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My WorkComp Coach

Here is a communication shared with a few injured workers and medical care providers who have been battling the system for years.  It was written so that it could just be given to the attorney, if warranted.  Maybe it will help you also?  
Please let me know if it brings other questions to your mind, and we’ll see about answering them in another blog, in a general way, so others may also be helped.   Or, we can find some experts to address the issues in greater detail.

These are some rough thoughts on how mediation with a structured settlement team and Medicare Set Aside Expert can help move a WorkComp case to Settlement, freeing up an Injured Worker to get medical care. It is really quite simple and effective.

The drawing attached is a “mind-map” created as a draft and talking points for the blog.

mind map structured settlement out


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Injured Worker denied Worker’s comp – GoFundMe and Happier News

Injured Worker denied Worker’s comp


Update 7

11 hours ago

I would like to update this since not all are on Facebook. Today I accepted a full time position at my PRN hospital job. I am very happy. The best part of it : I will be able to add us all on my insurance in 90 days. I also will be able to go back to my part time job on my days off. This means a lot to us. Everyone needs insurance especially with two teens.

Randy still has not heard anything from the lawsuit against Workers Comp. I guess that could be a good thing. Hopefully in the next 2 months. The struggle here is real but all we can do is hope and pray. I told Randy that my wish has come true. Now it’s his turn. Please continue to pray because I know it helps!!! PERSONALLY!!! Thank you all!

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Congratulations! That sounds like a big blessing! Thank you for sharing your good news!

Continue to expect and rely upon all good things coming. Help Randy set up a blog.


A social media strategy is imperative in surviving workcomp. The recent ProPublica and NPR investigative reports, about the state of Workers’ Compensation in America, and the Secretary of Labor quotes seem to have the WC industry in another tizzy.


U.S. Labor Department: States Are Failing Injured Workers https://www.propublica.org/article/us-labor-department-states-are-failing-injured-workers

INSULT TO INJURY: AMERICA’S VANISHING WORKER PROTECTIONS Labor Report Urges Study Of A Federal Role In State Workers’ Comp Laws

Remember Remember… WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW… and for that, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE! PS #DodgeTheRads

Linda Ayres
6 days ago

Don’t delete any of it…. until you have a signed and Court approved fair and reasonable settlement. Start a blog.

Do a google search, “What’s YOUR Work Comp Story” … you’ll see you are truly not alone…. and it is just one fight…. FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND CIVIL RIGHTS.

Just today an industry expert wrote this to me….. read it carefully…. it will help you and yours understand exactly what you and all American Workers are up against…. .

“Linda while you are obviously well intentioned, your perspective is distorted. The vast majority of workers comp patients are treated fairly and well. A few are not. Your efforts and PP’s denigrate and insult the hard work and diligence of many very good people in the workers comp industry.”

It was in response to an invitation to the ‘expert’ to guest blog on the topics of inciting mediation and settlements. The “PP” reference is to the investigative reports of ProPublica and NPR in 2015: INSULT TO INJURY: The Demolition of Workers Compensation Here Here!

i blog therefore i am a work comp survivor watch for e course
WATCH FOR eCourse – COMING SOON     preview?


See more at MyWorkCompCoach.com

#OccupyVirtually #StayOuttaTheStreets #DodgeTheRads

What’s really going on in America’s Workers’ Compensation? It’s A Crises! PREPARE! SURVIVE!

Listen Up! My Work Comp Coach is contributing to The Huffington Post, too?

“Subscribe Me!” 

#OccupyVirtually  #OccupyWorkComp!  Blog Blog Blog!  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW!huff-po-image-article-one-10-2-2016


Read it here:  Dear WorkComp Coach – What about Experience Modification Rate Calculations and How do the Insurance Carriers Work? 



Read it here:  Dear WorkComp Coach – Is GoFundMe the best Hope for American Injured Workers?

Private comments?  Interested in guest blogging?  eMail at WorkCompLinda@gmail.com

work comp guidelines diagramkeep posting

Be ITK About Your Radiation This Week!  Dodge The Rads and remember remember …

All Nuclear Reactors Leak All The Time

#OccupyVirtually #StayOuttaTheStreets #DodgeTheRads

WorkComp – Updates on America’s Dirty OPEN SECRETs

Injured Workers’ Stories Are The Same

–the minor differences are names, body parts and case numbers – Ask a Doctor or Lawyer for confirmation

Ask Your Injured Friends and Neighbors, too!

identify definition

“The reason you draw the reactions from these folks is not because you are being vilified, or because they have a disdain for the injured worker with a voice or any other malicious reason.”

“It is very simple – you offer nothing positive relative to change.”

“Anyone can complain. Few do anything to effectuate change.”

“Drawing attention to the negative, which you have done for the past several years, does nothing to further the conversation, offers no solutions, provides no road map.”


…It simply is not enough to complain. Everyone has a complaint. A complaint without a solution is bulls**t. You may as well just dig a hole and hide because no one is going to pay attention.

Everyone knows that bad sh*t happens in work comp and that there are profiteers off of the injured. That’s no secret.

So what are YOU going to do about it? …. Anonymous Industry Mouthpiece

The contempt and disdain that masks the dangers to Injured Workers by the industry profiteers is undeniable and sounds pretty darn dangerous, doesn’t it?

They ‘might be right.’

I wonder what if the 30,000 + viewers of AskAboutWorkersCompGravyTrains.com have any opinions on the foregoing statements?  If so, please tell me more at WorkCompLinda@gmail.com

Watch for future issues of MyWorkCompCoach.com for strategies on how to deal with such interactions.  Remember remember Ghandi…

‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then…YOUR BLOG POSTS GO VIRAL!’  – or something like that, huh?   xooxoxo

I want to find a way to propose solutions to help Injured Workers escape the WC System with their lives.  The laws are unenforced and meaningless.

I have a collection of Injured Worker stories, most of whom prefer to be Anonymous.  Watch for them.  They include, but are not limited to, in progress tragedies apparently caused by Sedgwick and others.  Most have poor-to-no legal representation, advocacy, medical care or benefits.  Yes, in America! An AMERICAN DIRTY OPEN SECRET.

Too many lawyers just make stuff up to protect profits by any means necessary. The US Constitution is mocked by the WorkCompsters, and far worse, they get away with it.  You don’t look.  You don’t care. Till you’re stuck in the box car, heading for the death camps of WorkComp.  Enough is enough.

It will require teams of mediators and structured settlement people. Would you find that of any interest? Start with a plan to release all POW’s who have been in the WorkComp System 4 or more years…..within 12 months, with the help and supervision of the National Guard.

It requires “arming ” Injured Workers with the ability to blog and share their stories, heinous as most of them are.

I am also in the process creating a course for Injured Workers to empower them with Work Comp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills!  Watch for it!

I am wondering about the possibilities of a collaborative effort and ezine and possible Tele summit to unite voice of any good people in Workers Compensation with victims of WorkComp to lead legitimate national discussions “Of the People, By the People and For the People.”

I am one voice speaking on behalf of Injured Workers. There are a few of us.

Canadians and Australians seem more vocal about the same class atrocities. Perhaps they don’t fear their governments like so many American’s do?  Has our Constitution become so meaningless that an entire industry can profit by destroying a segment of the Working Class?   ‘When they come for you, there will be no one left to speak for you…’

Most injured workers are too terrified of the WorkCompsters and their legislated fraud and surveillance and threats, compounding denied medical care and benefits.  Doesn’t that truth make you shake your head and want to shout, “NOT IN THIS COUNTRY!!!”

The Injured Worker stories are the same — minor differences are names, body parts, and case numbers.  The outcomes are much the same too…with degrees of further maligned health,  income and job losses, botched surgeries, risk/cost shifts to taxpayers via Social Security and prison systems, ETC.

Some experts insist that the best injured workers can hope for in America is social security disability and an early death.   Really, some industry investigative reporting from the dark side, huh?

Others suggest that the best American’s can hope for is a program to provide ‘food for the poor injured workers’ rather than LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR MEDICAL CARE AND BENEFITS, indictments from criminal conduct of the WorkCompsters, and the protection by the National Guard for extreme CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN EVERY STATE IN THE UNION.


Congress didn’t offer assistance with food banks for poor tortured and abused Injured Workers.   Here’s the October 2015 letter where the ten signers clearly offer assistance, that could indeed come in the deployment of the National Guard, since State agencies also fail injured workers, nationally.

“….and whether added authorities are needed to better ensure that the interests of injured workers and taxpayers are protected.”


If the laws are unenforceable, then there is no choice but to immediately demolish the workers compensation systems and commence trials for the crimes being committed against every Injured Worker in America, and taxpayers, and employers and legitimate service providers.  You could be their next victim.

are we going to see YOUR shoes here

I am a work comp survivor, who was extremely unsuccessful in finding competent legal counsel.  Nevertheless, in pro per, ‘the parties reached resolution, subject to confidentiality agreement.”  #BloggersSurviveWorkComp

Doctor and Lawyer pals advised to “get out of the workers comp system by any means necessary; it will kill you.”   Some later said that in their entire careers, they never saw anybody fight so hard to survive WorkComp.

One such ‘fan’ suggested that I create a ‘coaching program.’  From that simple encouragement, I began working on a new blog, MyWorkCompCoach.com and an eCourse, Surviving Work Comp and Virtual Combat Skills on Teachable.

Personal ‘rebranding’  post-WorkComp is difficult when hearing fresh horror stories, while being continuously assaulted by industry trolls and their ilk.  It can, however, be accomplished, with a little help from our friends.

I have been a strong advocate for the CompLaude Awards 2014-2015 and I used my resources to also share in the social media communities about the recent 2016 best blogs contest.

A search of the website, AskAboutWorkersCompGravyTrains.com results in pages of and pages of posts about the Comp Laude event.  Ditto for the ‘Best Blogs’ event.  Call it ‘drivel’ if they will.  Sticks and Stones…..

We also shared news of the Sedgwick Institute Linked in group, for what it’s worth, after reading weeks before of the mega-funded SEDGWICK INSTITUTE, allegedly established to investigate the ‘issues’ of WorkComp.  Search my blogs for further info.  Google it.

I blog extensively, to the best of my abilities, as I recover from Worker’s Compensation and brain injury.  My anti-nuclear efforts have suffered tremendously due to WorkComp battles, but it has helped to see the parallels between the ‘PROFITS BEFORE LIVES’ nuclear and insurance industries, and the ‘swaths’ of 21st Century Sonderkommando.

I live near Joshua Tree National Park in California, USA. I am much nicer than I may appear in my blogs, and while my ability to speak is still impaired and challenging, I can speak but written communications are much easier for me, post-injury. If you have a story to share, send it to me.  We Are The Media Now.

Please let me know if you think there might be mutual benefit in a discussion. I have several projects on the table and it seems that the industry has amped up their propaganda blitz in a feeble effort to neutralize or mitigate the truths exposed in the 2015 Insult to Injury / Demolition of Worker’s Compensation series.

“Injured Workers without a blog are Unarmed and Unprotected In The WarOnWorkers!  #WoW”

Here are the industry’s picks of the Best Blogs of 2016.  Note the absence of Injured Worker Representation.

They all seem tasked with a propaganda launch to attempt to mitigate the truths exposed in 2015 by ProPublica and NPR efforts that just exposed the tip of the iceberg.  They are apparently having a ‘secret’ national discussion in May…. we’ll see what comes of that, won’t we.  So far, not so good in the open-ness and transparency arenas.  Attacks on Injured Workers seem to be escalating, and tales of WC Nurses posing as employees at doctors offices have been reported to be threatening, intimidating and terrorizing injured workers at doctor’s appointments.  SMH…. thinking, ‘NOT IN THIS COUNTRY!!’

InjuredWorkersUniting!  SilentNoMore!

Share the link.  We’ll create another directory with Injured Worker reviews of the accuracy of their content, in due course.

Follow them all, and search their sites to see which ones actually bother to report on WorkComp Fraud legitimately…. the carriers seem to have the most indictments, and employees weigh in at less than 1%.  Follow that money trail.

JOIN IN THE DISCUSSIONS ON LINKEDIN.…  and tell your friends and neighbors; your governments already know.

You might also peruse these blogs for some potentially inspiring thoughts for actions….  “It takes a village.”




What’s YOUR WorkComp Story?

–It’s a simple questionnaire; remember, once we know you’re in WorkComp, WE KNOW ALL THE DETAILS OF YOUR STORY.  IT’S AN OPEN SECRET.


Sedgwick Institute – Linked In Group — Are YOU In? LinkedIn or Facebook — WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? Let’s see!


Will other WorkComp Thought Leaders Follow with More Groups embracing Injured Workers and Taxpayers?

Linda Ayres commented on this  

[on LinkedIn, for those of you unfamiliar with the platform…it’s much like Facebook and Twitter]

Linda Ayres

Hey! Did you read this yet? Did you join the “Sedgwick Institute” on linked in yet? C’mon, let’s go! The May WorkComp National Discussions are about ready to begin. Here’s my take on it: https://lnkd.in/bR8785Y

What’s YOURS? I will check with Jonathan Mast to see if they will be having a Facebook “Sedgwick Institute” group, I think perhaps a “SI – VENTING ROOM” could prep more Injured Workers to join a mixed group. #TTFN

[In the meantime, we can use a FB public – group place holder at Occupy WorkComp to start organizing and blogging support]

  1. Linda Ayres

    There are only 20 people in the group so far. C’mon. You have something to say? There’s your open door! Carpe Diem! #Blog4Freedom, Life, Liberty and Justice for All! It’s time to restore Civil Rights and Human Rights to Injured Workers NOW.  show less

  2. Linda Ayres

    MyWorkCompCoach.com says “…If you’re an Injured Worker without a blog, you are Unarmed in the War Against Workers. You may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and have to add that diagnosis to your list….”  show less

  3. Fonzseau Darren

    I put my request in. Will see.

  4. Linda Ayres

    Yaaaaay Fonzseau Darren! The “Sedgwick Institute” LI Group was 13 members when I joined, and it’s up to 33 now. I don’t imagine that Jonathan Mast or their team of administrators watch it like Hawkes, so let’s hope tomorrow it will reach at least 100 and keep growing.

    We’ll see if Jonathan and team are planning on a FB “Sedgwick Institute – FB Group” of similar guidelines and intention. We can help them build it!

    If so, Injured Workers might be able to create a complimentary group called something like “Si – Injured Workers Venting Room” so Injured Workers can do an unbridled brain dump, to facilitate more facts. ONWARD! We Are The Media Now!

  5. Linda Ayres

    We, who are outside of the system now, could then collectively help re-write the issues without the emotions that go with being a WorkComp Victim, and the related PTSD and [OPIATE] druggings – so that more SIMPLE FACTS can be presented in the SEDGWICK INSTITUTE GROUPS, to be elevated to their actual “Institute” of “INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADERS”

    We might find some social workers, paralegals and nurses and doctors and lawyers to help us review and re frame the stories so that the “Thought Leaders” can grasp the content. I’m looking for some now. Keep your eyes open, too!

  6. Linda Ayres

    I know Bob Wilson ‘s May ‘National WorkComp Discussions’ does not (yet) embrace Injured Workers input, but maybe he will be inspired by the direction of the Sedgwick Institute Open forums and LinkedIn group.

    Maybe David David DePaolo‘s WorkComp Central will also create a FB group for Injured Workers to help, and then maybe Bob will see the value in Injured Worker Input.

    Maybe Joseph Paduda, Barry Thompson,  Richard FinePeter Rousmaniere, Art Wilcox, Roberto CenicerosThomas F. Martin, Alan Gurvey and others will lend some energy to getting more items on the discussion tables.

  7. Linda Ayres

    Hey! Here’s a thought! Maybe a joint invitation letter from the WC Industry Thought Leaders TO Injured Workers & Taxpayers could open those doors to further discussions, sort of like the letter from Congress to the DOL Secretary.


    Of course, investigative reporters would be naturals in such a discussion group, if the intent is to get the truth on the table and identify real problems and create real transformations and resolutions. I still think teams of Mediators and Structured Settlement peeps is a good next step, for any case over 4 years old, particularly if it’s a back or brain injury… w/limits on how long cases can drag on and on.  show less

  8. Linda Ayres

    PS For any LinkedIn peeps also on alternative social media, Facebook, I’m regularly censored from posting in groups, even my own, but I do have access to my pages and events.

    fb censored blocked again from groups 4 27 2016 1143 am   CENSORED FB 4 27 2016 1129 AM

    Let’s connect over there…..We will do what we can to get some serious thinkers to join the Sedgwick Institute linked in group, and any new groups thought leaders open up to embrace injured workers. After all, the though leaders have businesses to ‘lead’ ALL BECAUSE SOMEBODY GOT HURT AT WORK. Let’s all get along and work on solutions now. Thanks

  9. Linda Ayres

    How to find me on FB, and yes, it’s another long story… for another time. The page is “shared” with Lucy Occupy, because she has no papers to show to the FB thought police. https://www.facebook.com/LucyOccupy.311 so after lock outs, the compromise was to share profile space with LucyOccupy — she has her own page though…. and is known and loved in the real anti-nuclear communities — since 2011. show less

  10. Linda Ayres

    PS…. Back on point to the original blog: From an Injured Worker’s Perspective – Deploy Mediation and Structured Settlement Teams to reach resolutions https://myworkcompcoach.com/2016/04/26/from-an-injured-workers-perspective-deploy-mediation-and-structured-settlement-teams-to-reach-resolutions/ xoxxoox

  11. READ ON:

    Insult to Injury

  12. ‘All of This Because Somebody Got Hurt at Work’

    “…Hummer limos, go-go dancers, a live alligator and glowing aliens in spandex at the national workers’ comp and disability expo. Journey into the little-known workers’ comp industrial complex….”

rise up OCCUPY VIRTUALLY rads in the air

Si sedgwick insitute opportunity to open dialogues

Who else is blogging about work comp

WATCH FOR eCourse – COMING SOON     “WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Skills” MyWorkCompCoach.com         



What’s Up LA? Baffled Attorneys fiddle while Injured Workers seek cure for Romano-Syndrome Sweeping the Nation’s Working Classes?

#BlogForTheCure for #Romano-Syndrome!   #InjuredWorkersUniting  #SilentNoMore

cognitive dissonance turbulence

Baffled Attorneys fiddle while Injured Workers seek cure for #Romano-Syndrome sweeping the nation’s Working Classes?

Romano-Syndrome?  Here, read this.  Workers Comp & Bad Faith: Unacceptable Oversights The Insurer’s Duty and The Romano Case. 

Sidebar:  “May I approach the bench?”  Do all those California “Valley” attorneys know about the health consequences of the Los Angeles Chemical and Nuclear Disaster? Details in Your Radiation This Week No 39.  Google and Share it with your smart friends and lawyers.


Can Congressional WorkComp Investigations lead to appropriate trials and Rx?
Can 54+ million Injured Disabled Workers “Blog for the Cure”successfully ?

NAIDW 54 million plus

Failures of attorney associations across America to protect Injured Workers for 50+ years leaves Congress, Department of Labor, Social Security Administration, the Unsuspecting Public and Injured Workers ‘puzzled, baffled, bewildered, confused, and perplexed!’

Are more “studies” the answer? What ACTIONS are required? Nuclear workers appear to experience brutal strains of Romano-Syndrome? Increasing numbers of Congressional representatives ‘circling the wagons?’  Will Los Angeles evacuate or just continue to extend and pretend there is no immediate danger?

Current treatments and work comp plans save dollars not lives! Furthermore , 20-30+ years of incapacitation seems to violate Geneva Convention guidelines for treatment of POW’s?!?  What about Injured and Disabled Veterans?

It is Time for Domestic Torture Reports on Prisoners of the Corporate Wars on the Working Class!

One WorkCompster evaluating doctor suggests that Injured Workers take any Human Rights complaints directly to The Hague?!? Is that the best and only Remedy?  Is he really saying WorkComp is an EPIC FAIL and a successful depopulation event?  Well educated and highly credentialed doctor, so who’s to argue with such opinions and advice?

Did you read and share these BLOG POSTS yet Thanks

List YOUR Injured Worker Blog here:AskAboutWorkCompGravyTrains.com

IMAGINE 54+ Million Injured Workers Blogging Truths to the Unsuspecting Public

social media transformations

God bless America!

See more here:

Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains Now

IMAGINE INJURED DISABLED WORKERS ASSOCIATIONS across America. Let’s start social media groups.  Request to join. Even Defense Firm peeps may be tolerated, if well behaved.  Let’s all get along and create resolutions.

Injured Worker attorneys may find support and tips to creative resolutions that may save lives and increase their apparent pay from $10/hr to perhaps $15. Those 10 to 20+ year cases suck, don’t they?  Remember your oath and stop throwing disabled people “under the bus” please and thank you.  Wake up or get lost.

IDWA-USA Injured Disabled Workers Associations – USA

Finding the hands of those working for change, and strengthening those hands. THINK THINK THINK

As long as Injured Workers remain silent, and fail to reach out to the ususpecting public, the maimings and deaths will mount.

Learned helplessness and Professional Victim-hood gotta go.


This link, Free Training Series: How to Create a 1000 Watt Presence,  could be widely shared with Injured Workers to help them find their voice. What do YOU suggest?

What can we do collectively to STAMP OUT ROMANO-SYNDROME and other fatal consequences of WorkComp practices?  #BlogForTheCure

In a recent discussion with a War Veteran, discussing the War On Workers, I asked, “What are the instructions to military personnel receive if captured and a soldier becomes PRISONER OF WAR?” He referred me to “USMJ” “POW” section… I’ll blog on it soon…

Till then, HELP INJURED WORKERS FIND AN EFFECTIVE VOICE… Start here and keep moving…. #MicCheck Think locally * Act Globally #OccupyVirtually #DodgeRadsNow ONWARD!

Do your own research, Draw Your Own Conclusions.

The Demolition of Workers’ Comp – From Insult to Injury – A series of 19+ ongoing investigative reporting articles, from sea to shining sea

Congressional 2015 letter to Department of Labor

Who else is blogging about work comp

Congress faces rising pressure to help rejected nuclear workers

“Tens of thousands of sick employees have been denied help  “….

“The U.S. government has compensated over 52,000 nuclear workers illnesses related to radiation exposure, but the process is complicated. Deaths resulting from exposure while working at the plants and the compensation process for survivors begs the question: How much is a life worth?”

Here is a study by Everette Lee Herndon, Jr.  on Workers Comp & Bad Faith: Unacceptable Oversights The Insurer’s Duty and The Romano Case. Published on http://www.propertycasualty360.com on July 15, 2013  that will prove insightful to any readers, industry or non-industry.  If you’re human, read it; you’ll get it.

A recent DePaolo World blog shared another story with the same trend…..Profit Before People rather than the carrier paying for transitional living facilities at approximately $40K a month, likely with the help of some nasty pharmaceutical, that injured worker’s ‘suicidal ideations’ and attempts could save that carrier a bundle…..  and have “Happy Shareholders”??  Yikes!  See also Guilty Without Charge


And then there are the matters of:

“…This is just awful, folks. What it all means is it is time for people in LA and the San Fernando Valley to get out of town….” – Bob Nichols


YRTW No 39 partial readings see article for all

YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK ….. an on-going series…check your proximity to the Highest Recorded Radioactive Cities in America this week, and see special section in YRTW No 39 on “Snowflakes and Radiation” and the ongoing “Los Angeles Chemical and Nuclear Disaster”   



What would Sun Tzu or Master Sgt.Woods do in these times that try men’s souls?


#OccupyVirtually!  It’s Dangerous Out There!


rise up OCCUPY VIRTUALLY rads in the air

Best regards,

Linda Ayres, Writer, Injured Worker Advocate,

WorkComp & TBI Survivor since 1/9/12



Twitter:  WorkCompLinda   & LindaAyres311 

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindaayres311

Dodge Rads Now


“Special Gift from the Insane Pro-Nukers” to California and the American Working Classes

Perspectives on WorkComp and Nuclear Matters– Injured at Work or Zapped by Rads, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?


Shifting from WorkComp ‘case specific’ issues to global matters….because “the parties have reached resolution…”  Don’t look back…. ONWARD…. Keep moving forward … because WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…..


Your Radiation This Week No 31


“Special Gift from the Insane Pro-Nukers”


“California perennially leads the nation in population.  California is also the First State to have Six (6) Cities above the 1,000 CPM Level of Ionizing Radiation. Congrats, Cali, a real “Not In My Backyard” kind of Honor. The cities are listed here in CPM order: Bakersfield – 1,415, Fresno – 1,409, Anaheim – 1,128, Riverside – 1,049, San Diego – 1,046, Los Angeles – 1,020…”


Read the entire article, there is MUCH MORE TO KNOW.





“Answer: Yes, we are under attack with the ultimate nuclear Terror Weapon. That is my answer.”

“Never before in history has a population – any Population – been attacked so by Radiation Weapons like this. We know that because the amount of energy involved in each attack is massive. The weapons used can only be Energy Weapons.”

“Three cities – Billings. Denver and Colorado Springs – have been hit with massive pulses of radiation. After the attacks, the Rad rolled through the unprotected countryside and right through the unaware residents for hundreds of miles. The people were un-warned and had not a clue what hit them when the heart attacks and strokes started.”

“Which city will be next? I have no way of detecting it or knowing about it till after the Rad strikes. These attacks were launched without warning or any prior indications to civilians. The attacks are launched seemingly At Will and without restraint. The most common Rad effects are Heart Attacks and Strokes. Know anybody who has unexpectedly dropped dead of a Heart Attack recently? Say “Hello” to Rad as a weapon.”

READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE for the radiation counts…..  “These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this week around the United States. You should compare the Rad numbers directly with the Rad numbers in with my articles listed on the VT Author’s Page here: http://www.veteranstoday.com/author/bobnichols/ …”


…….Your Radiation This Week No 31


“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!”


Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2015. Reproduce and distribute, give full attribution to Bob Nichols and Veterans Today.





Think Locally * Act Globally #OccupyVirtually –> There’s Something In The Air!

we the people dec


wc doc can you see the problemdoctor strike

Did you read this article from The Lawyerist?  “…It seems unfair, if we are going to be amoral monsters, that we can’t knock CEOs out of that top spot. Given that nice people are leaving the profession in droves while anti-social jerks stick around, we should be able to topple CEOs from their first-place perch quite soon…”

You’ll Never Believe How Many Lawyers Are Psychopaths


Why the Hell Are You Still a Lawyer?

BitterEmpire.com poses the question, “Why the Hell Are You Still a Lawyer?”  “…You walked out, and that’s your choice and it sounds like you had your own good reasons. For anyone else sticking it out, let’s put the same question to them: why the hell are you still a lawyer? Maybe we’ll be surprised by the answers. Or they’ll take your logic downtown.”


welcome to nobody cares

Perspectives on WorkComp and Nuclear Matters– Injured at Work or Zapped by Rads, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?


Defense Against the Psychopath – 30 page booklet and video

“Understanding them is the first step to defending against them….”

Eddie Haskell types?
Eddie Haskell types?


ARE WE UNDER ATTACK? YES, WE ARE ???????????????

Sterilize the Planet

radiation and human health


white roses


Ask About Radioactive Pollen Now

WorkComp, Nukes…. yes indeed!  Read on! As if lives depend on it…

Start here and keep going…

Bob Nichols | Veterans Today | Page 1

Bob Nichols | Veterans Today | Page 2

Bob Nichols | Veterans Today | Page 3

Bob Nichols | Veterans Today | Page 4

#YRTW 1-30   SILENT VIDEO…..  Play your Own Music and THINK THINK THINK


Ask about #UDEMY.com  if you are a WorkComp Survivor, Provider or even WorkCompster!  Remember remember… AnonymousPrecedesUnanimous and LEARNING NEVER ENDS

Watch for an e-course, “SURVIVING WORK COMP with WorkCompLinda & Friends”



psychopath advisory



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