#WorkCompsters say, ‘Let’s Rumble’….. Injured Worker says, ‘Well, ok Dude, if that’s what you want…’

“It’s easier to Sell something when you Show it?” – From Wyndham Hotels LinkedIn group… From Wyndham’s WorkComp defense firm: I am not carbon copying anybody other than Mr. Zachs. I will object to any request for postponement or additional delays on your part. Please remember to copy me on any document or correspondences you […]

#WorkComp Crime Pays INSURANCE COMPANIES big time in California?!?

…. Crime Pays Insurance Companies big time in California … #WorkComp arena…  awww, don’t worry about it.  No prosecutions likely.  It’s a pattern of practice….. steal from work injury disabled and the nouveaux poor and give it to the big insurance companies.  Yes, California, from the California coffers…. negotiating away civil rights of California workers.  Ought […]


MY FELLOW AMERICANS…….> ASK ABOUT INJURED WORKERS NOW   “IF YOUR COMPANY LIES ABOUT …YOUR ACCIDENT OCCURRING AT WORK, YOUR COMPANY HAS COMMITTED FRAUD” Does that mean if doctors lie about the accident occurring at work, they, too, have committed fraud? How about the Insurance Adjusters and Defense Attorneys? DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO REACH […]

Corporate WorkComp Crimes, WyndhamWorldwide and the Civil Rights Act

WE ARE THE MEDIA  NOW. “BEHIND THE #CivilRightsAct HOW IT WAS MADE AND WHAT IT MEANS TODAY” http://apps.npr.org/behind-the-civil-rights-act/#/annotations CIVIL RIGHTS ACT…. CLASS ACTION REQUIRED REGARDING WORK COMP? WILL THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE HELP INJURED WORKERS IN AMERICA to celebrate the  50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act?? . “…The struggle leading up […]