. In 2016 I was invite by a kind attorney to attend their Winter Conference, anniversary gala celebrating ’50 or 60 years of protecting injured workers’ [That’s questionable!]
Anyhow, CAAA made it clear that NO INJURED WORKERS ARE WELCOME AT ANY OF THEIR EVENTS, so I accepted a dis-invitation to the event….  You know the ol sayings…”Something is terribly wrong in this country….”  and  ‘We do not forgive; We do not forget….EXPECT US.”
I have tried to encourage these groups to open their hearts and doors to Injured Workers, with little success. WorkComp Central, to date, is the only group I have found that embraces Injured Workers and warmly welcomes them. To save some time and energy, I will copy also the people on that email list, so that perhaps we can forge some links over the chasms of “us and them” and …. dunno, might make this a blog, too…..
For the people in the WorkComp industries, we will be organizing some interviews and a possible TELE-SUMMIT to share your perspective on what needs to happen for immediate WORKCOMP TRANSFORMATION…short of ‘SENDING IN THE NATIONAL GUARD’ to protect injured workers from the current systems.   WATCH THE BLOGS FOR COMING SOON DETAILS…. EXPECT US.

 Below is the LinkedIn referenced post, for your info:


WorkComp? Path to Poverty? Road to Hell? DETOUR AHEAD! Did you nominate THIS blog?     http://workerscompensation.com/workers_comp_best_blogs.php

Did you nominate THIS BLOG for the Best Blogs of WorkComp for 2016 – Injured Worker Category?!?


…. subcategories of National Issues, Legal, Regional/State Specific, Settlements….  !   #Blog4Freedom!

Did you nominate THIS blog, Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains, for the Best Blogs event by WorkersCompensation.com yet?  Thanks!    It’s been a public service blog since Summer of 2013.  It even includes some scattered resources that will be reformatted into a better directory this year.

Here’s the nominating link. Must be submitted by today to count in the industry events! 



ARE YOU BLOGGING YET?!!!  #Blog4Freedom!   Fight Censorship!  Fight Industry Propaganda Machinery and Disinformation!

KEEP IT REAL!  Remember Remember!  We Are The Media Now – WHAT IS, IS!!!!

Injured Worker Resources …… add to it! We Are The Media Now.


PROOF IS IN THE RESULTS, HUH?  “The parties reached resolution subject to confidentiality agreement.”

#Blog4TheCure!  #Blog4Freedom!  March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Got Brains? #DodgeTheRads2

                 Brain Injury – BEFORE and AFTER WorkComp

Ask also about Opiate Traffic and “Failed Surgeries” then FOLLOW THE MONEY! 

Ask about a WorkComp Insurance plan that could provide “immediate, reasonable and appropriate medical care” where doctors are screened for “Angel of Death” characteristics and set up a FRAUD/CRIME HOTLINE directly to DOJ for Injured Workers to contact in the event of suspected fraud, collusion and worse. 

Equip all Injured Workers with a Livescribe Pen (iPhone & Android adaptable) to RECORD ALL MEDICAL/LEGAL EVALUATIONS AND HEARINGS, with a designated DOJ address to submit recordings of suspicious events.  It would save dollars on the SS-type wasteful ’employee surveillance’ procedures used also to deny medical care. Cops and Firefighters find them reprehensible, too!

Make sure your LTD policy is not just a money-fronting scam that tries to confiscate any retro-pay when costs are shifted to SSA.  Injured Workers refer to the practice as “MAGIC MATH” where insurance companies are relieved of any and all risks, and risks and costs are shifted anywhere else but to the carriers. 

Right now, in the USA and elsewhere, Injured Workers have essentially NO PROTECTION from anywhere. What a shame!!!

If you’re afflicted by WorkComp maladies, or know someone who is, check with your State Senator and if it has escalated to embrace SSA, check with your Congressional Representative for help. 

Remember the October 2015 letter from Federal Lawmakers offering law enforcement assistance.  Pass it on to your own representatives, too, and to your friends and neighbors, along with the response from Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez.  You can find those links also in this blog:

Did you nominate THIS BLOG for the Best Blogs of WorkComp for 2016 – Injured Worker Category?!?


WORKCOMP MUST CHANGE NOW.  Do not expect the highly profitable industries to change because it’s the right thing to do. That is contrary to their playbook of PROFITS BEFORE LIVES.

Before social media, the ‘dirty little secrets’ were well kept. WE, THE PEOPLE, DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT.

The industry apparently needs law enforcement encouragement.

Send in the National Guard and ensure they have a seat at the upcoming ‘secret’ National Discussions in ‘the Heartland.’ 

Then let’s have some open webinar summits and take it to the Virtual Streets!   #OccupyVirtually!  #DodgeTheRads!  You know why!



Did you nominate THIS up and the coming blog,MyWorkCompCoach.com ???  Thanks!  WE AIM TO PLEASE!



Read all about it! Add to it!




Google search:  “Your Radiation This Week”  

Yes, we were warned about that, too!


Did you nominate THIS BLOG for the Best Blogs of WorkComp for 2016 – Injured Worker Category?!?

….subcategories of National Issues, Legal, Regional/State Specific, Settlements….  !

Did you nominate THIS blog, Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains, for the Best Blogs event by WorkersCompensation.com yet?  Thanks!  😀   It’s been a public service blog since Summer of 2013.  It even includes some scattered resources that will be reformatted into a better directory this year.

Injured Worker Resources …… add to it! We Are The Media Now.

PROOF IS IN THE RESULTS, HUH?  “The parties reached resolution subject to confidentiality agreement.”

#Blog4TheCure!  #Blog4Freedom!  March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Got Brains? #DodgeTheRads2

Brain Injury - BEFORE and AFTER WorkComp
                 Brain Injury – BEFORE and AFTER WorkComp

The Injured Worker was initially poorly represented, then self-represented.  There’s little love or respect between CAAA and the injured worker(s).


Here’s the nominating link. Must be submitted by tomorrow to count in the industry events 😀


Nominate Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains and My WorkComp Coach for Best Blogs of 2016 INJURED WORKER primary category and sub categories of national issues legal settlement medical


If YOU have a #WorkComp Blog that explores the Injured Worker perspective, leave the link in comments and invite others to read.  If you are not blogging yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

are we going to see YOUR shoes heremlk hitler germanynever forget that everything hitler did in germany

More Talking Points for a GLOBAL SUMMIT on WorkComp Resolutions! WHAT ELSE? THINK THINK THINK

Linked In Professionals Like You 1 9 2016 1232 pm pst

If you want to share a private comment, feel free to connect on LinkedIn at LindaAyres311 or gmail direct to WorkCompLinda@gmail.com because WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW; EACH ONE WARN ONE THOUSAND!

WorkComp Blog4TheCure Occupy Virtually

 https://gem.godaddy.com/signups/196533/iframe“>THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. With blogs the reach to Influencers via LinkedIn and referrals by friends and neighobrs has been life changing. #OccupyVirtually! Fight Censorship! What is, IS.



Stats for Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains

2013 – 1,280 views

2014 – 7,951 views

2015 – 18,929 views

2016 – 4,385 views to date

Stats AAWCGT 3 30 2016

What is, IS!

It would be a big help, whether or not these blogs “make the WorkersCompensation.com list” if you would FIGHT CENSORSHIP  and follow these blogs, because, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW:

  AskAboutWorkersCompGravyTrains.com   MyWorkCompCoach.com  WeAreTheMediaNow.com AllReactorsLeakAllTheTime.com AskAboutFukushimaNow.com

“Comp Laude and Best Blogs: There Has Never Been a Better Time to Celebrate the Best in Workers’ Comp”



Rebranding, since the blog seems to have been instrumental in facilitating ‘the parties reaching resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement,’ and the process includes a new blog called MyWorkCompCoach.com.

This new blog will include some untold Injured Worker stories, including Veterans kicked to the curb not only by the VA, but by subsequent work injuries.  We have already received a few, and most want to share ‘Anonymously’ for fear of retribution from employers, insurers or bogey-peeps.

When you think about WorkComp and the plight of Injured Workers, be sure to know about Botched Surgeries and Failures to Provide Corrective Surgeries that contribute to the “disability making machinery” and opiate traffic. The stories are heinous.  If you have a job, hope you NEVER GET HURT on the job!  If the injury doesn’t kill you, WorkComp ‘care’ may finish the job!

Do you have a WorkComp Story to tell?  Tell it here! “What’s YOUR WorkComp Story?”  Anonymous PRECEDES Unanimous!  Remember that!

“Do you see what we we see?”

flag distress signal


An e-Course is in the works, WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills — watch for details!

We collectively hope to incite real discussion in the alleged ‘national discussions’ (albeit secret discussions) in the works now.  We trust that the efforts of carriers like “Sedgwick Institute” will embrace Injured Workers, listen to the horror stories, so that we can all, collectively, work toward life extending resolutions that include ‘immediate, reasonable and appropriate medical care’ and return to work efforts, when possible.

“… Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. said it has established the Sedgwick Institute, which it describes as “an interdisciplinary community of thought leaders dedicated to elevating the dialogue around issues affecting the risk and benefits industry.”

white roses

Let’s dismantle the “disability making machine’ and create a legitimate Workers Rights movement to combat what WorkComp has become.  As the Department of Labor Secretary Perez indicates, their hands are somewhat tied.


“Labor Secretary Calls Workers’ Comp Opt-Out Plans A ‘Pathway To Poverty'”


The Congressional letter of October 2015 indicated some willingness on the part of a few members of Congress (and even a few more representing nuclear workers!) to provide law enforcement assistance, if necessary. It appears to be necessary, in most states.  So, ‘SEND IN THE NATIONAL GUARD, AND ENSURE THEY ATTEND THE ‘SECRET’ NATIONAL DISCUSSIONS in the works for May, somewhere in the ‘heartland.’

The matters of unbridled profits for the insurance industries on the backs of injured workers, along with costs shifting to same injured workers, to State and Federal coffers, is also discussed.  It’s hoped that the ‘national discussions’ include the most destructive and dangerous practices first, vs. hand wringing and “CYA” practices to protect PROFITS BEFORE LIVES.


https://gem.godaddy.com/signups/196533/iframe“>”FIGHT CENSORSHIP – SUBSCRIBE TODAY: Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains

Think Locally * Act Globally #OccupyVirtually  #DodgeTheRads

PS  Ask About Your Radiation This Week; in fact, Google it!


Did Your Employer or Lawyer Send a GET WELL CARD or help out with a GoFundMe Program?

Here is an updated questionnaire asking,

“What’s YOUR WorkComp Story?”



Let’s see and or hear your story whether you’re an injured worker, a WorkCompster, a blogger, or anybody in between those two categories?

If you have an iPhone or a Droid, video record your story!  JUST TELL IT LIKE IT IS!  #Blog4TheCure  #Vlog4TheCure because WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW!

Either use the story form or send an email to WorkCompLinda@gmail.com or Linda@MyWorkCompCoach.com   Response may be slow, but it will be sure!


Do you/did you have a lawyer who said things like, “Most all of my clients lose their jobs, their homes and more while waiting years for medical care”  or ‘Yes, we know the horror stories.  They are typical.’

Do you know doctors who said/say things like, ‘WorkComp stories are all the same. Different faces, names and body parts and diagnoses, but denied medical care and denied disability benefits and pain medications and horror stories prevail. That’s why I can no longer accept Injured Workers in my practice.  I can’t and I won’t.’


GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!!!  “The WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills and Strategies” course in development aims to assist injured workers in just that because for most injured workers, their attorneys have ‘thrown them under the bus’ or ‘served them to the industry on a tarnished platter.’


mlk hitler germany

What’s YOUR WorkComp Story?

What type of HELP do YOU NEED RIGHT NOW?

A few more questions have been added, including: 

“What type of HELP do YOU NEED RIGHT NOW?”

“Did you submit your story to the ProPublica / NPR “Demolition of The Workers Compensation” investigative Reporter Team?”

“Did Employer send a GET WELL CARD or wishes? More than Once?”

“Is Discrimination Suspected?”

“Were doctors willing to be recorded in their evaluations?”

“Was fraud alleged or suspected…”

“What advice can you offer to help protect other Workers Who May be Injured in the Future?”

“What is the IDEAL OUTCOME FOR YOU TO MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE IS — (necessary medical, vocational rehab, other…a wish list!)”

PS   ACTION ITEM #2  Nominate these two blogs in the Injured Worker category on the March 2016 industry nomination event…?  The nomination link is below.

Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains – reach of over 30,000 since Summer 2013 – and ‘the parties reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement’


My WorkComp Coach


A few injured workers have blogs, some have video channels, others have books and others are simply dying quietly waiting for medical care, disability benefits, and medications for pain and suffering caused by botched medical procedures.

Many Injured Workers have expressed devastating and incapacitating fear of retaliation for telling their stories.  Therefore, we are rethinking compilation strategies and may tell the collected stories anonymously, first, leaving doors open for further input, to protect the victims of Amercia’s Workers Compensation systems.

Third party stories told by WorkComp industry workers, also afforded anonymity, would be welcome, providing another degree of protection for victimized injured workers.  CAN YOU HELP?  WILL YOU HELP?  IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO? IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN?

If our friends abroad want their stories told in America, we welcome you.  Your Struggle is Our Struggle and as we #OccupyWorkComp, Virtually, WE SHALL OVERCOME!

dont panic organize fishes

It looks like the “Industry Experts” are busy busy busy with more conventions and more studies to the ‘puzzling, baffling, mysterious and perplexing’ concerns about why Injured Workers in the United States of America are being denied medical care and benefits, why they are becoming permanently disabled in increasing numbers, why costs continue to shift away from Insurance Carriers.  The only lessons they are probably studying is damage control from the 2015 series, FROM INSULT TO INJURY about The Demolition of Workers Compensation!  Google it and review the letter from Congress the investigative reported apparently incited!  Go ProPublica and NPR!

While ‘medical costs’ allegedly continue to increase, these “costs” are not typically for medical treatment, but merely for medical evaluations with intent to continue to deny medical care ‘by any means necessary.’  Many injured workers see it as a simply complex ‘money laundering scheme’ that should be of interest to the Department of Justice peeps.  Many injured workers scream RICO RICO RICO…  


These problems are not unique to Americans.  The Canadians are experiencing the same issues, with some of the same carriers and like-minded legislators and vendors.  The Australians have the same issues.

A recent industry article mentioned the ‘value’ of surveillance of Injured Workers. Oh my, tell that to Mayor Betsy’s Police Force in Fort Worth….remember the lady cop who was none too happy about being under surveillance for filing a work comp claim?  Has anyone seen an update on the seriously injured cop in ICU that had a nasty visit from ‘Nurse Ratchet’ of ‘Corvel’ that made national headlines?

Does California needs to implement video recordings immediately for all medical/legal events?  Does every state need to immediately implement video recordings, or just send in the National Guard to protect Injured Workers?

On the issues of surveillance, video recordings of medical evaluations can save lives and careers.  Remember the win for the First Amendment in the Dr. Rosalind Griffin perjury allegations?  A brave and courageous personal injury attorney went to bat for the Constitution and for his client with a brain injury in Michigan!  Steven Gursten, an American Hero!

Google it too!  Here’s one criminal defense blog on the typical IME sequence of events (and yes, video recordings apparently protected the innocent!)

Grieving Dr. Rosalind Griffin



Quite common and reprehensible, wouldn’t you agree?


white roses

What’s YOUR WorkComp Story?

PS  Continue to DodgeTheRads!  #OccupyVirtually!   Remember Remember that March is Brain Injury and Fukushima Awareness Month! Radiation poisoning compromises immune systems, and much  much more!  Got Brains?  #DodgeTheRads!

CNNs partial nuke list HOW CLOSE IS YOUR HOME

How close is YOUR home to a Nuclear Power Plant… see the CNN partial list here! 

WorkComp Congressional Letter and YOU FB Group

Your Radiation This Week” – America!